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Found 4 results

  1. So, I may be coming to this a bit late. However, I cannot sleep and find my mind wandering. Like so many of us here on the 17th shard i took the official radiant quiz. To my immense surprise I got lightweaver as my top result. Thus, due to a slightly narcissistic curiosity I decided to research them more. While the official descriptions brandon gave are great. I must confess still find myself wondering about the character of prospective lightweavers. Sure many are artists and the spren are drawn to those who deceive themselves. Yet, we see soldiers, prostitutes, artists, and a spy join as well. Some of whom seem to have no artistic inclinations. So I guess I'm curious if someone can help me discern the greater truth as to what makes a lightweaver. Furthermore, what else draws a cryptic to bond them beyond a propensity for self delusion? What traits truly make one a good fit for the order? afterword thank you all for reading and engaging in advance. I appreciate your thoughts and your indulgence of my inquiry.
  2. I just wanted to make sure everybody will notice this piece of art based on WoK. It's not mine, but it's so awesome!
  3. I hope I am not just repeating someone elses work, but theories have been flying very fast and a few searches found nothing. (Of course finding absolutely nothing leads me to believe I am doing it wrong.) In the way of kings, I thought Elokhar was seeing the same symbolheads that Shallan was seeing. However, Elokhar says he sees them in mirrors watching him, which is different from Shallan who sees them through her drawings. Elohkar says to Kaladin that he has stopped seeing the symbol heads around now that Kaladin is guarding him. Pattern also makes a statement to someone who called him a voidbringer that to see a voidbringer she needed to look in a mirror. Normally the "if you want to see something bad/evil, look in a mirror" is an insult intended to imply the bad person is the one making the comment. But, with Pattern's love of "true lies" he may be telling the truth while also being insulting, and that may mean that some form of voidspren were following Elokhar around. So, TLDR, I believe that what Elokhar was seeing in the mirror were voidspren who were watching him.
  4. That Elokhar is a Surgebinder is nothing new. He sees the same type of Spren as Shallan and is thus most likely a Lightweaver. But I think he might be further down the rabbit hole than we previously realized, as I believe he might have started Surgebinding already at the beginning of The Way of Kings. Think back on the Greatshell hunt and the apparent assassination attempt. The cut saddle was , but they all seemed convinced that the almost empty Spheres powering Elokhar's Shardplate was a sign of an actual assassination attempt. But since he has already been seeing the "Truthsprens" for some time by this point (as manifested by his accruing paranoia), it would be much of a stretch to assume that he might inadvertently have depleted those Spheres himself during the assault on the Chasmfiend itself or prior to its appearance. Now, I haven't the book with me right now - I shall have to look it up at a later time - but if this is indeed the case, then there might be room to reinterpret the events of the fight with the Greatshell altogether. Elokhar almost got crushed by the claw of the Chasmfiend, but Dalinar was able to save him by taking the blow upfront and holding its claw back. This produced a burst of brilliant white light just as he caught the claw, just before the beast itself fell and was subsequently killed. While some think that the burst of light from Dalinar might have been either himself using latent Surgebinding abilities (which doubt, as he had probably not attracted a spren at this point) or just an effect of his whole Shardpate cracking (thus leaking Stormlight all over), I propose that this might actually have been Elokhar unwittingly using his Nahal Bond to Surgebind and save himself and his uncle - and thus depleting the Spheres in his armour and producing the flash of Stormlight. I find this to sound quite plausible, though I have to admit that the audacity of this foreshadowing borders on the insane - and even so managed to escape detection for a long time, at least by me. EDIT: A weak point to the theory though is that - assuming he is indeed a Lightweaver - his particular Surges wouldn't seem to (at least not intuitively) produce the effects of this particular scenario. The Soulcasting Surge of Transformation wouldn't have been able to help Dalinar hold back the Claw as nothing seems to have been Soulcast, and the Illumination Surge - while certainly able to produce a bright flash of light - would probably not be able to produce this kind of effect. On the other hand, the limits of either Surge are not well defined at this point, so even though neither seem to have an intuitive application that could have stopped the Chasmfiend claw, there might still be and *cough* unintuitive one.