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  1. Stop saying Avalanch! Mountains have avalanches. Books, Movies, TV shows, and other stories have climaxes. You can't just rename things. And even if you could why would you? Climaxes are way better than avalanches anyways.
  2. Head cannon has always been the shattered plains was where Odium shattered Honor. I guess I never realized that we haven't actually been told that though have we?
  3. 0 I just talked about this in a post the other day, but I absolutely believe Kaladin is doing things that haven't been done before, and that spren didn't believe was possible. All of the surgebinding we've seen (and we've seen a lot) has been kind of a silent magic system. I mean you can see the effects of what they do with it, and you can see the stormlight or in the fused's case voidlight that is infused in them that allows them to surgebind. But there's no way for other surgebinders to see your weave or anything like that, no telltale shimmers of magic bubbles or colors changing or anything. We've even in flashbacks seen full on Knights Radiants. However going against that grain we have seen 3 instances where a surgebinder/KR has drawn minor spren to them. 1. Dalinar doing his unity thing draws lots of glory spren. Accepted by everyone to be something new that Bondsmiths couldn't do before. 2. Kaladin holding back the High Storm draws lots of (though less than Dalinar) wind spren. This is unlike every other instance of surgebinding we have seen, but has a lot in common with something we know is new. Syl, his spren who always seems to know what he is doing with surges and with oaths and ideals is genuinely surprised by what he did. 3. Kaladin draws wind spren to himself while on the Honor airship. Despite knowing and being completely upset that he bonded Syl, plus being in the cognitive realm so there has been no loss of knowledge in transition or anything the Honor spren are all shocked and awed by the wind spren. Syl talks in his head and knows he is close to the 4th ideal, but seems genuinely surpised by what he is doing. He has no stormlight st all, so this is definitely not surgebinding. While people seem to generally accept that those windspren represent Kal's armor/shardplate that will come with the 4th ideal. However we have seen that "dead" shardplate can be completely regrown from just stormlight, in other words it is completely made from stormlight. There is no stormlight st available for Kal to have done anything with those windspren. Doesn't necessarily rule out that theory, but it still feels a lot more like #1 & #2 above. I don't know if what Dalinar and Kaladin are doing is like a higher form of surgebinding, or something else from Honor that was held in check while Honor was alive/whole. Or possibly its mysterious 3rd form of magic on Roshar. Either way I think Kaladin is lumped solidly in with Dalinar in "doing things that haven't been done before."
  4. Or you could just staple your own genitals to the wall. I'm not sure which one would be more productive, but I'm pretty sure one is much less painful than the other. Because those staples only hurt for a minute or two.
  5. We've seen Dalinar do some reshaping with surges, we've seen Lift go awesome, kal falls different directions and sticks things to stuff, Shellan makes illusions, both Jasnah and Shellan soulcast, regrowth from multiple characters, etc. None of those drew spren like what Kaladin did in that storm. We have however seen one other Knight Radiant that drew a bunch of lesser spren. Dalinar drew a bunch of glory spren shen he opened Honors perpendicularity and ascended to Unity. Another thing that I'm thinking KR absolutely could not do while Honor was around. Yeah, it was described as ripping into a thousand pieces and then disappearing. Certainly sounded final to me. The part I. Wondering about though is that Syl didn't think that was possible. So I'm just curious if its normally possible to kill a spren with a shardblade and/or living sprenblade? Or is it something that Kaladin did in that moment when it described him as reacting without thinking in immediate rage. With rage actually being italicized. The emphasis on his rage, and iralicizing it makes me think there was more to it.
  6. There has been mentions I believe in each book of what Radiants will be able to do with Surges without Honor to set the bounds. I can't find all of the exact quotes, but in my head they were all quotes by spren and all worried about what humans could do. After a reread of the series, I'm wondering if we've seen hints of things or if there are other explanations to these things. First, we have seen the spren know what is coming with the bonds, words, and ideals. Mostly we've experienced new things through Kaladin and Syl, but also somewhat through others. The spren aren't so much teachers who show/tell tgecradiants how to surgebind, but they do also seem to know what will happen ahead of time. However there have been a handful of cases where spren were surprised by what their Radiant was doing, I'm wondering if those are instances of the KR in question doing something that they would not have been able to do while Honor was alive and in charge. #1. Dalinar grabs ...something... and forces the Stormfather into a sword shape against his will. I'm not sure this one counts. I think Dalinar could do this at any time due to the bond, but that the Stormfather has asked him not to, rather than the Stormfather wont let him. Im mostly including this because of The Stormfathers reaction of disbelief. But it's possible he is shocked and disbelieving that Dalinar broke his word, not shocked that he was able to do it. #2. Kaladin shields some humans from the storm with wind spren. I know people theorized about him creating a vacuum or whatever, but this doesn't feel like any of the other surges we've seen. He was commanding spren to do his bidding. That seems like something else. Syl is amazed at what he did, and does not seem at all like it was expected. #3. Kaladin again summoned wind spren on the honor spren ship. This time he can hear Syl in his head even though she was imprisoned. Again she was shocked and did not expect this. They then start talking about the 4th ideal, and she knows he is close. That is as we expected, Syl should know when he's close to saying an ideal, she also confirms for him that it will be hard. Later she pretty much confirms that he will get a boost of stormlight shen he says the 4th ideal, and that's how he can beat the Fused. She seems to know exactly what to expect, which makes me think his commanding the wind spren is not expected or she wouldn't be surprised. So its something else. #4. Kakadin stabs a spren with a Sylknife while trying to rescue Elkohar's son. He kills the spren. Syl didn't know he/she could do that. Especially #4 brings up a whole bunch of other questions. Is it a corrupted spren from Sja-Anat? Or is it just an Odium spren yo begin with? Is that even a thing? Is it like one of the spren that was guiding the Listeners that Kal and Moash found? Or one of the more minor spren that make Regals? Is it just attracted to whatever is happening there? It it dead dead, or just deadeye dead? Is it just physical body destroyed but still fine in cognitive realm? If Kal/Syl can kill spren, what about other shardblade? So many new questions from one little paragraph. What do you guys think is going on? Is Syl actually surprised, or just an element of storytelling to add drama? Is she surpised because she doesnt really know what will happen, or because Kaladin is doing something beyond the ordinary?
  7. Things we know that (in my eyes) pertain to voidbinding. 1. Humans aren't from Roshar. Humans are the voidbringers. They brought Odium with them. 2. Humans were told they destroyed a world with "surges" and "surgebinding." Obviously 'powers' of some sort. 3. Honorblades grant the same surges as radiant bond. Nahel/radiant bond is based on Honor and what he did to fight Odium. 4. The Fused aren't of honor, and dont have a nahel bond. Their 'powers' seems similar to surges, but different. The fused are of Odium. If I had to put those tidbits together into a theory I would say; Voidbinding is what destroyed a previous planet, humans didn't have surges at the time. The fused (and yelig-nar) are using something that is similar to surgebinding, but functions differently and draws on different powers. Ie voidbinding. Now maybe I dont follow the words of brandon closely enough outside of the books if he has ruled that out, but it seemed pretty obvious to me. As for Renarin, now he's something different. Sja-anat was not able to corrupt higher spren before, so this hasn't been seen. Which is partly why Odium doesn't seem to be able to foresee him. Maybe Cultivation did some trimming or somehow took a small action on sja-anat a long time ago and shes playing the long game?
  8. All I know is I want Sylvester Stallone as Nale. And at some point he has to say "I AM the law!"
  9. I just read through this and am kind of surprised by people's opinions. Especially about some characters. First of all, we have 3 main characters who move the story forward, or who the plot revolves around. I see people who think all 3 are goners...? Although Stormlight has lots of the elements of a Greek tragedy; with human foibles, errors realized too late, self deception and excessive pride leading to downfall, the tone being serious and drama bring up emotions of fear or pity, and fate seeming to play a role it still is at it's very core a comedy. Happy Endings have been highlighted in all 3 books so far, not perfect endings but far from tragedy. So while maybe not all 3 main characters make it, I would guess at least 2 out of 3 do. I would further guess that we get a bigger happy ending after book 5, and then book 10. Second, the big happy ending we have seen being set up for quite a while is Kaladin and Shellan. That's the end of book 5 for sure. So they both make it. Third is another obvious one. Adolin is in the way of that happy ending. In the way doesn't feel right to describe him, but his relationship is one thing standing between the happy ending we've been promised. He's also gone about as far as he can as a character currently. He's too perfect of a character, too Marty Stu. Even the one bit of flair he has had with killing Sadeas still feels too perfect. He'll finish bringing Maya back, probably in this book, and in so doing convince all the spren that humans are the bestest. It'll bring a flood of new Radiants into the fold (including Captain Ico bonding to "Captain" Rysn) and after that Adolin will die. He'll be the perfect Martyr, just like he was perfect at everything else. It will also be the nudge that some other characters need to get over whatever their plot hangups will be. His death will have a bigger impact on Dalinar, Renarin, Shellan, and Kaladin than anything else could have. There's a bunch of others that I'm less sure of, but I think those 3 characters fates are written in stone.
  10. While I personally don't think it's even feasible for cutting gemstones, with the precision required it's much easier to move the cutting instrument rather then the whole gemstone as a blade would require. Second you would have to work extremely close to a blade that would need to be sharpened to essentially a razor's edge. One tiny slip and you have dead hands and/or fingers. And then you have to explain how you have shardblade injuries. And there are many more problems than this. But none of that matters. It's a non starter. The idea itself is not feasible. Obviously nobody just recently cleaned out grannies attic after she passed and found a shardblade. It has to be something that's been in the family for a long time. With every member of the family agreeing to keep it a secret, at every point in their life. It would essentially be the same as somebody having the winning lottery ticket, but not cashing it in because they wrote the recipe for some cookies on the back, and they want to sell those cookies at the local mall. It just doesn't make sense.
  11. Dark eyes need to get all the way to 2nd Nahn before they're even considered full citizens with the right to travel. Shareholders are automatically granted the rank of 4th Dahn, which puts them right below the children of highprinces. When Kaladin flies Dalinar our to Thaylen city for the first time, he is told about the swath of land he has been granted as a 4th dahn shareholder. It has several villages on it and from the sounds of it at least one is bigger than Hearthstone where he grew up. Evi ran away from her country and didn't bring any soldiers or prestige or alliances or anything with her. Except for 1 set of shardplate. That was enough to have highprince Galinor pretty much force his brother Dalinar to marry her. You think somebody is gonna keep that a secret so they can run a successful stonemasonry business?
  12. When he says "where are..." I got the impression that he was wondering why they didn't make them, not that he is actually looking for long lost shards for regular people. I'm not sure if that's what you're asking or not?
  13. From what we've seen so far, it has been a struggle for characters to achieve the ideals. Even though they know they should. Rock hasn't struggled to accept that his brothers are dead, he freely admits it. He struggles to step up and be a leader. I don't think Lightweaver is his order, although those are good points with the spiritual healing and sustenance. But that is still what he wants to do, not what he knows deep down inside he has to do. He's also not shy about protecting people, and I can't see any way he would have any problem with any version of the 3rd ideal like we saw with Kal or Teft. But where they are both natural leaders, this seems to be where Rock is struggling. What you call spiritual sustenance also brought the bridge 4 together. Bridge 4 would have followed Kal anywhere, but they were a bunch of Individuals until Rock's cooking and beard shaving... United then. Which order is about uniting people and their main attribute is more about maybe guiding Kal to the right choice, instead of making it himself? Plus although he follows a different religion, Rock maybe the most pious character we have seen. So when he goes home to the peaks to deal with whatever is wrong there, I expect he comes back with a bondsmith spren and an open perpendicularity.
  14. I can agree with your first point that maybe not 2 for 1. But it's at least 1.5. I think you'd be surprised how much leather armor helps compared to the wild men with stone weapons in one of Dalinars visions. I agree that plate protects you better than a blade. But a blade kills faster and better than plate. I see them as kind of separate but equal. That was a point I meant to make. In those past desolations not only were there 10 heralds and a full radiant order (at least after the first couple) but the fused also couldn't come back. Obviously a desolation was always a serious thing, and also obviously a last battle type scenario is also going to be a big deal. But from what we've seen so far of the power scaling that I roughly etched out, it just doesn't feel like the good guys were ever in danger of losing. No. Honor blades in human hands is definitely a new thing. But it just feels like something Sanderson will explore further. Especially since the Blackthorn has been told by the Stormfather that he wont be one a blade and Dalinar isn't allowed to hold a dead blade. So obviously he either ends up with an Honor blade or.... I should have included Nightblood on that list somewhere. Like "dead" shards and humans holding honor blades this is something new to this desolation. I'm not sure if I like him in Dalinars hands more or less than an honor blade. And I'm not even sure if he brings more or less to the table than one of those. But an investiture eating permanent fused killer has got to affect the balance of power somewhat. Even with so many things going against them currently though, it feels like if Kaladin just had the full bridge 4 with him it would have been an almost easy fight. I just wanted to get other people opinion about how they felt the powers scaled up, and if people disagreed with my assessment of how easy things seemed with our current knowledge?
  15. I could be wrong, but I've kind of come away with the impression from what we've read so far that #1 we're in the start of what they call a desolation. And #2 at what ends up being the end of each of the desolations in the past there is one last big battle with all the good guys vs all the bad guys. So I just kinda cant stop thinking about what those looked like in the past. What it might end up looking like in the future, and a brief consideration of what it would or would have looked like at the end of each book. First I want to look at each army, and what they're made up of, so kinda want to spend some time on power scaling between combatants. 1. Women, old men, and young children armed with kitchen knives, rakes, shovels, the ever popular pitchforks, and Dalinars famous poker. 2. Untrained fighting age men, with stone age weaponry. Probably each is twice as strong as the above. 3. Untrained fighting age men fully equipped with "modern" weapons and armor. Probably again 2x1 to above. 4. Untrained listeners/singers/parshendi/parshmen in war form. I'm thinking slightly above humans. 5. fully trained, fully armed and armored veterans as on the shattered plains. 6. Fully trained Singers in war form. 7. Single share holders. Either plate or blade. I'm thinking 50 fully trained veterans with nets and ropes etc wouldn't have a chance, but 100 would probably be pretty close to a guarantee. In my head a single average shard holder is worth about 75 or so elite veterans. With the caveat that some like Adolin or Dalinar would be tougher. 8. Full shard bearers with (dead) blade and plate. At least 3 to 1 of above, if not more. At least several hundred elite veteran soldiers. 9. Radiant squires or radiants ot the 1st ot 2nd ideal. Maybe not head to head with a full shardbearer (although I would expect that from bridge 4 windrunner squires) but I think squires or proto-radiants have the same net worth on the battle field. 10. Fused. From what we've seen so far, the fused seem to be well above a full shard bearer or any squire with stormlight. Although we saw them send 4 to take on Moash and Graves who weren't wearing their plate. 11. Radiants without plate. Since that's all we've seen so far. Kaladin could easily destroy a fused 1x1 but couldn't quite focus one down and even the odds when fighting several at once. Shallan doesn't have quite as much concentrated power, but her surges multiply the strength of the army with her. Big picture wise she might have been worth more than any 1 other Radiant. Jesnah was a 1 woman wrecking crew out there when we saw her. And then Dalinar... damnation. 12. Human with an honor blade. From what we have seen this might be weaker than a radiant with his blade, but I think that was just due to the user. As the series progresses I expect honor blades to prove to be significantly stronger than what we've seen. 13. Thunderclasts. Probably not possible for a normal human or singer to kill. Requires surges, shards, honor blades, or radiants to kill. 14. Unmade. Hard to quantify just how high on the list to put them. Amaram, midnight mother, etc. They seem to be all across the board. While Shallan scared one away by understanding it or whatever, midnight essence copies are way more powerful than her illusions in a large scale fight. And I already admitted her illusions might have been the most help at Thaylen city. 15-20. I could probably already put full radiants on the list, because I think we have a good idea of what plate adds to the equation. But we haven't actually seen it. Heralds with their blades are supposed to be considerably above even full radiants. In fact I believe it was Ishar who threatened to personally destroy each and every radiant if they didn't agree to be bound by laws of some sort. We have no idea what Heralds can do, but at least one seems to have died in every desolation. The Aimians. We've seen a single dysian Aimian have 0 trouble with a couple of skybreaker squires. We've also seen that in the past they fought on the good guys side, and its implied they were able to be killed in one of the visions. No actual idea what either species of Aimian can do. Rysn's Larkin. We've been hunted at by Brandon that killing off great shells would have a bigger impact. Maybe they would have been on our side? Maybe this Larkin grows up to be the flying chasmfiend slash dragon that eats investiture and maybe it doesn't. But already sucking the voidlight from some fused so Rysn could kill it was pretty bad chull. Ok, so imagining past desolations... I dont see how they were so bad. There's obviously more to come out about Odiums side. Because 10 Heralds with 10 honor blades, Aimians on our side, hundreds of full radiants, plus way more squires. From what we've seen, this seems like a cake walk. Present desolations - well after book 1 it would have been us vs no one. After book 2 it was storm form and an everstorm vs 2-3 alethi high princes. After book 3 it's what 5-6 alethi high princes, some Thaylens, and possibly some Azir with maybe 10 radiants vs all the fused, a herald, all but 1 skybreaker plus 1 alethi high prince and possibly Kharbranth and Jah Keved too. Our odds are certainly getting worse.