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  1. The series is about Radiants. 10 books, 10 orders, 10 main viewpoint characters. Thrres only 2 arcs that make sense for Adolin. 1 he becomes radiant. 2 he dies and his death is a catalyst for other radiants. I think option #2 makes more sense and I think I would like it more. But it's not Sanderson's style at all. So he's going to be a KR at some point. Most likely sooner rather than later.
  2. Book 5 will be about Szeth, probably touching on the whole truthless thing, and the oathstone. Book 5 will also probably dig deeper into the oathpact, and either repair, replace, strengthen or circumvent it. Something that gives a stopping point to this story of 5 books and gives us a break until the next set of 5. Going with your KoW thing.... Keeper of Word? Keeper of Words? The Keeper of Words? Keeper of the Word. Keeping our Word? Szeth is not truthless, he kept his word. Only one Herald kept to their oathpact, they are truthless, they didn't keep their word. The only one that sounds elegant enough to be a title is Keeper ofvthe Word, but that doesn't fit the naming convention, and it doesn't seem like an in world writing, more like a title given to a person.
  3. I do think he gets some radiant levels. The more we see of him, the more "broken" he seems. He is Kaladin's dad we know spren like to look in family trees for traits. And his healing attitude and trying to save lives definitely seems like he would find some spren that approved. But no, I don't think he'll be a major viewpoint. I do think we get a couple of interlude type chapters as he struggles with having a blade and being a knight, when all he wants is to save people. That type of dynamic. But I could also see him becoming a tool of Taravangian, or even of Odium himself. New chapter 1 makes it look like there might be space to turn him against his firstborn. Whatever it is, I think he has a part in the story going forward, not just a convenient throw away viewpoint for one chapter.
  4. I went back and read it again. The Mink is missing a tooth and has more than a few scars covering his body, including those on his wrists which came from wearing Manacles for long periods of time. This doesn't sound like the description of somebody who has ever breathed in Stormlight......yet.
  5. He had scars on his wrists. Kaladin has the shash on his forehead but we've been repeatedly told something weird is going on there and it has to do with spiritual healing and how Kal views himself. I don't think "The Mink" would spiritually view himself as deserving of wearing manacles. But a shardblade could be possible. Or it could just be a continuity error as none of this has went through any of the editing process.
  6. I've always thought that they call the Sibling, Sibling instead of brother or sister because it lines up more with the Listeners than with humans. Therefore it is not limited to 2 genders. We know that is a thing with some spren. And while others seemed to think it was the recreance and radiants breaking their bonds that "hurt them enough." I assumed it was whatever was done to the parsh that actually hurt The Sibling, and also that is my feeling that probably is what caused the recreance as well. It never sat right with me that all the Radiants gave up their bonds just because humans stole thiat world from Listeners. But tearing their very soul/identity out and locking them into dull form? That might be enough.
  7. I think I'm the only one, but I am actively hoping he doesn't get it done by his goal date. First of all that takes any pressure off, so theres the small chance that we get a better book. Although admittedly it would be like 5-10% of the book that was affected, and that 5-10% of the book might be 1-2% better. The bigger reason I'm hoping for 2021 is because Brandon has said he wants to do 2 Stormlight novellas and that one of those is Rock's story. Also Brandon has stated that the Rock novella "kind of needs" to come out before book 4. This would let him push back book 4 a couple months, wouldn't affect us much in the long run, but he might feel obliged to bang out one or even 2 stormlight Novellas to sort of make it up to us. I know some people are eagerly waiting Mistborn or whatever he's gonna write next, but I'll personally take Stormlight over anything else. And I think this would be the way we get the most Stormlightthe quickest.
  8. Still not convinced that means she did it all herself. But I will concede the point. However I will point out that Gavilar died years ago, and shes only recently come to the shattered plains and then Urithiru. I can see she might have taken some time away by herself and had time to do those. But I see her being so busy with bright lady stuff that I think for the most part shes more about leading and directing her people. But I guess she has demonstrated the ability and in different circumstances probably would have been one of the best.
  9. No way. Last Stormlight book is like 20+ years away still. There is no way old George lives that long, and once he passes they'll tap some young up and coming writer to finish it off right quick.
  10. She maybe has a upper tier understanding of Fabrials, but she has said herself she's not some genius artifabrian. She is interested in them and probably has an innate ability. But we've seen some of the scholars in interludes studying stuff, she just doesnt have that time while she's busy being Queen and then Queen Mother. Her money buys scholars to work for her or at her direction but she's not some genius in there just banging out fabrial ideas. She's more Henry Ford and less Karl Benz. Not that it really has anything to do with the argument, I guess both are still known in history as geniuses or at least innovators/inventors. I just think the distinction needs to be made.
  11. The spoiler preludes from SA4 are heavily showing Navani's Bondsmith like attributes, but her showing up and taking over the hunt for Urithiru/Narak and uniting the scholars and directing the artifabrians all seem to be Bondsmith qualities. I have never seen any of those kind of qualities or attributes from Rlain. I think that one is wishful thinking. He is definitely a character with a role in the story to come, but there is nothing to indicate that role would be as a Bondsmith. Zahal, again we havent seen anything from him that even resembles Bondsmith qualities. Rock however has shown all sorts of hints that he is as important to the story as anyone on this list, and he has shown more Bondsmith qualities than anyone too. Pious and Guiding along with uniting things. While Kaladin was the unquestioned leader of Bridge Four, it was Rock who played a big part in bringing them together and then holding them together once they were there. It was his razor and shaving ritual that brought people together. And definitely his stew every night is like the defining characteristic of Bridge Four. And the Pious attitude he has along with his ability to see spren and his connection to Cultivation's perpendicularity. Everything to me points to Bondsmith. Taravangian was already changed by Cultivation/used in her personal plans against Odium. That would seem to be a point in his favor since it is so similar to Dalinar, and he has definitely shown Bondsmith qualities uniting Kharbranth and Jah Keved along with putting together and running The Diagram secret society. But he doesn't feel right to me personally. It feels like his part has mostly been played already. Just my opinion though on him.
  12. Did you just say you're tired of people saying storm Moash, and then create a whole thread with a giant wall of text essentially daring people to say storm Moash?
  13. I've had 2 kind of interconnected questions for a while. 1a. We know for instance that Kaladin is faster, quicker, more agile than average. And Rock is much stronger than average. And kind of by appearances, we can guess that Shellan is probably less nsturally physically gifted than average. Would holding stormlight lessen the gap, or even completely even the physical stats, or augment the natural gifts and widen the gap? Not talking about training, or reaction times, or anything like that. Just pure physical capabilities. 1b. By the same token, but looking at the other side of the coin. Do some KR/surgebinders have more pure abilities with surges than others. Szeth, had more training, and Kaladin had more of an innate apptitude; but once training catches up and experience replaces aptitude will all KR of a certain order be pretty equal? This probably has more to do with other orders, especially the offensive powers like dustbringers. Will certain KR just be stronger in the surges? A possible third question to go along with the above 2. Does the exact spren they bonded play any part in that? For instance we know Syl is something like a princess among honor spren, she was the first new honor spren made by The Stormfather after Honor was destroyed. Then we saw Rock noticing all the honor spren watching Bridge 4 practice. Would Kaladins power be affected in any way if he had bonded one of those other spren? What if he had bonded the special one that Rock gave gems to? Or the honor spren king/emperor/leader who may have been made by Honor himself. Does which spren you bond have any impact? Does their compatibility and their attitude factor into it at all?
  14. I believe Brandon has stated in the past that a shardbow might be possible (which is why a hammer that you can only use in plate can be called a shardhammer, but a bow you can only use in plate is called a greatbow.) But I believe he ended up changing his mind mid answer and gave it a RAFO. During I believe that same answer I believe or possibly a different WoB he states that complicated mechanisms in a shard blade would be difficult and present different issues. I got the feeling a shard gun probably isnt happening.
  15. First time I have ever commented on an episode, but the discussion of the 3 arcs/parts got my attention and I can't stop thinking about it. First i looked at where we left off. Jesnah recently came back into the fold and i believe Brandon once stated that she was not previously cosmere aware, but is catching up quick. So any arc with her in it, or maybe her sending others on it could involve cosmere and/or secret society stuff. Maybe Shellan and Ghostblood stuffs. Either with or without Jesnah. Second and third, although I don't stay as up to date on WOB as you guys i thought Brandon has said he wanted to get 2 Edgedancer type novellas out before this book. He specifically stated that Rock's story kind of needs to come first. And I believe he also said Rocks story would be during the year break and would involve him going back to the peaks. So that's certainly a good option for a story arc. But don't forget that even before Rocks story Brandon has previously mentioned Rysn and Wandersail. Which we all kind of expect to make it's way to Aimia. So Rock and Rysn are both possible viewpoint characters and I think Horneater peaks and Aimia are viable destinations. Obviously Kholinar is a possible destination. And I think people are correct the only way we get a full book of Venli is if she is part of that main group. And it would seem impossible for her to "start in the same place as everyone else" unless they have people like Moash and Rlain there or Shellan or somebody again tying to undercover spy. I don't really have too much new thoughts on this. Except that I just can't see Kaladin there. He's too prominent after Thaylen city IMO and unlike Shellan he can't disguise himself or use any stormlight without getting caught. Something that I could see requiring a huge group is if Shellan goes monster hunting. Some unmade need to be dealt with and she is definitely "our unmade person." Dalinar has bottled one up already. If they have another perfect gem over the next year I can see them mobilizing to try that again. There's also Tezim who people now know about. If you gotta take on Odium, and you know where A #1 leader of all the Heralds is; maybe, just maybe you do what you can to get his help...? Another Shellan option, this time possibly involving Szeth. I've long suspected her brother gave away his shardblade when he bonded his own spren. So Kaladin didn't kill her brother. If the Ghostbloods tell her that and Szeth tells everybody about a secret group of Knights Radiant who have bonded a huge # of spren and have training and organization and everything; that could certainly be s ok somewhere she goes. Or Dalinar. Unite them. Speaking of Szeth and Dalinar. One knows about a cache of Honor Blades. One would certainly want those Honor Blades and/or people as trained in using them as Szeth. We know Szeth is going to go back there at some point. I think Dalinar makes a lot of sense as wanting to go with him, although the Bondsmith is supposed to stay in Urithuru, he has to go on his long walk at some point, right? Rysn could be another option to go to Shinovar, lots of setup there with her learning how to bargain with Shin and raising the bowl of grass. She may have to bond her spren first and get her legs back. Which probably happens after Aimia so she can have the character growth of accomplishing something great with just her mind while she's still crippled. There's also Taravangian who may or may not have recognized his mistake. But also may or may not have noticed the one way to win lies with Odium not being able to see Renarin. If he changes his whole MO and works with people instead of by himself he may get the info from Renarin and/or Jesnah that his spren has been corrupted by what's her face. Wherein Shellan may also share that what's her face may want to defect. I really like Kaladin and Lirin idea, especially if he chooses to "not save" somebody like Lirin or Laral. Both of whom seemed like they could end up being Radiants at some point when the spren return en mass. Regardless he has to be in the first group of 5. And he pretty much has to get his plate early ish in the book I feel like. With the one year break and what we saw already, all of bridge 4 is gonna be full radiants at this point with their own blades. Kaladin has to be special he may not be the main character, but he's the classic hero. Yet some of his former squires will have a lot easier time with the 4th oath than him. I kind of like the idea of Szeth and Dalinar going together as group 3 on a less focused thing. Maybe they dont accomplish much beyond setting them up to make it to Shinovar for book 5. I also like Kaladin meeting with Lirin in group 1, with 3 others maybe evacuating or strengthening the hold of Alethi strongholds outside of Kholinar. Possibly Adolin to represent Kholin family and high princes in general. Probably other bridge 4. Maybe Renarin. Navani to help coordinate women stuff? Shellan is the hard one. So many things she could do. Unmade, spying, go with her husband as representatives of the royal family, just as a scholar helping track down Aimia after discovering Urithuru, going to the Skybreakers, other secret society stuff. My tentative guess if I had to commit to it is: Group 1 - 1. Kaladin plus all Bridge 4 2. Adolin and Maya 3. Lirin Meets up with 4. Rlain and the lost legion of Listeners and probably 5. Venli all on Alethi plains. Move towards Horneater peaks for a major battle. Group 2 Shellan and Jasnah together again. Trying to figure out what's up with Sja-Anat. Super involved plot. End up going monster hunter on Unmade, probably at Hornester Peaks. Group 3. Dalinar and Szeth. Head toward Tukari, then maybe look into the Skybreakers, end the book just arriving at Shinovar after going all over.