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  1. I'm 46 and my wife is 43. I first encountered Brandon Sanderson in the last 3 installments of the Wheel of Time (which I started reading in 1994 or so). After I read The Gathering Storm, I next read The Way of Kings, then Warbreaker, then Mistborn and Elantris.
  2. poll

    Where is the shardfork??
  3. So one wonders... now that Amaram is dead, if Kaladin can start to heal those spiritual wounds from his betrayal and enslavement?
  4. Technically, yes. We do see him summon his shardblade (distinct from his honorblade). So in that aspect yes, his spren is shown.
  5. I was just re-reading Oathbringer today, and came across Adolin's observation that the Ryshadium are sometimes referred to as "the third Shard". Perhaps, then, it has to do with a KR as (s)he progresses? So at 3 ideals they get the blade, at 4 ideals they get plate, and at the 5th ideal they get a Ryshadium?
  6. I'm not going to spoil anything in this thread. However, I will say the answer IS in Oathbringer. Both what he asked for and what he got. We also have a pretty good understanding as to WHY his memories began returning. In some ways it's so simple. In other ways it will blow your mind.
  7. I personally like the version, "I will accept that some must die so that others may live"
  8. My wife had issues this morning, and apparently not only was Audible broken, but so was Audible support. When she tried to open a support call, they would call her and it would go straight to voicemail.
  9. Noooooooo!!!! What kind of publisher in their right mind releases something the day AFTER Christmas!?!?!?!?
  10. Yeah, that is a scary thought. Forgetting someone who is literally right there.
  11. Oh, boy... it sounds like Shallan is starting to go to a really dark place in this book, much like Kaladin did in WoR. It sounds like she's developing a serious case of MPD or dissociative identity disorder. I understand that she's trying to avoid coping with the Truth of her mother's death, but Brandon, you're going really dark really fast with this.
  12. Actually, going by your reasoning, the Cosmere began with the shattering of Adolnasium. Therefore, would it be logical at the end of this vast epic that Adolnasium is somehow restored? We have already seen two Shards coexisting within a single holder (in the form of Harmony). Perhaps he can somehow absorb all of the remaining Shards and their splinters?
  13. Every time I hear that sequence on the audiobook, I positively get shivers down my spine. I also have to add: - Any scene with Hoid - Any scene with Lift's Awesomeness.
  14. 56% Truthwatcher.