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  1. I was thinking it might be a Herald as well and I think Ishar would be the obvious choice but what if, and here me out, it was Taln? RoW heavily featured d Ishar's skill but just a passing mention about Taln's incredible prowess. Brando wanted us to see that Ishar would be more than a match for Dalinar's champion so that the reader would believe him a realistic candidate and hopefullyshift focus away from other Heralds. Odium and Taln were alone on Braize for centuries who knows what insidious thoughts or mentalities Odium inflicted upon Taln and there were no other Heralds there to witness any collusion. What if Taln is some sleeper agent now for Odium and Odium blocked away that section of Taln's mind/memory?
  2. "I can lash if I want to, I can leave your friends behind. Because your friends don't lash and if they don't lash then their no friends of mine." - Windrunners 4th Ideal
  3. So the third Bondsmith spren, the one that is slumbering, Urithiru? Also, just checked Brandon's website and just FYI there is still no progress bar for book 4...
  4. I loved Adolin's realization in Shadesmar that he was king.
  6. After reading all the preview chapters and reading the dialogue between Kaladin and the freed pashmen I believe that the parshmen that Kaladin interacted with will not march to war. They will recognize that bonding to the Odiumspren is just another form of slavery just to a different entity. I honestly hope that we get no more about those parshmen except that they said forget all this storming war, we are going to go hide in the hills until this is over.
  7. So how does everyone think Jasnah and Kaladin will get along?
  8. Do think perhaps it's because these Fused are the Windrunner's counterpart and somehow linked to anti-WIndrunner Un-made? Pattern was a mess when Shallan "entered" Re-Shiphir because Re-Shiphir was like a terrible, bastardized Creationspren.
  9. I think that Syl swatting the Gloryspren away from Kaladin could possibly be more than just a humorous spot. Is it possible that some Gloryspren are actually spren that could bond to Radiants? Like Syl's resemblance to a Windspren prior to her bond.
  10. If that were the case then I wouldn't visit this forum after I finished book 3 until they started releasing book 4 chapters.
  11. Man, when Shallan has 9 different personalities exactly this forum is going to lose it's mind.
  12. I believe that this might lead to Shallan creating another persona to interact with Kaladin, similar to Radiant insofar as it looks and sounds just like Shallan but performs a specific function for Shallan that she herself might not be able to handle.
  13. This is exactly what I wanted out of this thread.
  14. How much would you folks be willing to pay to have the book today? Personally I think $75 is my limit.
  15. Do you think perhaps that this is why Dalinar's memories of Evi are starting to return? Because the Nightwatcher is focused on the looming invasion and because of that Dalinar's Boon/Curses lapsed?