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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, it's Bit here, and I've been thinking about our power level reform in context of other RPGs and fighting games. In Pokémon, characters often receive nerfs and buffs to balance characters. The addition of new attack types, options, and utilities can help a character, and the removal of moves and weakening abilities can hurt them. "Broken" characters are defined as characters that are so utterly overpowered that all other are irrelevant in comparison. So, I figured out a tier list for abilities in the Alleyverse. It excludes abilities from WoT and WH40K because I don't think I understand them well enough to judge them fairly. Same tier list ranking as in Super Smash Bros. SS Tier: Broken Fullborn, Eighth Heightening and above, certain uses of Elantrians, and any god entity is placed in this tier. Combinations of many weaker powers that make their abilities comparable in power levels to one of these is SS tier as well, such as most Compounders (sans Electrum, Copper, Bronze, Tin, Aluminum, Cadmium, and Bendalloy) S Tier: Overpowered Overpowered characters are those that exceed the limits of our tentative point system by any margin but still can't compare to those in SS tier. The remainder of Compounders, the Sixth Heightening up to the Eighth, most uses of Elantrians, Sand Masters or Aether users with massive power, and Radiants bearing other abilities in addition to their KR powers fit in here. And Dakhor Monks. A Tier: The "Sweetspot" Abilities in this tier are just at the boundary between OP and average. Adding additional abilities on to a character with an ability hailing from the sweetspot makes a character S tier. Mistborn, Feruchemists, many Twinborn, the Fifth Heightening, Nightwatcher Boons and Banes, and most Selish powers fit here. Also, Shardblades and Plate. B Tier: Average The RP would be most balanced if all characters were in this category. Less powerful Twinborn, more powerful Mistings and Ferrings, the Fourth and Third Heightenings fill this category. C Tier: Underpowered Abilities, or the absense thereof, weaker than the average tier fit here. Now, moving onto the nerfs and buffs part. Buffs are a far smaller problem in our RP because so few characters are underpowered. Usually, simply developing the character by giving them new Investiture buffs a character. Nerfs are trickier. To effectively nerf a character without killing them off, there are several ways. 1. Put a limit on ability usage or add another weakness. 2. Literally remove abilities. 3. Use an abstract and difficult to properly execute method, changing a character through a social role play interaction. This topic is a rough draft right now, but I hope to improve it. Also, as a side note, proportional weaknesses may lower the tier of a character to a lower one.
  2. Do all kinds of Investitures follow the Balance? The Breath Investiture from Warbreaker is a little sketchy. If someone dies, their Breath dies with them. So, when someone is born, where does their Breath come from?