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  1. Hoid. The man, the myth, the guy who will insult you so you punch out his teeth so he can spy on someone. We know this man has connections to the original shards. I saw a theory that he is trying to rebuild andolism and is collecting the power of the Invested arts so he can Connect to the shard in order to hold it. So is he trying to connect to all the shards and then wait for a large event to arise where he then takes them all up to become Adolism. I also want to point out a phrase Hoid says in ToTES "I am guilty of saying that phrase to someone, sixteen people actually" How do you quote something in a dropdown? I fear I misquoted. Also, Rysn(?) (Odium) has extreme feelings of hate toward Hoid but this could just be the influence of the shard itself. Please help my thoughts are tangled up and I'm really curios about this.
  2. Twin born ability is plus 4 spikes of your choice. Your opponent is a 4th ideal knight radiant What will you choose.
  3. So, I think most of us have known for a while now that the allomantic metals actually effect all kinds of investiture. we see it constantly in books outside of mistborn. nightbloods sheath is made of aluminum, fabrials use the allomantic metals to get specific effects, and its used in all three of the metalic arts. we also know that Nightblood is actually made of an allomantic metal, although idk if we know which one it is. we also see iron and steel used in ToTES. but there has been one thing that has been bothering me for a long time now. and its silver. silver isn't an allomantic metal. but it effects investiture anyway. it seems to destroy it in some way, or absorb it, or send it back to the spiritual realm??? its awfully similar to aluminum in the way that it is used as a sort of investiture insulation, but it tends to get rid of investiture more, sometimes in an area around it. is it possibly changing the enviroment around it to make investiture more diffucult to remain in the physical realm? would it work the same in other realms? its just bizzare, and I feel like ive missed something important. does anyone know more about silver? do we have WOBs maybe? or just any ideas on what it actually is doing?
  4. Here is a little fan fict I started. It is a list of characters, who are worldhoppers, that write a newspaper. Here is the character list! Sorry, kinda long. The paper is called Worldhoppers Weekly. The Lone Coinshots Members and Descriptions Velendsier, home planet: old Scadrial : Velendsier is the happy-go-lucky blogger of the group. She has had a great life, and doesn't quite understand people who haven't. She travels to different worlds for her monthly vacations. She gives lists of the best vacation destinations and eateries. She gives out her favorite hacks and recipes for each world. She is very socially interactive and wants to go see everything and everyone possible. Whenever Val sees a problem, she wants to fix it. However, she quickly realizes that you can’t help everyone, but what happens when she needs to make a life-altering decision on whose safety comes first? Kasinar, home planet: Roshar: Kas is your run-of-the-mill, everyday conspiracy theorist. He knows about all of the shards but sees relationships in them that others discredit. He labels governments corrupt, or worlds close to ending, but more often than not his theories prove false. He is the more serious(ok, paranoid) one in the group and is more sensitive when the others jest. He is worried about the end of his world, his life, and the cosmere as a whole. Through his adventures worldhopping he must find hope in the almighty and eternity , but can any change this heretic’s mind? Zarek Malarn, home planet: new Scadrial: Zarek is a former writer for the Elendel Daily newspaper. He was fired for his speaking out strongly towards political issues. Shortly after the Governmental Scandal of Elendel, he was fired for “disrespecting the officials of Elendel”-Editor in chief for Elendel Daily, speaking on Malarn’s harsh words. Soon after Zarek knew that people needed to hear what he had to say, and not just people on new Scadrial. He became a worldhopper and helped found worldhoppers weekly. He is the perfect balance of serious and easy-going. He keeps his newspaper style when writing for Weekly and gets along well with Velendsier and Kasinar. But can he regain the trust and friendship of the people of Elendle?
  5. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! The Sharder currently in charge is @Ghanderflaffle. Please direct your questions to her instead of Ashspren. There are RoW spoilers in this thread. You have been warned. Here’s a rough outline of how this is gonna work… Up to 16 people sign up. I will RANDOMLY choose four characters to go against each other. The people who are representing these characters will write a rap, roasting the other characters– every character for themselves. They will have 48 hours, otherwise they will forfeit. If all people forfeit, they are all out. Votes for the best rap will be using a link to a survey. The person with the most votes after 24 hours wins! I will announce the winner, then announce the next people. More In-Depth Tournament Structure: In the first round, there will be 4 people participating per competition (ex- Sarene, Kaladin, Vin, Vasher) and they will all be going against each other. There will be one winner out of the four. That will narrow things down to 4 people left in the tournament. These competitions will be in pairs (ex- Vin vs Hoid, Kelsier vs Dalinar). The final two will go head-to-head in the Roast Finale. Fillers: If you are too late to sign up for this round, you might still be able to compete! You will be put on a waiting list, so if anyone is unable to participate, you can step in and represent their character. However, this is only for the primary round. In the semifinals and championships, if someone is unable to compete, the second place winner from their previous match will step in. They will also have to represent the previous person's character. If you are a filler person, you are allowed to be on the reserved list for the next tournament. However, if you are pulled into the current tournament, you will be taken off the reserved list. Ties: If we are in the face of a tie, the two people who tied will have up to 8 lines to roast the other person. These mini-roasts, plus the actual raps themselves, will determine the winner of that round. If you’re interested in writing raps to roast other characters, comment which character you would like to represent. No duplicates, please! There can be up to 16 people participating, because this is the Cosmere, and 16 is important. I will start the competitions once 16 people have commented. Tag anyone who you think might be interested! IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to actually rap! Just think of it more as writing poetry, but “roasting with poetry” just didn’t have the right ring to it... Outdated:
  6. So ima just dig right in with my theory and yall can give your thoughts. I might be grasping a little or clinging onto vague ideas but I like the theory so I might as well post it. Base allomancy comes in a set of 16 with subsets; Push, Pull, Internal, External, physical, mental, temporal, and enhancement. pretty basic allomancy knowledge, right? but we also know that every god metal can make their OWN allomantic sets, with atium alloys as our proof. the 11th metal (gold and atium) and the atium mistborn burn (atium and electrum). now usually there wouldn't be much for me to build off after that. each god metal is another set of 16, how could we possibly figure out what each power will do without knowing something like the subject of the powers, like physical in the base set. except we DO know one of the subsets for ruin's set of allomancy. and its the same as the base set. in fact the powers are nearly identical, except for one key difference. they have switched from internal, to external. gold is an internal metal, so is electrum. but their atium alloy counterparts aren't. the 11th metal lets you see other peoples past(or potential future still not sure) selves. but gold lets you see your own past/potential futrue self. nearly identical powers, except for the fact that the subset has flipped. so here is the theory. are ALL the allomantic powers in ruin's allomancy, simply the same power with a subset flipped? how would that translate into powers like tin, or pewter? or duralumin? we already have a power that essentialy works the same as duralumin, except it is focused externally. its already a thing in base allomancy. is it simply a fluke? a coincidence? or, does this perhaps work like the power overlaps in the knight's Radiant orders? they share power types across certain orders. are we maybe just seeing something similar to that? do ruin and preservation simply share an allomantic subset, changed slightly to fit them? or is it even less than that, just sharing these two powers, used in separate ways, because i cannot fathom how you can use time bubbles internally. or is it something else yet again? does ruin have external powers, and then a different subset, that isnt internal at all? Sorry, I know thats a lot more question than theory, but Its been scratching in my head for a while.
  7. alr i have recently stumbled apon this and have decided that it is now the best way to rate any superpower or magic system. it goes like this: Can the power/magic system allow me to win a fight from a random guy with a shotgun? if not it fails. bad power not useful for combat. if yes, how many random guys would it be able to let me take on? post your assesments :b Edit: sorry, i wasn't aware that the word I was using was a slur spoiler for context here
  8. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Finally captured my favorite moment from The Way of Kings! First Syl appearance before Kaladin. I don't know why, but when I re-read the first book... it makes me soooo emotional, especially Kaladin moments (and Syl, how she develops and everything). Ahhhhhhh~~~ Book 5 can't come any sooner, but I have a great opportunity to capture my favorite moments with Kal and Syl before the epic conclusion of the first arc
  9. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    “I know this because I am intelligent and articulate. You should compliment me now.”
  10. As the title says, I am planning a short story set on Monody, first planet in the Threnodite system. Is this something you guys would want to see posted, or should I keep it to myself? Also I am not sure about Dragonsteel's stance on unapproved derivative works, does anyone know if they would have a problem with me posting a story set in their IP? I've got some pretty decent brainstorming done and I think I came up with very interesting ideas. I wanted to hear your opinions on this before I started though.
  11. [double post glitch]
  12. It's time for more Words of Brandon from Dragonsteel, and we start on December's spoiler stream! This one is even more unhinged and philosophical than the last one. We talk about brontosauruses (brontosauri?), bugs, bones, piles of cash, and of course, what is a soul, anyway? This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Marvin (Paleo), and Kadie (Aon Ene)! Please note we will not be having an episode two weeks from now on March 26th, because Eric is getting married. We will have more WoBs April 1st or 2nd. 00:00 Intro 7:06 Dragonsteel WoBs 1:23:56 Youtube Spoiler Stream wobs 1:53:21 Stormlight 5 Prologue Spoilers 2:07:39 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  13. From the album Duality

    Here's a lil' closeup for your viewing pleasure =) more on my website!
  14. Hello I just wanted a place to collect my Sanderson sketches.
  15. Lets face it. Setting up a tabletop RPG takes a long time. You need to write out a character, build a campaign, and get people interested. And, if you're playing with new people, you basically have to go through all that twice because you need to explain everything to them first, and then help them out with everything else. Not that I don't love RPG games. They're probably one of my favorite kinds of games in the world. However, it's just so much easier to throw a board on the table, deal out some cards, and get playing; not to mention that you only have to explain everything once before somebody gets it. So is anyone interested on making some Cosmere games? How does a Stormlight Archive board game sound? A Mistborn trading card game? We don't have to stick with the cosmere: we could try and make a battle-royal style Reckoners game, or an X-Wing style Skyward game. I think that the possiblities are endless. So, that being said, who's in?
  16. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Sharing a bath is fun
  17. A few days ago, I was looking at Cosmere memes when I found this: I shared the image with my friend and we started coming up with a bunch of other roles for characters not mentioned, and then did the same thing but for high school. What we came up with: Dalinar: The ex-army PE teacher who everybody is scared of. The school forced him to teach history as well, and now it's growing on him, especially teaching the mongol empire thing. Other teachers are scared of him, but he goes to all of the staff meetings. Practically adopted Kaladin. "Give me twenty push-ups! Then do your homework!" Sorta vibes. Kaladin: That one senior who is super good at BioMed and PE and is Dalinar's favorite student. The councilor is super worried for him but he never goes to actually see the councilor. Gets in fights occasionally to protect the person being bullied. Bridge four is his friend group, and all of the popular kids are scared of him and whenever the suicide PSA comes around everybody tries not to make eye contact with him. Bridge Four: The basketball team: not as popular as the football team, but still has that camaraderie. Syl: Kaladin's younger elementary school age sister who he brings to all the school events and everyone knows and adores. Adolin: The most popular football jock, but is super nice to everyone. Everyone is shocked when he starts hanging out with Kaladin, who is decidedly not popular. Every girl is drooling over him in the halls. Gets good grades cause Dalinar forces him to and acts out in Dalinar's class cause he has that same period with Shallan and wants to impress her. Also amazing in PE and takes a fashion design class. Shallan: Moved schools halfway through the year. Adolin instantly took a liking to her, so she became one of the popular group. Kaladin initially doesn't like her or any popular person because popular kids bullied his little brother Tien, but he grows to like her and Adolin. She is taking two art classes and it the go-to person whenever anyone is making a poster. Every-so-often she hangs out with the kids who eat lunch under the stairs who everyone thinks are probably drug dealers. Lift: Lift is that one freshman who seems like she still should be in middle school. Her favorite class is Home Ec, especially on the days where they make food. Her teachers like her, but she doesn't have the best grades. Her BFF is that one quiet kid who nobody notices who gets all As. Lift always takes extra in the lunch line and eats lunch in the biology section of the library, and because Kaladin occasionally stays in the library to study, he'll just be eating his lunch and checking out a book on anatomy and he will just hear a crunching noise from Lift sitting on a bookshelf and eating 3 day old nachos. Navani: The super intimidating PTA mom who gets everything done and is singlehandedly responsible for keeping the school going. Drags all the vapers in the bathrooms out by their ears. Szeth: The weird, quiet kid, who everybody is kinda worried about, but Dalinar has taken under his wing and tutors during lunch. Nightblood: Szeth's weird little sibling who shows up during baseball and soccer games because Vivenna used to do soccer and Vasher likes watching baseball. Vivenna: The senior who turned emo but everyone thought she would be valedictorian when she was a sophomore/junior. Siri: The freshman who secretly wears bright, colorful, and fashionable clothes but hides them in her gym locker because she has to wear drab clothes at home. Lightsong: The class clown, who is the economics teacher (Llarimir)'s worst nightmare. Elend: A junior, and is the biggest book nerd who hosts DND club and chess club and book club and debate club and philosophy club. His dad is known for donating to the school. He's not exactly popular, but everyone likes him because he's rich. He was elected student body president for next year. Vin: The quiet, introverted sophomore who everyone is at least a bit concerned about. But, whenever there's a school dance, she goes all out. To everyone's surprise, she and Elend are dating. That's all we came up with, but I'd love to hear all your ideas for other characters in the Cosmere (or even in any of Sanderson's other works), or alternate ideas for already listed characters!
  18. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    She grew brighter, and awareness of her blossomed in his mind. They were not whole, either one, without the other. Ah, that's one of my favorite lines in Rhythm of War! The fourth book has a lot of cool moments with Kaladin and Syl which I really love. This art piece is focused on holding hand, Syl's head on Kaladin shoulder, Urithiru (well, sort of) in the background, and a bit of Roshar flora on the right. And I still love experimenting with the dresses of my favorite girl :3
  19. It's been ages since we've done Words of Brandon, and boy there's a ton to catch up on. We start with some miscellaneous events, then get to Dragonsteel 2022 ones. Expect two more WoB episodes as well! This episode is peak unhinged Shardcast, and I love it. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Alyx (Feather), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin (Paleo)! All WoBs discussed this episode: Shire Post Mint: (These are their previous coin sets, the new ones Argent showed off don't have listings yet) The Traveler: 00:00 Introductions 3:31 Show & Tell: Shire Post Mint 12:10 Misc. WoBs 30:45 Dragonsteel 2022 WoBs 1:24:37 Alyx Dying 1:42:32 Moar DSX WoBs 2:34:06 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  20. Disclaimer: I have no idea where to put this, so please benevolent mods, move this if necessary. SPOILER WARNING: Alright so, this theory contains the heaviest spoilers in the world for Stormlight Archive Rhythm of War, Warbreaker, Elantris, Tress of the Emerald Sea, and I might have to borrow from Mistborn Era 2 It also spoilers ALL of Avatar the last airbender and Legend of Korra. The world of Avatar almost perfectly fits into the cosmere, here me out. I'll be using cosmere words like Bond, Connection, Investiture, Spren, Shards, cognitive realm, Intent, and the like, so if you don't know any of those, read the cosmere books before reading on in this theory. I'll to capitalize those words in order to make them stand out. I will call the Avatar-World the Avatar-World in order to avoid confusion. --- Let's get started, first of all, of course there are not really fitting shards left over for this planet, but to put it simply, something similar to Roshar is going on. Spren-like splinters called Spirits inhabit the Cognitive Realm known as the Spirit-world of the planet Avatar-World, and two perpendicularities known as Spirit Portals in the North and South pole of the planet exist. This is a fact that points towards two Shards of Adonalsium having been shattered on that world. The Spirit World, Spirits, and the Perpendicularities Judging from the original humans having been in the Cognitive Realm first, they might've migrated over from another planet, before having been changed by Cosmereological Intent (see Pure Lakers on Roshar) to let the ever present but Mist-like (see Scadrial) invisible form of Investiture known as Chi, flow through their bodies. The Spren/spirits/splinters of those Shards known as the lion turtles could thus grant the humans a special form of Bond to allow them to use the power of an element. In the Avatar-World there must be two new types of Bonds: one that lion turtles use to grant the ability to use investiture to control and element, and one bond that Spirits use to possess a human. Bending and Investiture - an End-Positive System Forming a Connection to the power of the Splintered shards (see what happened on Sel), this Bond is not very similar to the Nahel Bond (Roshar & Spren) and a Luhel Bond (Lumar), but instead only requires an initial bond that unlcoks the power in a human and can then be passed on genetically. Investiture in the Avater-World in the physical realm is an invisible gas, or at least humans have evolved to not see it, and is ever-present, seeping into the humans where it is called Chi. The unlocking of bending and chi-gates might form cracks in the soul that are passed on genetically, seemingly even the more powerful Splinters or rather Cognitive Shadows can hold such powers, as evident by Raava and Vaatu. Bending itself is a way of Accessing Investiture, requiring intent and specific physical movements that look almost like a martial art. This is similar to Aons drawn by Elantrians using AonDor or the martial arts on Sel. The Avatar Both bonds were used by Raava and Wan to create the first avatar: A cognitive shadow that holds memories of all prior avatars, held together within a human body by the Spirit Raava. Whenever an Avatar dies, the memories are added to the cognitive shadow known as the Avatar, and the spirit Raava carries it on to a newborn human from another nation to use the possession Bond with. Similar to a Bondsmith, the Avatar can create and sever connection, such as completely taking someone's ability to bend, or temporarily elsecalling into the Spirit World (Cognitive Realm). Chi-Blocking Chi-blocking blocks spiritual pathways for the Soul which investiture would need to take. Healing Healing works well in the Avatar-World since due to the physical movements through which investiture is accessed, the humans of the Avatar-World have developed a stronger image of self and their cultures, even associating them directly with how they can use investiture. Savantism Savantism in bending might require something more than just a lot of investiture and using their power, but these are known as specialized bending types. --- Tell me what you think. Did I make any mistakes? Any way you can fix my mistakes and still make it fit?
  21. Hey everyone! As the title says, I have a music project called The Lost Radiants which makes music inspired by the Cosmere. In 2023, I decided to do my own Year of Sanderson by writing and releasing an original Cosmere song each month of the year. My January song, "Seven Swords", released today on all streaming platforms! This project is only a couple of months old, but was originally conceived after I wrote a song called "Bridge Four" back in 2017 while anxiously awaiting the publication of Oathbringer. You can also listen to that song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc! Outside of my original music, I've also gotten in the habit of releasing Cosmere "parody" covers on my Instagram and TikTok. So far, these include a reimagined version of "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus called "Broken Bridgeboy" and a version of "Wonderwall" by Oasis called "Stormwall". In the next week or so, I'll also be releasing a version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor" about Moash. Here's a link to my Spotify page with Seven Swords: My Instagram where you can find my cover songs:
  22. (New to the cosmere here). When determining the terms of the contest of champions, Odium says Hoid (Cephandrius) could’ve been a god but chose otherwise. Did 16 mortals kill Adolnasium to become the vessels of the shards we know today? Not specifically humans, but mortals, as Cultivation is a dragon. Then again, if dragons are mortal, why is Frost considered functionally immortal? Is it because he’s just really old?
  23. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Definitely my fav character here
  24. Ya know what to do The Way of Kings - 4 Words of Radiance - 4 Edgedancer - 4 Oathbringer - 4 Dawnshard - 4 Rhythm of War - 4 Mistborn - 4 The Well of Ascension - 4 The Hero of Ages - 4 The Alloy of Law - 4 Shadows of Self - 4 The Bands of Mourning - 4 Secret History - 4 The Eleventh Metal - 4 Elantris - 4 The Hope of Elantris - 4 Warbreaker - 4 The Emperor's Soul - 4 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 4 Sixth of the Dusk - 4 Arcanum Unbounded - 4