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Found 3 results

  1. Not a lot new this week, but there's still some exciting things, such as a sweepstakes to celebrate the launch of Rhythm of War in paperback, and some fun previously-known things occurring such as the release of ReDawn (the second Skyward Flight novella) and a stream this weekend. As always, starting with the writing updates: Defiant prewriting is at 80%. He still plans to finish the first draft of the novel by January first, but it may be a bit tight. Additionally, Tor is running a sweepstakes to celebrate the paperback release of Rhythm of War. No purchase is necessary to enter, but you must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). The sweepstakes will run through November 8th (11:59PM ET), after which one winner will be picked to receive a Stormlight Archive satchel (made by BeastmanCaravan, whose page appears to be down unfortunately) and an amethyst Stormlight Archive D20 (made by RainbowShopCN). In YouTube news, Brandon put out a behind-the-scenes video about the Mistborn playing cards, as well as another "Five Favorites" video (this time with Brandon Mull) and of course, the weekly episode of Intentionally Blank came out last Wednesday. While that's about it for new things, this upcoming week also has a few big previously-announced things happening. Firstly, ReDawn comes out tomorrow! The trailer for the novella (if it can be called that, long as it is) featuring clips from the audiobook can be found on YouTube, a preview of the eBook version is up on Kobo, and preorder links for both digital and audio formats are listed on the publisher's page. Also, the fanmail stream is this Saturday, October 30th, at 3PM MDT. Brandon and his wife Emily will be dressed up in costumes and working through a lot of the fanmail they've been sent since they stopped having the segments in regular streams. (Questions will not be taken from chat, only from mail they open.) If the link is made available beforehand, as Adam sometimes does, this article will be updated with it, but if not, it'll be on Brandon's channels on various platforms like YouTube and Twitch. The full video is on YouTube, as always, as well as embedded below:
  2. We've been horrible teases, but here you have it: we're doing an awesome giveaway for the upcoming Rithmatist release. We have so much awesome swag that we have to give it away, lest our dwellings explode from the awesomeness. What all do we have? Well, we have advance copies of The Rithmatist, some ARCs of Legion, and a whole bunch of goodie bags that every Rithmatist needs. So, we will have three different prize tiers, with a total of ten winners: The Grand Prize (2): An ARC of The Rithmatist, an ARC of Legion, and a Rithmatist goodie bag. The One With Unrelated Prizes (2): An ARC of Legion, plus a Rithmatist goodie bag. The "You'll Still Be A Great Duster" Prize (6): A Rithmatist goodie bag. At this point, you may be completely vexed at what this goodie bag actually contains. Why, it's everything a beginning Duster needs at Armedius Academy. You get two pieces of street chalk, because you do not want your professors catching you without your chalk in your first year, especially not Professor Nalizar. And you also have a guide to basic Rithmatics: all four basic Rithmatic lines, and sketches of every defense you'll ever need. With both of these tools at your disposal, you can't possibly lose the Melee! You may just be up to snuff to defend the United Isles against the wild chalklings at Nebrask. I totally want to join the fight at the Tower of Nebrask. How do I get these wonderful prizes? We're glad you asked, random Duster! To join, all you have to do is: 1. Log into your 17th Shard account (or register for one up at the top!). Make sure your email address is current so we can contact you if you've won! 2. Comment on this post here! 3. If you enter with more than one account, you WILL be immediately disqualified! It's that easy! You have until April 2nd, at 10:00pm MDT (9:00pm Pacific Daylight Time), and then we'll be contacting the winners by email and send out your prizes shortly! And yes, if you're international, you can still win! This isn't US only Major Edit! We've been having some trouble with people entering with multiple accounts. As a reminder: if you do this, you will be disqualified. (I'm looking at you, guy who's entered 14 times. You get nothing. YOU LOSE! Good day sir!)
  3. What? It's been less than a year since the last Around the Cosmere and we already have another one? Less than a month even! Truly an achievement. Welcome back, folks. This week is a short news week, but there are still a few cool things that you should know about. First up, you know you're excited about the next Brandon book, The Rithmatist, which comes out May 14th. So soon! But maybe you'd like the book even sooner, and it's hard to knock that. So Tor has you covered with its giveaway where they are giving away ten copies of the The Rithmatist along with goodie bags of Rithmatic chalk. Nice! And we might* just be doing our own giveaway soon, too. (*And by "might," we mean "definitely", and that soon isn't even quotes, so stay tuned very shortly) Next up! Brandon hasn't frequented forums for many years now, but you know what he does do? He posts on Reddit. Should you be stalking him there? I think yes. Well, he just recently stated that he will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on April 15th. He intends it to be a primarily A Memory of Light AMA, though. But if you aren't on Reddit, it totally pays to have a Reddit account, because he totally answers stuff. Like what, you ask? Well he did say something pretty awesome about the southern continent on Scadrial. In a response to a question about the future of Mistborn: Now that is amazing if you are a huge Mistborn fan like me. What way could they interact with the Metallic Arts differently? I must know now! So, if you're keeping track, not only will there be the Alloy of Law sequel, Shadows of Self (and maybe another sequel after that), the second trilogy which will be set in the modern day, and the science fiction third Mistborn trilogy, we'll also get some southern continent books? Sign me up.You may notice the non-US cover of Steelheart to the right here, and it turns out it is the UK cover for Steelheart, from Gollancz (Brandon's usual UK publisher). It certainly fits with the other Gollancz covers, and gives the book a superhero vibe. (Thanks Link!) Finally, our own illustrious Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose on the forums) has a rather illustrious project: she's going to be creating and selling customized bookmarks in the Alethi women's script. If this might interest you, go check out her topic on the subject and tell her what you think! I personally will be getting one that says "Monkeys are cool." Because that's what Alethi women would write. See you around the cosmere "soon"!