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Found 29 results

  1. Alright folks. It’s time to merge Brandon Sanderson and magic. We’ll be answering 3 questions for each character in the Cosmere. 1. What color/color combination would represent them (color pie alignments) 2. what type of deck they would play 3. How invested (pun 1000% intended) would they be in Magic: The Gathering? I’ll start with a few of the main Mistborn cast members. Breeze: He definitely plays mono blue. You could argue that he would run group hug decks, which I think would also be valid. Color-wise, I’d say he’s mostly white leaning, with a bit of blue in there. I know that pins him as azorius, which is a bit too basic of his personality, but I’m sure you can find some nuanced bit of Azorius that fits him best. Maybe Ojutai? playing-wise, I think he’d be semi interested in the game, but mostly infatuated in the politics of a multiplayer game. That’s why I totally think he would be an avid commander player that really just does it for the kicks. I could see him being super competitive though. Vin: she’s probably the mono-red aggro player of the table. I think she’d be overwhelmed by the game’s rules and just stick with the basics. Maybe run some mono-green now and again? Color-pie wise, I think I’m the first book, she was quite black-aligned. Over time though, especially in books 2 and 3, I think she’s more Boros aligned, with a ruthless side, but mostly interested in acting as a shield and maintaining order among the chaos. So I’d say she’s overall Mardu in nature. Sazed: now Sazed is interesting. I think he would be dragged into playing by Kell or someone, and manage to take 20 minute turns. He’d totally lean towards the more complicated deck archetypes and give himself the most possibilities at all times and not want to lose any creatures in combat, and likely rarely attack. That’s why i’d say any type of Jeskai (red/white/blue) deck would be right up his alley. I could also totally see him building a collection. He’s get a kick out of the lore and all the different religions in Magic as well. Color-wise, I think he’s the most straightforward of the bunch. His whole arch is about representing both preservation and ruin. I’d say the color combo that best represents that is white/black Orzhov. let me know what you think of my calls and feel free to add your own! I know this is a less serious post, so if this better belongs in another forum, feel free to move it. Just thought this could get some thoughts going on our beloved characters.
  2. Not really a question I was just wondering what’s everyone’s favorite character in Stormlight and why are they your favorite character i’m interested in seeing the replies that is all
  3. hey so idk if anyone actually wants to but i would love to hear some stories that you have made or thought about before. they dont need to be like fully fleshed out stories or anything it can just be a cool character you've created. idk i really like hearing about things other people have made because i think its cool hearing about other people's ideas anyways i have this super cheesy story about this crew of people (enter in found family) who are basically professional theives/mercenaries and do really big jobs for other people in like this black-market thing. I have a super specific setting and feeling I want to convey in this, mostly because im an artist and most of my ideas are in drawings not in writing. but im not even gonna go into the plot because it's so incoherent but yeah, it's more of a handful of scenes I've thought about and some characters who i would die for anyways I'm super excited to see what you guys have been thinking about so yeah
  4. Which actors would you like to play which Cosmere characters? Non-Cosmere Sanderson characters too, if you want.
  5. Hi, I did have a look around for a similar thread to try and see if anybody is asking the same question before posting this. Knowing this community there are probably 10 I have not been able to find. I am a huge fan of Sanderson and the Cosmere, I have read every Cosmere most multiple times book but I have been MIA from this community for a while and I know the next Wax and Wayne will be coming soon and I really need to refresh on the Cosmere. Can anybody recommend any Cosmere Podcasts where they delve into worlds, characters, investiture, theories and WOB's? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  6. You know how this works Kaladin - 4 Syl - 4 Rock - 4 Teft - 4 Moash - 4 Shallan - 4 Pattern - 4 Veil - 4 Radiant - 4 Dalinar - 4 Stormfather - 4 Adolin - 4 Renarin - 4 Sadeas - 4 Navani - 4 Raboniel - 4 Jasnah - 4 Eshonai - 4 Venli - 4 Szeth - 4 Lift - 4 Taravangian - 4 Rayse - 4 This list is rather long, so I’m giving everyone only 4 health. Let me know if I missed anyone too important.
  7. Hello! For the last year I have been making bookmarks of characters I love from various Sanderson books and comics (within the cosmere), and I was wondering if others would want formatted scans of these bookmarks? It'll be free (obviously) and with printing instructions. If this interests you, please reach out. If it is something people are interested in I will make that available for anyone who wants it. These are the characters that have already been made, I would also been keen to make more if anyone wanted them. Kaladin (The Stormlight Archive) Kabsal (The Stormlight Archive) Lightsong (Warbreaker) Kelsier (Mistborn) Vasher (Warbreaker) Syl (two different versions) (The Stormlight Archive) Lift (The Stormlight Archive) Raoden (Elantris) Khriss (White Sand) Jasnah (two different versions) (The Stormlight Archive) Renarin (The Stormlight Archive) Nightblood (Warbreaker) Adonolsium (All Cosmere?) Adolin (The Stormlight Archive) Lopen (The Stormlight Archive) Susebron (Warbreaker) Galadeon (Elantris) Blackthorn (The Stormlight Archive) Stormfather (The Stormlight Archive) Ruin (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Wit (The Stormlight Archive) Rock (The Stormlight Archive) Vin (Mistborn) Sarene (Elantris) Pattern (The Stormlight Archive) Azure (The Stormlight Archive) Dalinar (The Stormlight Archive) Shallan (The Stormlight Archive) Attached are quick photos of the ones I could find at this moment Thanks!
  8. Let's see who can make the morally worst character. Don't go into graphic details, whether in terms of gore or assault etc. Try to make them realistic, and not just someone who mass-murders literally everyone they meet. Use whichever character sheet you want. Go
  9. (Inspired by the Least Favorite Character thread) Which Stormlight characters are your favorite? It could be because of their story arcs, quotes, intriguing mysteries, whatever. But I’m curious to know who is your favorite and the reason they are. While I love all the main characters (yes that includes Shallan) I’m gonna stick to some less prominent ones to make it interesting. I’ll throw out Skar as one of my favorites. For one thing, he’s one of the most skilled in bridge 4. Also, he’s a teacher and his short arc in Oathbringer is one of my favorite chapters. Alright there’s one of mine, fire away!
  10. Hello, Have any official or unofficial portraits of many of the characters been posted anywhere on the net? I did a huge search and found many for Sarene, Raoden and Hrathen. One for Galladon and nobody else. I'm looking for the others -Doug
  11. On this week's Worldsingers' episode Trever and Peter discuss Kelsier and some of his many defining characteristics. Part one of our Sanderson Character Study series. Trever and Peter are two big nerds who love Marvel, DC, Board Games, cosplay, Avatar, the Cosmere and everything nerdy. They also both think that mental health is one of the most important aspects of life on this planet, and see Brandon Sanderson's similar love of people and their mental health in all of his characters.
  12. At first glance, Wayne and Shallan is probably not an obvious connection to make, but hear me out. Though the two aren't identical, there are a surprising number of similarities. [Warning: some spoilers ahead] 1. They both specialize in disguises, and get really into character when they do so. Shallan obviously has a problem with this, but we often see Wayne's narration as if he is the person he's pretending to be. He has no problem sliping out of these disguises, but it's still significant immersion. 2. They both killed someone when they were a child, which continually haunts them and makes them both unable to use their weapons. Shallan stabbed her mother, and this caused her to completely deny the existence of Pattern, her Shardblade, while Wayne killed an innocent man, which makes his hands start shaking whenever he picks up a gun. 3. They both often use witty and distracting comments to draw attention from more serious matters as well as their own emotions. Wayne is known for his random wit, and Shallan (at least in the beginning) has a sharp tongue as well. This is often as a way to lighten the mood or divert attention from what Shallan or Wayne is really feeling. (Shallan does this a lot more than Wayne). 4. They both really care about everyday people. We can see this in Wayne, and the way he instantly connects with and understands people during investigations, and with Shallan/Veil as she worries about handing out food to the poor and elevating the suffering of others. 5. They both feel stifled and controlled in calm comfortable environments, and prefer to be where there's danger and excitement. Wayne frequently convinces Wax that his life as a House Lord is boring, and that he (Wayne) woudl hate to be in such a situation. Shallan seems to be at her best when tracking down a killer or exploring the world, and dislikes staying behind or being protected. 6. They both use powerful investiture that makes them heal faster. Wayne's Gold Feruchemy and Shallan's Stormlight really only share that much, but it's worth mentioning. I thought that this was both cool and unexpected, myself, and I'm interested to find other similarities between these two and other Sanderson characters. He does, to an extent, reuse some tropes, but it often crops up unexpectedly. Anyone else notice something?
  13. Hey This may not be exactly a discussion about the Mistborn books per se, but just a fun question that I sorta need for fanfiction writing purposes. That said, if I put the thread in a wrong place on the forum, I apologize and definitely don't object to it being moved accordingly. Same goes for using wrong tags, I've no idea how to tag properly. Anyway, if you were to sort the characters from Mistborn series (and that includes Wax and Wayne series, because I love those guys) into Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter, how would it go? Personally, I'm only sure that Elend and Sazed would fit in Ravenclaw and Breeze maybe in Slytherin, though I'm very open to all suggestions. I'm actually completely torn whether Kelsier is a Gryffindor (stupidly brave hero type) or Slytherin (you can not tell me he wasn't very cunning and VERY ambitious with his grand plan). So, if you have a free while to wonder about this or if you already have any opinion on the subject, I'd gladly hear them. Again, don't take this too seriously, it's really just for fun and maybe to wonder about which values the characters mostly represent and what makes them tick... Anyway, I eagerly wait for any ansers!
  14. I have been listing to the stormlight audiobooks will working and driving and I found that I would sometimes subconsciously picturing the characters incorrectly. For instance, Kaladin has long loose hair, but I can't help but picture him with a ponytail. I'm sure that he could have it tied back but when his hair is mentioned it is always loose and covering his brands. I also never seem to picture the brands unless I am think about them. I also can't seem to help but picture Dalinar with a beard. Some times he is clean shaven but then all of a sudden he has a neatly trimmed beard. There are many more examples but I want to know if anyone else can't help but picture characters differently. Also do you picture the story play out like a cartoon or real life? I mostly see it as a cartoon but I sometimes subconsciously switch to life like.
  15. Rules: -You still have your own mind, but with some characteristics of the original character tagged onto you -You can transform into that character and back into yourself whenever you please -I'm not talking about living out the story of that character, just having some of their characteristics I would pick Nightblood Because what's more awesome than being a huge, evil-destroying, sentient sword? The problem with that is I can't really do much on my own But Nightblood is really cool Barring Nightblood, I'd probably go Elend or Wax.
  16. I've been reading lots of posts about who the most important, most liked, or least liked character is in the books Brandon has written, but i sorta want to find out who the least important character is. As in, they affected the plot the least. However, I have to set some guidelines for this. 1. They have to have been given a name by Brandon 2. They have appear in a cosmere book. 3.They have to be described at least a little. 4. Characters that were accidentally bumped once by Vin on the street and never seen again do not count for this. 5. Also, when you give the character, tell what book they are from an maybe quote some the paragraphs about them if they are harder to remember. But don't quote 20 pages of a common but unimportant character. I'm exited to see who you can find!
  17. I was reading on the Arcanum and came across a particularly interesting post. I was wondering what characters would fade and what characters would stay. My thoughts are this. Kaladin will stay throughout the series as well as Bridge Four. Those guys are too awesome to fade to the background. Lift will become more of a main character. Brandon said he was grooming her for an important part later. Dalinar will fade. He's older so I am expecting Brandon to kill him off. Adolin and Shallan will leave to have kiddos and might be seen occasionally. What are your thoughts? Full post here
  18. Inspired by @The Flash State two horrible, enjoyable, or naturally neutral (or not) situations from the Cosmere. Any combination of systems works. (Non Cosmere works are OK as well.) Would you rather be a bridgeman or be taken by the Shaod (pre-Raoden and Sarene)?
  19. Now shush, don't make this a doom thread because the Reckoners are here too. But for those who have read any one of the Mistborn Era 2 books, you will know Wayne. Beautiful, insane, ridiculous Wayne, a man that follows a code based on a harrowing past that it took friendship, trust and an perseverance to save him from. What would we do without Wayne? Very little. For me, at least, for he is wonderful. Just to quickly evaluate a key trait he has as a person (rather than a Twinborn, put that aside for the time being) - Wayne impersonates to the point that he becomes another person - the accent, dialect, traits, mannerisms, he can suddenly be from somewhere else simply by talent alone. Marvelous. Now, for any of you who have read any of the Reckoners trilogy (minus the second, sort of), you will know how ridiculous Cody can be. Is terms of characterization, and placement within a novel, he is very much on par with Wayne. Similarly, he holds to a code based on who he was. Who he was made him into who he is. To look at what stands out for him as person now, he seems to hold true to his own history and mythology, a distorted beauty of Scottish and Irish legends and myths suddenly becoming Southern American. Whether or not he genuinely believes these stories of his, it became evident in Calamity, the third and final Reckoners novel, how much of a comfort they are for him (David used them as a pep talk, sort of). Wayne can also be said to find comfort in being someone else, given how tragic his backstory is and how much hold it has on his present state. Ignoring that whole "T H A T I S N O T T H E S A M E U N I V E R S E" jazz - which is justified, but awfully boring for this question - how do you think a conversation between the two would go, if they were to meet? Would Wayne see someone worth impersonating - if so, would he end up facing personal truths he thought buried long ago? Or would it be something more manic, in which both try to outdo each other in their own, unique insanities? Personally, if Wax and David weren't around, I feel they would bring about the end of creation together but wouldn't notice due to being stuck in the midst of an argument on the ancient Scottish dialects of Irish knights fighting Welsh dragons. . . . Or something along those lines
  20. Inspired by a WoT tournament I saw today, I decided to create this thread: a tournament where I match up Stormlight characters against eachother, and you vote for your favorite in each matchup. Its more fun if you write down your reasoning as well! Here are the matchups: 1. Tyn vs Sadeas 2. Tien vs Adolin 3. Shallan vs Axies 4. Rysn vs Wit 5. Dalinar vs Jasnah 6. Amaram vs Navani 7. Kaladin vs Pattern 8. Syl vs Rock 9. Eshonai vs Balat 10. Teft vs Elhokar 11. Lopen vs Szeth 12. Sigzil vs Lirin 13. Ishikk vs Nalan 14. Lift vs Moash 15. Renarin vs Aladar 16. Sebarial vs Zahel I am gonna give this five days, and then I will update the thread with a new post for the next round. So, voting ends Monday 12, sometime, depending on timezone. Lets give it a go!
  21. Who do you think is the most underrated Mistborn character of all time? I'm not going to do a poll for this, as the answers are likely to be very obscure. Personally, I think Terion is.
  22. Rather self-explainatory. Is there any character(s) which you believe will have a larger or smaller role in Oathbringer? Who? Why? For my part, I guess that Mraize and Iyatil will be a bigger part of next book, because of Shallans involvement with the Ghostbloods.
  23. Thought I'd do a Hurt'n Heal! Rather well known forum game, but I'll go through rules anyways: I have a list of 25 characters (see below). With each post, you have to hurt ONE character, and heal ONE. Every character will start with 5 health, but this can go both up and down. Last character to remain wins! Also, at least two people have to post before you are allowed to post again. And do not edit your hurts and heals. That will just confuse the game. When you have posted, you have posted. Now, the characters: 1. Kelsier 5 HP 2. Kaladin 5 HP 3. Vin 5 HP 4. Elend 5 HP 5. Shallan 5 HP 6. Dalinar 5 HP 7. Vivienna 5 HP 8. Siri 5 HP 9. Adolin 5 HP 10. Spook 5 HP 11. Sazed 5 HP 12. Raoden 5 HP 13. Wax 5 HP 14. Marasi 5 HP 15. Wayne 5 HP 16. Sylphrenia 5 HP 17. Lightsong 5 HP 18. Sarene 5 HP 19. Hrathen 5 HP 20. Marsh 5 HP 21. Sadeas 5 HP 22. Szeth 5 HP 23. Renarin 5 HP 24. Hoid 5 HP 25. Jasnah 5 HP You will have to copy and paste the list of names and include it in your post when you hurt and heal, and boldface those you hurt/heal. I will try to keep the list in the OP updated as well. And I will begin (and show how a post should look): Hurt Spook, heal Elend 1. Kelsier 5 HP2. Kaladin 5 HP3. Vin 5 HP4. Elend 6 HP5. Shallan 5 HP6. Dalinar 5 HP7. Vivienna 5 HP8. Siri 5 HP9. Adolin 5 HP10. Spook 4 HP 11. Sazed 5 HP12. Raoden 5 HP13. Wax 5 HP14. Marasi 5 HP15. Wayne 5 HP16. Sylphrenia 5 HP17. Lightsong 5 HP18. Sarene 5 HP19. Hrathen 5 HP20. Marsh 5 HP21. Sadeas 5 HP22. Szeth 5 HP23. Renarin 5 HP24. Hoid 5 HP25. Jasnah 5 HP So, let the game begin!
  24. I can't be the first person to notice that some of Sanderson's characters seem quite similar. Now, let me be clear, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, and I'm not insulting his writing. I'd be lying to myself if I insulted his work, and also, I don't want to wake up with a Hemalurgic spike in my back. I just thought it'd be fun to point out parallels between characters. For example: A young, high-ranking man who just wants to lead their country and do what's best for the people, but their dad doesn't make things any easier. At least they have their awesome girlfriend to support them, who's also a pretty good fighter. I think Elend and Raoden would get along pretty well, actually...
  25. Hey all, Vice, nice to meet you all. I have a couple of character ideas based on the infrastructure Mr. Sanderson created with the twinborn addition to Scadrial. A group of talented mistings and ferrings split from the familiar lands under the influence of the Lord Mistborn. They journeyed to the lands furthest from civilization to start a new way of life based on the philosophy of perfecting the art of allomancy and ferruchemy. Over time the masters developed their ideas and created a synthesis between burning allomantic fuel and perfection of movement. This combination of mastery generated the primary component of this new art, "pulsing (vs. "burning")" Pulsing is a consistent consumption of allomantic fuel cycled and maintained by a misting. Average consumption is likened more to an automobile engine, revving the output with a pedal-push modality. Pulsing regulates the output to a wave or a frequency. The high and low cycles maximizes fuel consumption and promotes precision control of output. Enter our first character, Locke Smythe, iron compounder: lifelong practice with tai chi chuan has given him absolute control of his core movement. Combining iron pulling with perfect spatial positioning allows him to influence the trajectory of a yanked object, hulahooping an object around himself to launch at opponents, very much like chained weapons. As a child, Locke was made to practice orbiting a dripping paintbrush around himself while standing on parchment. His masters used his "paintings" as a measure of his control. Locke had to maintain the initial speed and momentum by modulating his pull. Rhythmic timing, giving just enough pull to alter its trajectory and momentum, can create extremely controlled figure eight patterns which intuitive proficiency can weaponize. Once Locke proved his mastery over his "pulse" weapon he began training his control over accessing and storing his weight to and from his ironmind. His masters would position needles above and below him while having him maintain his perfect weight to hold position between them (while tethered so the wind wouldn't blow him away). Once he developed intuitive control over his weight modulation he had to practice jumping "light"(with reduced weight) and falling"heavy" to light soft landing, in sequence with spinning studded boards offset to give him safety only as he continues to jump and land unerringly. Locke soon found that by launching his weapon skyward and then lightening himself enough to be yanked by his pull on his airborne weapon he could weapon toss himself as far up and as far away as he wanted. To land he adds weight enough to descend at a comfortable speed and around twenty to ten feet above landing he sends the weapon skyward again pulse-pulling himself to a controlled touchdown. Further training experimentation has turned Locke into a competent airborne opponent capable of chasing down escaping coinshots. Currently he is developing an bow-launched gauntlet that can fire serrated pins, shuriken and bolts that dig deep in opponent flesh and create metal anchors he can use to control the victim's position. Once captured, Locke can then parabola-whip his enemies around himself and launch them at their allies or merely distort their positioning in melee combat destroying their balance and dropping them negative space or placing them inside his range. Opponents can be kicked away and yanked back for more destruction all while the anchor is moving inside their flesh. Some success has been had in launched clawed chains that dig into armor and become sturdy anchors for Locke's manipulation. In a pinch, bullets or leadshot become reliable tools for manipulation. I invite thoughts, criticisms, witticisms and the like -Vice