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Found 2 results

  1. We have finally made it to 1 million posts on the Shard, and so I’m setting up this thread. I think it would be really cool if everyone and anyone would post about a couple things: 1)Why you joined 17th Shard 2)The impact the Shard has had on you since you joined 3)Any fun memories/ anything else that you have enjoyed about the Shard. I am going to tag a bunch of people so that we can actually have a lot of people be a part of this: I guess I’ll start. I first found out about the Shard while reading through the Coppermind Wiki during school last year. I started out by lurking, as I'm sure a bunch of people did, and then decided to join Sanderson Elimination (a forum game) and I was content with just playing around in there for a while. Then after a while, I started to branch out and post in other places in the Shard, and I started to get to know (as well as possible online) some of the amazing people that make up this community. I now really enjoy coming onto the Shard regularly and just chatting with people. I'd say that the everyone who's a part of the Shard have made a pretty big impact on me. I want to become more like the amazing people on here everyday, and it gives me a little extra boost whenever I jump onto the Shard. There are so many fun memories that I can’t even start to count them, though among my favorites are probably the fight for most posts between TLT and TLPW, theorizing about the Cosmere, RP's, and otherwise just messing around with everyone. Well, that’s enough of me rambling, let’s hear about you guys.
  2. Realized that today is the 10 year anniversary of when Elantris was first published, which launched Brandon to where he is today, with many wonderful stories, a great community, and many hours sunk into reading and re-reading his books to discover the many secrets, because as we know, "There's always another secret." This is a thread to congratulate Brandon on 10 years of fantastic writing, and wish him many, many more. Also, feel free to say how his books have inspired you, how they changed your life. Allow me to be the first. I cannot see how my life would be without Brandon's books, they inspired me to become a writer, and that's what I've spent the last 6 years of my life going towards, and I know that if I can write books the tiniest bit of an iota as good as one of Brandon's I can be a success. I have a purpose for my life, and I owe it all to Brandon Sanderson. Now my speech is constantly littered with references to books that other people don't get, which is part of me. I am so grateful to Brandon for his long years of writing, leading, and inspiring with his books. I wish you the best Brandon, and many many more years of writing in front of you. Happy anniversary.