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  1. Same!!!!!!!! Set my alarm and calendar entry last night :). I also got Elsecaller and my daughter got Willshaper. I've been saving up for months now for tier 4! I missed the Warbreaker leather bound, so have to wait for reprint on that one. That's my daughter's favorite. Recently ordered Mistborn FE and will slowly add the others as well. Eventually I'll have all the leather bounds I hope!
  2. Thanks @Weltall! I didn't realize there was WoB that said Kelsier was on Scadrial when he found the Ire. And I did read Oathbringer, but it's been a while and I obviously forgot some stuff, so time to start a reread! Thanks again!
  3. Resurrecting this since I had a thought about the Ire keep that ties a bit into this theory. I don't post much, but wanted to get other opinions on whether or not this may be valid. I also think that the Ire keep it's in Roshars cognitive realm, but rather than the Purelake, I thought it tied better to Akinah. If you read the description of Akinah in the Copper mind, and I think it's also in Khriss's notes somewhere in AU, it sounds like it may be viable. Link to the Copper mind description is below. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Akinah It's interesting in that Akinah is described as being in an island in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Shinovar. I know the animals there are more crustaceous in nature, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the land itself wasn't more "green" as Kelsier described when touching the keeps stones. Maybe the stones came from Shinovar? Also, Kelsier describes this: Which sounds a bit like the history of Akinah from the Coppermind. As well as the reference to it being a land of fabrials and soulcasters since we know the Ire had the shadow detecting fabrial: I'll echo the OP here and say, am I crazy? Thanks in advance for humoring me.
  4. I really like the idea that the fourth ideal will be along the lines of honoring the dead by protecting the living or accepting failure in order to move on...but thinking about the fact that he gets plate with fourth ideal and the fact that he tends to protect people with little to no regard for his own safety, could it be "I will protect myself first, so that I may protect others"? That would fit with the windrunner epigrah, and with the flashback with Nalma(?) where she was telling him to go and leave her so he wouldn't get caught, and in Shadesmar where they were surrounded by the fused (protect himself and the others from the fused as an immediate threat to himself vs. going to try to save Dalinar).
  5. @ccstat - THANK YOU!!
  6. Would one of you guys be willing to summarize what was found so I can be lazy and not have to go through 34 pages of posts to find the tidbit of info? And in English please, not Mathematics I read all the posts on this page and my brain just automatically went into auto pilot as soon as it saw algebraic type equations and graphs n stuff LOL. I am SOOOOOO not a math person!! Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!!
  7. Oooooo, I like this idea! I thought Honor originally too, but this would also make sense. Since she's an Uberspren, she might not be knocked down as many pegs in terms of intelligence level as "normal" spren are when oaths are broken, so the boon/curse due to a fractured mind makes much sense!!
  8. I agree that Nalan is most definitely a "black and white, NO GRAY" kind of guy...BUT, with how much his lack of emotion is called out in our encounters with him, I think there's more to it than it just being his personality. Either he did something purposely to remove his emotions in order to allow him to more effectively make appropriate judgments without emotional influence, OR, it could possibly be something that is part of the Skybreakers abilities due to bond/honorblade/stormlight. And by that, I mean maybe he has the ability to "turn off" his emotions (i.e. remove/block his soul) at will. I say that because in the LIft interlude, she does see one emotion from him (bafflement I think it was). Other than that, I don't recall him showing any emotion at all. Also, I wondered about this statement in regards to Mrall, Taravangian's "bodyguard". So there's something strange about Mrall, or maybe his ability to turn on/off emotion that Mr. T notices too. I thought that maybe Mrall is Nalan undercover, but that just doesn't seem right. I feel like maybe Mrall is part of the KR and possibly a Skybreaker under Nalan would be the better potential option here. Thoughts?
  9. Yes, you're correct in that it can't technically be an "Honorblade" because it's not "of honor" having been created on Nalthis, but it can act very, very similar to one. So in familiar Roshar terms, it would be an Honorblade. Brandon does say that it's exactly the same as a shardblade, but then why RAFO the question about whether or not it acts the same as an honorblade? If the answer was yes to one, then why not "no" to the other?? Yes, I know, could just be toying with us, but just seems odd to me. Here are the WoB referenced:
  10. Could be that he's not Nalan's Honorblade, but someone else's... Logically, it makes sense that he would be Nalan's just because of his "personality", but you never know. Nalan may be willing to give him up so he can still move around in relative secrecy attacking surgebinders/KR's. Possibly he just bonded a regular old Shardblade. That doesn't seem right though (Nightblood being his Honorblade specifically). I feel like Nightblood is different. I see him acting most closely to an Honorblade, granting surgebinding abilities (well, at least the ability to draw stormlight) and who knows what else. I think he was created after the initial Honorblades, maybe as an attempt to create something that would/could specifically destroy Odium? This is assuming, of course, that Vasher and Shashara are/were Heralds and that they remembered their time on Roshar, or at least Odium and his influences.
  11. I agree with EMTrevor. I don't think emotionlessness is something that would happen over time. I think that in his mind, emotions hindered his ability to judge based on law alone and that he consciously had his emotions removed in order to, in his mind at least, make better judgements. Whether Nightblood was how he removed them or not, I have no idea. But I do think it was a conscious decision on his part, and not part of his decent into madness.
  12. 100% agree with TraSor!! Until proven for sure otherwise, I think that Vasher=Kelek and Shashara=Shalash. I actually just brought this up in another thread, then had to go back and edit to give credit to TraSor when I found this thread NIcely done, and upvote for you! I don't know where the originated, but I do think that they came to Roshar and were worshipped as Heralds, then went to Nalthis when they abandoned the Oathpact, then returned back to Roshar. Not sure about the memory situation or all that happened in between, but this just feels right to me.
  13. I don't think Nightblood is what made Nalan emotionless, but the fact that he IS emotionless would allow him to wield it without getting killed. I'm searching for references to emotions and spiritual realm, but nothing so far. I swear I read something recently that gave me that impression though, so I'll keep hunting. Also, because spren are attracted to emotions, it leads me to believe that they are not necessarily OF emotion. Yes, there are spren that we've seen that are emotion related glory, exhaustion, anger etc. but I still don't think they are the origin of it if that makes sense. Starting my re-read of Warbreaker now Also, totally out in left field/crackpot theory realm here...but when I looked up nightblood in the coppermind, it referenced of course Vasher and Shashara. Here's the craziness, could Shashara BE Shalash? We don't know where she was before Warbreaker, but if she was a Herald on Roshar originally, then world hopped over to Nalthis for awhile, and now is back on Roshar, could that be why Vasher is now on Roshar?? He gets wind of the fact that she's revived and where she's at and wants to find her? Yes, he kills her in Warbreaker, but if nightblood is an Honorblade (or maybe Shashara's attempt to create an honorblade on Nalthis), and she got her soul severed, would that kill her? Or would she have just been sent back to Damnation to be tortured, popping back up right around the time TWoK started? Not sure of the exact "how" of this, but I feel like it could very well happen. It could be just coincidence, but their names are just too much alike. And both could have the nickname "Ash" very easily. Also, Shalash is of Creativity and Honesty and Shashara is obviously creative in helping to bring Nightblood to life and being one of the 5 scholars on Nalthis. Am I nuts with thinking this? Edited to add: I also think Vasher/Zahel is Kalak/Kelek. I know there was another thread speculating who he might be (in terms of a Herald), but based on stuff I've seen on the coppermind, and WoR, seems likely. Not sure if that's where everyone else landed too or not. Just from some of the references like "Kelek's Breath" being a slang term on Roshar, and also, one of Vashar's names in Warbreaker is Kalad (love the similarity to Kaladin too) which is pretty darn close to Kalak/Kelek. Edit one more time to give credit to TraSor who already proposed the whole Shashara/Shalash and Vasher/Kelek thing in another thread I just found
  14. Actually, this sums up perfectly where I was going with my #2 comment at the end of my original post. I just never finished the thought appropriately. I started that sentence/train of thought by thinking that if you CAN survive without a soul, then Szeth could wield Nightblood with no issues. BUT, with what we've seen thus far, it *appears* that severing the soul does indeed kill. The key word there is "appears". I get the impression same as you that Nalan has had some sort of spiritual death, and has no soul, causing the emotionlessness. You most definitely get the props/kudos/credit for stating all of this in a much more understandable way than I Upvote fo you too!