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Found 5 results

  1. When you give all your bio-chromatic breath so someone else, it takes a small part of your own investiture with it, but since the transfer of investiture is fueled by color, this investiture is not lost in the exchange. Does this mean that a breath will grow ever so slightly in strength the more people it has been transferred through? Would it eventually divide into a new breath, or will it stay a single, albeit stronger breath, somewhat like how the Returned have a single, but extremely powerful breath? Would there be a benefit of having a single, very powerful breath over a large number weaker breaths, or is it disadvantageous since you probably can't easily split the investiture within it? If a non-Nalthian were to get a breath, and then transfer it to someone else, will their own innate investiture change its Intent, since their own investiture’s Intent comes from a different shard?
  2. You can outsource some of your memories to your breaths if you hold any. Similarly, you can store your extra memories inside a coppermind via Feruchemy. However, breaths are pretty hard to remover from you, while your copperminds can be physically removed without too much effort. Plus, based on what we see with Hoid in RoW, it would seem that you still have your memories while they're held by breaths, while with copperminds you actually forget what is stored in them until you tap them again. So, are breaths better than copperminds?
  3. I was giving some thought to the mechanics of Breaths, and I've got an idea as to both why (or maybe, 'how') it gives you perfect pitch/color vision/life sense/etc. and why it makes colors more vibrant in a bubble around you. In the past, we've seen the way the realms are set up be compared to the platonic theory of forms, especially when it comes to things like spiritual ideals of things that exist in the cognitive and physical realms. So rather than making colors or tones stronger, I believe bio-chromatic breath pushes both the perception of colors and sounds as well as the nearby physical colors themselves much closer to the ideal forms of those sounds and colors. I believe this is also why people with a lot of breaths hear everything in 'musical' ways and why colors looking stronger to them doesn't come off as garish, the way that it would if the saturation was just being cranked up. They're no longer just seeing the physical colors next to each other, which could clash, but they're seeing ideal colors that are going to look beautiful no matter how you pair them.
  4. Okay, hypothetical situation here: a powerful entity threatens to obliterate you if you don’t somehow get them ten thousand bio-chromatic breaths. You are on the planet Nalthis, and you reliably have one year to obtain them by any means necessary, but it’s possible you could extend this time by showing promising results to the entity. You don’t start off with any special resources; you are just a normal person (don’t ask why this powerful entity is asking you, of all people to do this, it’s probably just a really dumb creature with way too much power). How do you get these breaths?
  5. I know that awakening mostly is used to animate organic objects and corpses, but we can see from Nightblood's existence and Hoid's memories being stored in breath that more is obviously possible. So, what could awakening be used for? Ideas on how it could interact with other magic systems would also be good to know.