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Found 4 results

  1. So this will be a twofold post with two main questions being asked. This is not a post to change anyone’s opinions or prompt more or less reputation giving/farming. This is just a fun little question that I think is a cool thing to learn about. So the first question is this: how do you folks decide what deserves reputation given? We only get 15 reputation givings daily, which might be seen as too much or too limiting dependent on how liberal you are with reputation distribution. I will hide my opinion on this, so that others can choose not to be affected by it in their answer. The next question is how much do you care about reputation? Is it something you are quite fond of? Do you think it’s kind of silly? Why do you think that? My response is spoilered below. I am also interested in if these things are actually different from other social media sites you use. I find this platform to be very different in feel from places like Discord or Reddit. I think it helps how small the community is. Well, feel free to answer any of the questions with any amount of reason you want to give. This is purely out of curiosity and interest in how other sharders navigate the site’s rep system.
  2. I'm just curious. I wanted to see whether Brandon's books were more likely to be read by a certain religion. P.S. I did put cosmereism there as a joke. If you're okay with sharing, then I would much rather you answer truthfully.
  3. Here's another stylized character I did a long while back. Like... almost a year ago... Wow. Iiiiiiiit's Dalinaaaar! Kinda my favorite character in the Stormlight Archives. This guy rocks. I'm going to be revisiting his portrait very soon. And moving his ears down among other fixes =) Let me know what you think!
  4. Okay this kinda needs clarification. What I mean by accomplishment isn't his best book, but what his written work has within. Examples would include: magic systems, politics, or how his complex plots work. As since I just started reading Brandon's books, I don't have such a knowledge of the Cosmere and all of that, so I'll just post what I like and leave the topic to you guys until I read some his others books. My choice for an accomplishment is how he turned the gameplay of Infinity Blade perfectly into a story format. Infinity Blade was just an IPhone game that was fancy, but was still all about the gameplay. Brandon expanded nearly every aspect of the gameplay into a story point. The reason for one on one battles: Aegis Forms code of Honor Reason Character has armor 'from' father: The God King wants the sacrifice to happen so he can get the power of the Infinity Blade active so he gives the body of the last warrior to the people. Reason for the God King being in such a destroy castle: Isn't really is home, just a trap for the sacrifice. He used every aspect of the gameplay and turned into a plot point, expanding on everything while including his own mythos. So yeah, Infinity Blade. Awesome sauce.