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Found 47 results

  1. This is the Guild of Arts! Here we gather as the artistic* people of the 17th Shard! Join us as we band together as artists! ....That's really all I've got to say. Thank you for considering. *Artistic being interested and/or good at arts like drawing, sketching, painting, writing, etc. EDIT: I'm not really active on this forum anymore, so you can just go ahead and start posting in the thread if you would like to join. Additionally, I don't think I'll be able to add any more members to the member list, seeing as I don't often log on. OFFICIAL MEMBER LIST*: ChullRider - sort of the Guildmaster but that doesn't really matter anymore and somebody else can just take over at this point, if they wish to do so Brightness Random Kipper Curiosity ostrichofevil LarkoftheRiver Kaymyth LouiseSparrow Quiver Mistrunner TheSilverDragon The Honey Badger Venture Mistborn The Only Joe TheYoungBard little wilson Slowswift KaladinStormblessed Gargoyle Coinshooter RippleGylf Zed Seonid Malliw73 Burnt Spaghetti Stormblessed Peasant *If your name is not here, or you don't want to be part of this guild, please PM me (It's hard to keep track of these).
  2. Welcome, to the Hall of the Surges! Urithiru is a great city, don't get me wrong, but there's people who prefer something else. And that's what the Hall of the Surges is for. Here, Knights Radiant of all Orders intermingle freely, without the need to adhere to their Order's line. Of course, the less official structure compared to Urithiru means that you'll be more likely to find Surgebinders loyal - secretly or openly - to Odium here. Which is why we've given them seperate quarters. Anyways. This is the main hall, which is open to all who wish to visit. If you wish, you can take a moment to admire the breathtaking paintings one of our Lightweavers put on the ceiling. Here on the left, we have the House of Honor, which is where the Knights loyal to Honor have their home. On the right, you can find the Vault of the Void, where the Knights that follow Odium live. Here in the Hall itself, contact hopefully remains civil, and otherwise there's the door over there that leads to the Dueling Grounds. That's members only though, no visitors. Of course, duels can be fought elsewhere as well, if planned in advance. The doors over there in the front, you ask? Most of them are to the Council of the Knights, which is for members that have joined a faction only, and that last door is just for staff. Let's get into the details. This guild will be part of the Alleyverse and will consist of Surgebinders - though Worldhoppers are welcome, as long as they can Surgebind (possibly among other powers) and are balanced at Alleyverse level. Everyone who wishes to is free to join, regardless of other alliances. After joining, you get to choose between the Knights of Honor and the Knights of the Void, though you do not have to choose immediately if you want to get to know the guild first. Please note that, after joining either faction, you are not allowed to change your faction, except in currently unforseen circumstances. If you cannot Surgebind, you can instead opt to become someone's squire (with their consent, obviously), allowing you to use the same Surgebinder powers as long as you are close to them. You will also automatically join the same faction they are part of. Though there will be no hard limit, try to limit the amount of squires a single Radiant has to 2-3 unless the Radiant is a Windrunner, to keep with what from the books seems to be appropriate. The factions both have a faction leader (the Paragon of Honor and the Lord of the Void), and they may have separate alliances with other guilds. As leader of the entire Hall of the Surges, I will, depending on need, be neutral or fill in for one of the factions. Also, non-canon Order characters are accepted as long as the Order is properly worked out and balanced (see the About Me on my profile for the Skyshifter example). Please note that you are expected to follow the Oaths of your Order, no matter whether you join the Knights of Honor or the Knights of the Void - I'm already looking forward to how people will interpret their Oaths in unexpected ways (be honest, you all want to be an evil Knight Radiant). Some short skirmishing between members of different factions on this thread or one of the common discord channels is okay, but if you get into a real fight, please move to discord's dueling grounds, a thread in the roleplaying forum or a PM. Here is the discord channel, which is open to all (though most channels are restricted to certain ranks only): Membership: Guild Leader: @Leyrann: Skyshifter of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Transportation). Paragon of Honor: @I am Witless: Edgedancer of the Fourth Ideal (Abrasion/Progression). Lord of the Void: @Nerd3.14159265358979: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of Honor: @Mistspren: Stoneward of the Fourth Ideal (Cohesion/Tension). @Rebecca: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). @Mraize: Elsecaller of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @LIFE&DEATH: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @ShardBreaker: Skybreaker of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Division). @Stormblessed Dolphin: Lightweaver of Second Truth (Third Ideal) (Illumination/Transformation). @The Thinking Herald: Elseward of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Cohesion). @Eccentric Hero: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of the Void: @AonEne: Windweaver of the Second Ideal (Gravitation/Transformation). @Voidus: Elsecaller of the Second Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @Gancho Libre: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @Kidpen: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). Squires of Honor: @Archer: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @ElephantEarwax: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @Kaj: Squire to Life&Death (Skydancer). Squires of the Void: @I think I am here.: Squire to Voidus (Elsecaller). Members that have not yet joined a faction: None currently. Non-canonical Orders and unknown Oaths of canonical Orders: Truthwatcher oaths: Elsecaller oaths: Stoneward oaths: Elsewards: Skydancers: Skyshifters: Windweavers:
  3. We are The Informants. Our specialty is to get information from guilds and provide that information to those who Hired us. This is a public organization with secret members. If you would like to join, PM me your information, using the following template. I have seen a few spots where people have discussed getting informants from other clans, and decided to start a neutral clan, with that intention. PM title: Joining the informants I hereby declare, on oath, that I will keep my position within The Informants a secret, and I will work for whichever guild hires me, until I have provided as much information as possible to the employer. I will report the desired information to The Project leader, who will take care of all communications, thus keeping my identity as an informant a secret. I swear this to keep myself protected within the alleyverse, and to allow me to continue to be an efficient informant. I realize that If I reveal that I am an informant, it does not at all harm The Informants, but it may not make me as effective of an informant, and I no longer will have the protection of The Informants. Please let me know which guilds and clans you are currently part of, and which clans and guilds you would be and would not be willing to betray. I will keep your information secret and secure, so that no one else is able to view and no one will know if you are acting as a traitor Any other relevant information that you wish to include(Meta RP character, Info that you already know, that you would like to provide, etc...) GROUP PM Hiring an Informant Project leaders Please Note: This organization is available for hiring immediately, However, seeing as the organization is new, there are currently very few members. Hiring the informants too early may result in bad information. (For example, if you try to hire us, and I'm the only member, then when I try to infiltrate, the clan will know that I'm an informant, and will likely not give me the best information.
  4. Ah hello, wise internet-person. I see you have found... TBOP! ( THE BROTHERHOOD OF PRESERVATION, whose name must always be typed in capitol letters.) This organization is devoted purely to preservation, whether it be preservation of knowledge, life, or delicious jams and jellies. Okay. This is my plan for... THE PRESERVATION BROTHERHOOD, an offshoot of TUBA. Meetings will be called "Jam Sessions". Our Oaths of Preservation are: I will preserve what is right and eat what is left. I will never taint any preserves with anything that does not belong. I will never fill any jellied donuts with hemalurgic spikes. I will always eat preserved food when possible. Requirements: Must enjoy reading about Shallan and Kabsal's adventures with jam. Must state a favorite non-jam or -jelly preserved food (Could be from mix or can or MRE, etc.). A PM will be started, so if you want to join, just say the Oaths here and I will add you to the PM. Also, towards members of the DA whomst would like to join. Just because you are in the DA does not mean you are a heartless monster. If you are a heartless monster, you are most likely in the DA. The DA does not make soulless monsters, soulless monsters made the DA.
  5. Calling all Hazekillers! (see thread in mistborn) We have no country. We hold no allegiances. The thing that unites our desire to destroy those who would use the metallic arts for evil. We will outsmart them. We will be ruthless. We will turn the very powers they rely upon into their bane. Membership requires only two things...that you share your knowledge of hazekilling weapons and techniques on this thread...and that you wear a hat made from this! (holds up a roll of aluminum foil) Join the ranks of the Hazekiller Corp and together we will rid the cosmere of evil, metal fueled, supervillans! (oddly specific I know...) MEMBERS: WOLFHOUNDS: -Hoidhunter (founder) The Lord Drooler- Seeker / Thug / Bloodmaker / Steel Runner -snoopy -Voidus -Xaladin The Friendly Detective- Tin compounder / Gold Compounder -Redbird3000 -Brightness Random
  6. Look. You may be looking at Mraize's post and wantng to jjoin, maybe you already have. You made a mistake. When the Ghostbloods disbanded Gancho and I, along with many of the OG Ghostbloods began working in secret, forming a "New" Ghostbloods. Now out of the blue Mraize and TFA decide that they want to reform, and KILL US. This unprecedented action surprised us, but we won't go quietly. If you wish to help us stop this then please PM me or @Gancho Libre.
  7. Let's be honest here. You're tired from all of the Alleyverse drama, it's secrets. From the undercover hemalurgy to the assassin informants to the secret calls to war, it seems there is truly no guild where people don't have secrets. So that's where we come in. Al's Fabrials is a brand-new Alleyverse guild where there are no secrets. Similarly to how the Canton of Combat would theorise fights styles, we pride ourselves in Fabrial theorising. You may think of us as the Engineers of the Alleyverse. Just reply saying you want to join and you can be a part of our fabrial projects. Ever wanted to see if a remotely controlled drone wielding a flameless flamethrower was possible? Now you can! Al's Fabrials can make an alliance with any guild, but the alliance must be public! No secrets! If you would like to buy some of our fabrial projects for your guild, you may state so below and you will get a PM listing our products. We will sell them for gemstones, so that we can make more Fabrials with the profits. All in all, we're a happy fabrial company of talented Artifabrians who just want to theorise on Fabrials, make Fabrials, and sell Fabrials. No. Secrets. Join now.
  8. This was put up by our supposed leader, Mraize. The Ghostbloods have been around for about a month and have provided a new experience that couldn't have been had before. The fact that we're disbanding to be absorbed into the titans about to clash is ridiculous. We have been and are a neutral organization, affiliated with no one, but working for everyone. We would have stood tall and survived through this time if it weren't for cowardice and unnecessary loyalties. Although Mraize is attempting to dissolve our organization, me and an elite few of the Ghostbloods have proposed a New Ghostbloods. We are casting aside relationships with other guilds, and becoming the ultimate weapon to be wielded by whomever wishes us to. I will lead this new and improved Ghostbloods. We will operate as we have, but without restriction. Any who wish to join us may do so, and any who oppose us must reconsider. We have no allegiances. Although we can be your greatest threat, we may also be your greatest sword in the times to come. To join us message me or @Gancho Libre. To hire us do the same. TUBA, DA, Liebrary, Sons of War, none of these matter, and yet any may use us. Consider these words spoken in great passion, and know that we are watching.
  9. On a floating island, a man sat. A man so Unbiased, that he had reached Deific levels of Unbiasness. On the island, there were miles of gardens, and rivers and lakes, all carefully cultivated to a perfect standard of perfection. In the center, there was a collection of buildings, built to look like those of Ancient Romans, made of pearly white marble. In the center, there was a building reminiscent of the parthenon, also made of marble and had gold highlights. Around them was an assortment of administrative buildings, many Agoras, various bath houses, and bakeries. Inside of the central building, the Praetorium et Incorruptam, there was a depression, inside of which there was a long table with chairs around it, low enough that anyone on the sides of the building could look down in and observe the proceedings. there were also doors leading to private rooms. Around the depression, there was a pathway large enough for many people to stand on and look down into the conference. On the far side of the island sat massive palaces of every style, these were for the Unbiased ones. Inside an opulent gold and marble palace, Mac sat. Overseeing his creation. Using his mastery of Alleymatics, he increased the power of his voice, so that the entire island could here him. "Welcome to the Mediator guild of the Alleyverse," ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Mediator guild of the Alleyverse. We mediate fights and make sure that everyone is able to have a good time. We enforce the Alleyverse RP rules. This guild is structured into the three tiers listed below: Unbiased Ones: people who join this type must cut off all ties to any guilds involved with the alley-verse, they can judge all fights and make some important rules decisions, at least SOME experience with the alley-verse is required to be an Unbiased one. They are also responsible for issuing extra revivals beyond the first. These guys are the major enforcers. Representitives: each guild can nominate 1 or 2 members to be a rep, they can still fight, but they can't mediate, they (along with the leaders of each guild) help make decisions on the alley-wars rules, record deaths (who is dead, and who has been revived) and assassinations. Regular Mediator: People who join this can still be affiliated with guilds, but cannot mediate actions between any guild that they are in. Their jobs is to mediate duels and assassinations between guilds that they aren't affiliated with. They can mediate as many conflicts as they feel appropriate. For example, lets say @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian wants to become a Regular Mediator, he cannot mediate a fight between the DA and the LA because he is part of the DA, but CAN moderate a fight between tCoC and the LA, because he is not affiliated with either guild. Unbiased Ones are non-combatants, therefore they cannot kill or be killed. (I mean, you can try to kill us, but we have Completely OP Powers. The council of Unbiased Ones have the equivalent power of 9000+ Adonalsium's.) Regular Mediators and Reps can be killed, but that will not stop them from being able to moderate. Please send any applications to the thread: This thread is for RP, and where public decisions are made inside of the guild. For RP purposes, the Meetings will occur in the Praetorium, that is also where the Reps will meet. The unbiased ones get the palaces as compensation for having to be unbiased and leave all the guilds.
  10. Welcome to a place where all can worship, and become one with the stick!! (and maybe negotiate with each other in a neutral location.) Come to a place where all can forget you guild memberships, and worship the one true God instead. The Link: This is officially endorsed by the Sticknaughts and The Church of the Stick
  11. If you would like to enter the club you must respond with the phrase "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." We have cookies, catered by the DA. Only for drabs though. *Disclaimer* There is no malicious intent at all in this offer.
  12. I was looking through the guilds and found a disappointing lack of anything to do with Sherlock. I say we need a Sherlock guild! Any other fans out there? Who's with me?
  13. If you are reading this, then you have found the Guild of the Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, where those with the most random combinations of ideas lurk. To join, you must take up the Oath of the Guild. I shall only think that which is random, Speak that which is my own, And combine those thoughts most obscure To obtain the goals of the Guild of Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, which are: To expand the reach of the GRATO To fill the world with Originality, Creativity, and Awesomeness To read all books which which are amazing And To enjoy the creations of the mind. Spread the word, for the Great Time of GRATO approaches.
  14. The pen is mightier than the sword. The spike, too, as we found. The members of The Steel Inkwizishon are feared the world over for their ruthlessness. They are easily recognizable from their shaved heads, tattoos, and fountain pens where their eyes should be. They aren't the sort of person you'd like to meet in a dark alley, so it's probably better for you to join.
  15. Hello, students, and welcome to the Arcanum. We arcanists are generous, and by joining you will receive a gram that protects you not only from sympathy but also any hemalurgic reactions you might have. We here at the Arcanum have many services to offer from alchemy to, if you need it, malfeasance. Titles of E'lir, Re'lar and El'the will be given determined upon your contributions to the Arcanum. We are always in need of new students in all areas. At the Arcanum we also pride ourselves on the number of spikes we have, as they cannot hurt us. We are looking to install a root beer bar as well, so no complaints. Caution: Hoid lives behind the Doors of Stone, and he's sleeping. Don't wake him up. Member List
  16. It has come to my attention that the other Denizens' and my creation, sale, and use of Hemalurgic cookies has upset many people, including the Anti-Bakery, Light Alley, and Mediocrely Lit Alleys. Also, I believe that we (the Dark Alley) need to broaden our horizons. For those reasons, I am starting the Non-Hemalurgic Research Division (NHRD) of the Dark Alley, which will specialize in, well, non-Hemalurgic Research. We will no longer just bake cookies; we will rise up and bake Metalmind Muffins, Stormlight Soufflé, and other tasty Investiture delights! Since this is a sub-group of the Dark Alley, all NHRD members must be Dark Alley members. (Which means that if you want to join, ask in the main DA thread.) However, non Dark Alley members may also help out with our Research, and need not fear spontaneous use of Cookies. In fact, we will limit ourselves to ethical Research in this thread, so morality advocates are welcome. Member List: Ostrichofevil - Maleril Ostrir Chalev Tekel - Head Non-Metallic/non-Hemalurgic Researcher, and lowly Denizen of the Dark Alley. Morzathoth - Biochroma Specialist Screwloose - Research Assistant IrulelikeSTIK - Research Assistant Kipper - Resident Forger Glossary: Feruchemical Unit (FU) - The NHRD's unit of Feruchemical charge. One FU is the amount of Feruchemy needed to double a quality for one minute. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bakery Here you can find information on our bakery. You may order items from the menu on this thread. We also take custom orders, which will probably be added to the menu. Menu: Metalmind Muffins - (57.34 + 24i) per 2400 Stormlight Souffle -10.95 BioChromatic Breath-mint- 1.8 cents per Breath-mint BioChromatic Brioche - 40.25 Allomantic Aioli - 0x3.243F6 per pound Metalmind Mints - 1.23 per .2 FU mint Compounding Cake - 423.45 Investiture Ice Cream - 2.37 + 2.57i for one scoop. Sygaldry Sorbet - Five talents Sympathy Soup - Twelve talents Forgery Frappe - Four pounds of soulstone True Source Tiramisu - 8.12 Payment Methods: Cash Filled Metalminds Credit/Debit Investiture Shardblades Bitcoin Your Eternal Soul Upvotes Note that upvotes are the preferred method of payment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note: This sub-group is approved by Voidus, effective leader of the Dark Alley, and is an official division of the Alley.
  17. alleyverse

    Welcome to the Highway! For those who have finally managed to crawl through all those alleys, let me tell that there is only one rule on the highway. DON'T ASK ME HOW STORMING BRIGHT IT IS!! Members of the Highway: Customs Official and Founder - Young Bard
  18. alleyverse

    All the Alleys, Highways, Roundabouts, and other Alleymatic Units of Travel had one simple flaw: no-one profited off of them. Everyone could go as they pleased without paying a single penny. Sure, you could be killed, Spiked, imploded, or the like, but at least you wouldn't have to spend your hard-earned cash. It was a useless system. It all changed when the Turnpike was built. The Turnpike was the first Alley that charged tolls. It was a miracle. Of course, there were skeptics. Some asked, "Why pay for the Turnpike when I can take the Highway?" or "Why wait in line to pay tolls for the Turnpike when I can just take the Roundabout?" or even, "Why travel the Alleys at all?" Luckily, the skepticism was put to rest, for the Turnpike is supreme. On the Turnpike, you can walk without fear of death, or worse. The Turnpike is Lighter than the Light Alley (for a fee), and yet its Research capabilities rival the Dark Alley's (not quite almost, for a fee). The Turnpike is more beautiful than the Parkway, and yet has better Venetian Blinds than the Alley Lit By Venetian Blinds. The Turnpike is faster than the Highway. On the Turnpike, you can take one step, and be in the Dark Alley, on the Roundabout, on I-95, or in Elendel. The Turnpike gives instant, luxurious access to anywhere and everywhere, for anyone who can afford it.
  19. All the alleys, higways and anything else have a shared flaw that has nothing to do with illumination. They are going from A to B. That seems not right to me. I found the solution. A roundabout goes from A to A and does not have an end in the classical meaning of the word. Swear the oaths and come to the roundabout: I will walk in circles. I will talk in circles. There are no beginnigs nor endings in the roundabout.
  20. Hello little ones, those new to this realm. You build little clans and guilds, and have thus awoken old forces. The force of Chaos. Me. Now it is your turn to serve me, the Lord Ruler. Chaos itself. By joining me, you shall receive far more power than you can imagine. Far more than these current piddly guilds can summon up. You shall be the Lords of Chaos! Together, you and I will rule the galaxy. Or at least this forum. And my servants, we have an epic war to fight now--a glorious battle and victory to which I will lead you. The Newcago Court has dared to use essentially the same avatar for their queen, Elsa Steelheart, and Delightful. They claim one is cropped slightly different, but that is subterfuge. You and I see through their lies. And so, we must march upon the Court and show them what real justice is: the justice of Chaos. It shall be known as the Great Avatar War (no relation to Aang or Korra), and they will. Together you and I will defeat them, sow discord, and generally flaunt our grand power. We will tear this pitiful world asunder and build something new. Something better. Something with a ludicrously unhealthy amount of spikes! I expect the allegiance of the Feathertips and the Wafflesworn (at the very least, Quitecontrary), as the Pirate Monkeys, led by Shiv, are the Wafflesworn's liege. Now who else is with me? Those against me will be quickly backslapped, just so you know.
  21. Members: skaa (President and Founder) Cheese United Curiosity Kipper (Mascot) Lindel Screwloose Shlee Non-RP version: This guild is for two kinds of Sharders: 1) Those who enjoy role-playing as non-powered or low-powered underdogs who use their ingenuity to outwit/avoid stronger Superpowered opponents, or 2) those who don't like role-playing at all and would rather spend their time writing or discussing theories. If you identify yourself with either kind, feel free to request for membership. RP version: I, the skaa named skaa, self-proclaimed President and OMSF1Founder of the Investiture-Challenged Awareness Society (henceforth referred to as the Society), have decided to extend my invitation to all drabs, darkeyes, pure skaa, and anyone else who've been oppressed by the Invested Aristocracy or otherwise oppose said oppression, to join our2 Society of free, well-informed, well-armed, and spike-free Investiture-Challenged beings and Invested sympathizers. The Society's message is two-fold: The only Investiture you need inside your body is the Spark of Life. Aside from that and any Innate Investiture that you have no control over, all other forms of Shardic power ought to remain outside of you, where it cannot pollute your Cognitive Identity, your "self", the very meaning of who you are. Having no "special" Investiture must not prevent you from living a full, happy life even in a community full of "special beings"3. Our goal, therefore, is to eradicate the notion that decent, hardworking Investiture-challenged beings ought to kowtow to the Invested Oligarchs, or even yearn to be similarly Invested. We do not need to mutilate our bodies with the dirty spikes of Hemalurgists, or mutilate our minds with the foreign moralities of barely-sentient Splinters. Nor do we need to inhale foul Breath or choke on glowing metal nuggets. We, the Investiture-Challenged beings of the Cosmere, shall survive with our selves intact, proud of our minimal Shardic influence, and ready to face the dangerous worlds of our dwarf galaxy with heads4 held high! In order to achieve this goal, the Society shall promote learning, scholarship, and the advancement of technology in all the Shardworlds of the Cosmere. Yes, even Investiture technology, for as long such technology will only be used on non-sentient targets5 and will not unduly Invest an Investiture-challenged being. With all these in mind, if you are interested in joining the Society, please read the two simple rules thereof: Rule 1: Reject Noble Mentality Aside from the general idea that Investiture-challenged persons ought not be oppressed, this rule may be interpreted by individual members as they see fit. What do you hate the most in our Invested So-Called Overlords? What of their excesses do you detest? Whatever your answer, strive to do the opposite. If you hate their ostentation, revise your gaudy signature and use a more modest username. If you hate their reliance on brute strength, stop role-playing as the Fullborn Sliver who is also a Returned and (inexplicably) an Epic. Stop doing what you see in them. Be the Anti-Noble you want to be. Rule 2: Be a Scholar of Investiture Strive to learn everything about the forms of Investiture in your chosen Shardworld/s. Aim to be more knowledgeable than the majority of our Invested oppressors, then spread the knowledge to your fellow Investiture-challenged brethren. Ponder on the Words of the Creator, also the Words of His Assistant, searching for clues as to how best to use Investiture without Investiture using you. If doubts and uncertainties exist, be brave enough to formulate your own theories. Do not rely on Invested scholars who think they know everything about their power simply because they have it, or who think that their limitations can limit us; the Creator has shown that they are often wrong. *** If you are willing to follow the Two Rules of the Society, then I welcome you with open arms. Members shall each receive an Investiture-blocking kit, an aluminum gun to be used only in self-defense, and a lifetime supply of aluminum fragmenting bullets6. -- 1 Only Member So Far 2"my"Yes, it's our Society now! 3 freaky abominations (no offense meant) 4 covered in simple but tasteful aluminum-lined head gear 5 and Nobles; but only for... noble... purposes. 6 Electricity is such a wonderful thing.
  22. I look about me in this day and age and see... decay. Mice and men little better scurrying about and boasting of their grandeur. Building shacks and calling them castles. Hurling mud and calling it great war. Thinking that they and their banal conflicts matter. It sickens me. The time has come to wipe the slate clean. To show these fools the true nature of power. To take what pitiful crumbs they have and make even those our own. RISE, my fellow Catquisitors. RISE AND CONQUER.