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Found 3 results

  1. The Black Piper has launched their newest project on Backerkit today! This group of incredible musicians is in the process of raising money to afford creating a book soundtrack for the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, starting with the first book, "The Black Prism". Yes, I said book soundtrack. These guys are in the business of creating original scores for works of fiction that have not left the medium of novels, premiering with their debut album "Kaladin" a few years ago, based on The Way of Kings. Support these guys on Backerkit and make this album a reality! I am not a member or an official representative of the Black Piper, nor have I ever even read the Lightbringer series. I just love these guys and want to help support them in their efforts to make this music a reality! So I implore any and all of you who may be interested to check it out! Let's help make this happen! You can find it here:
  2. When first reading Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy I noted several similarities between the setting and that of Robert Jordan's Wheel of time. In both woman magic users live in a 'white tower'. In both there is a seafaring people who do not have a breast taboo. In both There are people who go mad and/or are damaged by using to much damage. In both male magic users are looked down on I recall that there were many more nuances that were similar but I cannot recall them now. Recently reading Brandon's Aether of Night this has again become prominent in my mind as the book has many similarities to Brent Weeks Lightbringer series (Aether of Night was written first). The way that luxin grows out of the hands is similar to amberite. etc. Looking at this now this evidence seems rather scant but at the time it was obvious to me that the books were very similar in ideas ads setting etc. though both had unique writing styles. Does anyone else agree with this or have any other similarities. Regardless of this Brent Week's books are not overpoweringly copied from others and they are still amazing (I would put his Lightbringer series in the upper echelon of fantasy with most of Brandon's work).
  3. I recently finished the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks, and I wanted to hear what y'all had to say about it. So discuss down below! Personally I really enjoyed the series. It was dark and gritty and real. The characters really acted like they were cold blooded killers, thieves and the like. Also the characters are awesome! I love Azoth/Kylar, and loved his development throughout the first book. And Durzo. Mmm, Durzo was the perfect combination of sarcasm, mystery, and epicness. It was so cool to learn about his past and the different things he has experienced. I usually don't go for characters with mysterious pasts/previous scars whatever, but Weeks really did a good job with this one. Okay. Now, I also really liked the way that everything tied together in the end, which kind of gave me a Sanderson-esque feel. However, that being said the epilogue sucked. If there was one problem with this series is that it did not really give much closure. At least, not enough for me. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the series without going into too much detail. But what did you guys think of it?