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Found 861 results

  1. Ya know what to do The Way of Kings - 4 Words of Radiance - 4 Edgedancer - 4 Oathbringer - 4 Dawnshard - 4 Rhythm of War - 4 Mistborn - 4 The Well of Ascension - 4 The Hero of Ages - 4 The Alloy of Law - 4 Shadows of Self - 4 The Bands of Mourning - 4 Secret History - 4 The Eleventh Metal - 4 Elantris - 4 The Hope of Elantris - 4 Warbreaker - 4 The Emperor's Soul - 4 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 4 Sixth of the Dusk - 4 Arcanum Unbounded - 4
  2. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This comes a bit late, but still! My fav part here, Design & Coatrack!Hoid XD
  3. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Hoid & Jasnah for tonight's color sketch~
  4. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    First chibi try! Other characters soon!~
  5. It's time we talk about aethers, the last big cosmere magic system! Or is this actually an MCU podcast? A Pinnochio podcast? Maybe it's an ecology and physics podcast. Surprise, it's red spikes all the way down. This episode is both very on the rails and also totally not. Spoilers for Lost Metal and Tress of the Emerald Sea. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner on the forums), Evgeni (Argent), Ala (Rasarr), and Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai)! Aether of Night requests thread is here (please note this is a manual process and it will be sent to you in the order of weeks): Incredible thumbnail by Caio Santos: 00:00 Introduction 01:42 Show & Tell, Hoid Box 9:01 What is an Aether? 13:40 Meta history, Aether of Night 29:42 Canonical References 33:49 Strains of Aethers 59:05 Ecology 1:15:30 Prime vs. Primal Aethers 1:19:25 Types of Aethers (Canonically) 1:35:34 Midnight Essence 1:58:19 Other Aethers 2:21:07 Aether homeworld 2:29:33 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  6. Secret Project 1 is here, and it's Tress of the Emerald Sea! What did we think of it? Turns out it's reeeeeally good! Watch on for our reactions, some complaining, some lore, and randomly, Rithmatist and White Sand thoughts? Oh yeah, things are wild. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Grace (thegatorgirl), Evgeni (Argent), Jessie (Lady Lameness), and Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai)! 00:00 Introductions 2:20 Spoiler-free reactions 7:47 Spoilery initial reactions 29:51 Art 50:34 Likes and Dislikes 1:04:06 Characters 1:36:40 Xisis 1:46:42 Midnight Essence and some aether stuff 2:02:20 Audience and Final Thoughts If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  7. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Starting this Cosmere fanworks year with a little sketch with Kal and Syl
  8. Shard: Method of access investiture: Powers: Cost: Example Shard: valor; oceanic world Method a accessing investiture: arpoching small suns that are scatter around the sea floor. They close you getting the more heat they give off and more invested a person can become. Powers: First level The user gets the power to produce and control light. Second level : the user gives of and can manipulate heat. Finally level user can give off and manipulate dangerous levels of radiation. Cost: a user will slowly loose his exstra investiture this is excellorated by power use (Think stormlight but much slower) loss of power decreases your level (like breath) What can you come up with?
  9. What is your favorite Syl outfit? A fashionable havah, Bridge Four uniform or girlish dress?
  10. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a nice day! Boo! And here is how my favorite characters from the Stormlight Archive celebrate the holiday in my mind Shallan and Adolin: Shallan is a witch and Adolin is her werewolf fiancé. Shallan suffers from a split personality (evil and good witch, sometimes unknown witch identities appear) and Adolin is always there to help her overcome difficulties Sylphrena and Kaladin: Kaladin is the priest's son. However, he always wanted to be a noble warrior (which is why he trains in secret, even though he followed in his father's footsteps). One day, the ghost of a vampire girl appeared in his church. She is stuck between the Spirit Realm and the Psychic World. Despite this, she still craves blood. Kaladin found in her a close friend, so he helps her stay "alive" thanks to his blood. They form a strong mental connection. But the more Syl drink blood, the stronger she moves into the Physical World. What will happen to her in the end? Please enjoy this little idea and my fanart!
  11. "It is my solemn and important duty to bring happiness, light, and joy into your world when you're being a dour idiot." Happy New Year everyone!!
  12. As of now, we learned quite a bit about Shards in the Cosmere. We’ve seen references to 10 in the books and have the names of four others. We’ve seen the great power they wield at the cost of being changed by the Shard’s Intent. And we’ve seen a hybrid Shard arise. So I ask you. Would you use a Shard? Would you take a hybrid? If so, which ones? How would you use their power (in either the Cosmere or our world)? Why? For those of you who pick hybrid Shards, name the dual Shard’s Intent in the comments below. Bonus points if you can describe a basic concept for what magic system it might form.
  13. I have no idea if this has been brought up before. I could also be totally off base. But the Selish star chart has a planet named "Donne | Doo." Described as being very warm, barren, and prone to dust storms. Really struck me as a possible homage to the Dune series. Just thought I'd share.
  14. In Rhythm of War, Mraize says that Radiants are so Invested that they can’t leave the Rosharan system, and that this is related to the issue of getting Stormlight off-world. We see heavily Invested worldhoppers, such as Vasher and Vivenna, however, so is this not a problem for all types of Investiture? Even if this is a specifically Rosharan issue, Hoid appears on Scadrial in Mistborn Era 2, by which point he has already become a Radiant, so how was he able to get off Roshar?
  15. Hi all, Are we to assume this is space age cosmere? If so is it as late as Sixth of the Dusk? The audience obviously doesn't know about certain technologies, so it seems like THEY aren't yet on the space age, but is anyone?
  16. Hi everyone, i have this on my mind for a long time. And now that i am rereading the Stromlight Archive i noticed it again. I am german and therefore most of the books i own are in german, but the more i got in to the cosmere as a whole, i started to notice that the translation is inconsistend. Here are a few examples: The name of the shards Preservation would directly translate to "Erhaltung" or "Bewahrung" but instead translates to "Bewahr" Honor would directly translate to "Ehre" but instead it's translated to "Ehr" Cultivation would translate to "Kultivierung" but it instead translated to "Die Bebauerin" For all the members of the community that aren't speaking german: The names of the shards in german aren't nouns. That bothers me a bit, because i don't know why they changed these when there are direct translations. Preservation in Bands of Mourning Here Preservation is translated to "Retter" which means "saviour" in english. In the Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages it is translated with "Bewahr" as mentioned above. This translation is far more fitting, but it isn't a noun (!). Names in Era 2 of Mistborn In Era 1, most of the names are translated to match their german equivalent. For example Breeze is called "Weher" which is somewhat the correct translation. But in Era 2, all of a sudden, they are using the original english names. That threw me off a bit until i realized what was going on here. The Sibling in Oathbringer This one is little bit tricky because we don't use this word for a single person in germany. If you adress a single person you would say "This is my brother/sister". Only if you adress multiple people you can say "This are my siblings" (aka "Das sind meine Geschwister"). So there are to epigraphs in Oathbringer (i think on two consecutive chapters) where on one it is translated to "Der Geschwisterteil" and on the other with "Der Geschwister". I think neither of them is a real word. In Rythm of War it is then translated to "Der Zwilling" which means "The Twin" in english. Shards and Splinters So this one is tricky too. As far as i know there are no separate words for this in german. I would translate both as "Splitter". I saw Shard as "Splitter" and Splinter as "Flicken" in Oathbringer, but that isn't consistend through the books. Breath at the end of Rythm of War I am talking about the chapter with Hoid as a PoV-character. Here Breath translated to "Atem" whereas in Warbreaker it is translated to "Hauch". Both are correct, and i think there are no different words for this in english. It's just inconsistend. One more thing: I think the german titles are good for the most part. For example: The Lost Metal will be called "Metall der Götter" in german, which means "Metal of Gods". I think thats pretty fitting. So these are some things i noticed while reading in german. For my own sanity i think i will read the books in english from now on. Are there things you noticed when reading the books in a different language?
  17. So, finished the lost metal awhile ago and one thing has been rattling around in my brain to no end. Kelsier has seemingly lost all his powers and even with hemallurgy can't seem to do anything other than use steel sight. I am sure I am not the only one who wonders how he got to and helped the southern scadrians. Not to mention how he has managed to keep this so secret from his new crew. Most of all, I wonder why this is the case for him and not other fused as he seems unable to use unkeyed metal minds as well? The heralds have their shardblades and use external energy (stormlight). In addition returned utilize breath which could arguably be seen as an external investiture. Which to me would imply that cognitive shadows cannot use investiture innately. However, the fact that kelsier cannot to the best of my knowledge use unkeyed metal minds seems to imply there is something more going on. Would love to discuss with anyone, and thanks for chatting in advance.
  18. The majority of the magic systems on the planet Sel rely on the Dor to function and can not be used on other planets in the cosmere, but Aons are seen being used on many other worlds. Is another source of power needed for them to function, or is there some other way that they function?
  19. Hey, everyone! First time on 17th shard, but been a Cosmere reader for about a year. Currently, I have read all of Mistborn (except TLM), and am currently on my first read-thru of Oathbringer. I’m looking forward to getting more involved in this community and meeting some of yall!
  20. I was hoping someone else would start this topic, but I guess it falls to me. In today's State of the Sanderson stream, some jaw-dropping art was featured - uncommented on - and in addition to knocking my socks off, a few of the pieces raised some Cosmere-spoilery questions. I will spoiler-tag the images for size. Era-1 Mistborn; I assume Kelsier and Vin over Luthadel. Just gorgeous. Stormlight 5 Knights of Wind and Truth preview; Kaladin and Szeth enter Shinovar. What's the violet arc? Another Stormlight preview? My guess is Shallan, but the setting? Looks to be Shadesmar, but since when are there stars? And why does this image make me uneasy? Okay, this one is the most important question: who is this? My first guess was Iyatil, but her descriptions don't match... then I noticed the partly-visible skeleton. What we have here is a masked Kandra. Inquiring minds demand answers. The Main Hall of Venture Keep. Just WOW. The Imperial Palace of the Rose Empire, I assume. Also just gorgeous. Nothing but questions here. Help? Kharbranth. How can humans create such beauty?
  21. From the album Duality

    It's been a while since I've posted anything in here. But I'm pleased to announce that I'm back at it! haha. Went to Dragonsteel 2022 and was seriously inspired. I started sketching up this idea while I sat in some of the sessions, and have been chipping away at it evenings and weekends ever since. You can also check out more of my fan art at my website. I'll be adding more art from Brandon and other authors over time, but for now it's aaaaaall Stormlight stuff :P Artist thoughts: Yeah, I know Szeth doesn't don a black outfit when he goes all Night-shade-y. And I know that the sword is the only thing leaking black smoke. But by golly, it fit the theme! I wanted to do my own take on the blades, rather than running with the canon designs. Would love to know what y'all think!

    © Vivid Sketch LLC 2022

  22. So this is my big Stormlight 5 theory I have been working on. I told a piece of it at Dragonsteel Con at the stormlight 5 theorizing panel. So I think Taravangian will chose Gavinor to be his champion. When Elhokhar's child was being held in the palace, he was tormented to allow cracks into his spirtweb so the forces of odium could manipulate him. Dalinar faced with murdering his nephew's son or losing the duel will not kill the child. This deathrattle refers to this. However, Dalinar will die as Gavinor stabs him and is revealed to be Gavilar's Cognitive Shadow. Gavilar did not die when he was assassinated. He became a Cognitive Shadow like Thaidakar. Dalinar will uphold his oath and serve Odium. Unfortunately Dalinar will by the end of Stormlight 5, become the shard Honor. As the Shard Honor, he Must keep his promises and so the Shard will work with Odium to bring War on the Cosmere. Gavilar and Dalinar will work together. The back 5 stormlight books will focus on 2 sets of 2 brothers. Marsh and kelsier vs. Dalinar and Gavilar. Scandrial vs. Roshar. Last thought, I believe that Nightblood, which is the Dawnshard Destroy, will be used in the final confrontation to destroy Sazed and Harmony.
  23. Elantrians can create a variety of items through use of AonDor. My question is, can they create Gemstones? the more perfect the better.
  24. Re-read TLM, and something struck me that I don't think has been mentioned. Autonomy, out of all the Shards in the Cosmere, is the perfect foil for Harmony as of Era 2. Sazed's problems stem from the inability to act while also maintaining the diametrically opposed forces of Ruin and Preservation. Autonomy is nothing but that, it is Independence of Action though without any seeming purpose other than to spread what it sees as that independence. It's like if Ayn Rand were suddenly a virus. Out of all the Shards we have encountered, Autonomy more than anything is a perfect foil for this new shardholder. But also, there is a method to Auto's 'madness'. It's been said before that Odium sees Saze as a massive threat to his plans, what of Autonomy's? Sazed is 2/16ths away from becoming Adonalsium 2.0, closer than anyone we are aware of since the Shattering. What if Autonomy was trying to take out the new competition, while Odium and the others were busy dealing with their own issues, Autonomy had the most access to take care of this one. And what if, by doing so, Autonomy accidentally revealed a way for Sazed/Harmony to resolve their inaction? By revealing themselves and their influence, Sazed is now intimately aware of Bavadin and Autonomy and Kelsier is (according to him) tired of being inactive. What if, come the third or fourth era of mistborn, we see Harmony (or Discord, as previous posters have pointed out) getting one back on Autonomy and reabsorbing that Shard as well? By taking Autonomy, Harmony would be able to act and move, allowing better balance/counterbalance throughout Scadrial/The Cosmere by creating avatars of preservation and ruin. So that's my theory going forward. Harmony balancing out Autonomy's expansionist attitude, Autonomy allowing Harmony an outlet to act. Thoughts?