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  1. Since this isn't in WoR sub-forum I'll attempt to spoiler(I always mess it up)
  2. It could have happened. I just find it unlikely as it seems out of character for Vin. Not premarital sex but sex at the time. She didn't view herself as a woman before the marriage. She was merely a tool there to keep Elend alive while he built his government. That whole character arc was about her finally coming to grips with who she is. I don't think it mattered to her if she had sex pre or post marriage. It's just the marriage was her decision to accept herself and love for Elend. While I think Sanderson is fine with writing premarital sex, I just don't think Vin and Elend were actually engaging in it. I could be completely wrong and you are 100% correct. It would work I guess and to some extent makes sense. Just in my fantasy land it never happened. Personally I don't have an issue with premarital sex.
  3. I don't remember it being suggested Vin and Elend has sex before they were married. She slept in his room often but it's never implied like when they wake up naked together later in the books.
  4. I always imagined that Kal had a choice between being with Tarah or continuing with the army/his grudge. He couldn't let go of his hatred for Lighteyes/Roshone which eventually broke them apart. That being said we know basically nothing at this point.
  5. I always thought the reasoning Voidbringers may be able to hold stormlight perfectly is because there's actually a finite amount of stormlight in each highstorm. If you have a container that never leaks you can effectively cripple your enemies ability to fight by taking all the stormlight before they can get it. There always seems to be some kind of balance so what I thought was that they either can't use Stormlight or their efficiency in using it is greater hampered by their efficiency in storing it. Stormlight also seems to grow plants which may suggest it's needed for more than just surgebinding.
  6. Mraize actually says that Jasnah killed one of their own so now they are trying to kill her. The research just seems like a bonus. Why she had one assassinated I'm not sure or if she knew that person was a Ghostblood.
  7. Vasher used Nightblood to slay Shashara who not only drew Nightblood but is someone Nightblood still views as a good person. I think it's highly likely that Nightblood doesn't dictate who he harms once drawn.
  8. That situation is more about how to go about punishing a crime and what prison means. In Nale's case being a KR that has a crime means death. It isn't about rehabilitating a criminal to be a model person in society. In that regard it doesn't matter when the crime was committed or what you did after that.
  9. It could be that Braize is both Damnation and The Tranquiline Halls. Damnation being the current stage of Braize with Odium residing and The Tranquiline Halls being the potential state of Braize with Odium defeated. They continue their struggle not through being actual ghosts or some other plant but instead through the Spren that they bonded now gaining more knowledge and experience for the next battle. Not exactly perfect theory but I do think The Tranquiline Halls is more a construct developed to help give people hope in their sacrifices. Remember that the desolations destroy almost all the humans each time so as a person fighting in those it must be rather hard to justify why you are doing it. You'll all going to be wiped out eventually and then it will just repeat itself. edit: Although if enough people believe in an idea/concept will it manifest itself in the cognitive realm?
  10. I was actually also thinking of real world parallels but more so in banking. The floating interest rates people tried to use with home loans where it basically guaranteed the debtor would be unable to pay eventually which leads to the bank both getting the money and the property back. You could build a slave contract in such a way that if the slave's wages were ever threatening to overtake the debt then the interest on the debt would increase by an amount to counteract this. A thought came to mind though, this is a society where the men can't read. Not only that but one "race group" has superior social standing and rights to the other. Why then go through all that trouble of building a clever contract? It seems easier just to falsify documentation while either lying or never disclosing the full truth to your debtors. I do agree to some extent that it's more likely not some kind of big conspiracy and more likely the mini conspiracies crafted a long time ago to keep the system in place. The system has most likely been around for some time now. It's entirely likely that the people of today(Light and Dark) don't even realize it's corrupt(If it is).
  11. That seems like a pretty biased perspective. Your analogy points more to social acceptance as the reason for not being a disorder than positively effecting a persons life. A Disorder is anything that deviates from the normal. This deviation doesn't have to be good or bad. It can be neither and sitll be a disorder.
  12. It's a matter of trust. You have to remember what kind of society these people live in. The king can lend out his shards because he has the power. The same way a Highprince can lend his shard to a general or top fight. They are the ones with all the power even without the shard. Now look at it from your average shardbearer that isn't one of the Highprinces family. They are nothing without the shard and even with the shard they are still beneath their Highprince. If now they lend their shards to others what worth do they have to the Highprince? Why does he not just take the shards away(He might not be able to "legally" do it but they can just pressure him in other ways until it happens) and give them to those people instead or better yet those people turn around and stab the shardbearer before he can summon his blade back. I wonder if that would even be deemed wrong in their culture. It's a culture that lives by MAD. Adolin's own supposed close friend tried to maim him in an "unfair" duel in order to get the shards. This was a man Adolin trusted enough to fight side by side surrounded by Parshendi.
  13. The thread just reads more as if people are trying to figure out who the Dustbringer will be instead of who the flashback character will be. While sharing similarities, it's still a different discussion. I think if you look at it just in terms of flashback Mr. T has the most interesting and unexplained story to be told. Adolin while an interesting character now is pretty much a model Kholin. He may have some dilemmas in the past but it'll be along the lines of what we've already seen time and time before. Rysn is similar where her story before adventuring doesn't really seem important. The interludes now are showing us what may help define her personality for the future. Seeing further back in the past while nice doesn't seem that important.
  14. This is all with the assumption that there will be only 1 KR of each order. It's entirely possible that Mr. T, Adolin and Rysn all become Dustbringers with only one of them getting a flashback book.
  15. That actually makes me curious. My understanding of the slave debt is that it's actually a bunch of financial rubbish made up in order to keep people permanently slaves while having hope of one day not being slaves. The documentation is all with the owner without any third party involved. At the same time the slaves don't even seem to know the exact amount of their debt and there's no recipes given so their legal standing of actually paying the debt would be impossible to prove(Lighteyes word vs Darkeyes). I wonder if Shallan realizes this.