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  1. We have confirmation they're NOT Hoid.
  2. True. Story. The real test will be the next book. If it follows the suggested pattern, then we've REALLY got something awesome going on with these poems/section titles.
  3. The flashback structure helps facilitate the gap. I'm sure the gap will have a compelling narrative reason - Brandon's books are too well constructed not to - and the flashbacks (handily established at the very beginning of the series) can fill in all the important bits. It makes extra sense for Renarin. Why would you want a Renarin flashback without a gap? It would seem like there would be too much overlap with Dalinar's in book five; a time gap give him something to flashback about.
  4. Where are you getting these "theme words"?
  5. I seem to remember Sanderson saying the highstorms were both meteorological and magical. I can't seem to find any scientific, meteorological reason for a storm to move slower over water than over land (if someone can contradict this, please educate me). This suggests to me that the highstorm completely dies down before a new one arrives.
  6. Does this mean that, if we get the other four Herald glyphs, and if we knew the KR order each book would focus on, we could guess the section titles and endnote ketek of each book?
  7. I thought that at one point someone in the book explicitly stated that there isn't just one highstorm that just loops around the globe because, given what they know about the size of the planet, that would mean highstorms would be much more frequent. It appears that, without a natural barrier, there is no place to go on the continent to avoid the highstorm. But the supercontinent is only in the southern hemisphere; does the highstorm reach from pole to pole? Is there a point far enough north or south that you could go to escape the highstorm? If the highstorm does in fact stretch further north and south than the supercontinent, does it become a highblizzard in extreme latitudes?
  8. He definitely said this at the Dayton signing.
  9. A. Brandon suggested that, while the Listeners could not traditionally become KR, it IS possible. B. Each book will focus on a different KR order, and each book will have a different flashback character. Did he ever explicitly say that each flashback character will also be a member of that KR order? C. When did he say Renarin would get a flashback book?
  10. Are we missing out on potential merchandising? Spren plushies need to happen. Edit: my fat fingers bumped the post button before I was finished.
  11. That was my question! I'm glad you liked it; thanks for the shout out.
  12. I assumed the shape was entirely aesthetic - it forms the double eye of the Almighty - but I think there's something to lightweavers and windrunners being opposite on the chart and somewhat opposed in ideology. If the elsecallers and the skybreakers are similarly opposed, what might that mean for the elsecallers' temperament or oaths? The skybreakers seem to practice a strict adherence to the law, perhaps the elsecallers have strong proponents of moral relativity? Jasnah seems to fit this...
  13. I asked whose points of view we're getting in the ars arcanum and on the back cover blurbs. He said they're not the same person, neither are who you think (which I take to mean that neither are by Hoid/Wit), and the ars arcanum is written by more than one person (17th shard?).
  14. It would be a far bigger plot twist if she were actually dead. Characters with questionable deaths and no body actually staying dead? THAT would be bucking a trope. As an aside, Eshonai flashbacks don't mean each book won't focus on a different order of the KR or that Eshonai would become a KR. Book four could focus on another order of the KR without featuring flashbacks from a member of said order. As a theoretical example: what if book four focused on the Truthwatchers? Renarin doesn't appear to have an overly exciting past (as compared to the characters we have confirmed for flashbacks) and it would possibly undermine the weight of Dalinar's flashbacks in book five.
  15. I thought it had been confirmed that this is the case? Coppermind says the two surges give three powers (two would be shared with either neighbor while the third, presumably some sort of combination of the surges, would give a unique third power). Windrunners, have gravity and adhesion which gives them the basic lashing and full lashing respectively, and the ars arcanum tentatively lists the reverse lashing as being a combination of adhesion and gravitation.