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  1. Hmm I can actually see that. Prof can use his forcefield to fly and he can also create a forcefield bubble of it to move underwater (presumably holding air inside it), so even if Calamity is on the Earth's orbit it won't be a stretch to say that he can reach him/it by using his Epic powers.
  2. Yeah, couple of days ago I started the thread with the idea that each book will feature different Radiant Order (and that Eshonai will be Radiant), although people said there that they are not convinced I personally think that it's the most logical thing though.
  3. Hi all! I am sure I'm not the first to think of it, but I have an idea that we'll probably have characters of 10 different Knights Radiant Orders for the next books' flashbacks. So who would you consider the most possible candidates, if that's the case? So far we have 2 books published and know about next three. That'll be: Kaladin: Windrunners Shallan: Lightweavers Szeth: Skybreakers Eshonai : ? Dalinar: Bondsmiths Then, if it's true that Renarin have a book, there will be: Renarin: Truthwatchers Also I think it's very possible for Lift to have her own book, which will cover Edgedancers too. So the ones left are Stonewards, Willshapers, Dustbringers and Elsecallers. For Elsecallers I REALLY hope for Jasnah, I'd like to know her backstory, and for Stonewards I'd say Taln. So what do you guys think about that? And does anyone know what order Eshonai could be?