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  1. My thought wasn't that there was a major conspiracy rather that their shard barer dies trying to kill amiram and they see in the defeat an opitunity to make the best of it they know Shallans father has put a price on his head and see and opitunity to make a bad situation count all they have to do is inform Shallans father of his death and Walla we have secret agent Helaran.... Not very likely but still a possibility and as for the hair colour they where on the border to the horneater mountains where the natural population has undoubtedly mixed the the local indigenous people and have red hair just like Helaran. It's a theory all be it an unlikely one.....
  2. (within those winds his soul did rise. “It flew upon the day’s last song, to win the race and claim the dawn. Past the sea and past the waves, our Fleet no longer lost his breath. Forever strong, forever fast, forever free to race the wind.”) Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like he becomes a Spren.... And I seem to remember that in the coded epitaph from the diagram it mentions a secret that caused the radiants to betray there oaths. Seems to me that the secret might be that the final and ultimate "destination" might be to transition into a Spren.... Thoughts???
  3. Chapter 85 diagram is the wanderer mraize or is it talking about hoid also is it just a coincidence that mraize sounds like Rayse.... Wild speculation abounds.....
  4. Huh so they have 10 weeks in every month didn't know that... Cheers
  5. This this might be a stupid question but is sequence of numbers a time table for high storms.. What I'm saying for example... 1173090605 Year 1173 Month 09 Day 06 Hour 05 Maybe I'm wrong or someone else has figured out the right answer idk...?
  6. So what your saying is that the epigraphs in wor could be sneak previews in to the third book..... Hmmmmmm interesting
  7. Hmmmmmm I've stated this before in previous posts but Sadias was to important a character to just kill of without any major payoff later on. From what I've inferred from the way the scene is written as well as Adolins actions throughout both wok and wor Adolins been building up steadily to this. Like Shallan says he's mentaly direct he is also impulsive and a sore loser this is best shown when he gets outsmarted with the duelling conditions. He could have forfeited before the duel however he rationlises his actions without regard to everyone else this comes across as just plain selfish and let's face it Adolin is a selfish person. He focuses and what he thinks and wants most of the time and the only other person who he listens to is his father and even then only sometimes. Then there's his white knight complex it seems he's always trying to play the hero however reality keeps slapping him in the face. While this maybe in a way and admirable trait in some cases in others it tends to blow up on him more often then not. As someone else stated before the death of his white station is a great cinematic representation of Adolin's fall and is I belive a for shadowing of not just his actions with Sadias but also with future events in mind. Now with that it'll said I'd like to point out that while people keep stating Adolin didn't kill out of emotion that just isnt the case. (The look of utter shock on Sadias's face amused a part of Adolin the very small part that wasn't completely and irrevocably enraged.) quote Page 1068. Yea Adolin was totally emotionless wasn't he..... (Sarcasm included) okay I can see why people might wish Adolin to be a white knight character he certainly looks the part however since when has and hero in the cosmere looked the part.... Seriously people have you learned nothing looks really don't matter I mean look at Mr T he's a kind old man that bleeds people to death sheeesh. Id also like to point out that through a good chunck of this book Adolins a complete jackass to Kaladin not just because hes a guard but because heaven forbid he dared to play the hero role let's face it Adolins very territorial and whilst I realise he does in the end accept Kaladin it takes another life saving event to do so. When all is said and done though I feel it's safe to say Adolins is coming to grips with he fact he's being relegated to the role of a normal person... And then he flys into a blinding rage and kills Sadias... Yeah I know Sadias threatened his family but like he hasn't done that before I mean you do ownestly think Adolins actions where souly motivated by Sadias do you. Seems to me Adolins not to happy with his relizqtions about his new lot in life and like many people we have seen has no problems leting out his emotions on whoevers closest AT THAT TIME (pointing to Sadias) good old Sadias the punching bag lol. As many have said in other posts before this it is a FORESHADOWING... I'm just gonna call it what it is... DARK KNIGHT RISING. And no he isn't batman.
  8. I was rather hoping that Shallan was hoids secret illegitimate daughter or something would make sense in a way at least to me it would....
  9. The scene learning to fly through the chasms, the scene over looking the Shattered plains from the clouds the first time he flys another good part would be the tower also in that scene when he hangs on the spire with the wind spren shooting off in all directions would make an awesome snapshot. Another would be the arrival at Uruthiru.
  10. Okay so I'm not going to say I like Adolin I'm not going to say I Don't dislike him either. However story wise a misguided Adolin would be worth far more to the story. As well as entertainment wise an Adolin who remains all goody goody would end up being boring we have enough well intentioned main characters/radiants do we really need him to become one it would be far more interesting to see the completion of the mistake Kaladin nearly made in wor which let's face it is exactly what Adolin did only he went from choice to action in a matter of seconds rather than weeks. Odeams spren are free and roaming now that the evermore has been released I don't think it to farfetched that Adolins actions will potentially attract a void spren I think it would be awesome if Adolin went all darth Vader on us..... It could happen!
  11. You know there is something to that like for example Lifts ability to turn food into stormlight would be useful for cross country travel example would be Kaladin flying while she eats and charges the spheres when ever they take a pitstop basically what I'm saying is that Lift is a petrol station..... Cough
  12. Hmmmmm I think there's a good chance your right about mraiz I thought his little speech about how he found out who she was so quickly was a little to lacking in details not to mention his certainty enough so henwould leave a letter for her in the corridor I reckon he recognised her voice earlier on but couldn't say anything without giving himself away.... Any counter arguments?
  13. Okay am I the only one here who thinks this whole Helaran killed by Kaladin is a little too convenient..... Well. It just seems to me that Helaran dying on a battle field only six months after his father ordered his death by assassination a little to coincidental seems to me that whoever it was that died in that battle at Kaladins hands may not perhaps be Helaran and that may perhap turn up in next book right around the time that Shallan figures out that Kaladin was the one who killed the shard barer. More than likely he will show up to help convince her to work more closely with the ghostblood... It's a legit theory I mean the only eviadance that we have that Helaran is dead after all is what his shard blade which he wielded once years ago and the fact the dead guy had red hair... I doubt the ghostbloods would leave a tool like a shard blade to be used by only one person and as for the hair colour the dispute took place on a boarder near the horneater mountain ranges where everyone's hair is red. Also who else would have enough influence to convince her brothers to leave there home and go to uruthiru without an argument or a fight. I think Helaran is alive and I think he's going to turn into a major pain in the chull... Just saying.
  14. I agree I think Sadias was taunting him in which case he was fulfilling his role as the provoker of hate and Adolin the role of the feeler of hatred. Source:coppermind (Odium, means two things: the feeling of strong hatred, and that which provokes hatred from others.) The way the scene was writen I couldn't help but feel was ment to demonstraight this as well as setup for future events after all Sadias was a too important a few character to kill of in thebstory without there being a major payoff for future story development it would be to great a wast on Mr S's part not to make it a major development point.
  15. The problem with Adolin is he's an attention seeker or at least he likes to be in the limelight it seems. A good demonstration of this was the duels. The fact that he could just snap like that and kill Sadias walk away and feel nothing is also worrying since the only emotions he displayed in that seen was anger and hate. Source:coppermind (Odium, means two things: the feeling of strong hatred, and that which provokes hatred from others.) Following this reasoning it is still possible that he could become a radiant but that doesn't mean that he'll stay one the two most likely outcomes for him being a radiant in this situation is that he'll either kill his spren or maybe even end up corrupting his spren.... It is possible after all Odium does have spren who's to say that the actions of radiant only result in death after all death. The other thing is that Adolin all through the series until now was a rather dense character the best examples of this is his relationships with women. Where Kaladin recognised Shallans deceit adolin was all through the book blind to it. However at the end of Wor before Adolin goes all postal we see he beginning to recognise that his perfect world has been flipped upside down this is bound to cause contention later on since now he's going to be paying closer attention to the people around him and we'll as questioning things more such as motives in particular Shallans motives. Pair that with the fact that Shallans has to deal with the ghostblood in the next book this is bound to cause issues with Adolin especially if he infers the wrong thing from her actions and let's face it... Adolins tends to be... Mentally direct. I don't think Adolin will be inherently evil I think he's just going to screw things up so bad that he does something he cant come back from and that will open the way for him to blame others for his actions maybe even seeing him joining the diagram.. Maybe