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Found 178 results

  1. So this isn't technically a full theory because of lack of evidence, mostly seeing what people think. Fist we have to ask the question, "was Adonalsium always Adonalsium, or did he pick it up." Seriously we need someone to ask that question, and unless Brandon Sanderson decides to visit Turkey, there is little chance of me being able to ask him. Moving on, I had an idea that Sazed would end up being the complete Adonalsium. It just makes sense to me. Unfortunately, because it makes so much sense, Brandon Sanderson will probably not do that. The reason it makes sense to me, is that Harmony is currently getting attacked by another shard, and, if he wins, he would probably take on that shard too. (Although, if he is being attacked by Odium, he would probably need to take a more positive shard too, because Odium and Ruin would probably outweigh Preservation.) Anyway, I think that there will probably end up being another Adonalsium, the question is, will it be Sazed. (If you don't think a new Adonalsium makes sense, please tell me in the comments. I have no problem with my theory being disproved.)
  2. I have a theory that, before it was Nightblood, the sword now called Nightblood killed Adonalsium. Nightblood is the only thing in the Cosmere that is truly end-negative (it removes Investiture from the Cosmere) so before that, it may have been really powerful.
  3. think I know who knows, or rather, knew, where the remains of the weapon is: Preservation! in secret history, Preservation says "I needed a sign. Something he couldn't change. A sign of the weapon I'd buried. The boiling point of water, I think. Maybe it's freezing point? But what if the units change over the years? I needed something that would be remembered always. Something they'll immediately recognize. Sixteen." a sign of the weapon, and sixteen, being one of those signs, and how many Shards it split Adonalsium into, is too much of a coincidence. Also, Ruin and Preservation created Scadrial, so they could design aspects of it in special ways. If he had buried it at the core of the planet, no one would be able to get to it, not on the Physical Realm, not without Either Ruin or Preservation noticing, and they wouldn't be able to get to it in the Cognitive Realm, as the investiture in metal makes it so that Shards cannot touch or influence it and probably are unable to get past it, so Shards would not be able to get to the core of the planet, because the inner and outer cores would be made out of metal. In addition, Ruin and Preservation are so heavily invested in the planet that they can't leave, so that would make them Guards that can't leave their posts. The only thing I can't figure out is what the boiling/freezing point of water has to do with the weapon of opposition of Adonalsium. What do you guys think?
  4. I recently posted that the Dor is Adonalsium’s Investiture, changed by Dominion and Devotion only as necessary to create Sel’s magic systems. Responders cited the prepublication AU Selish essay in rebuttal. Khriss states that Devotion and Dominion’s Investiture alone constitutes the Dor. Here’s my question for this thread: If Khriss is right, and Shardworld Investiture comes solely from the Shards, then where is Adonalsium’s Investiture? He created the Cosmere – where did his Investiture go? Contrary to Khriss, I believe MOST Investiture in the Cosmere comes from Adonalsium. Except for Scadrial, a Shard-created planet, Shards piggy-backed on Adonalsium’s Investiture to make their magic systems. I’m working through a major unpublished theory, and this is a key component. In view of AU, I thought I’d throw this discussion open for advice and input. Where do YOU think Adonalsium’s Investiture went? Here are my thoughts: 1. Brandon says the Cosmere is identical to our universe’s physics, except for its magical component. He says that magic is PART of the Cosmere’s “physics.” 2. Brandon says that Adonalsium left “Ambient Magic” on Shardworlds – magic that is part of the “natural ecosystem” but that mortals cannot command. To me, “natural” means that Adonalsium created the ecosystem including its magic. By definition, anything Adonalsium created is “natural,” since nothing existed before he created it. 3. There are two known examples of Ambient Magic: First of the Sun and pre-human Roshar. First of the Sun’s magic stems from the Patje Shardpool, which Invests worms eaten by the Aviar that give the Aviar their magical abilities. The Aviar bond to specific mortals, like Sixth of the Dusk, and grant those mortals certain cognitive abilities. These mortals cannot command the magic to do anything. 4. Pre-human Roshar life was dominated by animals (and plants?) engaged in various symbiotic relationships with spren. Brandon describes how “natural” it is for spren to bond with listeners, and we see spren supporting greatshells, skyeels and other fauna. Listeners transform during highstorms, the bringers of Stormlight, and WoR suggests greatshells do as well. 5. Highstorms were originally “meteorological events” and were “later Invested.” I interpret this “later Investment” as coming from the Shards. I believe highstorms always produced Stormlight, since that was “natural” to Roshar. Without Stormlight, spren symbiosis would likely have been impossible. The listeners’ “Rider of Storms” predates human migration to Roshar. 6. If Stormlight is a natural part of Roshar’s ecology – part of Roshar’s Ambient Magic – then Stormlight must be Adonalsium Investiture. Otherwise, we’d have to conclude that the Shards created Roshar’s spren-based Ambient Magic. With all the Adonalsium spren on Roshar, that seems unlikely. [My unpublished theory concludes that Honor and Cultivation’s Investment created Radiantspren and made spren bondable to humans and stand-alone gemstones (that is, gemstones not part of “living” gemhearts). Spren in their “natural” state could only bond with native lifeforms. Shard Investment thus created the Surgebinding and fabrial magic systems.] 7. If Stormlight is Adonalsium Investiture and fuels Roshar’s Ambient Magic, why don’t we see similar things on other Shardworlds? I think we do; hence, my “The Dor is Adonalsium’s Investiture” post. I suggest the Shards picked the planets they did to Invest because Adonalsium had left more Investiture on those planets than others. That made it easier for the Shards to create their magic systems. [I’m leaving Scadrial out of this discussion, since it is a Shard-created planet. I do address it in my theory.] 8. Khriss is an arcanist, a “magical scientist.” Scientists make mistakes. I think Khriss over-values the role of the Shards and undervalues Adonalsium’s role in creating Cosmere magic. Brandon hints this may be so: “I’ve begun to wonder if something greater is happening on Sel than we…have guessed. Something with origins lost in time.” (AU Kindle, p. 17.) 9. Khriss also doesn’t know how the Patje Shardpool came to be on First of the Sun. To me, this in particular highlights her blind spot about Adonalsium’s Investiture. If you agree with Khriss, please answer this thread’s question: where is Adonalsium’s Investiture? We know for sure it’s on Roshar…where did the rest of it go? Possible counterarguments: A. “Adonalsium’s Investiture is still in the Spiritual Realm and is now controlled by the Shards.” That’s true, but it doesn’t fully answer the question. My question is what happened to Investiture Adonalsium ALREADY INVESTED on Shardworlds before he Shattered. Investiture exists in all three Realms, just like everything else. Stormlight, for example, exists in the Physical Realm in gaseous form; exists in the Cognitive Realm as collectively perceived by Roshar’s inhabitants; and exists in Roshar’s Spiritual DNA, part of the planet’s SpiritWeb. It is the Ambient Magic Adonalsium built in to the planet, the Investiture he already Invested in that planet. B. “Adonalsium’s Investiture was left in small amounts on many, many planets. He didn’t Invest any one or more planets with enough magic to create a magic system.” This argument has merit, except for the contrary example of Roshar. Adonalsium Invested A LOT of Stormlight, enough to sustain the entire planet’s flourishing ecosystem. If it happened once, it happened more than once. C. A corollary to this argument is that Adonalsium mostly Invested in the Cosmere’s matter and energy. He Invested little or nothing in Investiture, as Khriss’ “Drominad System” essay suggests. Again I pose Roshar as contrary evidence. What do you think? Where is Adonalsium’s Investiture?
  5. Funny how Brandon seems to be coming out with multiple books set in alternate earths. Funny how the inherit magic systems seem to be both evil, and soft magic. Funny how he claims that both are non-cosmere. This seems like an awfully large COINCIDENCE and you know what they say about COINCIDENCES? "It takes an awful lot of work to make a coincidence" - Winston Churchill (probably) Perhaps this has some connection to this mysterious "Adolnasium Opposing Force"? Anybody think I'm on to something; or that this theory is the work of 999 monkeys in a room with a typewriter?
  6. Okay, I don't know if anything like this has been mentioned before so, sorry if it has. Anyway, I realized recently that in the cosmere there seem to be a lot of opposites and parallels to everything. When kelsier is first teaching Vin about allomancy he says that every push has a pull (or something like that) meaning that everything has an opposite or a consequence. Every allomantic metal has an opposite to it and when combined they (most of the time) cancel out. We see more opposites on Sel, where the seons seem to be the exact opposites of the skaze. One emits light while the other seems to absorb light. On Roshar we see that honorspren are the opposites of cryptically and tend to dislike them, just how shallan and kaladin hated each other at first. But then we also see that a bunch of the shards seem to have opposites, so what if they all have opposites? It isn't really sixteen different shards but eight pairs of opposites. Ruin vs Preservation. Odium (hatred) vs Devotion (love). Autonomy (self sufficiency) vs Dominion (control). These are the obvious pairings but there are also unobvious ones: Honor (morality) vs Ambition (desire) and Endowment (natural skill) vs Cultivation (improving or refining something) So with this trend of opposite shards, perhaps we can learn more about the six shards whose intent we don't know. Brandon has mentioned that there is a shard who "just wants to survive" but he hasn't specifically named its intent as survival or anything else. With this we can try to speculate what the opposite of a shard who just wants to survive would be. The answer could be A) A shard who just wants to die, B) A shard who wants to kill/destroy or C) Something else entirely Then if we could figure out that pair it would leave us with four more shards of unknown intent which would only be two pairs, so we'd be close to figuring them all out. Let me know if you have any other proof, or prove me wrong. Either way we'll be one step closer to unraveling some of the biggest mysteries in the cosmere.
  7. This theory comes from thinking about the likelihood that Adonalsium and his shards and attributes are based on or closely related to Earth religions. It is important to note that I am not suggesting that these books are allegorical. Their internal consistency and foundation have been made stronger by the study of world religions. These ideas were sparked by thinking about Odium as a manifestation of divine wrath: This is something that has been discussed already, but I think it is a huge clue to what is going on with the shards more generally. Although Odium is described as “divine hatred,” I think readers have correctly interpreted this to mean “wrath.” (I think it’s also possible that some of the other shards—perhaps especially those with weaker or very compatible vessels—have gone a little “batty” from being isolated from other divine virtues that would have kept them from going overboard with their Intent.) So, anyway, substituting Odium for the theologically familiar “wrath” is a smart move, as it allows for some speculation but is not blatant. Some shards, such as Endowment and Dominion are actual theological concepts, but they are less obvious to readers than Wrath would have been. This brings me to another possible substitution: “Honor” as a replacement for “Covenant.” There is a lot of debate over the relationship between goodness and honor, but what if Honor represents the covenants that a god makes with a people? (Covenant—or compact, if you like—also has legal and social meanings in addition to the theological one.) Thinking of Honor as representing covenants maintains the oath and bonds aspect of Honor, but it should allow us to talk about honor (and Honor) with less emphasis on goodness. On the other side of the coin, it also allows for more flexibility and room for interpretation with how covenants, oaths, and bonds are “honored” in-world. (Rightness vs. Justice vs. Letter of the Law, etc.) It is probably more useful to think of “honor” as a verb: to enforce or follow through on a covenant, oath, or to maintain a bond. Again, I am not arguing that the possible use of the concept of a covenant is allegorical. Tanavast never sent a rainbow after a particularly bad Highstorm. Gods make promises to and agreements with their followers. I won’t attempt to rewrite our understanding of the Cosmere or even of SA with this theory. I am more interested in how it could influence existing discussions and current and future theories. The one application I’ll suggest is also probably the most obvious. I suspect Adonalsium already had a covenant with the Listeners before his shattering: Post shattering, Honor, now separated from “the whole” appeared with the more Physically-inclined, spren-attracting humans and a willingness to betray or downgrade preexisting covenants. For a Listener, flirting with some other gods would not be unreasonable under those circumstances. Keeping in mind that Honor may have been a little intense with his Intent as a shard, are there other ways that covenants and agreements might have ended up a bit “off”? What is the Oathpact? Why do the Heralds blame Honor for their situation? Is a hypothetical Parshendi covenant still in existence somehow? Finally, I realize that this doesn’t touch on Cultivation’s role, though hopefully it will lead to speculation about how she fits into this picture. I’m very interested to hear thoughts on this idea! Also, I'm just realizing the bad timing of suggesting a theory just before we dig into the first chapters of Oathbringer. Oh well!
  8. I'm curious if the number 16 is important to the cosmere because that's how many Shards Adonalsium shattered into or if the number 16 has a deeper importance and Adonalsium shattered into 16 Shards because of that deeper importance.
  9. Has anyone ever thought about Adonalsium shattering in the same way an atom does? I'm talking about the way nuclear fission works; beta and alphas decay etc . Usually the atoms that split off are extremely radioactive and put off a lot of energy themselves. If there is a thread that existed or a question put towards Brandon could you refer it to me! The reason I wonder is that it ends with ism and this refers to elements much of the time. A lot of your heavier weight elements naturally decay very quickly some on the manner of microseconds or less. I'm wondering if Adonalsium is referring to an extremely heavy weight atom that was either stable or maybe it was unstable which is why he/it had to be shattered.
  10. We know that Hoid has access to several systems of Investiture, and that among these are Feuchemy and Lightweaving. Now, that fact that he seems to have Feruchemy is particularly interesting. As far as we know, Feruchemy cannot be obtained later in life- you must be born with it. It stands to reason, then, that Hoid was born with this ability, and, frankly, there's no reason to think he wasn't. After all, the raw material from which the Shards, and hence magic, come- Adonalsium- existed on Yolen at some time in the past. When the shards went to other worlds, they brought systems of magic with them. Lightweaving is also interesting, as the Lightweavers were apparently also an order of Knights Radiant, and both apparently have similar abilities. It seems unlikely that this is a coincidence. Once again, the KR are associated with a Shard, Honor in this case, and once again that shard, or a form of it, seems to have existed on Yolen when Adonalsium was there. Given these facts, I propose that before the shattering of Adonalsium, all the systems of magic we now have scattered throughout the cosmere were present on Yolen. Allomancers, Awakeners, users of the Dor- you could find all of them there. I suspect, of course, that magic on Yolen will not look exactly like the magic in any of the books. They would have known about the interactions between the systems and probably a bit about the underlying Realmatic theory. And since the shattering, you have gotten things such as the Dor that are strongly linked to new physical location of the Shards. The Yolenites woulds probably have viewed them not as separate systems of magic, but all parts of a single whole that could be controlled to various ends. Essentially, if having a single Shard on a world, and that lets you use magic, how can having all sixteen of them on a single world not let you use magic? Hoid seems to know a great deal about the interactions of systems of Investiture. Where did he learn this? I suspect he learned much of it on the world of his birth, where such things were studied and known about- Yolen.
  11. I just completed a reread of TWOK, my first after finishing all of the other works in the Cosmere, and had a thought about the Dawnshards... The only things we know for sure about the Dawnshards is that: They are not the same thing as regular shards on Roshar (shardblades), nor are they they same thing as the Honorblades which were held by the Heralds. -- WOB They played a huge role in protecting humanity on Roshar from the desolations in the past, and Honor is worried about the fact that they are now lost -- Dalinar's final vision in TWOK They can bind "any creature voidish or mortal" which apparently is a special property -- Poem of Ista Given all this info, it seems to me that most people thing the Dawnshards were some sort of ancient Spren that could bind to voidish and/or mortal beings that conferred unique powers that are now lost. Perhaps the people these Dawnshards bound were the Dawnsingers. It's a great theory, but I've got another, simpler one... What if the "Dawnshards" are actually just another way to describe Shards of Adonalsium? I started the Cosmere with the Stormlight Archives, so it has always confused me just how many different things are described as "Shards." What if, on Roshar, the BIG shards, the "complete" Shards of Adonalsium (ie Honor, Cultivation, Odium), are referred to as the Dawnshards in order to differentiate them from different, regular "shards" which are actually shards of shards (spren). Here's why I think this might fit: They are the shards that existed on Roshar at the "dawn" of creation, ergo they are the "Dawnshards" "Talk of them was obviously prevalent among those recording the early mythologies" They can bind any creature voidish or mortal. As far as we know, there aren't any limitations on picking up or holding a Shard of Adonalsium They existed some time ago and played a part in helping humanity fight off the desolations (Honor and Cultivation vs. Odium) But they are lost now (Honor and Cultivation are dead/splintered), and Honor is worried that humanity can't fight off the desolations (Odium) without them The magic system on Roshar seems somewhat different in present times (post-splintering?) than in Dalinar's visions of the past (pre-splintering?) If I'm right, then this gives the following quote form the Poem of Ista new meaning... Someone tried to hold on to a Shard of Adonalsium, probably Honor, presumably after its original bearer died. They must not have been able to hold onto it because we know now that Honor is splintered. Maybe this is why the person in the poem had to "crawl" up the steps. What do you guys think? Poke holes in this for me...
  12. I don't know if this has been suggested before but I have a theory as to what Hoid is up to. I think his quest is to reforge Adonalsium by traveling to each of the shard worlds, collecting a splinter of each shard, and then combining them. I think this would then either cause a cascade effect across the cosmere or create a new cosmere (mini verse) with him as the vessel for the Adonalsium. I do think it's more likely the former because of some of the things he has said on Roshar. He said things like "though I care for this world I will watch it burn to get what I need". I think this implies that he would ascend into the current cosmere and be able to restore the planet in a similar fashion as Sazed when he ascended to become Harmony. Thoughts?
  13. So, I've been thinking a lot about magic systems lately. They all seem to be related to the Shard that created them (preservation is related to pushing on metals and enflaming people's emotions? That's a bit of a stretch), and Adonalsium is all the Shards, and so doesn't really have a specific Shardic Intent, and so the magic system he may or may not have created would just be something to do with Investiture, and nothing else. This is what I think it would be: You take something and you store Investiure in it (kind of like nicrosil feruchemy), in the form of physical abilities/attributes. This includes speed, emotions, health, etc. (sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it? Don't worry, it deviates from feruchemy in the next part). Then, the Investiture stored in the object is not anything in particular, but just pure Investiture. When you want to use it, you simply drain the Investiture out of it and convert it into anything you want it to be. People who could use this magic system would be able to use magic systems created by other Shards as well, since all the Shards came from Adonalsium. So, you could make yourself really light, then fly across the sky by pushing yourself along on a coin. Here's why I think the magic system would work: Adonalsium doesn't have a specific Shardic Intent, so he can do anything without conflicting against it. The magic system, similarly, wouldn't have any specific boundaries. This, however, means that it is subject to normal rules, such as the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy (and so matter and Investiture) cannot be created or destroyed. You may be thinking at this point 'but that can't be true, since Allomancy created Investiture'. However, I have two answers to this. The first is that the Investiture wasn't created, it simply came from somewhere, and that somewhere was Preservation. His Intent didn't allow destruction, or Ruin, so the power couldn't come from the people themselves; it had to come from Preservation. My second answer is that, for all the Investiture being created by Allomancy, an equal amount was lost through hemalurgy. Therefore, no Investiture was gained or lost, therefore leaving the rule intact. Because of this rule, the Investiture would either have to come from Adonalsium (which I find unlikely, since it would A: weaken him to the thing that opposed him (look on the Coppermind for details), and B: would make him 'interfere' (quote from Harmony), and would split the power into Shards, leaving him weaker and with an Intent that would leave his mind. So, it has to come from the humans who use it. However, the thing stored is pure Investiture, since it's not from any particular Shard, and so you could convert it to anything you want, and since it doesn't have any focus, you can store it in anything and can store anything and tap anything, even if the thing you're tapping isn't the same thing as what you stored. Feel free to add anything if you want, since I probably left something out or made a loophole.
  14. So, essentially, from this WoB, we can determine that the method of Splintering is the same as the original Shattering, and that this will hold true across all levels further down the line too. What I want to know is if the original 16 Shardholders were all present with Hoid at the EXACT moment of Adonalsiums shattering. If so, then wouldn't they all technically know how to splinter/shatter other Shards? From the information we have, so far the only Shards who have demonstrated knowledge of Splintering are Odium and Autonomy (their misendeavours on Sel). Why would this be the case? Extra question: Which non-Shards, that we are aware of, have knowledge of Splintering? Hoid is an obvious pick, but what about Khriss or other 17th Sharders?
  15. By now, everyone probably know that in the beginning (or at least the beginning of time relevant to us in the Cosmere), there was Adonalsium. He was Shattered by 16 people, who split his power into 16 equal parts, and then separated and went their different ways, some together, some not. Then, after everyone settled down, Odium (formerly known as Rayse) travelled around the Cosmere, splintering Shards as he went. The Splintering split the Shards into Splinters with different Intents to the Shard they were once part of. Now here's the thing; Shattering sounds very much like Splintering: a new Intent? Check; a splitting of the power? Check. This means that the things we know about Splintering can be applied to Shattering, and vice versa. As proven by Sazed, more than one Shard can be held by the same person/entity. This means someone can take a Splinter's power and merge it with another to creat a new Intent, with a greater power than before. This means that Splintering may not be irreversible as once thought, merely difficult to gain enough Splinters to gain power equal to the power held by the Shards. This is no doubt what Odium wanted when he started his killing spree. He may not have been able to destroy the power completely, but could do enough that it made things really hard to gain a power level equal to that of Odium's. Of course, he might have trouble trying to combat Harmony, what with him having the power of two Shards, but that will come later. This means that, eventually, someone may be able to gather the power of all 16 Shards (and their Splinters), and become Adonalsium. Of course, this doesn't make one invincible... Feel free to add anything if you like, since this theory is probably incomplete and needs refining.
  16. The Shattering is the singular event in cosmere history. Brandon says, “The great writing question of the cosmere, the underlying theme is, what do men do when given the Power of the Gods? How do they act? What do they do?” This post speculates how the Shattering might have happened mechanically. It is another in my periodic series, “A Theory of Cosmere Magic.” Unlike splintering, which leaves an indeterminate number of differently sized splinters, the Shattering produced precisely 16 Shards of originally equal Power. Khriss says the Vessels “divided [Adonalsium’s] essence between them.” (M:SH, Part 3-2, Kindle Loc. 938.) Brandon uses the word “essence” to mean the Physical Realm manifestation of “the godly powers.” (I use the term “Powers” to describe the “godly powers” – Spiritual Realm Investiture that isn’t part of a Spiritweb.) The Vessels could easily divide Adonalsium’s liquid “essence” if he had a “godpool.” Shards leave perpendicularities on planets they Invest. I think Adonalsium left a single “godpool” at the place he Invested the entire cosmere. That place was Yolen. “Killing” Adonalsium meant erasing his mind, his capacity to direct the Powers. His godpool gave the Vessels access to his mind. I speculate the Vessels dropped an aluminum “bomb” into the godpool. Aluminum is “magically inert” and acts as an “Investiture sink.” The aluminum neutralized Adonalsium’s Cognitive Realm Investiture – his mind – making him “brain dead.” The Spiritual Realm Investiture – the Powers – survived undamaged. After the aluminum “bomb” killed Adonalsium, his liquid “essence” lay in the godpool. The Vessels quickly sluiced his essence to 16 separate pools of equal volume. The Vessels entered their pools and ascended, emerging as Shards of equal Power. When Rashek and Vin immersed themselves in the Well, their ascensions were partial and temporary. The Vessels’ ascensions were full and permanent. I attribute this difference to the fact that Adonalsium was dead when the Vessels entered their pools, but Preservation was still alive when Rashek and Vin entered the Well. The Well also didn’t represent all of Preservation’s power, since he created it from his own mind to trap Ruin’s consciousness. After Preservation died, Vin did fully ascend by absorbing the mists, the “condensed ‘essence’ of [Preservation’s] godly powers.” Did the Shards hide Yolen to prevent someone like Vin from using the godpool when it replenishes? That’s why Rashek hid the Well. In an accompanying post, I speculate Mistborn foreshadows Dragonsteel. Perhaps Odium wants to kill the other Vessels to become the “one god” when the godpool is full again…16,000 years after the Shattering? Is this what Hoid fears?
  17. What is the official name for beings that hold one of the shards of Adonalsium?
  18. Another in my ongoing series “A Theory of Cosmere Magic” Classification of Magic Systems Pre-Shattering Magic Basic Realmic Theory Brandon deflects questions about the cosmere’s origin and the nature of the “God Beyond.” He states the “God Beyond” and related subjects depend on one’s religious attitudes. But Brandon does provide some hints. The most important comes from Sazed [HoA, Chapter 55 Epigraph (emphasis added)): I read the word “originally” to refer to the period pre-Shattering, before the Shards ascended. These “powers” (the “Powers”) at that time lacked “thoughts and personalities.” To me, this comment means the ability to direct the Powers does not require “personhood.” “Consciousness” means you’re “alive,” but it does not make you into a “person” with a self-identity largely formed by social interactions. The Powers had no social interactions. We see the same distinction between splinters (self-aware bits of Cognitive and Spiritual Investiture) and spren (splinters that do have their own “thoughts and personalities”). Brandon describes the “spren-making” process: "because of human or other sapient creatures thinking about it or interacting with the power, the power…develops personality and comes alive.” “Adonalsium” is the name the cosmere gives the anthropomorphized pre-Shattering Powers. Since Adonalsium was not a “person,” he couldn’t have been human or any other species that became a Shard – the Shard Vessels did have “thoughts and personalities.” I believe Adonalsium was the self-directing Powers. Brandon says, “Somebody needs to hold the magic. If no one holds the magic, the magic will start to gain sentience. Interesting and bizarre things happen then.” The Powers developed sentience and “bizarrely” created the cosmere. Khriss is unsure whether that made Adonalsium a “force” or a “being,” though she thinks the latter. (M:SH, Kindle Loc. 938, Part 3-2.) “Adonalsium” is an anagram for “a mind, a soul.” Brandon also says “Adonalsium shattered because he was killed.” I interpret this WoB to mean “shattering,” like “splintering,” happens when the mind that controls the Powers “dies.” Posters read this WoB to mean Adonalsium was “alive” and “male.” Since Adonalsium was “conscious,” he was “alive.” Spren prove being “alive” does not require corporeal form. While Brandon uses the male pronoun to describe Adonalsium, both here and elsewhere, I’m not sure we can conclude “he” was male. Divine gender tends to be masculine in many cultures (an observation, not a sexist assertion). The male pronoun in this context may or may not be significant. After the Powers acquired consciousness, I believe they – Adonalsium – Invested the cosmere’s three Realms in a single act – a “Big Bang.” Under Brandon’s “one substance” principle, Adonalsium converted part of himself into Creation. The Powers are the raw material of Creation (which I define as the sum of all Spiritwebs and their corresponding Cognitive and Physical Realm aspects). When the Powers Invest, they become the created matter, energy or Investiture. As a creative force, the Powers WANT to be used, MUST be used. Magic users feel this compulsion – the Powers push a directing mind to action. This creative compulsion explains why mindless Powers become self-directing. It also explains why I believe the cosmere’s Creation occurred in a single moment: once Adonalsium became the Power’s directing mind, the Powers exploded with pent-up creative energy. After Creation, the remaining Powers (the Powers that didn’t convert into Creation) were confined to the Spiritual Realm. Though they formed everything, they were un-Connected to Creation. That’s why there were no catalytic magic systems before the Shattering – there were no Connections through which a magic user could access the Powers (Adonalsium). In this sense, Adonalsium was a “heavenly” God, a “transcendent” God. But Adonalsium was also an “immanent” God, present in Creation. “God is in everything” is another idea Brandon borrows from Spinoza. This idea appears in Brandon’s statement that Investiture is the “Condensed ‘essence’ of the godly powers.” Marasi says metals are the “concentrated essence” of Preservation. (BoM, Kindle p. 359.) This idea also underlies the cosmere’s version of the thermodynamic laws, the inter-convertibility of matter, energy and Investiture.
  19. This is more a question than a theory and I think that probably we have not data to discuss this, but were it goes... Brandon stated that the Cosmere happens in a dwarf galaxy... I wonder if what we know of Realmatics and Investiture is true for the remaining of the universe. Like, is there a cognitive Realm of other galaxies? Is there any Investiture outside this galaxy? This lead me to the next topic... Why are all Shards in this galaxy? I understand that galaxies are very, very far way... except that in the Cognitive Realm the space between galaxies should be almost non-existing. Given that, why do all the Shards of Adonalsium stay in the same galaxy... Specially knowing that Odium would go after then. If it was for defence, they should have stayed more together!! So, they stay in this galaxy. Maybe Adonalsium, and per inheritance it's shards, are bound to this galaxy. This lead me to think that Adonalsium is not this Universe god... Maybe there is no Universal God in this universe... But if Adonalsium is not the God of the universe, it makes sense that there would be other "Adonalsium"s in other galaxies... And we might see that eventually!! Now, as a small point, can anyone point me to any information on what was Adonalsium? My question is, was Adonalsium power with a vessel? Was there a "mortal" driven this immense power? If yes, how many vessels did Adonalsium had? If not, then was we pure sentience Investiture?
  20. shards

    So I was inspired by @ShadowLord_Lith and his post about Shards. I wanted to ask this question in a broader forum area. If you were to be a Shard, what would your name be? Also, if you feel inclined, enlighten us on your magic system and world. I would be happy to hear! If I were to be a shard, I would be Affirmation. Magic in my world would be based upon strength of belief, being similar to Soulcasting. If you believe something, Investiture would affirm said thing, making it true. Also, another form of Investiture would be able to work upon the mind, Affirming certain beliefs inside of someone, similar to Soothing and Rioting. I could Affirm certain beliefs to make them stronger, while Dismissing others. In terms of a world, I would have several high mountains, which sat above a shadowed world covered by clouds. Below, your abilities would be far more powerful, due to the planet being undefined, while above, humans lived normally. There would be two types of magic, the mental Affirmations and Dismissals, and the physical Affirmations and Dismissals. As I said above, you can only truly change reality within the lower areas of the planet, the ones below the Godpeaks. So, this would prevent the destruction of humanity before it could develop a set of rules. The further one goes from the ground of the planet, the weaker their physical abilities would become. Conversely, those who possessed mental abilities would grow stronger the further you ascended. After all, creation is impulsive, while belief is built on already created ideas. Creation must come from something unformed, while honing something, that comes from what has been built. The Godpeaks were built by me personally, and as such, can not be affected by physical Affirmation. Someone could only destroy my Affirmation with intense amounts of Investiture, as to destroy an idea, you need a more powerful one.
  21. I'm going to submit an idea for a shard that has no basis in any previously stated theory (that I am aware of), that is not based on any patterns or rules I've noticed in the books, that really only comes from the idea that I think this shard would be awesome. I think it would be awesome to see a hivemind shard. The shardholder can invest in a planet and create life, but all of that life would just be an extension of itself. It wouldn't have Harmony's issues with maintaining any kind of balance for free will, there is no free will, except the will of the shard. I don't know what it would be called, it wouldn't be like domination, it might be an "opposite" of autonomy. If this shard did exist, I imagine it possible that Dysian Aimians are a race created by it, in which case at least a part of the shard itself would be on Roshar. That last part falls apart a bit when you start thinking of Siah Aimians as well. Thoughts? Anybody else have ideas for shards that would just be cool, without worrying too much about how it fits into any unifying theories of the cosmere?
  22. Hi! Kell here. I'm obviously running out of ideas… Finally reading the Alloy of Law again will definitely help. I'd normally do some weird Feruchemic theory right now but I don't feel like it. Maybe in five minutes. Anyways, forgive my ignorance but when Adonalsium reigned supreme, were there any other gods? Take Trell for example. Did he exist, or were there others? Did Raidri-- oh nevermind. Ausar and his bro Galath probably did tho Ising the I of being STORMING CURIOUS! Seeya!!
  23. I finally received my copy of Bands of Mourning today, having asked for information on Adonalsium (IN my copy of Firefight it was revealed that there was a failed plot to kill Adonalsium which failed) The Inscription reads: "Adonalsium shattered because he was killed." We now have confirmation that Adonalsium was a living being, and was male. It sounds as if there were several attempts on His life... What is the current info on the Weapon and the other plots? Can we start to tie things together? Particularly with M:SH revealing so much?
  24. Well, we long suspected it but it's nice to have confirmation.
  25. As the title says, who named the Shards? It seems as if Hoid and other Yolenites of that time all refer to each other by their given names (at least, in the Letters, Hoid and The Recipient call everyone by their actual names and I don't have my Mistborn books to see about Leras and Ati and Harmony). But who decided to call Ati's Shard "Ruin" as opposed to "Change"? Or Rayse's "Odium"? Or Tanavast's "Honor"? They seem... slanted, and not based on the person (after all, Rayse was a good man). It has to be someone Realmatically aware to an extremely large degree, since they know the very nature of these gods, not just their short term goals and accomplishments, which means more so than Khriss and Nazh. A head honcho at Silverlight maybe? A new Yolenite?