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Found 463 results

  1. So I've been reading Mistborn Era 2, and found a big problem with the bendalloy allomantic power. So the power is greatly increasing time flow in a bubble by burning the metal. I had no issues with that, until a scene where Wax falls out of one. He only describes a slight discomfort doing it. This makes no sense if you look at the actual physics of how that would work, and since Brandon and this community are generally interested in integrating "realistic" physics into these worlds with magic, I thought I would share my thoughts. So the biggest problem is that you should absolutely not want to move in or out of the time bubble. You might've heard of a phenomenon regarding black holes called "spaghettification". Since black holes have such a great gravitational pull, if any part of your body is closer to the singularity than another (which would always happen), you get stretched out by the differing pull on your, let's say feet, compared to your upper body. Essentially, by moving out of the bubble, a reverse spaghettification effect would happen to you. Since time flows slower on the outside, the part of you out of the bubble would also move much slower, while the part of you inside much faster. I think this would compress your body to an extreme degree, maiming, or in the worst case, killing you in the process. What are your thoughts on this? I just wanted to share my opinion, because it nagged at me. I'm not very far into the books, so there might be an explanation for it later on. If so, hit me with a RAFO
  2. I'd like everyone to respond to this with what one allomantic and one feruchemic power they would take if they could choose and why? I just wanna see what everyone's thoughts are on the matter since there's 16 powers for each (no God Metals) and thus 256 possible Twinborn combinations. Now, I know this is a broad question so I'm actually breaking it down even further. What set of Twinborn powers would you choose for combat purposes, and what set would you choose for normal everyday life? Personally, I think A-Pewter and F-Gold are a nigh perfect combat pair, since you can get more Health stored up than a normal Bloodmaker (Not as much as a Gold Compounder though, ofc), but also have the added physical combat capabilities of being a Pewterarm. It would also make becoming an A-Pewter Savant far safer. As for normal everyday life, I think either F-Zinc or F-Bronze personally along with either A-Brass or A-Bendalloy. Probably F-Zinc and A-Brass. Just would make moving through normal life so much easier.
  3. I’m finishing a reread of the original Mistborn trilogy. These were the first Cosmere books I read so figured it would be good to reread now that I have a better idea of what’s going on in the grand scale of things! Maybe this is explained more later and I just don’t remember but in Vin’s battle with the Inquisitors near the end of Hero of Ages Marsh breaks her arms, legs, and fingers before pulling out her earring allowing her to draw in the mists. However Allomancy has no healing power that I know of, only the ability to push through pain. I would think with all of those bones broken she wouldn’t be able to jump around, fighting like crazy, no matter how much allomantic power she had from the mists. Anyone have an answer for this?
  4. If Wax were to wear an iron chest plate and fill it with Investiture, would he have a harder time Steelpusing because of the Investiture, or would it act more like a Radiant's own plate, allowing one to still use their abilities unhindered since it is keyed to their own Identity?
  5. I read this quote and it got me thinking, "huh, so most people on Scadrial have some power in themselves, just not enough to manifest an Allomantic ability". If this is the case, could it be possible to give a Scadrien an Unsealed Goldmind filled with plenty of health, spike them multiple times Hemalurgically, then forge the spikes together to create an Allomantic, or possibly even Feruchemical, power from non-powered people?
  6. If a Rioter Misting wanted to, could they cause a person direct pain or sickness just from their Allomancy?
  7. Following up on the idea I had about using perfect gemstones as Feruchemical storages, could they also be used as Allomantic storages? If an allomancer were to draw out their investiture via raysium, and store it in a gemstone, perfect or flawed, could they then breathe it in as Vin did with the mists? Would it be keyed to their Identity? Unlike a surgebinder, when an allomancer gets investiture into their system, it gets immediately turned into kinetic investiture. Would that stay true if they used gemstones? Would they be able to hold it in their body as a surgebinder does, and gain certain passive benefits? If not, then it would likely act as a kind of miniature duralumin burn, as they would be able to draw in lots of investiture that would immediately be used, only it would have more control, since it would only enhance that one ability and not all the other metals they were burning.
  8. Allomantic copper is confirmed to be able to hide you from Seekers, Awakener's Lifesense, and Secretspren. Could it then be used to hide you from the Shades of Threnody? What if they were enraged, and the Smoker only activated their power after then? Could a Smoker break any of Threnody's three rules and not be effected due to their powers?
  9. I was re-reading Mistborn when I noticed that Clubs is often forgotten by the other characters, and it made me begin to wonder: were Club's powers helping hide him from the other's attention? It's been confirmed that Allomantic copper can hide you from an Awakener's Lifesense, which is an ability that all people in the Cosmere have, with the exception of Drabs. Could an Allomantic copper savant be harder for people to notice because they are hidden from people's natural Lifesense?
  10. I believe that in order to Soulcast something, you have to convince it to change by speaking to its cognitive aspect, then feed it investiture to fuel that change. Could this process be made easier by using emotional Allomancy to make the object more willing to change?
  11. Seekers normally can only sense active use of investiture, but this WoB says that if enough investiture is gathered together, then you can sense it Does this mean that a Seeker would be more likely to become a worldhopper, since they might be able to locate perpendicularities, similar to how Vin was able to sense the Well of Ascension Would they be able to traverse the cognitive realm more easily, since they might be able to sense the direction of a shardworld via the pulses that come from it?
  12. When a metal is filled with a Feruchemical attribute, the power that the metal then gives when burned Allomantically is a copy of the Feruchemical attribute rather than the Allomantic power that it would normally give. Would the same apply to Hemalurgy? In other words, if you were to burn a Hemalurgic spike that only had a small charge in it, would the investiture granted by the metal itself copy and be added to the Hemalurgic charge that was already in the spike, thus making the power or ability spliced into your spiritweb actually becoming much stronger than what was in the spike originally?
  13. If a Nicroburst Misting were to burn their metal while trying to fill a Hemalurgic spike, would they be able to enhance the process of charging the spike? Perhaps the spike would be charged more efficiently, taking more total Investiture from the target?
  14. I was reading Trusk'our's thread on Allomantic Duralumin Savantism ( and it got me thinking. Is there a scale of savantism or is there one or more plateaus to the changes caused by the power? Technically, once physiological changes begin to occur, they would be considered a Savant, regardless of how minor or extreme the change was. So, hypothetically you have three people who ate equally sized bits of Lerasium and became Mistborn. All three burn a metric ton of Brass (or other large but reasonably sized amount that could be burned away through normal allomantic usage) over the course of a year, one burning at a normal rate, one constantly flaring, one burning their Brass as fast as they could with Duralumin. What level of savantism would each allomancer obtain? I assume the normal burner would get very proficient at Soothing and overall benefits to the practice, but would get relatively little savantism effects because they aren't stressing the body or Spiritweb (considering Mistborn commonly leave their Copper and Tin running in the night but don't suffer as Spook did, even when they aren't using Pewter). The one flaring would certainly become a savant, their soul warped by the constant stretching. What of the Duralumin user? Would they get end up at the same level of savantism as the one flaring, or would they have more extreme effects of savantism? I would guess the second. Could the one flaring metals continue burning and eventually catch up to the Duralumin user, or would there be specific changes that only could be feasibly accomplished with Duralumin (unless you're TLR and have 1,000 years to burn? Maybe not even then? I'm not sure I see him going the Duralumin route either though)? A reduced rate of Duralumin burning allowing for abnormally high flares might explain TLR's insane Soothing, but we don't see him chugging down Brass constantly either. Breeze's estimate at the Skaa executions was that TLR was Soothing a number two orders of magnitude larger than what he could, probably with a greater Push on their emotions as well. That seems like an insane amount of Brass to be burning during a long, leisurely carriage ride from Kredik Shaw to the fountain square without refilling your metal reserves at some point. Maybe he is stealthily eating Brass, maybe he can choke down a huge amount to fill his stomach, but it seems rather inconvenient for TLR to constantly put up with. Thoughts?
  15. When a being uses investiture, they change themselves in such a way that when they die they can persist a bit longer before they move on. So, if someone frequently used bursts of Allomantic Duralumin power, would this cause a bigger enhancement, and therefore change in their soul, to allow themselves to last longer than someone who only burned their metals normally?
  16. Would the aluminum block them from drawing in investiture from Preservation? Also, would storing Feruchemical attributes work just fine, since you’re technically just diverting your own stream on innate investiture, or would you only be able to store a limited amount depending on how large the box was?
  17. In the original Mistborn trilogy, Kelsier wars Vin not to burn unknown metals because bad metals can make you sick and bad alloys can make you sick. This means that Mistborn can burn all metals even ones that don't grant any power. Does that mean that there are mistings that can burn metals like lead? Also, does this mean that there are way more feruchemy abilities or is it just storing nothing at which point would you be able to push/pull on the metal if it was full?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new here and so I apologize if his has already been discussed to death (I didn't find threads in a search, but there are a lot so I could easily have missed some). But I've long wondered if Harmony is right when he describes the connections of Metallic Arts to Ruin, Preservation, and an interaction between them. His connection of Hemalurgy to Ruin seems clear enough: you have to kill a person to use it, and the amount of power in the resulting spike is less than the victim had. Ruinous. But Feruchemy always seemed more like Preservation to me than an interaction between Preservation and Ruin both. Nothing is gained or lost when an attribute is stored or withdrawn, it is just maintained almost perfectly until some time in the future. Where is the Ruin in that? (The only example I can think of with imperfect storage is Ruin's manipulation of copperminds). Conversely, Allomancy requires serious physical damage to awaken, destroys the metals used to catalyze its effects, and is described as producing a net gain by Harmony. None of those are very Preservation-like. In a similar vein, Preservation couldn't create dynamic individuals by itself and required cooperation from Ruin to create the humans on Scadrial-- the ability to choose to Preserve at some times and Ruin at others was more than was present in the other animals implied to be within Preservation's ability to create. That sounds more like the Allomantic net gain to me. My mind reaches for explanations and finds unsatisfying scraps. Allomancy existed before anyone swallowed lerasium, albeit in a weaker form, and Preservation was already a critical component of Scadrial's people, so maybe their Allomancy came from that and the huge dose of Connection from lerasium beads creates the otherwise impossibly rare Mistborn. But then the Connection to Preservation from burning lerasium doesn't grant them anything like Feruchemy, so that idea starts falling apart... All of this is pretty pointless speculation since we have so much information suggesting that Allomancy goes with Preservation: the mists swirl around people using Allomancy but not Feruchemy, swallowing a bead of lerasium is what grants super-Allomancy (in the form of Mistborn) in the first place, and Harmony (who holds both relevant Shards and would presumably know everything on the topic) explicitly says so. But outside of those, is there any discussion, here, in-text, or in a WoS that addresses my confusion?
  19. I'm making a mistcloak and my husband asked if I could get the allomantic symbols embroidered onto it. I'm looking for an already digitized set for an embroidery machine. Does anyone know where could find something like that?
  20. I’ve taken a bit of a break from the cosmere and I’m a little rusty. I feel like I’ve missed 10,000 WOB’s and I am trying to refresh myself and catch up. It’s long been previously theorised Hoid has access to Feruchemy and it was assumed he was a Feruchemist but it was later revealed he simply has unkeyed metal minds.. That’s how he uses ferchemical powers Hoid has the full powers of a powerful Allomancer after ingesting the L bead and we now all know he has un-keyed Metalminds but I’m a little foggy on how they operate. Is he capable of refilling his un-keyed feruchemy metal minds himself and being able to burn/compound for twinborn powers?
  21. I remember it being mentioned that thugs have slight accelerated healing (no where close to gold feruchemists) when burning pewter, would a thug be able to eventually heal from a shardblade wound by burning pewter?
  22. Could somebody both Mistborn AND Feruchemist triple their powers by getting thirty two Hemalurgic spikes
  23. Allomantic duralumin gives a massive burst of power to a Mistborn burning it along with another metal as it allows your to use up a metal reserve instantly. However, I don't think that it's actually instant, just very, very fast. If someone could have a large enough metal store, or burn their duralumin at a slower pace, then they might be able to use another power very quickly, but not in a single burst, more as a very highly flared power. I think that savantism with this particular power may actually allow this, as savantism allows for significantly greater control over the power's usage. In fact, it may be that the reason The Lord Ruler was able to sooth so powerfully was because he used Allomantic duralumin, but in a very controlled way allowed by savantism. He was also very powerful innately though, so this may not be the case. Even so, I think my idea still has merit.
  24. So I have been wondering for a while how to calculate what speed Wax can go via manipulating his mass. It is simple enough if we ignore Wind Resistance and all. But it gets more complicated including it. Ultimately though, I came to a conclusion. If we treat the change in mass as being by a factor of 1/a. Then the velocity following would be v<sub>0</sub>a. But of course we know wind resistance still effects him, thus we have to take into account drag. Sqrt( [ma^2 * v^2 - 2aF]/m) was my result. This actually reveals some interesting features of his velocity changes. Along with lower and upper bounds to where his mass changes allow him to move. (62kg, 13.8889m/s, store 25%) > (18.279 m/s) I am having trouble finding an equation for the maximum possible velocity given his initial mass and velocity. But here are some examples. I am assuming a base 62kg for Waxillium, a surface area for drag of 0.95 m/s, air density of 1.225, and a Drag Coefficent of 1.15 (62kg, 13.8889m/s) > (248.811 m/s at a = 30.981, or 2kg) [13.8889 is average car speed] (62kg, 1 m/s) > (18.98 m/s at a = 32.208) (62kg, e m/s) > (49.623 m/s at a = 31.374) The formula for the points in which your speed just hits 0 are 2F/mv^2. This sets an upper and lower bound to how much you can store and have an effect, furthermore, past these peak points, ones velocity begins to decrease as one stores more into a metalmind. Formula with Terminal Velocity should be obvious, it is a simple modification which comes out as: Sqrt({2[1/a * m]g} / pAc) This one has no inherent limitations, and can increase and decrease without limit. The fact that there is a limit to the degree in which you can speed up through changing mass does actually fit with what Brandon said in this WoB: (actually can one find the one I am thinking of, can't find it, but he did mention you can't just store a crapton of weight and go extremely fast) Well here is this one for now: Another thing of note with this, is that while this preserves momentum, it increases kinetic energy. Which I would assume would have to come from somewhere. As I understand it. But we do know that Feruchemy isn't truly End-Neutral (, it takes a bit of energy from the Spiritual Realm. Maybe this energy is able to give them more of a shove. Note: Image below assumes mass of 1kg, and initial velocity of 1m/s. This is just because this way it is smaller and looks nicer.
  25. When an Allomancer burns a Hemalurgic spike, it splices the spiritweb of the spike to the Allomancer. Presumably, if this were done with a spike that contained an Allomantic or Feruchemical power, the power would be imbued within the spiritweb along with some other things (though this may not actually turn out to be true, this is what make the most sense to me right now, so for the sake of this post I'll just assume that's how it works). But what about human abilities stored in spikes? Those seem to have much more profound effects when placed in different areas, as they can transform you into a Hemalurgic construct of almost countless varieties. But you can (presumably) only burn a spike one way. So, do you just get a boost the ability stored in the spike, or does something else happen? Does it just not work? Do you get a random mutation?