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Found 1 result

  1. Jack Tormander presided over the ball. The fanciest one of the season, and the last, though few knew it. Most houses knew that the balls would stop soon. Tensions were on the rise. Atium had been stolen, nobles slain, Skaa rebelling. War was coming. But none of the houses expected it to start that very night. After the dinner ended, when the House Lords sat at the long table, waited on by their Stewards. Jack Tormander. Wyrm Heron. William Zerrung. Claincy Ffnord. Rab Heatherlocke. Matthew Machmuller. 6 of the most powerful people in all the world. While smiling through their teeth at each other, they sipped their wines and ate their desserts. While watching for knives and arrows, the drank poisons. While screaming in burning agony, they fell from the benches. The Ball didn’t go on much longer after that, as Nobles retreated to the safety of their keeps, abandoning their food and their smiles. Each of them seeing the double sided blade of Opportunity and Vengeance. When one man dies, another must surely take their place. The Lord is dead. Long live the Lord. Welcome to Long Game Forty Two! This is a Anti-Faction Long Game run by A Joe in the Bush and Elbereth. This is not an ordinary game, so please read the rules carefully. At the beginning of the game, each player will be sorted into a random house. (Tormander, Heron, Zerrung, Heatherlocke, Macmuller, Ffnord) There will be no more than 5 people per house, and no fewer than 4. Each house will have their own private Doc to communicate in. You may not Copy/Paste from or into your Doc. You cannot vote on a member of your house. Each house has access to the same 6 actions. Each night, you may attempt to use one of your house’s actions. If you and another member of your house attempt to use the same action, neither of you succeed, but you do not know you failed. Actions: Allomancers: You may send your house’s Allomancers to kill another player. You cannot send them to kill a member of your own house. Hazekillers: You may send your house’s Hazekiller’s to Defend another player from one Attack. Guards: You may send your house’s Guards to Detain another player, canceling any order they sent in. You cannot target a member of your own house with this. You can stop a player from using Guards. Obligators: You can send your house’s Obligaters to negotiate with another player. They will not be able to vote the next day, but they are not aware of this. Skaa: You may send your house’s Skaa to mine for Atium. They succeed 33.3% of the time. If you have Atium, you may use it to amplify another ability. See the Atium section. Beggars: You can talk to the Beggars, and learn who is in PM’s with a target player. You will also learn which of them is used the most, so don’t bother making 100 PM’s just to hide who you are actually talking to. Atium: In addition to the Nightly actions, there is a Daily Lynch. With regards to the writeup, the lynched player will be revealed to have Skaa Ancestry, and will be killed by the Inquisitors. Only one player may be Lynched per turn. If there is a Tie in the votes, no one is Lynched. You may also, at any time you want, make any number of PM’s with any number of other Players. This sounds like a pretty simple, cut and dry Faction game. But this is a Joe Game. Nothing is ever as it seems! In order to win, you have to be the last surviving member of your faction. In order to win, you have to kill everyone in your faction. Have fun! The Game will begin in When you sign up, please inform us if you would prefer Longer Days, or Longer Nights Player List: (Straw) (Shanerockes) Lebereth (Droughtbringer) Boseph Jush (Fifth Scholar) Count Olaf (Eternum) Auden Ostlin (Bugsy) (Devotary of Spontaneity) Lord Grumbles (Araris Valerian) Hadrian (Sart) Taswell (Jondesu) Remart (Crimsn Wolf) Altea Meza (Living Legend) Jonas (Stick) (Steeldancer) Leets (Orlok Tsubodai) Locke (Mafia) Ivan (TheMightyLopen) Quetzal (Walin) Dbec (Mage Star) Magus Astrum Quick Links