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Found 74 results

  1. A little thought experiment 1. If a person were to store their complete Identity in a metalmind and lose it, what would be the Spiritual and Cognitive ramifications? 2. Could a person build a totally new Identity? 3. If a person were to build a new Identity and then tap their metalmind, what would ensue in both the Cognitive and Spiritual realms?
  2. Hi! I was watching a video on metal foundries, and the author stated aluminum is non-magmetic. I was wondering if Brandon made aluminum Allomantic Resistant based off of this. What do you guys think?
  3. I'm still rather unclear as to how Aluminum Feruchemy works individually. I understand how it worked in BoM, but am not sure how an aluminum Ferring would work. Any clarification would be lovely. Thank you.
  4. I've noticed that Brandon is generally far more receptive to thought-experiment-based questions regarding his magic systems than he is to direct questions. So I'm proposing this thread for Cosmere mechanics questions (i.e., not character/plot/worldbuilding questions) as well as potential in-universe experiments to investigate these questions in-universe. Please post the question you want answered (Q), as well as the experiments you would perform (E) and potential hypotheses and how they would relate to particular experimental outcomes. Some of these will be easier than others, so I'd recommend secondary questions based on certain outcomes and/or possible consequences (C) of each answer (A). The archetype for this thread is Krhriss' wonderful interrogation of Wax in Bands of Mourning. Examples: 1) Q: Does aluminum block Steel/Iron Sight. E: Take two equal-mass/shape metal pellets and coat one with aluminum. Can a Coinshot can see lines any difference in the lines pointing to the aluminum-coated one? C: Can you use aluminum to shield valuables from detection or to smuggle weapons under the nose of coinshots? Can aluminum be used to protect metalminds that are not embedded in the body? A: No lines. E_2: Does partial blocking protect the object from steelsight? How much coverage do you need? Is there a strictly line-of-sight effect (note: Line-of-Sight not required for protection against soothing) Lines equally strong. Aluminum probably unuseful as a shield. E_2: Repeat with much thicker Al block. Visible lines, but less strong. Is there a threshold to total blockage? E_2: Try with different thicknesses of aluminum, different coverages, etc. 2) Q: what happens to metals when they are burned? E: Put an allomancer into a hermetically sealed chamber that is very carefully weighed during the process. Have them burn different metals at different intensities and record the weight for the chamber. C: Could you figure out a way to collect the metals that are burned and reuse them? Is there any chance for long-term metal depletion on Scadrial? Can you recycle metals? A: Weight unchanged. Metals not 'destroyed'. E_2: Carefully filter air and test for trace metals. E_3: Test to see if there is a weight-change _while burning metals_ to see if active use of investiture conveys any sort of weight change. Weight changes. See if you can use this to quantify allomantic burn rate among individuals. E_2: See how this change correlates with allomantic strength in specific contexts (I suspect that burn rate is uncorrelated with innate allomantic strength, even if one individual can push harder with a faster burn. So TLR and Vin would use up their metals at a relatively similar rate despite a vast disparity in power levels). Subquestion 2.5: Can you quantify Mass-Investiture equivalence with a sensitive enough scale? E: (a) Carefully prepare two identically-massed metalminds and then Charge them to different levels. Can you see a weight change? C: Feruchemy is considered here in case allomantic metals are completely destroyed. Note that this experiment would only be able to provide upper bounds for Mass-Investiture equivalence and couldn't be used to completely rule out 'no conversion'.
  5. After reading about how aluminum stopped Feruchemical healing, I couldn't help but wonder why Wax and Wayne didn't just shoot Miles with an aluminum bullet. There were plenty of aluminum guns lying around from killed Vanishers at the end of Alloy of Law, filled with aluminum bullets, and a single aluminum bullet in his skull would have killed him. It would have been such a simple solution. The only reason that I can think of as to why they didn't do this is that maybe they had never heard of this, although since Wayne is a bloodmaker it seems like he would have heard about this.
  6. So, what if you were to burn duralumin and then aluminum? Could it potentially wipe your very ability to use Allomancy? What about duralumin and chromium? Instead of wiping someone's metal reserves, you destroy their Allomantic ability completely. Not sure if it would even work that way, (and who would be stupid enough to try duralumin and aluminum anyway) but... thoughts?
  7. If a Twinborn with Allomantic aluminum burns metal while tapping their metalminds, does the metalmind drain, or does the weight/warmth/etc tapped just become useless? Or am I completely delusional and it just does nothing special?
  8. Aluminum has been shown to have a generally neutralizing effect on Investiture, from being resistant to Pushes/Pulls to serving as a visible Coppercloud (neutralizing emotional and Bronze Allomancy) as well as having no atium shadow and wiping all a Mistborn's metals. So what would happen if you were to put something (a clock for the purpose) inside an aluminum-lined box and put up a speed bubble where the box was inside the bubble? I theorize that the clock would be immune to the time-distorting affects of the bubble. Thus, I propose that Sliders and Pulsers will very enthusiastically buy aluminum clocks to keep the right time. I realize that we are getting into wibbly-wobbly bubbly-wubbly stuff here.
  9. So when Wax & crew come upon the statue of the "Lord Ruler" -- which we know from Secret History, of course, to be NOT the Lord Ruler, but either Kelsier or Spook or some kind of Kelsier/Spook hybrid (???) -- there are two pieces of metal on the statue. One is the spearhead, chock full of all the powers. The other is the belt, and Wax double-checks it later to confirm that it's just aluminum. But is it really JUST aluminum? The appendix to BoM tells us "Trueself Ferrings can store their spiritual sense of identity in an aluminum metalmind". The book is unclear about whether Wax checked the belt before or after giving the Bands of Mourning to MeLaan. So my wild theory is that he checked AFTER -- and not being a Trueself Ferring, he couldn't tell that the aluminum belt actually was a metalmind full of identity. Kelsier's identity, in particular. My bet is somehow Kelsier could store himself -- his Kelsier-ness -- into an aluminum metalmind, cross it from the cognitive into the physical world -- and then Spook could tap it to "become" Kelsier. Which Wax might have been able to see if he'd had the bands of mourning still on him when he checked that metalmind. Probably a good thing. Still, it tickles me to imagine Kelsier in cold storage up there on that statue, so to speak. Somebody's bound to pull him out eventually, right?
  10. I realize that trying to use a soulstamp on aluminum is pointless. However, could a soulstamp be made that turns something into aluminum? And would that soulstamp be able to be removed, unforging the metal?
  11. theory

    Hi, in this thread I'd like to take a deeper look at how I think allomantic enhancement metals work. I'll start my theorizing with Duralumin, because that's where the most relevant sources seem to be. Firstly, though it's pretty obvious, the faster you burn a metal, the more power you get. When you flare a metal, it will burn away faster, but you do get more power out of it, even more so when burned together with Duralumin. Here's the relevant WoB Second, we need to note that a quantity of metal has a predefined amount of power output. Whether you burn away a nugget of Steel at a regular burn in an hour, or by flaring it for 15 minutes, or with Duralumin in a few seconds, you'll always have expended the same amount of energy pushing on metal, as said in this WoB Edit: made the font larger for ease of reading
  12. Hey guys, its been a long time, but I have finally made my second theory! It regards to the function of aluminum feruchemy. we all know by now that aluminum stores identity and we have all questioned exactly what that does. My completely foundationless theory is that a trueself ferring can use his powers to become a jack-of-all-trades. the aluminum would store his identity, which would result in losing everything that marked him as unique, then he would revert to normal when he stopped storing. Then, when he tapped, he could become a master at any skill he had studied in a book. So Trueself Tim, a famous engineer, spent the last few days storing his identity, during which, he couldn't have designed a popsicle stick bridge. Also during this time he read a book about fending off multiple attackers, the only experience he's had with the skill. on his way to work, three toughs jumped him. drawing on his aluminummind, he instantly became a master of self defense. this is my theory in its entirety and has no evidence to support it whatsoever. However, if it is true, then keepers just became a LOT scarier. At the very least, you can use this in the MAG, where the players can make their own rules about the metals of they wish.
  13. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  14. This is a parody of Titanium by David Guetta until I made it into my song. Aluminum
  15. So a question has come up and I wanted the 17th shards input. What would the effects of Aluminum be as a poison on an Allomancer trying to burn metals. As Aluminum poisoning is a real thing: We know via hemalurgy that Blood in motion matters to at least on metallic art. And that Aluminum is "Allomantically inert": one of my Crew is postulating that an Aluminum based poison could be used stop someone from investing in any way. Thoughts?
  16. In modern times, bauxite is much easier to refine into aluminum. Will this have any effect on the second Mistborn trilogy?
  17. I'm not sure if this is important but I've noticed that aluminum has only been confirmed to actually stop end positive magic systems. End Positive Magic Systems: In allomancy aluminum destroys metals and cannot be pushed or pulled with iron or steel. It also can protect a person from emotional allomancy. In Forgery (another end positive magic) Ralkalest (which has be theorized to be aluminum) cannot be forged with a soul-stamp. End Neutral: In Feruchemy aluminum can be used to store identity (although we've never seen it used). End Negative: In Hemalurgy aluminum can steal allomantic enhancement powers. Does anyone have an explanation to this?
  18. I was looking through some quotes and came across this. Besides the above quote there are a few other things about shardplate that I think are important in figuring out what they are. 1. They require stormlight to function. A lot of other posters seem to think that Shardplate comes from either a further level of declaring an Ideal or via some secondary bonded spren. This is based on that we know that Blades originate from bonded spren. But we also know that the gem placed in a bonded Shardblade can go dull and the Blade will still work perfectly fine. Shardplate on the other hand becomes completely nonfunctional once the Stormlight in its gems runs out. 2. The Gems in Shardplate crack from normal use. In WoK when Elhokar's Plate failed they were unsure if the cracked gems were just a normal but coincidental event or purposely planned, so we know that gems failing and cracking in Shardplate is a fairly normal occurance. 3. The only other time we see gems cracking from normal use (that I can remember) is in Soulcasters (maybe also happens in other fabrials). 4. While Shardplate we see is mostly used against other Shardwielders to protect against a Shardblade, the original intent was to fight Voidbringers. Okay, now onto the basic theory: Shardplate is an advance Fabrial that combines a Soulcaster (which would produce Aluminum, and allow the suit to rebuild itself) with other fabrials like an Augmenter (these might fall un der the Tension category of Surges, for increased strength) and one that deals with Cohesion (allowing the metal to constrict and lossen so it fits people of various sizes and let segments meet without joints). The soulcaster builds the armor out of Aluminum as it resistant to attacks of a magic nature. We see this when Adolin is struck by the lightning created by the Parshendi and that it is completely nullified. The KR built advanced fabrials that allowed them to replicate powers of other orders. I think Shardplate was their Masterpiece in that it combined the powers of many orders.
  19. So I just spent an indecent amount of time hunting this quote down, and thought I'd share it with the forums since I don't recall any discussion of the relevant passage when AoL was released. Source: So the line in AoL about aluminum bullets being useful against Thugs is definitely certainly not an error. Anyone care to discuss the implications of how aluminum might be useful against a Thug? Disrupting their burning? Ignoring the extra toughness pewter gives their bodies?
  20. If someone were to use powerful soothing and or Rioting to take control of an Inquisitor, but the Inqusitor burned Aluminum, would that Aluminum cancel out the Riot/Sooth? Let's Ignore the whole, If heruns out of Metals, he goes blind, he dies, ect. EDIT: Above sentance made no sense.
  21. Aluminum- and by extension, chromium- are both metals that are very interesting Feruchemically (luck and identity, woot), but rather uninteresting Allomantically. OR SO WE THOUGHT. This theory operates under two givens: 1. That duralumin (and nicrosil) act by "increasing the filter size" of another metal, allowing more of Preservation's power to flow through into the burner. 2. That the process of burning a metal without enhancement converts the metal to mundane energy (likely heat energy, hense the phrase "burning" a metal). The thought hit me like a pewter-punch to the face during my Hero of Ages reread earlier today- how exactly do aluminum and chromium erase the other metals? It must remove them from the stomach entirely, or Vin would have gotten sick from metal poisoning the night after burning Aluminum in Mistborn: The Final Empire. However, it doesn't do so like Duralumin does. Aluminum doesn't allow the energy usually gained by burning a metal to enter the burner. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, this leaves two possiblilities: 1. Aluminum reroutes the energy that would be released back into Preservation (boring, lets move on) 2. Aluminum removes Preservation's investiture before converting the metals to energy Or, in other words, it manipulates the metal's Spiritual aspect so that it no longer has Preservation in it. An explaination of my reasoning can be found here: If the second possibility is the case, and aluminum/chromium can manipulate the Spiritual Realm and/or Investiture, then all sorts of things become possible. A chromium misting with enough power (hemalurgy or duralumin/nicrosil could help) could mess with other magic systems than Allomancy with more control of the power. They might be able to create color that an Awakener couldn't drain, or partially complete the process of burning aluminum to create "dud metals," which would look like Allomantic metals in the physical realm but would be unburnable. Perhaps they could even change the spiritual aspects of mists or stormlight, turning them into more mundane mists or light. Who knows what might be possible by changing the spiritual aspects of things. Any thoughts? EDIT: As of yet, we have no precedent that Chromium can affect things outside of a body. However, it does affect the metals, not the body itself, and it seems arbitrary that only things inside a person's stomach can have their Spiritual aspects manipulated. Therefore, I propose that the body only acts as a "focus", allowing the chromium burner easier access to the metals. If this is the case, it stands to reason that with sufficient power one could bypass the need for a focus and use Chromium on things outside a body as well. EDIT 2, on the background of this theory: Originally, this theory's link in my signature was not a link. It was just a silly thing I added for fun, thinking “duralumin and aluminum, ha, how useless." Then I wondered, "well, actually..."
  22. Allomantic aluminum, supposedly, cleans investiture from you sDNA. Feruchemical nicrosil stores that investiture. Could users of these metals get rid of or weaken an Investiture-based attack (being Lashed) by burning or storing their metals respectively?
  23. From what I understand of Aluminum Feruchemy, it can allow you to reset your identity, personality and such, to the way it was at an earlier point. This seems to me a possible cure to the ill effects of certain kinds of Hemalurgy, such as Copper... which stores intelligence and memory... but also tends to cause insanity given you're essentially splicing part of someone else's mind into yours. The way I see this working is that you could either cleanse yourself of the spliced personality by storing it (that is storing the spliced personality...) either perpetually if it continually upwells from the spike, or all at once if that is possible, ridding you of it entirely. Alternatively, perhaps you can reinforce your own personality by drawing on aluminium charges stored before the spiking... draw enough and perhaps you can burn the residual personality out, in a similar way to how the MAG describes drawing enough Aluminum as wiping your personality clean... Another possible use I can see is that it could allow you to shake off some of the unusual effects of BURNING a Hemalurgic spike... assuming there is a use to burning a spike (which is of course a whole different 'kettle of fish'/'bag of cheese'/'coppermind of contentious ideas') Thoughts? Reflections? Harsh rebuttals with little consideration for my feelings ?