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Found 7 results

  1. OK, maybe I am dense. The shades in the Forests of Hell are definitely ex-humans, aren't they? And shades dissolve slowly, so there is no such thing as a primordial shade. When the Forescouts arrived the forests were full of shades. There is no mention of aboriginies or ruins in the novella. That raises a question. Whose shades are they?
  2. First, no this is not about a remake of a famous movie. I think we have stark clues. Let me quote the first one, the famous passage from Secret History: That is incompatible with what we saw in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. People in the forests don't generally decide to become shades. If one did, it would just involve going outside and starting to run. No rites or traditions. I think we must conclude that Nazrilof hails from another period or another place. Could he postdate the events from Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell? I am afraid we must reject that option, as Khrissalla writes about visiting one of the refugee cities on the other continent and about knowing Nazrilof in the same essay. That brings us to the second important source, her essay on the Threnodite System where she calls those cities new and unfinished. That is not compatible with centuries having passed since the Forescouts came there. That means that Nazrilof predates the evacuation of the Homeland and hence hails thence. Yet the same essay also says that he has information on the Evil, albeit in vague terms. How is that possible? Did the Evil arrive a long time before the evacuation of the Homeland? Apparently it did. Threnody is an upstart military power during the events of Secret History. That precludes it being a devastated world with people fleeing from the Evil across an ocean. The same essay also mentions that Khrissalla did not get her information about pre evacuation magic in person. So she wasn't there. Apparently they also aren't in a conventional romantic relationship. I would expect that if they met in Silverlight as researchers or student and teacher. So, on an expedition? Does he owe her his life? Or, even wilder, did she outright buy him?
  3. Hi, this is my first post so im not realy sure how to write this, sory if its not very clear. Secend, sorry if my spelling is ronge English is not my first language. Now for my theory, i was just reding elantris for the second time, and i noticed the similarity between the herold Taln matra and the ones of the hoed in elantris. both are repetitive and both are caused partially by pain and partly by magic, in the hoed case, by being frozen in time,and i think that in Taln case, by only remembering the time on braze and loosing anything else just like we saw hapening to the other herolds, that loose most of there memoris just biger becase of the torture. i think that the fact taln was alone on braze for so long, made him forget enything else and become just pain just like the hoed resulting no longer capble of holding th oath pact. on both cases we also see that the mantra is talking about somthing tht was very importent to the person before just like taln mantra about the desolations or Raodens about how he failed his love. But what does this even mean? I think this are evidence for the existence of another type of shadows in the cosmere. after all cognetive shadows are either copys of the memory or the memory after the soel left, so i think the hoed are "spiricual shadows" where the mind left and the soel staed. i do not think it is a permenent situation as we see both the hoed heal and Taln healing for moment becase of dalanars bondsmith oath. we see more evidence in the fact that when Raoden was a hoed his mind was just floting around afraid to go back to his body becase of the pain. i akso wonder if the bondsmith oaths are not giving a moment of clarity but the power to forget the pain for a small amount of time. i also think that lifeless without exstra braeth could be phisical shadows where the mind and soel left but something(a form of Investiture) is mooving the body. a simuler thing i think can be said about the shades of Threnody that dont sem to reamember anything but still act. Im not sure what could be the implications but i just wanted to share my theroy and see if anyone implicationd before me and what does evryone thinks about the posebility. + which type do you think the reternd are?
  4. New user here, don't really know anybody IRL who also reads these books, and late night musing got something in my head that I was so itching to discuss I just had to register to post this. This is part question, part personal wild theorizing. So I was thinking about how exactly Taravangian was able to stab Rayse, and this got me to contemplating what happens to a person's physical body while they are holding a Shard. We know that when a Vessel dies their body appears at the location where their attention was currently focused (we've seen this with Leras, Ati, and Rayse), so my wild speculation is: When one Ascends, one's physical body is stored in what is basically a pocket dimension within the Physical realm, and while Vessels can communicate with mortals in a variety of ways (like Sazed speaking to those with spikes, or Odium speaking into the minds of those he has Connection to) actually being face-to-face with a mortal involves pulling them into this pocket dimension and interacting with them using the Vessel's physical body. This would explain how Rayse was able to actually be stabbed, because otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense - since we know Shards can make avatars, and Odium is rather paranoid and defensive and while it could be argued he's just so arrogant he's never consider a mortal a threat that seems a bit of a write-off to explain why he'd make himself vulnerable in that way, unless it's basically the only way he can be in direct contact with someone. But, a sort of pocket dimension containing their physical body would explain the Visions that Odium uses to show off to people, it also explains the Visions that Dalinar sees (if Honor created a little play inside his pocket dimension and it's kept open by the Stormfather), and it would also explain how Odium had a body for Taravangian to stab.
  5. So if a Scandrian Engineer got their hands on some Anti-stormlight and assuming they had the knowledge of what it did, do you think it would be possible for them to make a gun utilizing its power? If so how would you think this would affect the battle between Scandria and Roshar?
  6. Does anyone else have trouble believing Pattern when he says he used the Seon to talk to Wit? 1. Of course it's not entirely impossible that Wit has a Seon. But for anyone to reach Wit without prearranging a time, Wit would have to keep it close at all times, yet there's never been a hint of that. Also, in Elantris... 2. Wit is sequestered away with Jasnah a lot of the time. Who is supposed to have spied on him? Again: every time Pattern called him, at unexpected times? 3. Mraize told Shallan he has someone close to her, and I don't think he lied. So who is it? What I'm saying is: I think Pattern was talking to Mraize. I'm not clear about his motives, but I'm worried. Shallan saw several Cryptics in Kharbranth, Pattern might have been one of them. But he made 'first personal contact' on the ship where someone tried to kill Jasnah as a job for the Ghostbloods. Was Pattern sent along once the Ghostbloods realized Shallan would be on that ship? After all there is that Ghostblood - Davar family connection. Has he been a Ghostblood agent from the beginning, sent to Shallan? Just as the next one would be sent should Shallan kill Pattern? Are the Cryptics, or at least a group within them, allied to the Ghostbloods? Edit: Also, this:
  7. From several threads here I got the impression that now, after Maya's statements, it is accepted Recreance history (among readers, not in-world!) that the spren and Radiants together decided to sever the bonds. But how does that fit with the shrieking Blades? It's not just pain, Relis' blade at the duel in WoR clearly makes an accusation, as he answers: 'What is it? What is it? No, I didn't kill you!' That doesn't sound like Relis' blade chose like Maya did. So I would guess it wasn't such an unanimous decision, releasing the old Radiants from all guilt. There'll have been more nuance than that. What do you think?