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Found 170 results

  1. I just wanted to make sure everybody will notice this piece of art based on WoK. It's not mine, but it's so awesome!
  2. Isn't it so adorable?
  3. This is Adolin's..uhh, I don't know, call it what you like. I thought love was only true in ancient tales Meant for someone else but not for me Love was out to snare me That’s the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all my dreams Then I saw her face! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace, of doubt in my mind! I’m in love, and I’m a believer. I couldn’t leave her if I tried. I thought love was more or less a freelance thing The less I gave the more I got, oh yeah! What’s the use of tryin’ All I get is gain When I wanted sunshine I got pain. Then I saw her face! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace, of doubt in my mind! I’m in love, I’m a believer! I couldn’t leave if I tried. Then I saw her face! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace, of doubt in my mind! Now I’m a believer, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Now I’m a believer! Then I saw Shallan! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace, of doubt in my mind!
  4. I was reading through the excel spreadsheet of Reddit WoB's that was compiled by Pagerunner here and came across this one (#437): Q: Do you plan to write the stormlight archive books with the same POV characters throughout the series (like WoT) or do you think that you give other characters POV (aSoIaF) as the series continues? A: Most of the main POV characters have been introduced. Each book will take one major character (Kaladin, Dalinar, Adolin, Jasnah, Shallan, Navani, Szeth, Taln) and give them 'flashback' sequences in the same way Kaladin got flashbacks in the first book. There are some open spots for which I'm toying with other characters being used. Other characters will get viewpoints now and then, but I feel that one of the ways that big series get off track is by changing the focus to side characters. (Note that I will continue doing the Interludes to give some other voices and perspectives screen time. Few of these will be main characters.) ADOLIN is mentioned as a PoV character who will get his own book. This quote is from August 2015. Is this a typo and should read "Renarin" or has some change occurred and none of us have followed up with Brandon about it? @maxal, you would probably be interested in this. Also, notice this : It seems the chosen 10 are not as set in stone as we might think, eh?
  5. Hi folks, Haven't seen any speculation on this thus far, which doesn't say much here, but here it goes. We understand that spren "live a little" when they are synced up to the heartbeat of the person bearing them. Let's say Adolin begins living the ideals of the spren he is bearing, could he bring the spren back to life and become a proto radiant? It just seems that Brandon really made a point of him talking to his sword...
  6. Adolin Kholin in Shardblade, wielding his massive Shardblade, magnificent and intimidating. A pencil sketch using a new style of shading that turned out really well. I'm actually really proud of this drawing,a s I didn't go off a reference photo for the pose, only consulting the illustration in WoR for the general idea of the Plate and shape of the Blade. Hope you like it!
  7. From the album Doodles of Roshar

    The kholins are going to be a serious work in progress. some basic doodles of Adolin, trying to figure him out. I will need to explore him a bit more
  8. Just occurred to me that Dalinar could, in response to Sadeas' murder, take the fall of Adolin legally if (or when) the consequences eventually come to fruition. Thoughts on this?
  9. From the album Stormlight Trading Cards

  10. I'm still not happy with this picture but after a certain point I think I'll just call it a day. I started this a very long time ago and never finished it because I was unsatisfied at how it didn't match up to my mental image. I left it unfinished because leaving it for some time would let me have a fresh look at it later. Well I found it while poking around in my hard drive and tried reworking it several half a dozen times. It's better now but I think I will try again in another year and see how a fresh perspective will improve it. Some thoughts I had: Alethi genetics - they are like magnets: how the Braize do they work? There's variation between individual Alethi and between lighteyes and darkeyes due to foreign blood, but to Alethi viewpoint characters the differences between them and Earth humans are never pointed out unless they are very strange, like Shin eyes or glowing Knight eyes. In this drawing, I gave Adolin monolid east Asian eyes even though Polynesians have been described as similar to Alethi, and they have eyelid folds. I got no idea, man. I think Brandon wrote Dalinar while inspired by Mongolian generals. Trying to get the hair right was difficult, but I feel like I managed to capture my mental impression of it. I'm not sure how "black speckled blond" is supposed to look but most people interpret it as individual strands of black rather than streaks/locks of it. That is how I drew it, blond enough so from a distance you would just see yellow hair. However, in my stylised cartoon depictions I draw it with black streaks for convenience. In terms of his haircut shape I wanted to convey "youthful" and "playful" but not go full Bieber mode. And soft looking enough you would want to maybe touch it and pat his head like Shallan thought about on her first date. As a side note, I made his eyebrows blond and black as well. That prison scene in WoR mentioned that his beard hair was blond and black. One cannot help but wonder about the carpet and the drapes, heh. Officers in the warcamps wear "knots on their shoulders" to signify their rank, and Adolin's are gold for second or third dahn. Some other artists interpret this as the epaulet braids that some Earth military use, but I felt that if they were braids they would be described as braids rather than knots. So in my interpretation, they are like Celtic knots stylised into symmetrical glyph designs. I am aware that my Kholin Army officer uniforms are off-model compared to the book description of double breasted longcoat with silver buttons and single breasted waistcoat. In my original sketches I drew it that way, but it seemed clunky looking to me, so I took artistic license and designed something I felt looked sleeker and cooler for sky fighting. I know cravats are not in the official description either, but Sadeas and Amaram both wear them (book calls them "stocks", like the ones Earth equestrians wear) so they are known in-universe. Even though Kaladin probably wouldn't know how to tie one. Maybe Adolin taught him. Or maybe he uses Lashings to make the folds stay put. Apologies for this wall of text but explaining my artistic decisions is part of the process of transforming amorphous mental impressions of written media into visual media. And it demonstrates why everyone comes up with different visual impressions of a character.
  11. This is just a theory. It's probably too simple to be the whole story. But it makes sense, and I think it could be useful for (among other things) identifying Alethi characters in foreign lands, and creating Alethi OCs for fanfiction. In Writing Excuses, Brandon once mentioned a linguistic paradigm for "classical" Alethi names. He didn't describe it in detail, but he said it was invented to explain 'Dalinar,' which didn't really fit with the Vorin naming convention. He also said that 'Kaladin,' which he came up with by altering 'paladin,' conveniently fit this new classical paradigm. He also said this, in a 2014 interview: But there's a much simpler pattern in these names. And here it is: A simple alternation of Consonants (C) and vowels (V). (C) V C V C V C The initial consonant is in brackets because it's optional. It can be dropped, so names begin with a vowel. But the rest of the sequence doesn't change. No double vowels or double consonants. (Digraphs, like Th and Sh, count as one letter because they represent a single phoneme.) This holds true for the following Alethi names. Dalinar Adolin Renarin Gavilar Elhokar (assuming Lh is a digraph, the Alethi version of a double-L in English) Kaladin Meridas Amaram (coincidentally also a proper Vorin name) Aladar Arafik Avarak Avaran Alabet Lamaril Jakamav Kalishor Isasik Salinor Talanor Thanadal Tinalar Helaran (not Alethi, but close) Notice that all of these are men. This paradigm is only used for male names. As far as I can tell, all Alethi men have either Vorin names, or names in this pattern. (Vorin meaning palindromic, with one letter added, subtracted, or changed.) The only complication is Restares, whose name is neither Vorin nor classical. It violates my classical pattern because of the "ST" in the middle. But since Restares hasn't been confirmed as an Alethi, this may not be a problem. I'm wondering if anyone can see any additional patterns or rules that govern this system. Just for fun, I will now list some names from other Cosmere works that conveniently match this pattern. Galladon. Aredel. Luthadel. Aledin. Aradan (Yomen). Bevidon. Bavadin! Devanex. Dukaler. Galivan. Goradel. Heberen. Ishathon. Caberel. Nikolin. Arelon. Opelon. Duladel. Seraven. Enelan. And now some names from outside the Cosmere, to illustrate the general fantasy-friendly vibe of this paradigm: Saruman. Denethor. Boromir. Faramir. Azeroth. Suramar. Dalaran. Selidor. Eragon. (Po) Dameron. Caladan. Muradin. Mogenar. Telamon. Galadan. Malekith. Malacath. Akatosh. Zenithar. Kynareth. Erikur. (Obviously it also fits many not-so-fantastical names, like Cameron and Oliver. But let's leave reality out of this. Although Pokemon also fits.)
  12. From the album crab land

    here's something I can't stop thinking about
  13. Adolin is about one step away from becoming a Radiant like his father and brother, his personality is almost (though not quite) perfect for a Radiant and pretty much the only thing stopping some Spren from snapping him up is the fact that Surges can only take root in a broken soul, and Adolin isn't broken by a long shot. Now to be clear I don't actually like the idea of Adolin becoming a Radiant (though I'm not totally opposed to the thought, like I said, he'd make a good Dustbringer or possibly Stoneward) there are enough Kholins in the Radiants as is and I like the idea of a non Radiant hero playing a major part in the war to demonstrate that it isn't just the Knights Radiant fighting the Voidbringers while the rest of humanity stands back and watches. so the questions are: Should Adolin become a Radiant? How would he experience the necessary breaking to make him one? What would his Order be if he did? and if he doesn't how will he still stay plot relevant while everyone from his father to his fiancee to his little brother are suddenly worlds apart from him in terms of power? Ready? Set. Go!
  14. In the "full disadvantage" duel, why are Kaladin and Renarin allowed to jump into the arena? This has always bothered and confused me. It seems like the dueling rules are fairly formalized. And Adolin apparently agreed to battle any number of opponents. So why does the judge say nothing when Renarin and Kaladin jump into the arena. Seems to me like this would disqualify Adolin's victory...
  15. It's kind of funny how a reread can change perspectives, I've noted a few things here but feel free to add your own/throw rocks and fruit. Shallan For one, I definitely found Shallan much less annoying on reread. I mean, she still feels too Suey. But I used to find her chapters a chore to get through, and now less so. I still don't really like her wit, mainly because she gets praised for stuff that is just kinda weak and bland (maybe that is Vorin wit?) but I actually found her chapters to be a nice contrast to Kaladin's grim early WoK chapters and his later heavy brooding chapters. In general it was really cool to see her come out of her shell and to (re)learn a lot of the stuff about Roshar with her. I will say this though, the mind blanking stuff is frustrating as allthing. Kaladin Wow. You really notice the tendency to self flagellate on the reread, and the racism against lighteyes. Overall I was actually rather surprised how much less I liked Kal on the reread. Not to mention the number of times he could have done better if he'd acted different. Top marks for genuinely struggling to function and having legitimate issues with authority and emotions. This aside though, I was still pleased with how cool he could be. Maybe because I noticed how close to the edge he was through so much of WoK and how torn up he gets in WoR. Adolin Wow. Adolin is way nicer than I remember. Maybe it is just because he is fighting in so many of his chapters I always kinda imagined him as a brasher, darker character. Maybe that's just because of how WoR ends. But even right up to Sadeas I was in his corner and thinking about it I still am. I mean on my first read I was very into Dalinar and Kaladin, but I think in general Adolin comes across as a much nicer, cooler character. Maybe even too cool. I mean, awesome at the sword, funny, stands up for the little guys, makes choices based on solid evidence, and the one time he does actually lose his temper and snap it is to kill a man who has just declared that he's pretty untouchable, unashamed and won't stop at anything. Noting this, I am definitely in Adolin's corner with Sadeas. Much more than I was on the first read. It is pretty comparable to the situation with Straff in Mistborn so far as I see it, maybe even more justified. Dalinar I was actually surprised by how little Dalinar does and how much of a doormat he is for so much of tWoK and how little he does in WoR. Really. I remembered him as pretty solidly badass with the rest of the Highprinces acting like kids, but he drops the ball on so many occasions it is actually surprising. Still a good character, but I spent way more time than was healthy... how he acted. I suppose the big thing that struck me if how often we're told he is a good commander or leader, but how rarely we see it. I'm honestly surprised he got as many Highprinces as he did at the end of WoR. Strangely enough, I actually think in a lot of ways Dalinar might be the most human SA character. On the first read, especially with the gap between WoK and WoR, I didn't really notice just how haunted he was by Gavilar's death and how isolated he was. This may have come across as pretty negative, but I don't mean it that way, I actually might be happier with how the books are now.
  16. Hello, I recently read two books of Stormlight Archive, and they are the first I have read from Brandon Sanderson. Those were mildly a good surprise, and I did enjoy reading through them. So far, I like - Kaladin - Hoid - Jasnah - Adolin - Renarin - Elhokar - Pattern - Tien - Amaram - Hesina - Lirin - Sigzil Dalinar and Shallan though...I'm not sure what to make of them.
  17. I'm afraid that Adolin's fight with Sadeas at the end of WoR will put him in danger of retribution from the Skybreakers. Does anyone else see that as a concern? He also has a personal vendetta against Szeth, is it likely Brandon will kill him off in the next couple books?
  18. Super cheesy and so sweet your eyeballs grew tastebuds. Then those tastebuds shriveled and died at the sugar overload. I started this over four months ago and repainted it twice. Now it looks a lot better compared to my first attempt on getting it down on paper. Original sketch: Ugh I really love drawing unashamed fanservice pictures that make the Cosmere fanclub look like the inside of a sport team's locker room. And another pure fanservice picture: Alethkar School of Witchcraft and Wizardry And one last piece of silliness and Adolin because for some reason I really like both. THE OFFICIAL ADOLIN KHOLIN HAIRCUT CHART
  19. Roshar OT4 is the best! I’ve been considering this pose for ages + + + I also have two Lift pieces
  20. Be still my beating heart I love these children more than life itself I didn't think I would but I do If they're not endgame I'm gonna flip a table
  21. Szeth's assassination attempt. Imagine this upside down for extra effect. Shardblades can't be Lashed because they are invested objects. And they dissolve into mist when you let go of them, unless you concentrate to make them stay in the physical world. Adolin was thrown to the ceiling and was probably concussed, and his Blade disappeared. But let's just suspend disbelief in the name of artistic license.
  22. You've got to wonder if touching a girl's safehand is a big thing to those prudish Vorin Alethis. Maybe this is what young Alethis do at Feasts when they play spin the bottle. Yeah, maybe I kinda prefer Shadolin over Shalladin or Shallastick.
  23. Made with a 15x15cm square of kami paper. I couldn't find what colour Adolin's Blade was, so I just went with grey.
  24. Major characters! CLICK HERE to open up full size. CLICK HERE to open up mini version to use in the new profile's cover photo. It fits!! I drew Sadeas to have a punchable face, and Amaram to be less punchable because he's supposed to be a smarmy smug wannabe-Radiant who looks like a normal dude from the outside. I imagined him to be late 30's or almost or about 40, because Jasnah was 34 as of WoK and he was her almost-husband. Taravangian is supposed to be like a wise sage kungfu master grandpa, who looks harmless. Taln wears yellow because topazes are the gemstone of the Stonewards, but later I looked it up and found out that topazes can come in other colours than orangey-yellow, but it was too late for that. Wit has a medieval pageboy haircut because his job is to something like a King's minstrel and his blue eyes are somewhere in between light and dark.