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  1. I am curious about Adolin. First, he feels comfortable with his blade, like it is an old friend, instead of having the reaction we expect, like those of Kal or Renarin. Second, he murdered Sadeas, which I can't believe the KR would condone, even if he was a total arse. I find it hard to believe that such a central character won't be one of the KR, but something doesn't fit. Something along those lines? I don't know if any of this has already been explained and I've missed it, but it's been bothering me for a while.
  2. Blaze, I'm so jealous! I'll be there tomorrow night, too, but I have been having the hardest time coming up with questions! The only thing I can think of is "Who the heck was Nakomi (I've been a WoT fan for 15 years)?" and A. I know he's not going to answer, and B. I want something good about Stormlight. I'll be the 30 year old lady with curly hair and glasses, all by her lonesome. If you recognize me, please stop and say hi! It would be so nice to actually meet another fan. I'm a lonely nerd in a world full of non-literates.
  3. Thank you all, both for the info and the hints! I am stuck on #2 (a bad sign, I know), and can't decide where to go to even begin.
  4. I'm a new member, and just stumbled on the Shardhunt. I hate it. I hate it so much, I could cry. And I can't stop. Please, is there a support group for those of us that just can't get it?
  5. I am deeply troubled by Adolin and his murdering Sadeas. I get it, and part of me cheered. But what implications will this act have in later books? I've always thought he would be a KR, but after this, I'm just not sure. Was he right to do it? He was trying to protect his father, but his need for revenge must be great. He also had the presence of mind to remove all evidence, indicating that he is not willing to be tried for his actions. If he felt they were right, he wouldn't fear judgement. Also, if he is/will be a surgebinder, how do you reconcile that with his relationship with his sword? He doesn't hear the screams, and speaks lovingly to a dead spren. Does that strike anyone else as odd? What if he is Odium's champion in the making? Or will this act, and the guilt he feels later, be what creates the cracks to his soul that allows him to become a surgebinder? Grrrrrr.
  6. Hi!

    Hi all! My name is Teresa, and I'm a huge fan of Brandon! I first "met" him when he took over WoT, and now... well, his work has become a huge part of my life! So happy to join a community, as I know no one personally to share my love of the cosmere with! I do, however, believe we are all masochists. The torture we will all endure until Stones Unhallowed is released? And the seven books after? We be crazy.