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  1. Fair enough. Probably wasn't going to anyway.
  2. Um, Firefight was accidentally released early where I live, and I have read it, and could theoretically answer this question. My only problem is that even though this IS a spoiler board, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post story details before the official release.
  3. So, um, upon walking into my local Water stones, I an surprised by hardback copies of Firefight lying on the shelves. I've checked, and all the release dates say January, so is this just a mistake, or has it genuinely been released early? ...not that I'm not happy, having it right in front of me and all. Just thought it was weird.
  4. You know, it just occurred to me how glorious it would be if Vin (or any Mistborn, but especially Vin) were to be dropped in the middle of Newcago.
  5. The bio calls him 'presumed invulnerable' which, to me at least, suggests something similar to Steelheart. Unfortunately, that's all the information we have thus far on that particular Epic.
  6. Yeah. Didn't realise there was a difference, sorry.
  7. The character profile for Obliteration says he once heated up a High Epic (Endless Dreams, to be precise) to the point where the heat overcame the Epic's invincibility. So it is possible.
  8. Some of them can be found at the back of Mitosis, if it helps.
  9. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. YEEEEAHHH, SCOTLAND!
  10. I always assumed this was just souped up Ta'veren - if I recall correctly, Rand burned himself out saidin-wise sealing the Dark One, leaving only his (ridiculously powerful) reality warping. Also, on the whole Taimandred theory, I would like to point out that Taim was around before Demandred had time to establish a powerbase - or even really get a feel for the Third Age... and learn the language.
  11. You, know, thinking about it, this probably explains why it took so long to find Chromium within the story.
  12. Huh. Didn't think of that with the Nightwatcher. One of the main points of contention for me is that it has been said twice that Odium reigns. If someone's literally trapped in an Honor Code, they're not really reigning, are they? And if Odium truly reigns, Cultivation is dead. Simple as that. But if Odium was free on Roshar, he would have found Hoid pretty quickly,, wouldn't he? *sighs* More questions, it looks like.
  13. You realise you're almost definitely going to get RAFO'd on this one, don't you? On topic, black light doesn't seem all that natural. I'm just going to assume it's connected to Odium somehow and wait for further details
  14. I'm curious about the status of Cultivation so far in Stormlight. On the one hand, Hoid/Wit heavily implies that she is still alive:- when Adolin tells him to 'find someone his own age', he replies with 'there's only one of those around these parts, and she's never been fond of me'. Given what we know of Hoid/Wit, he can only be referring to the Shard of Cultivation - but the epigraphs suggest Odium is trapped in or around Roshar, and I find it hard to believe Rayse would spend so much time around another Shard without killing them, and he had to been to Roshar personally to kill Honor. The epigraphs from Way of Kings also say that 'three of sixteen ruled, but now the broken one reigns', heavily suggesting Cultivation's death. But the WoR epigraphs say that 'it has been millennia since the death of one of the sixteen' and - arg. I just don't know. It's possible that Wit was just being himself, and not being overly serious, I guess. Thoughts?