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Found 23 results

  1. d&d

    Hello! I am somewhat active in the D&D community. As such, I am a minor user on the homebrew site D&D wiki. On D&D wiki, there is an unfinished class for Knights Radiant. I want to finish it, but I need help. Reply if you want to help finish it! Here is the link:
  2. I'm sure it's a rare thing to happen in original fantasy novels, but the revelation that Spensa jumping through the nowhere portal leads to not just the formless void of the delvers, but a whole other reality full of varied terrain, exotic creatures, and warring factions just seems straight out of a good DnD campaign. Is anyone else getting the same?
  3. Alright. D&D. I made a D&D world over the summer, because my sister wanted to try to do a solo campaign. It didn't happen. Now, I have this D&D map I made just lying around. And so, I am starting a D&D campaign. Anyway, here's the map: Basic Info: Character creation guidelines:
  4. On a site full of fantasy fans, I figured that a fair number of us probably play Dungeons and Dragons. So here's a thread to put all the wild stories about the shenanigans your party gets up to. Here's a favorite story from my campaign: The Letter Bunny So, one of the characters is a very wholesome warlock of the Demigod of Cute Fluffy Animals. This is relevant because it meant that he had a bunny costume in his inventory. The party was at a tavern on a journey when they overheard a drunk messenger bragging about how he had a letter to the leader of a nearby city - someone that the party was already suspicious of. So naturally, the party decided to steal the letter and read it. Before they could figure out how, though, the messenger left the building and got on his horse. Not wanting to let him escape they started to chase after him, but the horse was much faster than they were, so they had trouble catching him. Then the warlock, Kjørfraexx, had an idea. Kjørfraexx first changed into his bunny costume, and then got the wizard to cast Fly on him. So garbed, he shot after the rider and quickly caught up. He used prestidigitation to scatter sparkles around, and announced that he was the "Letter Bunny" - a being that he explained as being like the tooth fairy, but for letters rather than teeth. Remember, this messenger was very drunk, and being a warlock, Kjørfraexx had very good Charisma. And then Kjørfraexx rolled a nat 20. So the befuddled messenger handed over the letter, received a silver piece in exchange, and was sent on his way. Imagining him explaining this to his superiors was one of the highlights of my week.
  5. Are these posts still active? Anyone wish to continue the topic? I have a few ideas for it.
  6. I've actually posted this class before but it wasn't finished and the topic was in the wrong subforum. I have finished all the features of the class (with a few exceptions). All that's missing is the narrative elements. If you don't play D&D or some other tabletop RPG this won't interest you and you should go look at something else. The class is missing something, however. Bondsmiths are just really weird. Once we learn more about the sibling I'll probably turn Bondsmith into its own class with the 3 spren being the subclasses. If you want to play as a Bonsmith now just take the cohesion and tension surges and ad another Bonsmith themed feature at level 10. All feedback is welcome and encouraged. This is just a rough draft so I'm very open to changes. Thanks! (Tell me if you can't access the document)
  7. so for some time i have been working on a homebrew supplement for introducing spen in D&D (even if they are more like elementals) i have most of it hammered out and got the ok for most of the artists but i wanted a final feedback from anyone here that knows anything about Dungeons and Dragons before i upload it to the dms guild , plus sharders could be interested the link can be found here shoutout to the amazing artists (botanica xu and Pam Hage) and the shard affiliated D&D discord server for their help any criticism and suggestions are more than welcome and everyone seeing it is free to download it adn use it if you'd like
  8. If dungeons&dragons (or chickens&chasmfiends or whatever) existed in Roshar, it would be a women's thing. Because you can do it with one hand and there's lots of writing. Also, it would be considered edgy because of how the dice control what happens. That's close enough to fortune-telling to make that sort of moral guardian Think Of The Children.
  9. So just a quick question but what D&D classes and sub classes would you put Stormlight characters into? Some I feel are pretty straight forward like Adolin being an Eldritch Knight Fighter, but it could get a bit more nebulous like Renarin I could see as a Knowledge Domain Cleric. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts and how many D&D nerds are also Sharders
  10. So I'm aware that there have been a few attempts to do this, and also the MAG exists but I've found getting people who aren't big fans of the cosmere into that to be difficult and honestly I just prefer working with something familiar. So I'm trying to convert Mistborn and Feruchemists into 5e classes. This would be for standalone use so if they aren't perfectly balanced against existing 5e classes that's not a huge deal but I want to get it somewhere in the general ballpark at least and definitely try to get them balanced for each other. Very basic drafts of what I have so far are available at: The Mistborn: And Feruchemist: I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
  11. I was with my group getting ready to storm a castle full of orcs. Three people from my group snuck inside the castle and me and a other guy were outside with a squad a troops. So we decided to put shields and a cart hook it up to a ox and ride it in. We also put shields on the ox. I was on the ox and the other guy was in The cart like a chariot. We broke down the door and I rolled the highest so when we broke down the door I one shot stabbed a orc with my spear killing it. We one, plus the ox lived
  12. Welcome to DnD Corner Here, you can talk about anything DnD/Pathfinder/Rift or anything related! Share stories! Talk about builds, Worlds, Characters, NPCs, anything!
  13. Hey all. Long time creeper, first time speaker here. Like most of us here, I think, I'm a nerd. I built Lego models when I was a kid, computers when I was in highschool, and I've been playing D&D for years now (longer than I've been reading Sanderon's works, in fact). I've always loved the freedom that comes with tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I've brought it upon myself to find a way to merge these passions of mine with the works of the Cosmere into a single, fun-to-share project. Enter: The Cosmere Universe Guide. A mostly brand-new set of rules and character options for D&D 5e. I've been working on this project off-and-on for the better part of a year now, and while I've made a great deal of progress, I'm starting to hit a wall in some areas. That's why I'm here now; Who wants to make a game? While I personally have no idea how, say, a spren's decision to bond a radiant works, I'm willing to bet that there's someone on here who's made it their life's goal to figure out the most minute of details. Right now, I'm struggling to flesh out one of the new classes; the Allomancer. I'll post a link to the WIP document, so you can see what I'm talking about. As you can imagine, writting a class with 16 sub-classes, based on a magic with strict rules we don't fully understand is a little difficult. Any ideas or suggestions for new class abilities or changes to existing powers are welcome, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about an actual full-scale Cosmere RPG! Thanks AllomancerWIP.pdf
  14. Hey 17th Shard, I started myself on a bit of a lengthy project, converting the rules for Mistborn Adventure Game to the Dungeons and Dragons format, specifically, Fifth Edition, as it is the edition I am most familiar with. I've completed some rough drafts for most of the Allomantic powers, with the exception of Atium, Lerasium, Cerrobend, Cadmium, and the God-Metal alloys. I know for sure that they'll have to be revised a lot more, but to refresh my brain I decided to start thinking about some Feruchemical powers, specifically Feruchemical Gold, and I've run into a bit of a problem. In typical D&D play, as players advance from level 1 to level 20 they gain HP, and quite a lot of it. Generally at level 20 a character will have well over 15 times their level 1 HP. In typical MAG play, health doesn't change that much, with someone maybe doubling their health over the course of a long campaign. This is causing a bit of a problem with figuring out rules for Feruchemical Gold healing, especially Compounding. In MAG, restoring 6 HP via Compounding is always going to be a massive chunk of HP no matter what, because HP stays fairly consistent in MAG. I've already lined up some equivalents for damage in D&D versus MAG by comparing the weapon damages of items like daggers, clubs, and swords. +1 damage in MAG seems to be about 1d4 in terms of D&D. The easy solution, therefore, is to make the 6 HP restore of Feruchemical Gold equal to 6d4, which averages to around 15 HP restored. For a lower level character, up to level 5 or 6 (depending on class and physical scores), that's a comparable chunk of HP regeneration to how it's intended to be in MAG. As levels progress, however, it rapidly becomes a smaller and more negligible amount. Any ideas, folks? I have a couple, but since I'm diving more into homebrew and winging it here, rather than just converting distances and action economy to 5e terms, I'd like some external input. Also, I'm assuming posting my conversions here would be frowned upon because in this early rough draft stage a lot of text is directly copied from the MAG rulebooks rather than reworded or abridged. If I am mistaken, please let me know, and I'd be willing to PM users my conversions if that's allowed.
  15. I'd like to just say this isn't really a recruitment post. I'm not sure when I'll ever do that here. First, introductions: Hi! I'm a walking reference to a classic album by The Who... or just call me Fel, I go by both pronouns, it's shorter and easier, and there are two things you ought to know about me. 1) I love tabletop gaming. I've been playing D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder, and few homebrews, for a few years now (and I'd like to thank Dan Harmon for getting me into tabletop gaming, hip hip for Community and Harmontown!). 2) I love homebrewing d20 campaign settings, classes and so forth based on fantasy series I've always felt would make for some terrific gaming. For instance, some friends and I have already done a game set in the Berserk universe (that ended disastrously, nightmarishly and horribly; so, you know, appropriately). At the moment, we're even planning to run games set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Those last three aren't my ideas, but the first one is. Oh! And we're currently running a game in the Disney Canon! No, seriously! A homebrew game where we fight the machinations of every Disney baddie and monster, from the obscure to the mainstream. It's amazing! My character even got the chance to shank the Evil Queen from Snow White in a surprise attack! How? Long story, but it involved my Rogue utilising her Disguise check to pass off... as a comatose Snow White herself. The Evil Queen came to gloat for a villainous monologue... and... STAB STAB STAB! Good times were had! Aaahhh... good times were had. Now, in my usual group, only a few have read anything by Brandon Sanderson and even fewer have read The Stormlight Archive, but slowly but surely I'm getting them into the greater Cosmere, and it had occurred to me during that, ahem, "conversion" process... that, well, damnation, Stormlight Archive would make for an awesome tabletop game, wouldn't it? It has everything a good D&D-esque game could possibly need: A smorgasbord of races with unique and quantifiable traits (Alethi, Horneaters, Parshendi, etc). A worthy Monster Manual supplement: Chasmfiends, Whitespines, Spren of all types, Voidbringers, Thunderclasts, The Unmade, Larkins, Santhids, Midnight Essence... Potential for distinct homebrew classes: Shardbearers, Windrunners, Lightweavers, Worldsingers... Old gods or god-like entities, always a must for these sort of things. Landscapes fraught with danger, excitement and mystery, from as mundane as simple bandits to the upcoming apocalypse of the Everstorm. Plenty of opportunity for a party to go about and get lost on all sorts of adventures. Mistborn got the licensed RPG treatment, so why not Stormlight Archive? It's a match made in Heaven... right? I realise, of course, that the Sand-man's penchant for esoteric magic systems, makes any conversion to a d20 system especially difficult. For instance, how does one convert Lashings into d20 mechanics? Or absorbing Stormlight to fuel Surgebinding and the subsequent drainage? How does that work mechanically? Soulcasting can be easily reworked by relying on transformation/conjuration spell lists from D&D, at least, but how could you balance Shardblades (you know, the soul-cutting superweapons that are one-hit-ko's to muggles) without being so OP? Someone had said to me other day... and on another website... that it'd just be easier to work with a more freeform style, like FATE or OVA. Which is true! ... But I'm not familiar with either. Besides, I'm entertained by the intellectual (well, intellectual as this can possibly get) exercise. A little metaphorical elbow grease and this could work. What do you guys think? What are your two cents, who'd like to help me along with this? I know there's already a sort of loose SA d20 game on this site (Desolations & Dungeons, something like that?), but in terms of creating a hardcore Stormlight d20 D&D game, would anyone be up for not only helping me... but maybe even giving it a go as a game in of itself? ... Or, hey, ask me about some of my crazy other D&D stories and endeavours, heh heh. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Berserk, Disney d20, I do my best.
  16. The Dragon-Dimensions Campaign Setting Cosmology There are three dragonworlds that form the core of the cosmology. These are Arcus, Derrethorn, and Zuryl, each named after the dragon that created it. Each dragonworld is a dimension (supposedly) created by a dragon-god, wrought wholesale from nothing by the dragon-god's magic. However, in order to create their dimensions, the dragon-gods had to permanently expend their own power, infusing it into their world. Most believe that this killed them, though some religions believe that they live on in the land and worship nature, while others believe that the dragon-gods actually left their worlds and await those gods' return. There was once a fourth dragonworld, known as Nil; however, it fell to heat-death as a result of the overuse of magic.Numerous (though not infinite) other planes of existence surround the three dragonworlds. These worlds were generally created by particularly powerful spirits, and are known (to the inhabitants of the dragonworlds) as "lesser realms." Some of the creator-spirits infused themselves wholly into their realms like the dragon-gods did, but others only expended a part of their power to create their worlds, and rule over them still. The Spiritvoid is not a dimension, but it separates every dimension. Each dimension contains only a single planet- no satellites, no sun, no greater universe. Lesser realms frequently contain even less; a single continent or even a single region floating on a sea of lava on a flat plane. There are exceptions to this, however. There are spells that allow a practitioner to travel from one dimension to another. Additionally, it is possible to create gates, arcane constructs of both magic and technology, which even non-practitioners may use to pass between worlds en-masse.
  17. A friend of mine and I needed to create a new character for our Pathfinder campaign, and we decided on making a Mistborn class, and decided to share it with the forums, he provided the pathfinder knowledge, I helped with most of the Mistborn semantics. You can find it here. The reason there is no rules for copper/bronze, and other allomancy-based metals, are because we don't plan to encounter any other allomancers in the campaign. The class is meant to be as balanced as any other, unlike many other Mistborn classes we have encountered.
  18. I made this using Hombrewery, and you can find it here! The Prestige class requires a lot of DM input and is very power-gamey, but could be fun in the right play group. Thought you guys might appreciate it. Cheers, AKASketch
  19. Hello all. I am trying to make a D&D world fit with Cosmere rules, in the hopes that eventually I will be running it as a campaign world for my friends. I have much of it nailed down (e.g., all D&D planes save the Prime Material, the Astral, and the Far Realms no longer exist as planes in their own right, I have Shards in place for multiple magic systems, etc., I have a not-quite Earthlike planetary system in place for visual interest, but all of those are separate topics). However, what I'm having trouble with is the physiology of the dragons. (And I want to have dragons because they're in the storming title of the storming system, and I think I can do something interesting with them) An adult dragon (upwards of 100 years of age) has not 6 limbs, but 10: 5 pairs of arms, legs, and/or wings, decided upon during their previous age categories. With age comes an increased facility with manipulating their Cognitive selves, such that they can convert much of their mass into Investiture and in so doing take humanoid shape. However, how exactly that Investiture gets into their system in the first place is what I'm having trouble pinning down. D20srd says "A dragon’s metabolism operates like a highly efficient furnace and can metabolize even inorganic material," which I'm sort of using as a starting point, but the details beyond that elude me. Do they ingest Investiture-viable things like Mistborn do? Do they absorb it directly like Taldaini sand does or like Knights Radiant do? Do they go a third route altogether? I'm not certain. And this one question will decide a lot of other things about how dragons work.
  20. Attention profesional dice-throwers! Lend me your advice! My friend and DM recently picked up the first book of The Stormlight Chronicles, and loves the idea of adding a bit of the universe in our dimension-crawling D&D 5e campaign. We have a few basics down, and I have the first draft of a Windrunner subclass for a monk built, substituting ki for stormlight. However, some help for creating some of the creatures of this amazing world is greatly needed. I would love to create a mini D&D expansion book adding the world or Roshar to the Forgotten Realms. I would appreciate some advice from veteran dice-rollers, as I have just reached my first anniversary of tabletop games last month. I'm looking for people to help me with everything from chulls, to axehounds, and even a parshendi playable race able to change its subrace with enough time and an extreme jump boost. Plus, the act of receiving Shardplate or even a Shardblade could be very hard to balance damage and availability, then there's waying in how much stormlight you could suck from spheres of different costs... the possibilities make my head spin, and so I REALLY don't want to screw this up. If you want to help or even have additional ideas I didn't mention, reply below and I'll get back to you guys as soon as I can.
  21. Attention profesional dice-throwers! Lend me your advice! My friend and DM recently picked hup the first book of The Stormlight Chronicles, and loves the idea of adding a bit of the universe in our dimension-crawling D&D 5e campaign. We have a few basics down, and I have the first draft of a Windrunner subclass for a monk built, substituting ki for stormlight. However, some help for creating some of the creatures of this amazing world is greatly needed. I would love to create a mini D&D expansion book adding the world or Roshar to the Forgotten Realms. I would appreciate some advice from veteran dice-rollers, as I have just reached my first anniversary of tabletop games last month. I'm looking for people to help me with everything from chulls, to axehounds, and even a parshendi playable race able to change its subrace with enough time and an extreme jump boost. Plus, the act of receiving Shardplate or even a Shardblade could be very hard to balance damage and availability, then there's waying in how much stormlight you could suck from spheres of different costs... the possibilities make my head spin, and so I REALLY don't want to screw this up. If you want to help or even have additional ideas I didn't mention, reply below and I'll get back to you guys as soon as I can.
  22. Sigrud Hammerhand, warrior and blacksmith of clan Hammerhand in the Giantspike Mountains roamed the lowlands between his home and Ravens Bluff. His father, Sigmund had tasked him with guarding a trader's caravan on its way to the aforementioned city, it was boring work but necessary, and it paid well. The caravan was delivering a large shipment of fresh steel and silver from the mines deep in the Earthspur mountains and needed to be protected from potential bandits... or Moradin forbid, orcs. Sigurd could taste the bile in his mouth at the thought of those stinky beasts using Dwarf mined and forged metals for their own, crude purposes. As he walked, chewing on the stem of his unlit pipe, he heard a rustling sound in the nearby bushes. He didn't think it was anything bigger than a fox but he wanted to be prepared, just in case. He lifted his axe, Fafnir, which he was using as a walking stick and gripped it in both hands. Slowly and cautiously he walked to the offending bush and kicked a rock into it. It rustled one more time before a gigantic black beast shot out, throwing the burly dwarf on his back and leaped over him, right towards the caravan. Sigurd was up as fast as he could and pursued the beast, yelling at the top of his lungs for the Dwarven traders to up arms. "Grab yer axes, ye soft bellied old men!" He yelled, in hopes that they could hold of the dreaded displacer beast long enough for him to get there. They didn't. He pumped his short legs furiously in a vain attempt to reach the wagons, hearing the screams of his kinsman as they fought and died. Three dwarves laid in pools of their own blood, gory holes where throats should be and one more was dying just as Sigurd reached the wagons. Enraged by the sight, the young dwarf rushed at the monster, "Hey, ye bloody cat! Come taste the blade of a real opponent." Taking in the sight of his opponent as it turned its hideous maw towards him, he noticed that it only had five legs and one whip coming off his shoulder. Both wounds were old and scarred over, the cat was wounded even more by the two or three hits the traders managed to land before going to Moradin's smithy but it was still a fierce opponent. The dwarf dashed at the displacer beast just as it lunged through the air. Sigurd dropped to his knees and slid beneath the rippling stomach of the four hundred pound demon cat, slicing his axe through one its five remaining feet, bringing the count down to four. The beast screamed in agony, whipping it's tentacle out, grabbing Sigurd around the ankle and pulling him to his rump. Stunned, the dwarf only had a moment to react as the wounded and angry beast attacked. Sigurd drew his boot knife and cut off the spiked end of the whip-like tentacle. Again the cat screamed in pain but refused to retreat. Instead, it lurched towards the downed dwarf. Like a flash of black lightning a huge paw smacked him across the face, sending a horrible burning sensation throughout his body. Using only instinct taught to him by training with the famous Hammers of Moradin, he stabbed out with his knife. When he felt the blade break skin his flicked his wrist hard, slicing the throat and ending the life of the wicked creature that had killed the dwarves Sigurd was tasked with protecting. Exhausted and woozy from his wound, Sigurd passed out in the middle of the road. When he woke, the morning sun was breaking over the peaks of his home range. He heard a deep croak and turned to see a huge raven feasting greedily on the flesh of his recent kill. "Hey!" He yelled, and immediately regretted it due to the pounding in his head. "Get ye gone, ye greedy bird." He groaned, more quietly, as he threw a rock at the thief. Slowly he stood, wiping the crusted blood from his face gingerly. Sigurd looked around in dismay, four of his kin dead, it was horrible. Without wasting another minute he began to lift the fallen dwarves and load them into the back of the front wagon. Fortunately, the cat had spared the mules that towed the carts, mules who had inexplicably not wandered off. After an hour of loading the carts with his fallen comrades and the dead displacer beast and stringing the mule train together, Sigurd was finally on his way to Ravens Bluff. After three days, Sigurd rolled into the Trade district of Ravens Bluff. He dropped off the metal to the buyers and delivered the trader's bodies to the local temple of Moradin for proper services. The displacer beast had been used for food and it's pelt as a blanket. The knuckle bones on the severed foot had been boiled and braided into his beard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It has been three years and Sigurd Hammerhand has yet to return to his home in the Earthspur Mountains. He has spent his time traveling the Sea of Fallen Stars aboard trading vessels and spending his pay on drink and smoke. To this day Sigurd blames himself for the traders that had lost their lives to wounded displacer beast in the foothills of his home.
  23. I'm just looking for resources for a D&D campaign that I am DMing for right? Well I just happen to stumble onto this. I was blown away. Someone made stats for Shardblades and Shardplate in D&D! I think that I might just get together with my local Sanderfans and play a game of D&D in Roshar. I wish I could play with you guys, but you are all so far away I really just want to let you guys know that it was possible to play D&D set in one of Sanderson's worlds. If you guys happen to have any ideas for another one of his worlds, or even make the systems and stats for it, please, please, please put it in here so that I can see it.