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  1. We see early in the book that Wax mentions Steris wants another child. This statement might seem minor but considering what happens near the end of the book this could have major implications for Scadrial. We know Max has been exposed to a small amount of Lerasium, which rewrites your spiritual DNA. While the size of Lerasium bead is relevant to the strength of the Mistborn, even a small amount is very likely to have a huge effect genetically. Decedents of people who where given a full bead by the Lord Ruler where able to have create Mistborn nearly 1000 years after the initial exposure, so even a tiny exposure is very likely to be significant for Wax's direct descendants. Considering this, if Wax and Steris have that 3rd child like she wants, that child will have the strongest alomancy genetics in approximately 1300 years. It is very likely we could see full Mistborn in Era 3 because of this.
  2. It does seem like having a member of each order would be perfect. Plus if she is a Dustbringer that would make a flashback for each order. I think it is much more likely that she is one than isn't. The only question is how. It could all be possible that she will become one although I think it fits better if she already is one.
  3. Very lively. I like it.
  4. very nice
  5. Vin

    Very nice. cool gif as well.
  6. love this
  7. very nice.
  8. Very nice! That was a good scene,
  9. Very cute
  10. Very nice! make me want a SLA anime... Also your style depicts the characters very well.
  11. ... You can't get your work done fast enough. The Cosmere is like a duck...
  12. That laugh was evil. Are you doing splintercast for BoM? If you are, do you have an estimated release date? Thanks for doing these they are really enjoyable.
  13. It might be possible but I doubt it would be that simple. Even if you switched your connection to a different location wouldn't that just move you even further spiritually from the geography that powered the investiture? I'm a little rusty on how Sel investiture works but I sel is a little weird compared to the other shardworlds. Anyways, if there is a way to use Sel investiture on other planets (and i'm sure there is) then using some kind of Connection method does seem like it could be part of the trick.
  14. Currently, the Mistborn novels have had titles that generally relate to the main object/focus of the book. So we can speculate with fair certainty that the fourth installment of the Wax and wayne books I going to deal direct with The Lost Metal. So what exactly is this lost metal going to be. There seems to be three answers that would make sense. 1. Atium: An obvious choice but it has only been gone for around 300 years, which compared to the other two choices is a short time(although 300 is enough time for Atium geodes to have regrown if the Pits of Hathsin still exist in a functional way). Another question is if Atium even forms now that Ruin doesn't exist on his own. 2. Lerasium: This is a truly lost metal since it has been nearly nonexistent since the Lord Ruler gained found it. It doesn't seem likely that Lerasium will be reintroduced. 3. Ettmetal: This metal has been lost for a very long time. On top of that it hold the power for huge technological advances for the North, which is certainly a topic the book could focus on. My bet is on this for being the lost metal. 4. Harmonium: I would include this in my likely metals but seeing as it has only existed for 300 years and nobody has ever even seen it there doesn't seem to be a lost aspect to it. It could still turn out to be this. Anyone have different ideas on metals or the focus for the next book based of which metal is the lost metal?
  15. So fare we really have no idea what Hoid's motives are. He seems to be giving helpful tips to the protagonists around the Cosmere but I believe this is part of his larger motive. I think what he said in WoR might sum up his position well. "And while I am your friend, please understand that our goals do not completely align. You must not trust yourself with me. If I have to watch this world crumble and burn to get what I need, I will do so. With tears, yes, but I would let it happen" From this I think it is clear that Hoid is perfectly willing to do things that might be seen as evil. This might in the end be for the greater good, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does some questionable things in future books.