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  1. Echoing this question. Due to data cap issues, I can't really listen to the 'cast without having the RSS feed to auto-download the episodes.
  2. I wonder if the spiral shape follows the Golden Ratio?
  3. One problem: the Chasm on Sel only appeared 10 years before the events in Elantris. We know that Odium hasn't splintered a shard in several millennia at the time of Stormlight Archive. I'm just not sure that Elantris takes place several millennia before SA.
  4. Hadn't seen that WoB before. Looks like I'm a little late to the game. This hint was in the second Cosmere story released. What other subtle clues have we missed? Now that we know more about things, it should be easier to find them. This particular one just happened to jump out at me tonight, especially since it was a Hoid chapter.
  5. We have seen prophecies altered for nefarious reasons before. Hopefully Big T is careful when interpreting and acting in them.
  6. These are not the eyes you're looking for...
  7. I thought about adding some stickiness to my post, but thought I would leave that to better men.
  8. I'm working on my latest reread of Mistborn, and something caught my eye. In TFE, the chapter 19 has this line, referring to Kwann: This also happens to be the chapter where Kelsier meets Hoid. I'm sure that's a coincidence, but it makes you think. Does anyone else think that Kwann may have been learning about the Cognitive Realm? If so, it makes you wonder just how much Cosmere awareness Scadrial lost after the Ascension. What other small hints have people noticed before the in-your-face explanations in The Emperor's Soul and WoR?
  9. That is fine, Branch Kaellok. No one starts out as Stick. It is only through hardship, time, and stormy weather that any can become Stick.
  10. I work in a call center, so... Annoyancespren, frustrationspren, depressionspren, angerspren, murderousspren... I could probably think of others, but my phone's auto correct doesn't like adding spren to the end of words.
  11. Huh. Seems like my memory is an unreliable narrator... Thanks for the link!
  12. So... Did anyone ever get confirmation on this, or is it still a theory? As far as I knew, the chasm was just a natural disaster. I thought I had seen Brandon say something like that, but that could be me making up memories to fit my preconceived notions.
  13. I've been toying with the idea of compiling every Hoid quote in one place, but I haven't had the time. I think that would be a good place to start.
  14. Also, we know of at least one type of being that is able to change their appearance (granted, with some effort on their part). It could be possible that somehow, he is unintentionally supressing his eye color, or having it supressed from the outside. I'm with you on not knowing enough to leap to saying that we know how and what would affect the Heralds.
  15. Just started TFE again, made it to page two, and already, an obligator is doing this. Why would you point this out to me? I would have never noticed, but nooooo you pointed it out and now I'll notice it everywhere!! But really, the ones that you mentioned aren't that odd for a lot of characters to do. A ton of people raise an eyebrow when something strikes their curiosity. Almost everyone blushes when they get embarassed. Snorting is a bit odd, I'll admit. Same with the "Child" thing, but that's probably more of a cultural thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened a lot in our own history, but just fell out of favor as our culture changed over the years.