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Found 4 results

  1. So, it seems Brandon has created an official Knights Radiant quiz. Therefore, this is the place for official Edgedancers. (In case you haven’t taken the quiz yet, here’s the link.) CREW RULES: 1. You must be an Edgedancer to join. However, you can join if you're not an Edgedancer. 2. All crew-members should be treated with respect. Please use nice language. 3. Any new rules can be made if the majority of the crew sustains them. 4. Edgedancer’s are supposed to be caring and graceful, so... uh... go get em. If you’re curious about what it means to be an Edgedancer, you can find a description here. Just scroll down a little ways.
  2. All Heralds are of the Almighty, which is Honor. If Edgedancers are of Cultivation, then how do they have a Herald as their patron? Is there some sort of cross-shard cooperation going on with the order of KR? Also, all other orders are of Honor, so what makes Edgedancers different?
  3. I haven't found any other forums that discuss exactly this, so I made a new topic. This forum proved that the Nightwatcher could be/probably is Cultivation. So lets work with that assumption. We see that Syl, an Honor spren, refers to the Stormfather as her father. The Stormfather is also shown to be a part of Honor that fled when honor was killed. Quick note: Based on the book, elemental spren are from Cultivation, and emotional spren are from Honor. It looks like there might be an equal number of Cultivation spren (Shadow spren, possibly Light Spren) and Honor spren (Honor spren, Cryptics, High Spren) in the Knights Radiant in the end. So, since Wyndle calls the Nightwatcher "mother," what if he is a ..... Cultivation Spren! Wyndle is made up of vines, which you cultivate. Also, one of the surges he provides is growth and regrowth, which seem very reminiscent of the idea of cultivation. Tell me what you think, is Wyndle a Cultivation Spren?
  4. Ok so Lift may be my new favorite character. So much spunk and just plain badass! Hopefully we will hear about her and potentially the Reshi Isles more in the next book. I think what I am most curious about is why she has been given special treatment, being able to collect stormlight from food and have physical contact with Wyndle (her spren). Also that jerk Darkness, really anxious to find out whats up with him. Any thoughts?