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Found 3 results

  1. Hello hello!!! This is a DND thread (because for some reason we don't have one!!(I couldn't find one at least(i used the cool search feature))) The gist of this is just DND all day every day. Talk about your characters, campaigns, and annoying enemies. Post memes! Share art and ideas! Do anything DND related! (Within the Shard's guidelines ofc) This is kinda short but my friend drew my DND character for a campaign I started with my crew last saturday. observe my friends amazing art skills and also observe my candy-race gay monk. she is cool her name is Pandura Hamblin, level 6 monk. POSTING NOW! *boink* edit: thanks @Morningtide for the idea
  2. *Stretches* *Pops Knuckles* Welcome! I recently pronounced Starry Days and Sunny Nights dead for a few reason. I am sad to see it go and I know I was very energetic about it. So here I am opening a new one almost immediately. Firstly you can PM me to join as a player, in the PM mention your character concept or sheet, then I (and possible other DMs) will arrange you into a few groups based on time zone, similarity of characters, compatible group flow, and functionality. If you want to Co-DM send me a PM. Since this is in very early stages you will get to play a major part in the plot and world building. I am going to bold this, Please use the personal messenger for your character details rather than here Players: @Argenti (I nearly pinged the admin), @ExoticAlmond, @Justice_Magician, @Frustration, @TheGreatSnail, @BrokenPlayer, @Channelknight Fadran, @Just_a_Fan_YT, @poberl, @shortcake, @The Sibling DMs: @The Last Fæ To encourage competition between groups I will keep track of scores. Groups: What to know: You start at level 2 This will take place in PMs Potentially I will compile the best of this into a more polished story thing This is 5th edition D&D I will for one teach you how to play Homebrew allowed Homebrew used Things you will probably get: Your own character arc! Dungeons Dragons Pathfinding Depressing scenes in the rain Downtime Functioning as a dysfunctional guild Being screamed at by a demented god Swords Magic More swords Decent descriptions Nightblood being wielded by Rayse Given the recent ban on invested weapons this feature has been removed A Probably Non-Cosmere setting Approved features: Dragonmarks Homebrew: Don't let it scare you, it will be used to better and enhance the world Approved Instantly: An Elf and an Orc Had a Little Baby (16 points) Good Place to Look: DnD wiki
  3. dnd

    I am suffering from severe DM withdrawal. Now this is my first time hosting 3.5E, I would be overjoyed if I get a few players. Please send questions if you want to know anything. The campaign will be hosted at a slow pace here, by that I mean join in whenever you want but try to not cover several sessions worth of content in a few days. Level 1 characters. Preferred: (You have to download the file, you can't change this one as is.) SRD: World map (Azgaar's Generator): Fadran - Samarin an elven sorcerer with a tabby cat called Ghost Random Bystander - Shale an Air Genasi rogue The Known Novel - Thyrvor a Dwarfish Barbarian The Great Snail - Iris a Halfling Rogue