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Found 101 results

  1. So I'm pretty sure most of us will be aware of the "Atium retcon", I find myself a bit confused about how that works with what we saw in the Lost Metal. So, what we call Atium in era 1 is actually a blend, not the pure godmetal, otherwise anyone could burn it. Wax made Atium and actual Lerasium starting from Harmonium in his experiment. As we know actual Harmonium was used and actual Lerasium was made, it stands to reason that actual Atium was the other product. At the end of the book, Marsh can keep living (using the compounding trick) because Wax made Atium (which in this case would need to be the tainted Atium from book 1, the allomantic metal). I'm wondering wether I should just let this go and understand that era 1 didn't have godmetals fully fleshed out, or if there's actually a way for this to still make sense, what do you think?
  2. So hear me out. Atium is radioactive. Ruin represents decay, and entropy, so this would make a lot of sense thematically. Atium is apparently soft, and breaks down very easily in your digestive tract, showing this theme. (As a converse, Lerasium might be incredibly strong) The shard of ruin on its own is destructive to itself and others. It can only destroy, and theoretically, would come to destroy itself (Rayse expected as much) So what if Atium leaks radiation. Both physical, and invested (probably rather slowly, think uranium length half life, otherwise the kandra would've noticed the stash shrinking) It slowly destroys itself, but also damages everything around it, with ruinous investiture, and harmful radiation. This would be unknown in world, as era 1 has no radiometers or geiger counters, and era 2 has probably barely scratched that tech, and hasn't had atium to work with. This could be related to atium savantism. Perhaps by filling yourself with ruin's investiture to destroy others, you are also slowly destroying yourself. we haven't seen any really old mistborn, and the oldest (Kelsiers teacher) is probably not using much atium. (He's pretty much homeless) Every other mistborn: Kelsier, Vin, Elend, all die young. (as a note, atium also psychologically imprints self destructive tendencies in mistborn, making them feel invincible, and pushing them into taking bigger risks with more dangerous fights, getting them killed eventually)
  3. So an interesting question I have would be whether any Atium made it off of Scadrial, would Krhiss have her own small stockpile of it? And how valuable do you think it would be to Worldhoppers anyway?
  4. If a person were to tap youth from an Atiummind and then relieve the 5th Heightening, would they stay younger, or would they revert to their original age after releasing their Atiummind but still cease to age? If a person with the 5th Heightening were to store youth, would they still look and function as their normal age?
  5. discuss

    The linchpin for this idea came from a question that came to mind while viewing other threads, though I will admit that it's based on supposition and unconfirmed ideas. I'm not asking if Paalm was influenced or corrupted by Trell, that much is obvious, I'm wondering if the control was to the extent to make her a slave as Marsh was. Ruin could corrupt and alter a person with even a small degraded Hemalurgic spike, as seen with Lord Penrod who eventually drove Luthadel to collapse. However, it seems that Harmony required 2 Spikes in Bleeder to take control of a Kandra. Three spikes was the limit that the Set determined would let them avoid influence from Harmony. I'm not sure why there is this great of a disparity. The question is this: how much control would Ruin have had over someone with a freshly charged Atium spike in them? It would make sense to me that Ruin would have much, much deeper control with his own essence piercing the soul of his slave. The follow up question is if a single spike of Trellium would have given Trell sufficient power over Paalm, particularly if Trell could make Paalm think that there wasn't anything wrong? This would be in the same way that Ruin could make Marsh think death and ash was beautiful, even while part of him was horrified at what he was doing. A few things that have made me wonder this is that in BoM, we get transcripts of VenDell's interview with ReLuur while ReLuur was missing a spike. Compare ReLuur's behavior, language, and mannerisms to the level of control Paalm has when mimicking Governor Innate or taking up the persona of Lessie. Basically I think there's no way ReLuur could have held it together to do a fraction of what Paalm did. So why does Paalm have such control, creating and executing an intricate and convoluted plan that almost works without a hitch, tricking a city, Wax, and the Kandra? Why didn't she have a major personality mood swing when Wax shot her with his earring, making a mismatched Blessing that apparently was incredibly unpleasant when ReLuur was given one of TenSoon's spikes? What happened with Paalm is not consistent with what we see later without a Trellium spike. Basically, I think that there was a lot of control and planning involved with Paalm, it just wasn't her own. There's obfuscation in that Edwarn Ladrian says that the Set are merely riding the storm of Bleeder's campaign, but we now know that the Set follow Trell, and that spike was from Trell (or at least Brandon lets us call it Trellium. Which brings me to my idea that Paalm was being controlled all along to do things that had she been sane might have agreed in a specific context, so even as a slave perhaps she never considered or even had the control to kill herself as she did at the end of SoS. I suspect she died there because Trell didn't want to reveal their hand more than had already been done. As a final note, at the end of BoM, Harmony says that Paalm would have remained "a slave in her mind" had Wax not killed her. Thoughts?
  6. This has spoilers for Rhythm of War, Hero of Ages, and late Mistborn Era 2. (and possibly minor Elantris spoilers.) If you haven't read them yet, proceed at your own risk. This is a question that I've wanted to ask Brandon Sanderson for a while. But now I have an account on the Shard, so I can ask all of you and see what you think about it. At the end of Hero of Ages, we see that Sazed takes up both Ruin and Preservation and forms a new shard, Harmony. All the investiture of both Ruin and Preservation becomes part of this new shard, and so the investiture of those shards is now instead keyed toward Harmony. We see that Harmony also has a new god metal, Harmonium. Here's a WoB, however, that I find interesting for this theory. So we see that the fundamental aspect of the investiture has changed, so that the solidified form of Harmony's investiture is physically more than just a mixture of the solidified investiture of Ruin and Preservation. Now I want to talk about Rhythm of War. In RoW, Navani conducted experiments that led her to discover Warlight, which was a fusion of Honor's and Odium's investiture, and Towerlight, which is a fusion of Honor's and Cultivation's. (I think it's also implied that there's a fusion of Odium's and Cultivation's investiture.) When we take this into account with what happened with Ruin and Preservation at the end of HoA, it makes me wonder: If, in some crazy hypothetical scenario, Honor were to fuse with Odium in the way Ruin did with Preservation, would the resulting shard's investiture be Warlight? Likewise, if Honor fused with Cultivation, would the resulting shard's investiture be Towerlight? Or is it more complicated than that? If Navani were to take the gaseous investiture of Ruin and Preservation, and perform with them the same experiments she did with Stormlight and Voidlight, would the fusion of those investitures make Harmony's investiture? Likewise, if that new fused investiture were solidified (I don't know how you'd do that), would the resulting metal be Harmonium? There's also another example of the possible fusion of Shardic investiture (Is that a real term, or did I make it up?). The Dor. The Dor is a somewhat...unconventional fusion of the investitures of Dominion and Devotion. (Not that any fusion of Shards is conventional.) If we had Navani take Dominion and Devotion's gaseous investiture and fuse them, would the resulting investiture be a little piece of the Dor? Or is the unstable and chaotic nature of the Dor different than two shards being held by one vessel? So, basically, this theory is just wondering if the fusion of investiture from different Shards provides a glimpse of the investiture that would be created if the Shards were fused. If this idea turns out to be correct, it kind of opens up the ultimate Cosmere mix-and-match of Shardic investiture, with the potential for way more types of Lights and God Metals than we ever expected. Tell me what you think! Is this crazy, or does it actually make some sense?
  7. So it's that time again. @I think I am here. and I were once again talking about the Cosmere and pure atium was brought up, and nalatium and malatium and whatnot. So, I found that pure atium has the effect of granting "Expansive future vision" to the person burning the metal. And once this was brought up, ITIAH thought "Hey, wasn't Harmony's vision of the future blocked by something?", and as we know from SA This shows that visions of the future can be slightly muddled when other people see into the same future. Another place where this is found is when burning nalatium, where 2 or more users burning it will have a bunch of shadows just popping out everywhere and confusing the users. So, ITIAH thought that Harmony's vision of the future was obstructed by someone or something burning a lot of pure atium, or maybe a lot of people. We can conclude that maybe Trell (and maybe even possibly the Set, if they've developed the tech) is burning atium to purposely obscure the future vision of Harmony. What are your guys thoughts on this? Any ideas or anything that could maybe cancel this out?
  8. theory

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! Read below the line for the initial theory (which is pretty much basically what Peter says, though I also speculate on what the true power might be). (0.) TL;DR I believe that the "atium" we know in Mistborn Era 1 is actually an alloy of Ruin's true godmetal and electrum, as it potentially provides an answer to multiple oddities with the metal (though this does raise several questions of its own). I further speculate that the abilities of Ruin's pure metal may relate to transcending the Realms, and could perhaps be used in some manner to allow properly transitioning (the former part with more evidence than the latter, which is entirely a guess on my part). (This theory has been proposed before, I'm aware, but I feel that the threads I have found on it don't really delve into all of the evidence for it, and in some cases predate certain things such as the Hemalurgic table and several WoBs that I believe provide further evidence. So I'm fine resurrecting the debate.) (Also, as always, this is probably kind of roughly-written because I wrote it in fits and starts over several days and was too lazy for more than a cursory proofread. So let me know if anything is inconsistent or confusing.) (1.) What's odd about atium? (2.) That raises some new questions... (3.) What does Ruin's pure metal do, then? (I.) References
  9. There's not a lot to this theory beyond speculation, but I was watching the Shardcast where they go over the Word of Brandon that states that Nightblood is related to Ruin in a "non-trivial way". That got me thinking about the way Nightblood's frenzies are written - they really remind me of the scenes where Ruin is enraged/showing his true self in HoA and Secret History. Bearing in mind the fact that the Five Scholars were Worldhoppers who at the very least travelled to Roshar, I think its reasonable to assume they visited Scadrial too (I believe there's a WoB about interplanetary travel occurring on Scadrial at least as far back as the Lord Ruler's time). We also know that they got the inspiration for Nightblood from observing Shardblades on Roshar in their travels. As scholars, I imagine they did a thorough examination of the Blades and were probably aware that they were all alloys of godmetals (Cultivation's + Honor's). So when they went off to create their own via Awakening, they may have used ordinary steel - but they might also have tried to use something more powerful (and similar in composition to the weapons they were trying to emulate). Now imagine they're on their way back from Roshar and already thinking about how to make their own Shardblade. Unfortunately, godmetals aren't generally that common or accessible (in that state) on most planets in the cosmere. An exception to this, at least in the era when the Five Scholars were travelling together, is Scadrial. In fact, the perpendicularity to Scadrial at the time was the Pits of Hathsin, which just so happens to be filled with Ruin's godmetal. As well as being relatively easily accessible, there may have been (perceived) mechanical advantages to choosing Ruin's specific godmetal too. Since they intended to create a Blade to "Destroy evil", which better metal to use than the one made from the Shard whose Intent is as destructive as it gets. It might have seemed like a clever way to harness Ruin's destructive potential for good (which obviously didn't go quite as planned). There may be more properties specific to atium that were beneficial - perhaps it's relation to Fortune/Connection helps with luring in those with evil/detecting evil. One immediate issue I observed with this theory was the act of Awakening itself - we don't know if its possible to Awaken a godmetal but the rule of thumb has been that highly Invested objects resist cosmere magic - be it Surgebinding or Awakening. Given that atium is literally solid Ruin Investiture it would probably be extremely resistant. While its possible that they didn't use pure atium - they could have made an alloy of it and ordinary metal or something of the sort - there is a WoB that offers an alternative explanation. We know that Endowment herself had a direct hand in the creation of Nightblood. I'm not sure of the exact words, but I believe she assisted the Scholars without their knowledge for her own purposes. Until now, I had assumed this was just because Awakening steel/creating a weapon that powerful was beyond the Five Scholars, but maybe the real obstacle was in Awakening a godmetal. If this is true, then endowing a blade of atium with enough Breaths to Awaken it would essentially make the Blade an alloy of Ruin + Endowment's Investiture, much as Shardblade's are alloys of Cultivation + Honor's.
  10. My first cosmere inspired pumpkin :3 It's an Allomancer Jak-o-lantern
  11. Okay, I swear I have heard that Brandon was going to change the rules of Atium for the Mistborn films to make it so any Scadrian can use it because of its nature as a godmetal. Does anyone know what WoB or source this could have come from, or have I just gone mad and made my friend panic for no reason?
  12. Past WoBs have confirmed that ettmetal, Harmony's godmetal, is distinct from an alloy of atium and lerasium. So I've been wondering for a while if creating harmonium was possible prior to the catascendre, when ruin and preservation were still distinct entities. Could Ati and Leras have worked together to create it? Now, we have potentially new info on the topic: Warlight and Tower light. Obviously, this is gaseous investiture but it seems safe to assume that what was done to them could be done to the godmetals, in some fashion. Possibly through different means, but I feel very safe in assuming that something could be done to create a godmetal equivalent of Warlight and Towerlight. The question is, what was done to them? Is this closer to an alloy, or is it closer to ettmetal? If it's the latter, then that would imply that yes, ettmetal could have been created prior to harmony. But if it's closer to being like the alloy, then the question is still up in the air
  13. After RoW I've been thinking of the uses Anti-Invesiture can have not only in Stormlight, but in the Cosmere as a whole. I started thinking about Scadrial and Ettmetal. We have a WoB that says that both Atium and Lerasium can be extracted from Ettmetal I'm guessing that those "not normal, mechanical means" are the use of Anti-Investiture. We know that Anti-Investiture repels normal Investiture. So maybe if they can get Ettmetal to a level where it isn't as reactive as it is normally, you could separate Ruin's and Preservation's Investiture aka Atium and Lerasium. What we know about this process is that it can't be done on solid Ettmetal (since they use Raysium to conduct Anti-Voidlight in RoW) so maybe in a liquid state —which is possible since Malatium could be created from Atium— there could be a way to use either Ruin's or Preservation's Anti-Tone to separate their individual Investitures. If there's a way to create undiluted Mistborn (and possibly Full Feruchemists with an alloy of Lerasium) that could give Scadrial a lot of power and there could possibly be a Lerasium and Atium trade.
  14. I was recently introduced to the Cosmere by my brother and I started reading Mistborn. Right now I am reading the Well of Ascension, and something doesn't make sense. Vin and Elend can't find the atium stash anywhere in the city, but it has to be nearby, right? I just got to the part where Dockson tells Vin that kandra are expensive, the only payment they accept is atium. Do the kandra have all the atium? Everyone wants kandra as servants, so if everyone was paying them atium but no more atium was being created, then they would have it all. Am I crazy?
  15. We know that lerasium's alloys created various types of mistings, we also know that lerasium's alloys gave various enhancement and physical effects. We know that atium's alloys gave various mental and temporal effects. This brings me to two theories. Theory 1: Ettmetal's alloys would all give a physical, mental, temporal and enhancement effect (due to it (in a way, not exactly) being a combination of atium and lerasium). Theory 2: Trellium and Trellium's alloys (because Trellium is a God Metal) would have their own quadrants dedicated to them, these could not be one of the four quadrants we know because Ettmetal has effects of those quadrants. This means there is (mostly likely 2) quadrants of allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy that are used in the same manner as the metallic arts but are actually just Trell's investiture on Scadrial. These would be separated from the other 16 metals and would be considered their own...thing.
  16. Atium let’s whoever is burning it see into the future. Steel compounding allows you to move at unimaginable speeds. Let’s say that a steel compounder saves up steel for years, hiding in his home. A Mistborn saves up atium for years. At the end of x amount of years, they both have a seemingly infinite amount of either speed or atium. (Technically a compounder doesn’t need to save up much speed, but for the scenario we will say they do. We are also going to assume that the Mistborn doesn’t have access to any of the other metals, just atium) I think that the steel compounder would beat the atium burner. Even if you can see into the future, that doesn’t matter if your enemy can move faster than you can react. Thoughts?
  17. Okay, I just need to see if I'm the only one who had this thought or knows why I have this thought. For some reason, during my reading of Mistborn Era 1, in my head, I started seeing Atium as orange rather than silver. This ended up carrying to when I thought of Ruin, orange was always in the back of my mind. And the odd thing is, I think I saw Atium is silver at first, then something changed that image in my head and I don't know what or why. Am I the only one? Has anyone else fallen to this or something similar, or is it just me?
  18. Well, here I am again. Really hope this isn't annoying for any of you. So, I was looking around to see if anyone asked if an Allomacer can push or pull a Shardblade, and of course, I could not find a thread, and the Coppermind doesn't mention it as far as I'm aware. So I was about to assume that they can't be pulled or pushed similarly to metalminds. They have a hard time pushing or pulling something that's invested, and surly the blades count, being god metals of Honor, Cultivation, or a mixture of both. Then, I remembered that Atium is a god metal and there are plenty of examples of them being pulled or pushed. So it doesn't seem like being a god metal immediately disqualifies from being able to be pulled or pushed. So would Allomancers be able to push on Shardblades? And a little bonus question I thought while typing this, are god metals considered invested? Because the reason metalminds are hard to push is because of the investiture stored in them, and Atium does not appear to be resistant to pulls or pushes. So are god metals not technically invested? EDIT: Okay, so the answer for the above questions by Brandon Sanderson himself is no, it's very difficult to push or pull god metals and they are basically pure Investure (read threads below). HOWEVER, this brought up a different question/theory about the nature of Atium, which is a God metal that can be pushed and pulled with relative ease, which contradicts what Bradon Sanderson said about Godmetals. My first reaction was that it was made fairly early on and Brandon Sanderson didn't have certain things figured out, so we should ignore Atium/ consider it an outlier when figuring out the properties of god metals. But then I remembered that Atium was Brandon Sanderson's way of introducing Fortune to the Cosmere, and that in the Feruchemy table, Investure and Fortune are considered separate, so rather than being pure Investure, is Atium pure Fortune and that's why it's properties don't follow with other god metals? (Another note, if it is Fortune, it may have been a purposeful play by Preservation to limit Ruin's foresight, which may be a big factor in his plan, as Ruin's foresight has been accepted as not as good as other Shards like Cultivation, Preservation, and maybe Endowment.)
  19. I wrote this before I saw the thread on atium+electrum which is related to what I am saying here, but this goes a bit deeper. Note: None of this stuff is backed up by any WoBs, this is just straight from my head I have recently been thinking about the relationships between the 4 temporal allomantic metals and atium, so I thought I would put all these ideas in my head onto paper in essay form. Most of these ideas and theories originated from that fact that Ruins god metal happened to be time-related. It makes sense why the pre-catacendre allomancers wouldn't have made the connection that atium didn’t fit into the nice 4 groups of 2 groups of 2 that they have discovered in era 2. (I guess they didn’t have that whole diagram, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t have known it.) Basically the point I am trying to get to is that bendalloy and cadmium are the right and proper counterparts of gold and electrum because it makes more sense based on the relationships between other allomantic metals, and atium has certain properties that make it stand out from the other metals. First, using the relationships between other metals as analogies. If one just looked at the enhancement section of the allomantic table you might think that atium fits right in with gold. Aluminum leeches your own metals, and chromium leeches the metals of others. Electrum shows the future of yourself, and atium shows the future of others. This seems like a fair analogy until you look at the rest of the table where we see a more widely applicable pattern. The pattern is that internal metals affect only you, and external metals directly change something in the world around you. Pewter only directly affects you, while steel can directly change the outside world. Bronze gives you information, while zinc can change another’s emotions. That is the problem with atium. It does not directly affect the world around you, it only gives you more information. Bendalloy and cadmium do affect the world around even if they don’t make as nice of a pair as aluminum and chromium, but these are really the only ones that do. Lastly, atium needs to be a god metal because of its special properties. Most obviously is the way it grows. Since when did metals grow in geodes? Even if most Final Empire scandrians didn’t know about the perpendicularity (most of them didn’t know about what the pits were for either) they still could determine that something was seriously wrong with the way that the metal developed. The next reason is probably wrong, so someone please correct me, but I think that seeing the future is a property of the spiritual realm, and therefore burning atium to see the near future implies a stronger connection to the spiritual realm than what a normal metal could give you. Therefore atium is a god-metal, and god-metals don’t fit into the allomantic table. So to conclude atium is not one of the temporal metals (we already knew this, but these are just more reasons why), because it should be an external metal but doesn’t affect anything externaly, and second it does things that only a god metal can do. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts, I just thought I would get this out here. I would also appreciate it if people could find WoBs to either support, or disprove any of the things I said.
  20. Okay, so as most people will hopefully be aware by now, there isn't exactly a lot of atium or lerasium left over from the time of the Final Empire, as of Bands of Mourning. The Pits have not been producing atium due to an unfortunate terrorist attack involving one of the retired miners, and Leras was always a bit of a Scrooge when it came to lerasium. Since then, Harmony hasn't seemed to want to make more, though Brandon's naturally being coy about the why of that. However, I'd like to make the case that atium and lerasium will both return for Era 3 and beyond, if not in The Lost Metal itself, and that if not, it would be better if they did. There are three primary strands to this: one in-world, one from an authorial perspective, and one from a reader perspective. That is to say: it suits Harmony's goals, it's a case of Chekhov's Gun, and it would be really cool. --- From an in-world perspective, there are good reasons to think that Harmony might wish to return to production of atium and lerasium in some capacity. As a Shard, he takes a much more active role in the management of his Shardworld than most other shards, with obvious exceptions being the three musketeers over on Roshar. The old Scadrian god metals offer unparalleled utility in creating strong tools for him to make use of, especially if he wants Marsh to stick around. Marsh will run out of atium eventually, and a chap with dozens of hemalurgic spikes and centuries of knowledge is a very useful tool indeed. It might also be desirable for Harmony to have other full Mistborn running around, as Atium shadows in an era of guns become actually insane in terms of utility, especially when no one knows that atium exists nor how to counter it. Even if they did, Electrum mistings are not typical combat Allomancers. If Harmony wants atium, then he must also have lerasium, because Atium Seers are no longer born. However, this still assumes that he would create atium, but keep it from the wider populace. Harmony may also wish to allow atium and lerasium into the wider Scadrian ecosystem, even if only in very limited quantities. Harmony seems disappointed in how little his people have innovated since the Catacendre; if the converse of this is true, and Harmony wishes for Scadrial to develop, grow, and change, then he may wish to provide them with more "toys", so to speak: atium and lerasium are incredibly potent god metals, and the potential for their use is almost limitless. Remember, they can be alloyed with every other Allomantic metal: for all of the possibilities of 16 metals interacting across 3 Metallic Arts, now you have 48. --- From an authorial perspective, consider this: we still have many questions relating to the god metals which are unanswered and RAFOed. Some of these, Brandon does not want to answer because they relate to wider Cosmere things, which he either doesn't want to spoil, or hasn't pinned down yet. However, many of them do not. These two in particular stand out: If lerasium and atium were never going to feature again on Scadrial, there would be no good reason not to answer these two questions: they both directly imply that the answers will be relevant to some forthcoming book. Therefore, I propose that Brandon does still plan for one or both of them to return to Scadrial, or at least that he has not ruled out doing so. Atium would be the most likely, as it is "less potent", but as mentioned in the previous section, much of the utility of atium relies upon full Mistborn and full Feruchemists, which means probably lerasium. (yes atium spikes are an option, but it's also the most boring option). --- Finally, let your own imagination run wild. It's crazy to ask that on a forum about fan theories, I know, but bear with me here. Atium and lerasium have incredible potential within the world of Mistborn — indeed in other worlds, now that we know that there are worldhopping Mistborn — so it would be such a tragedy if we never get to see them get used to their fullest. Picture a cyberpunk Scadrial where criminals on death row are executed by being spiked with Lerasium or Atium spikes, which allow for incredible fusions of technology and magic in new and diverse Hemalurgic constructs; you thought social media was bad? Just wait for an AI super intelligence which can use emotional Allomancy. Harmony is able to equip his kandra agents with a myriad of different Blessings, especially chosen for the given mission and individual — alloys of atium or of lerasium, each providing esoteric and much more specialised abilities than the traditional four. Picture a Cosmere-aware Scadrial, where promises of just a few lerasium beads can buy the alliance of an entire planet. Deeper understanding of lerasium and allomancy in its purest form has allowed for artificial Seers to return through the use of metalminds like those of the Southern Scadrians. Public speakers, assassins, bomb disposal teams, professional footballers — everyone in a high pressure environment wants to know the future, and now you can, for a price. Picture Harmony, actually having a good retirement plan for his agents. "Look Wax, I know I've been dragging you through the mud for the last... uh... well most of your life to be honest, but once we're done here I'll give you everything you need to live in peace and I'll never bother you again. Shardic pinkie promise." Picture Twinborn, but they aren't just Metalborn Twinborn. They're Returned Oracles, Windrunner Coinshots and Lurchers, Edgedancer Sliders (speedbubbles).... The resonances which make Surgebinding such an interesting magic system are suddenly being considered across the entire Cosmere. Picture a secret society, selectively breeding humans so that they can train full Mistborn from birth in the use of multiple magic systems; the love child of the Envisagers and the Set. Hell, I can't even picture it, but just think about what Lerasium and its alloys, or Atium's alloys, might do as Feruchemical metalminds or Hemalurgic spikes. Would you finally be able to get lossless Hemalurgy? Metalminds for pure investiture in the different magic systems? --- If you made it this far, well you've got more patience than me.
  21. So are there any seers left or did Harmony cut them off at the catachendre ? What about ferrings ? Are there any alive who could potentially store youthfulness ? P.S : What would the name of these ferrings be in local parlence ? Aetas , senex , ?? P.p.s : what about Lerasium ferrings ?
  22. We know burning duralumin with atium will allow Allomancers (specifically mistborn) to see the ultimate effects of their actions, as Eland did at the end of 'The Hero of Ages'. We know the Lord Ruler had plenty of access to both of these metals and knew their specific effects. And also ruled for a thousand years, which is plenty of time to experiment with all sorts of allomancy (as well as Hemalurgy and Feruchemy) I cannot see any reason why he would not want to try out burning both, or at the very least making another mistborn try it out to see the effects? But I have not seen any mention in the texts of whether that he did try it out or not, or if there was any particular reason he did not want to try it out. If he did use both together though, the consequences for the plot would be weird; he would have known that he would eventually be killed by Vin and exactly what followed in the next two books. Did he follow it through knowing where it would lead maybe? It just seems like an interesting scenario and poses many questions regardless. Was wondering if there is information I've not read yet (has Brandon Sanderson mentioned anything) or general thoughts about it.
  23. So I just thought of something! For atium, you steal one ability hemalurgically, and with lerasium, you steal all of the abilities! This is like the allomancy/ Feruchemy thing! You can only have one or all but what makes this better is that there is one way for you to have two abilities: if you are a twinborn. so what if harmonium hemalurgically steals one of each ability from a magic system! one from Feruchemy, one for allomancy, one for surgebinding, and so on! i feel like this has some merit and I’m losing my spheres/marbles!
  24. I saw this in the coppermind while researching Ferachemy . I know the coppermind is not canon . So I’m asking as an opinion of what you guys thought . I know IRL people use chemistry and Alchemy to make alloy of metals and superarte metals . Could it be possible to get Harmonium and superate it into its two base metals . I’m Assuming Harmonium is theoretically an Allow of Atium and Lerasium . If so this is something the set would greatly abuse. One of my favorite quotes as a child was “ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”