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  1. Cosmere Wordle #1! If you aren’t familiar with how to play Wordle, Google is a great source with the basic info But basically you just guess a 5 letter word and get info on which letters are right/wrong until you get the right word. But you only get 6 guesses. I’m not sure how we make this work smoothly in this forum - maybe someone can do something to make it a cooler experience? I figure for now you all can try to guess the 5 letter word and I will let you know what is correct / incorrect. Might take us some time but hey we should have a winner by the end of the day haha first person to guess the word of the day wins!! I’ve got the word. Hint- it has something to do with the Cosmere… could be a name of a character, strange made of Brando Sando word, come from a cosmere language… let the games begin!
  2. We all know that the Reckoners aren't in the Cosmere…but they could be Spoiler for The Reckoners Series (Serious spoilers for all three books)
  3. Lets make a fun thread. Rules: 1. The shipped characters should only be from different origins(planet maybe). 2. Justify your ship. 3. Don't take this too seriously. Have fun !
  4. This made me so happy, i just had to share with yall. I was thinking, and with all of Brandons upcoming projects(secret projects 1-4, stormlight 5, the lost metal) and the few works ive been saving to read(all of Era 2) im gonna be able to read a new Sanderson novel(at least new to me for Era 2) every 3 months for the next 2 years!!! If i start Era 2 now and finish Alloy of Law by April, ill be able to read Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning over 3 months each(thats perfect for me as im the type who usually reads half or so of the book and sets it down for a month... even a year sometimes XD) and ill finish Bands of mourning right around the time The lost Metal comes out!(i knew it was a good idea to save Era 2 for something special lol) This should be my schedule for the next few years!!(not including any other novellas or short stories he might surprise us with in that time) March 2022: Alloy of Law April - June 2022: Shadow of Self July- September 2022: Bands of Mourning October - Dec 2022: The lost Metal(November 15th) January - March 2023: Tress of the Emerald Sea April - June 2023: Secret Project 2 July - September 2023: Secret Project 3 October - December 2023: Secret Project 4 October 2023 - March 2024(estimate): Stormlight Archive book 5 Summer 2024(estimate): Dragonsteel Prime(part of WoR 10th anniversary kickstarter)
  5. Good Afternoon! Or evening or morning or night whichever is most applicable to you! Im new to this community! Relatively new to Brandon Sanderson as well, picked up AWOK last January and have been slowly devouring the Cosmere since then! Been watching some of the 17th Shard youtube videos and thought id sign up here! So thanks for having me!
  6. Hi, I'm new here and to anything online regarding the Cosmere. If these have been answered, please still let me know because I'm so curious. 1) If shards created the planets mirroring the original, how did the planets and their inhabitants without shards come to be? 2) The original planet that the shards mirror is not known. Hoid mentions dogs which I don't recall being in any Cosmere books. Have I missed the any mention of dogs? 3) In Shadows of Silence is the spiritual realm overlapping the physical? If so, does gold hold a specific investiture that wards the dead (harm them)? 4) Why don't the heralds inhabit a physical body like the fused do? 5) Since the fused inhabit a body, does that mean that they can go off world, unlike the harolds? 6) If the Shards left the worlds would the same lore and investitures exist? 7) Would the Lopen and Wax be best friends, or instantly weary of eachother? 8) MY MOST PERTINANT QUESTION: Are there any organizations, dragons, beings, or people, that are trying to gather the shards and put Adonalsium back together?
  7. This isn't going to be a full-fledged theory, but rather some thoughts that I've been having for a while. I was looking up some details on Feruchemy for tabletop gaming purposes (I could find no conclusive answer as to whether it has to be snapped like Allomancy), and I stumbled upon this WOB that gave me an implication and reminded me of an idea I had. Here's the WOB: The Implication The parts that got my attention were these: "Piercing someone's body with Invested metal can have weird effects all through the Cosmere" "ripping off a piece of a person's soul using an un-Invested spike to Invest it and create one is different" "For instance if you've got a spike that's Invested and you stick it into a Kandra on Scadrial it will still work as an Invested Hemalurgic spike" The implication is that any Invested spike can be used for Hemalurgic purposes, including such things as metalminds, Lashed metals, Forged metals or otherwise Invested metals that are inserted in the body. Can anybody point me to a WOB that categorically denies that you can use a metalmind as a spike? The Idea My other idea is far-fetched, though I'm not entirely certain whether it's more or less crazy than what I implied above. Here's my thought process: objects have minds. They have a Cognitive aspect, and they're aware. They know what they are, they remember what they were, and they can be Connected to people, places, other objects, and more. Objects must have a spiritweb, though it may be rudimentary. Hemalurgy works by altering a spiritweb. If you rip off a piece of a person's spiritweb and staple it to someone else, the latter person becomes a little more like the former person in some way, though the process may twist them into something unnatural. What if you took a piece of a person's spiritweb and stapled it into someTHING else? Say I steal a Coinshot's alomantic ability, take the bloody spike from his chest and stab it into a bracelet? Can I transfer the allomantic ability to the bracelet? Can I take the density of steel and splice it into a human's bones? Can I steal a person's strength and splice it into a Feruchemist's pewtermind? Can I steal a memory from a Feruchemist's coppermind and staple it into a person's mind (and would that memory decay over time)?
  8. How will the Cosmere story end? Will there still be shards? Here is a list of possibilities for discussion. Adonalsium is re-formed with a new vessel. Adonalsium is re-formed without a vessel. The shards continue. The shards continue, but without vessels. The shards are splintered. All investiture, including shards, is destroyed, possibly by Nightblood. Any other possibilities? What do you think will happen?
  9. Hi all! Thought I would run this one by you, What if the Ten Fools (three of which we have names for) are real, and what if they are creations of Whimsy? Although we really know nothing at all about the Shard Whimsy, I feel that this is right up their alley- Honor creates his ten Heralds, and Whimsy sees their opportunity to parody these solemn and epically heroic individuals. Whimsy creates their own ten highly invested cognitive shadows, each of whom bears a comedic flaw in contrast to the mighty attributes of the Heralds. I am in love with the idea of these ten immortal, super invested, interstellar jesters. Spreading Whimsy, but not being all that helpful to the grand scheme of things. My ambition is to someday put this theory to Brandon to get his views on whether this has any merit. In the meantime, I really wanted to share it with you all! Thanks gang, stay silly
  10. In the pre-chapter text (can't remember what it's called) of the Rhythm of War chapter 'A Cage Without Bars,' Harmony says that he is looking for a sword that embodied the two aspects of the power he holds, Ruin and Preservation. In the previous pre-chapter text he mentions being hampered in his ability to act due to his two held Shards being opposites, so is it logical to think of this as Harmony seeking a champion to act on his behalf against/with other Shards? If so, I have a theory. I'm not sure if there's a running theory on this, but the main Cosmere character that comes to mind for that is Kaladin. He's trained/training as a surgeon and is a skilled fighter. Particularly in The Way of Kings, there was a constant internal dialogue about whether Kaladin or his father were correct in how they could protect: Kaladin choosing to protect using force while his father protects through medical care. Kaladin is currently in a spot where he can protect using both methods, acknowledging that he needs time to deal with his PTSD and depression but is enhancing his abilities in the medical area. The main barrier I see to this potentially occuring is that due to Kaladin's nahel bond with Syl he is anchored to the Rosharan system, as per Mraize's conversation with Shallan/Veil/Radiant in part 1 of Rhythm of War. Now this is entirely conjecture, but I am assuming that by the end of Book 5 several key things relevant to this will occur: a way of transporting Rosharan Lights to other systems will be discovered, which will be linked to finding a way for Connected individuals to move outside of their systems as well. While I don't believe Kaladin is intended on being a main character for the back 5 (correct me if I'm wrong), that doesn't necessarily mean that he won't still be a major player in another form like being a champion of a Shard that isn't "native" to the Rosharan system and is thus not present for Rosharan events all the time. If there is an existing theory thread regarding this, could someone please point me in its direction?
  11. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    © conjchamberlain

  12. So in the commentary for SP4 Brandon drops that Hoid had 3 apprentices, "of which Sigzil is the one you know the best." He also says "...I started working on what is the story of Wit’s apprentices and their explorations of the Cosmere." I want to do some speculation on the nature of the other 2 apprentices. I think the above 2 quotes potentially imply 2 important things. "Know best" implies that we know something about and have probably even seen on screen, one or both of the others, just nowhere near as much as for Sig. "Their explorations" imply that more than one of them are worldhoppers that influence more than one cosmere world. I.E. they are still kicking around and relevant. Here are my guesses Worldbringers It has long been speculated that the Wordbringers were founded by Hoid much like the Worldsingers. Some even theorize Feruchemy was a result of his influence on the Terris people when he founded them. I don't think it's much of a leap from this supposition to theorize that one of Hoid's apprentices was a Worldbringer. However, it's realllly difficult to come up with someone from pre-The-Lord-Ruler times who is still kicking around. Khriss It dawned on me that Bandon has said that Khriss knows more about the Cosmere than Hoid, which resonates with the "their explorations" part of #2 above, and meshes really well with why Hoid says he recruited Sigzil: Speculative possibilities: Hoid has been around in pretty much all our stories so it's remotely possible he mucked around in any of those worlds and made an apprentice.
  13. I've been re-reading the Stormlight books and have been thinking about specific events along with the current conflict raging during the Last Desolation as well as the overarching conflicts across the Cosmere. It seems likely to me, though not definitive, that Odium is more or less a permanent problem. Certainly Rayse was (so far) unique in being both able and willing to destroy other Shards whether or not he required help to do so. That motivation may have been unique to Rayse, but his time holding Odium could also have driven that course of action even if Rayse was already amenable. Either way, even with the change in Vessel to Taravangian Odium is still very dangerous and potentially hostile to the other Shards. Harmony strongly implies this in the epigraphs to chapters 37, 39, and 40 of RoW: If we take these sentiments to be true (which may not be wise, as Harmony is new to the deity scene, though his holding two Shards may give him unique insight) then it's not unreasonable to conclude that the goal outlined in the epigraph of chapter 34 of RoW is driven by Odium itself and not so much the Vessel bearing it: So whatever changes might exist when Taravangian destroyed Rayse and became the new Vessel of Odium it seems like the threat to the Cosmere is unchanged, and therefore so are Hoid's efforts and the situation for the other Shards. Odium is deific, and so far we don't know of any other Shards which are capable of Splintering (or otherwise destroying) a Shard. At some point Odium became trapped on Roshar, and while that was a good-enough solution for several millennia it clearly isn't permanent. Permanence in resolving this danger seems important for otherwise (mostly) immortal beings like the other Shards. For these reasons the current plan of Dalinar and company is doomed to fail. Their victory in the contest of champions, if it even takes place, will only push Odium's efforts into the future to some unknowable extent. And the wording of the agreement is unclear as to what, precisely, will happen if Odium's champion loses. Therefore any conclusion to Odium as an antagonist, whether in Stormlight alone or in all of the Cosmere works, cannot be: 1. the contest of champions, 2. changing Odium's Vessel, 3. destroying Odium, or 4. persuading Odium to behave differently. So that leaves the question "what is to be done about it?" And here is my answer: the only way to deal with Odium is to combine it with another Shard, thereby modifying how it operates. Such a combination has seriously hampered Harmony's ability to act on his own, for example. The discovery of the titular Rhythm of War implies that the combination of Honor and Odium might work and be worthwhile; Odium and Cultivation would presumably also work and be locally available to the Rosharans, but seems (to me) more dangerous than Honor/Odium and would require two possibly unwilling Vessels be dealt with. I presume that Vessels don't typically want to combine their own Shard with others for the same reason Odium doesn't want to, that it would change the raw expression of the original, fundamentally distinct Shard. My specific prediction is that Dalinar will use his powers to reconstitute Honor's Shard somehow, foreshadowed by his ability to open Honor's Perpendicularity and Odium's response: If Honor can be reassembled, then it could (perhaps) be imposed upon Taravangian or Taravangian himself destroyed and Odium taken up by anyone that also takes up Honor. Maybe Dalinar, maybe Kaladin, or maybe someone we don't know about yet. The specific person that does it would be less important than the idea that instead of unbridled hatred running around we would have honorable hatred (whatever that might be). It's not necessarily an end to any threat from Odium at all but is the only way I can think of that might deal with the Shard in any meaningful way. I don't know if this will happen in Stormlight 5, in Stormlight 6-10, in a different Cosmere work, or at all (obviosuly, lol!). My money's on sooner rather than later, as I imagine the ultimate villain(s) of the Cosmere will be Autonomy, Thaidakar, Hoid, or some combination of them rather than Odium, the major confluence of Cosmere events will involve a lot of things happening on Roshar, and the ultimate conclusion will be a re-forging of Adonalsium anyways. But that's an entirely different kettle of wild speculation.
  14. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Must draw this! Yumi is my fav among the three Cosmere secret projects XD Can't wait for its final release! Also a Your Name parody poster:
  15. From the album General SA Art

    Based on Rhythm of War Ch.15. It's my favorite sheet fight scene with Kaladin and Zahel's stunt though XD
  16. From the album General SA Art

    Finally drew this after so many years! Probably still my fav Jasnah/Hoid scene (●'◡'●)ノ❤
  17. This episode, we are delving into Brandon's reading of the first five chapters of Secret Project #1! We have Eric (Chaos), Grace (thegatorgirl), Ala (Rasarr), and Veronica (Cheyenne Sedai)! Next week we will be covering Brandon's spoiler stream on Secret Project #1. Read the Secret Project #1 Sample Chapters here: 00:00 Introductions and Very Important Cup Discussion 6:45 News and Brandon Comments 23:54 Secret Project 1 1:03:20 Aether of Night If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  18. Chapter 1 and 2 of the Lost Metal was read last November at the Dragonsteel Mini-Con, and was posted online in February. It took a bit to record this episode due to sickness and Brandon's recent bombshell, but enjoy! We don't know when future sample chapters will be coming out, but I imagine this will be our last Lost Previews for a while until sample chapters come in earnest. Brandon's reading of the chapters: Transcription of the reading: Thumbnail image by clarainking: 00:00 Introduction and Chapter 1 10:25 Chapter 2 21:14 Seeing how this connects with the greater plot If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  19. Reading Warbreaker and the amount of breath for each heightening, I noticed that the amount of breath followed some kind of exponential function. So I tried to find the math law that they follow I started by plotting the amount of breath versus the level (Figure 1) taking into account an error of 1% for each level. This is because it is written that the amount for each level is not exact, so I assume a value that increases as the level does. ↑Figure 1: BioChromatic Breath for each Heightening Then I tried different basic functions, but I found that it doesn’t follow those. Eventually I divided every amount by 50 (Figure 2) and by the level squared (Figure 3). ↑Figure 2: Figure 1 divided by 50 ↑Figure 3: Figure 2 divided by Level Squared With this i started to try again with this formula () and found values for A, B and C that approximated the curve. then i expanded the formula so the results approximated Figure 1, i got Eq. (1) Using OriginLab I plotted Figure 1, and fitted using Eq. (1). And i got Figure 4: ↑Figure 4: Figure 1 fitted using Eq. (1) The values for this formula are: Replacing the level we got this values: This aren’t very accurate, but they are very near, and may be the real values that are approximated in the books. Be aware that there is an unknown error to this values, they could be less or more Conclusion The most probable thing is that Brandon picked random values for each level, but it still was fun to try and find out this law. Replacing for an 11th heightening we get around 120000 breaths for it. If in the future there are more levels, and they follow this formula i would be very happy. Keep in mind they will most probably not follow this.
  20. We're getting back to some previews for Lost Metal, this time covering Lost Metal's Prologue! We'll also be covering the reading of chapter 1 and 2 later this week, so even though this is a bit of a late one, we thought it'd be weird to not have Danielle and Marvin talk about the prologue as well! You can read the prologue, which Brandon read at JordanCon in July 2021, here: Wayne image in the thumbnail by the amazing Elisgardor: The Waxillium background is also by Dan Watson and will be in the leatherbounds (and animated with permission by Marvin): If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  21. I have a few thoughts on Dawnshards. I am relatively sure that there are four of them, I may have misinterpreted something, but I think there are four. In their name, They are called shards. This seems significant to me, and seems to imply that they were once together and part of a whole(or all of a whole). We also know that Hoid held a Dawnshard to help shatter Adonalsium. What if Hoid's end goal is to reunite all of the Dawnshards and recreate whatever they originally were?
  22. As I was listening to the audiobook of White Sand, I began to hear what eventually became this song. At first, it was just some strings and piano doing "something interesting and desert-ish" (technical terminology). But it hit me early on: How cool would it be to introduce something Cosmere-related into the lyrics or music? The ketek that makes up the lyrics took me a good day to hone, but I thought it would make a good challenge to musically represent (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) what Brandon is doing in his books by connecting his worlds together. It certainly served to shape the song into what it is! I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to download the mp3 or WAV below!! HUGE thanks to @Infamoti for his amazing work on this song. Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Link to download mp3 and WAV:
  23. What do you think will be the main conflict of the final Cosmere novel. Maybe it will be Harmony vs. War (with War being Honor+Odium like Harmony is Ruin+Preservation). Maybe it will be 8 shards vs the other 8 shards. Maybe it will be something else. What do you think?
  24. I thought of something cool. When Brandon Sanderson has finished all of the Cosmere works (pray that he lives long enough!) we will be able to give our grandkids a copy of Mistborn or whatever, and know that we are giving them not just a book, but an entire universe that they will be able to read for several years, and if they like part of the Cosmere, they'll probably like all of it. Imagine reading a book, loving it, and then realize that it is part of a series of series connected to other series. As a fast reader who can be a bit picky about what I read, and who therefore struggles to find books as fast as I can read them, this is my dream. I have part of that dream since Brandon has quite a few books out, but when I imagine reading one book and then being told, "You liked it? You miss it already? Okay. Then here's THE COSMERE." Amazing.
  25. Every character once held a Shard offscreen. Yes, even that one. Characters that have held a Shard onscreen secretly had another one you didn't know about. Match the person to your crazy-chull non-canonical cosmic force- go! Wayne: Shard of Hats Lightsong: Shard of Oversleeping Adolin: Shard of Fashion Shallan: Shard of Dad Jokes Kelsier: Shard of God-Punching Stick: Shard of Memes