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  1. Relevant:
  2. Jasnah Kholin (yes, this is slightly different than the version on tumblr)
  3. Not to bring this up again but...this is the REAL CANON, after all: "The Stick reigns," said the Stormfather. That explains everything. The Godbeyond. Probably just a manifestation of the Stick. Whatever Adonalsium was exactly? Another manifestation of the stick! It's all the stick, that's why B.A.R.K. and B.I.T.E. really are hiding. The Stick reigns.
  4. Flowerborn: An AU where everyone gets their happy ending (other than Marsh) and flower crowns happen.
  5. So, I've been rereading the Alloy of Law recently, and the first thing I always noticed is how stiff, socially awkward, and insanely organized Steris is compared to most people. In fact, her personality seemed to fit the description of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disordered (which is not to be confused with OCD, it's cousin)... OCPD often includes a need for perfectionism in all aspects of life (stern and proper to a fault), preoccupation with things like list and organization (the Courtship/Engagement/Marriage Contract she gives Wax), strict morals, and a devotion to 'work' over other aspects of life. Many of these traits fit Steris to a "T". They also can make a person appear stiff, stern, and even somewhat crazy because of their need to keep everything organized, perfect, and inflexible. OCPD effects the way a person views the world. They want it organized to their standard, and this can make them hard to live with and sometimes, hard to have a relationship with. When the woman you're trying to court wants to reform to her rigid standards, relationships become difficult (thus explaining why those three suitors who tried to court her before Wax ended their courtship...and why she has had such problems in the courting department before and in their relationship...) (For a better explanation than I can provide, here's a link: https://iocdf.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/OCPD-Fact-Sheet.pdf ) I know that paragraph is a bit piecemeal (Steris would disapprove of my poor organizational skills), but I just wanted to point this out... I could, of course, be barking up the wrong tree, or seeing phantoms that aren't there, but I just wanted to point out that I think Steris is, at the very least, not neurotypical.
  6. Yeeeah, I know, I just have an evil desire to see what a kandra criminal could do if they set their mind to it, but that's just me... You're probably right, though, since Winstring's a bit of a special kind of idiot who had it coming...xD
  7. It must be that time of year again...time to spoil ourselves silly with excerpts and then wait like a horde of children in line for the next Pokemon game...(err, the '90s happened!) as we wait, impatiently, for this book. I'm great at similes! See, I should get a gold metal. Yeah. They're probably working for Edward Ladrian or someone like that. Or maybe I just want an "evil"/rebel kandra...<.<
  8. I wouldn't say that he's "old" (he's only 42/43), though, I guess that makes him relatively old in protagonist land...(but I wouldn't expect someone to get back to their past self either after losing their spouse...) He also matured, middle-aged, etc. Wax explained/mentioned this in AoL (60, hardcover; where Wax and Wayne are discussing Wayne trading things the first time): Also, Wax is a bit more..."humorous" in the prologue before Lessie gets shot. When she was killed, his sense of humor went with her (to an extent...).
  9. Now it's time to make a theory about Lessie being a member of the 17th Shard or secretly a worldhopper from Threnody. Let the madness begin! xD
  10. The giraffes are Agents of Harmony. Shesh. Of course they had to be hidden by spoiler tags! D:
  11. Hmmm, is there something in the air? It smells like character development to me. (Considering that Breeze is his ancestor, I was wondering where the snarker was in AoL. Now we know...poor Wax...) Huh...considering that the Roughs are on the Northern Continent...Does that mean that Scadrial is still in the same orbit that it was before Sazed took the Shards (the one TLR put it in when he was messing around with that kind of stuff...)? Since the Savannah is found near to the equator on earth and it seems that Scadrial is nearer to its sun than we are, I guess this makes sense... So, are there elephants too?
  12. @Kurkistan: Just checked my ebook of the original trilogy, and it seems like "shove" wasn't capitalized in those books. However, I can't say if it was that way in Alloy of Law (I'll check that later, I only have a hard cover of that book..., I'm now kind of curious to see if it was...) Just one bit of nitpicking from me: (Sorry...) D; This sentence seems a bit awkward to me... Also, I just realized that (mentally) I always change Waxillium's name to "Wax" when I read his perspective... >.> I feel that it's a bit out of character for Wax, personally but it might be that we're so used to him being cold(er) and stern(er) that it's kind of strange to think he didn't have a stick up his...anyway. I find it much more weird than forced, personally, it...oddly reminds me of someone else...heh heh heh (and not Wit). Also, man, catching your spur (or any part of your boot) on the stirrup really, really hurts, just fyi. *past experience* -.-
  13. When I first read Way of Kings (way back 2011 before I was even a member here), I never saw the characters as Asiatic in appearance. I didn't realize that I was supposed too at the time, though, I can't say I saw them as European either (neither or, probably closer to Middle Eastern, believe it or not!) So, when I found out I was totally wrong, oh well. The only character who I pictured someone accurately back then was Shallan, I always see her as looking kind of like a Hungarian or Slavic ginger...;P I see Nalthians (especially the Hallandren) as Greek-ish in appearance; like, with thick, curly/wavy hair, hooded eyes, prominent noses and cheekbones, that kind of thing. I don't think this was how I was supposed to see them that way, but unfortunately, the image is there to stay...So, yeah, Vasher has dark, wavy hair in my mind...hehe. I only remember Shallan thinking that (but it's been awhile since I've read the books...). Whether or not Navani agrees is another issue entirely (I think she'd say he's a "hot dad" too, lol). Dalinar isn't Shallan's type. Dalinar is like fifty-something. I'd be weirded out, a little, if Shallan found him attracted (despite that she's an artist, and aesthetics is her thing..., different artists find different things aesthetically pleasing!). So, going on this, I think I'll go with my theory that he is handsomer than Shallan's own opinion of him. Hot dad all the way.
  14. I bet Kelsier was getting kind of bored by that point, too. He probably hadn't killed for awhile...and...*cough* But since this is Goku, he'd probably somehow find a way back from the 'deeper' afterlife (a Shard did it?) and fight them again. The guy's a menace. He just can't end. -.- (What a Marty Stu). xD