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Found 3 results

  1. If Miles Dagouter’s life had gone a little differently, he could’ve ended up working in a gold mine. A place where, in exchange for supplying food, pay, and the occasional metalmind, he would have large chunks of himself ripped off, cooked, and eaten by other miners. Is this possible? For a relatively small amount of gold you could have a near infinite amount of food ( if you are willing to resort to cannibalism). A gold compounder would be invaluable in barbaric war campaigns or mine cave-ins. Not that I’ve ever thought about being a cannibal…
  2. This question basically related to whether it would be easier for a surgebinder with access to stormlight or a bloodmaker with plenty of health stored up to get absolutely jacked or in totally insane mundane shape by lifting weights or going on runs at top speed while healing or burning stormlight. Like, could they heal the body as fast as they break it down and, assuming they have adequate nutrition, just get in insane shape, or does the stormlight heal their body is such a way that the fast recovery time can't be used to just like, get a month's worth of lifting in a day without strain?
  3. Ok, so ever since I first read Bands of Mourning when it first came out, I've been wondering about this. (disclaimer, I am not suggesting that Brandon is going to do something like this in the books at all, just that its a curious idea.) There were 2 discussions in particular that brought the idea to my attention. First, when Melaan patched a bullet wound for Marasi. She took a nibble to create a flesh bandage for Marasi's intestine an skin and tissue, which is a pretty awesome idea in itself. Then Wayne was later telling Marasi to be careful w/ the Kandra spike. He said something along the lines of "Be careful not to poke yourself and turn into a Kandra" Anyway, Wayne is certainly crazy enough to make the attempt and he might intrigue Melaan enough to try it out. The attempt being turning Wayne into a Kandra or 1/2 Kandra. All Melaan really needs is enough food and focus to make the attempt. Wayne needs enough health stored just in case. If he stores up enough health, or gets a identity-free metalmind with the gold misting ability stored in it, he can compound for the health. If the Kandra can recreate a body so precisely, what about creating an entire body that way? So Melaan eats Wayne, slowly, and rebuilds each piece, connecting the nerves along the way. So as long as Melaan is connected she can be a life support system. If the attempt fails entirely, Wayne regenerates with stored health. So Wayne gets a nearly full body prosthesis made from Kandra flesh. The next challenge would be how Wayne would gain any control over the "kandra" nerves of the flesh instead of just the synthesized human ones. Could Melaan leave the prosthetic behind, attached to wayne, and let it function like a normal body? Or, would the kandra flesh, separated from the Kandra revert to dead mistwraith flesh? Would Wayne's ability as bloodmaker, reject and regenerate the full body, or would it incorporate the kandra Prosthesis? Yes, I know I sound like a mad scientist. Thoughts?