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  1. ""If our places were reversed, if I were to ask you for your memories of this place, what you'd learned. What you'd seen. Would you do it? Could you let it go? Even if," Lita paused, taking a breath. "Even if you knew you'd die if you refused?" Her words rung in the Stranger's mind, like a tolling bell. He felt his hypocrisy like raw pitch, coating his words. She was right. Of course he wouldn't have complied, he would have done everything in his power to avoid compliance. And if there were no alternatives, he would have taken his knowledge to the grave. And that was what had drawn him to Lita in the first place. His Shade had sensed her drive, her Hunger. He had felt the resonance of one so familiar despite never meeting her before. He had known what to offer her, how to guide her on the path she now tread.He looked at the spot in her side where he knew the spike to be, his iron eye outlining it in blue. It had been a heavy price, but in her eyes he had seen that she had paid greater ones. He looked at the coin in her hand, glinting even in the faint light. It had become her talisman, her lucky charm, her guiding star. He wished he had never made the blasted thing. But that was a lie, he knew. There had never been another better suited for his work, for this work specifically. The Coin had galvanized her ambition, inspired her growth. It had been like giving an eagle its wings. Or perhaps its talons. The Stranger looked at Lita, at the tears running down her face, and felt a cold, writhing shame stir within him. And something else, he couldn't quite describe. Pride? Anger? No, regret? But why? What was causing him to feel regret? Why was he feeling so many emotions? Too many emotions. He wasn't used to this, to feeling so out of control. And Lita was the root of it, though exactlywhy he could not say. She was becoming an obstacle, a hindering element to his work. He knew she would not give him the memories of her own volition, so he would either have to take the memories or eliminate her entirely. It would be no easy thing, but his work was paramount, and great endeavors required Sacrifice. He was a scientist, not some philosopher to bemoan morality and obligation. He had work to do. He lowered his hand and closed it into a fist around the metal stud. He felt it elongate into a thin, short spike that was obscured within his palm. He rested his thumb on the head of the spike, and looked into Lita's eyes. Each heartbeat echoed in his ears like the tread of a greatshell. His grin faded completely as he answered her question. "No, not if God himself were to ask." Her green eyes sparkled in the ghostly light. Green eyes filled with tears. Green eyes... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It will work, trust me. I've studied the diagrams extensively, and I'm positive we'll be successful." "Are you sure? And I'll still be able to..." "Of course you will, I wouldn't lie to you about this! This is the culmination of years of research! I'm about to do something no one has accomplished since the Lord Ruler! And it will be even better, more efficient and less wasteful. I'm going to change history, change our understanding of Science itself!" "I know, I know how important this is to you! But I'm scared, really scared. Is it going to hurt? How long before you can be sure it worked? And even if you get it right, I don't know if I can give up such an important piece of myself, even if you think you can heal me. It won't be the same, I just know it..." "It WILL be the same. You just have to trust me! Scientific breakthrough do not come cheaply, they require dedication and hard work. It requires Sacrifice." "Reshilore, are you sure? Are you absolutely sure I'll be okay?" "...of course I am. I wouldn't do it if I wasn't sure I wasn't asking you to do something dangerous. Now lie still, Victoria, this will all be over soon..." He looked into her green eyes, her beautiful green eyes and raised the hammer... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hello, err, ...sir." The Stranger snapped out of the forgotten memory like he had been slapped in the face. Laurelai, she had left the fountain, walked out of it. He tried to think, to formulate a plan, but he was still reeling from the shock of the memory. Laurelai had a strange expression on her face. What did she know? Had she looked at him too? What was that memory? Who, ...who was Victoria? He tried to speak coherently, pulling himself together by the barest seams. Tell her something, anything. "Ah, um, Laurelai. You... both of you must avoid the waterfall, it's dangerous. Who knows what the source of the magic is, what the long term effects are? It's best just to be safe." He struggled for more words, but none of them made any sense. He looked at both girls faces and wondered, what they saw now? A benevolent god? Or a cruel monster? Or something even worse... @Voidus. @ZincAboutIt
  2. "You were in the dark, with your black hammer and forge. I found you, amidst a thousand burning stars." The Stranger froze, the words striking him with the force of blows. How did she... the Water. He didn't seem to move, but he began compounding speed, effectively freezing the world. He had to think. Too much was happening all at once, he was losing control of the situation. First Lita had, perhaps inadvertently, mentally blindsided him. Then he had learned of the existence of the Fountain, which would have been a momentous occasion in another time, but under the present circumstances was more of a threat. Then Laurelai had Looked at him with the Fountain's power. And now Lita apparently new of his project. It was like a dam that had begun to fail, for each leak he plugged, another sprung anew. And he was running out of plugs. His hands closed and opened, and tried to think of solutions. You have a solution, destroy this place and leave no witnesses. No, Laurelai is Voidus' daughter, I can't kill her. Then make her comatose, she won't be dead and won't be able to tell anyone. Voidus would investigate the cause, and that could endanger the work. Perhaps if we framed... NO! I won't harm her, she's the only child of my friend. My only friend. I'm doing this for him, for the world of course, but for him most importantly. Stop lying to yourself, you're doing this for YOU. You're doing it to see if you can. You can lie to yourself about selflessness and correction, about your idyllic paradise, but the truth is you're bored. You're bored and you're curious. That's not... that's not the whole truth. You're ready to kill the child of your only friend and a girl you've been mentoring... I haven't been mentoring her! You appeared to her before you spoke to anyone else. You gave her one of your personal creations. You gave her a Spike! You've spent more time with her than anyone other than Voidus. And you were ready to kill her. YOU were ready to kill her! I AM YOU! You don't have a split personality, you're not talking to one of the countless souls you've taken, you're talking to YOURSELF. The Stranger felt the muscles in his jaw tightening as his control started to slip. The shadows in the cavern boiled, writhing with silent fury. He looked at Lita, and the shadows were already starting to pool around her. Was this truly the only way, to kill these girls? No. There would be another way, he just had to reexamine the data. He stopped tapping Steel and tried to think of what to say. "For a moment I.." continued speaking, unaware of how close she was to death. Then she blinked and her was fell with a look of confusion as she trailed off. She seemed to search for the thought, like a lost child reaching into a dark pool. But her search seemed to be in vain, and as tears traced silver paths across her face she spoke softly, "This will have a price won't it?" The Stranger felt the ghost of a wry grin assert itself, "You have no idea, Little Lita." He stepped towards her and laid a hand on her shoulder, noticing the shadows dissipate out of the corner of his eye. "I have something I must ask of you, something of the utmost importance." His grip on her shoulder tightened, and he leaned in, his face grim. "I need you to tell me exactly what you're doing down here, what you know about this place, and who else knows." He reached into his grey lab coat and pulled out a metallic stud. His voice was measured, but he held her gaze with an intensity that could melt stone. "And then I need you to give me those memories. " @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  3. Nice
  4. What's happening to me, to us? The Stranger turned from even as Lita froze his gaze falling on Laurelai as she stepped into the water. The water lapped around her legs, welcoming her with it's embrace. The falling water cascaded off her head, down her shoulders and into the pool. It would have been a beautiful scene of serenity to anyone who saw it. So long as they didn't look deeper than the physical. The Stranger opened his Sight, burned bronze, and peered into the cognitive realm. And to him it was a completely different sight. Laurelai was standing in a raging torrent of investiture, caught in the seductive rush of raw Power. It didn't flow over her, but through her, body spirit and mind. It bathed her very core with its essence, transforming her spiritual and cognitive signature. The Stranger kept his laser focus on her, but it didn't seem like it was harming her. In fact, he wasn't sure what it was doing. This was unlike any investiture he had ever encountered, especially in this raw state. So he gazed upon it with keen Hunger, seeking to understand its nature. And then Laurelai looked at him. He felt it, deep within him, the gaze of the Knowing. There were the eyes of someone who Saw him, like a specimen to be dissected. Laurelai had an expression somewhere between joy and horror, and he wasn't sure which was more worrying. She was looking at him and not looking at him. It was similar to the sensation Lita had caused, but much less focused on him. All this transpired in an instant, in the time it takes a fear to grow. And grow it did, but so did the Hunger. Here was a subject deserving of countless hours of study, a wellspring of theories and tests bubbling to life within his mind. What effect would individuals with cognitive dissonance have on the stream? How would a Spinner experience the effect? Sentient constructs? What about... NO. He had work to do, an undertaking already underway. He would not be diverted from his fell purpose. This Font of Enlightenment was truly a marvel, but what he was working on eclipsed it in magnitude. But then another thought: What if he could use it? A tool to aid his task, another lever with which to move the sphere of the world? This phenomenon expands the mind, beyond the rate and scope of that of any investiture he knew of. He could save so much time and effort, advance his timeframes by entire magnitudes of order. Sacrifice. What is the price of this power? Can I afford it, especially now? He glanced from Laurelai to Lita, at their hungry and haunted expression and thought, Can they? He thought of Voidus looking at his daughter with sorrow, worry, and a deep, deep love. Voidus would want to know about this, he needed to know so he could step in and make sure it was handled properly. The Stranger prepared to contact him, then stopped. Voidus could never know about this. This place granted revelation, knowledge you couldn't know otherwise. If Voidus partook of the water, he could learn of the Stranger's plan, and everything would be ruined. He had to hide this place, and he had to make sure neither of the people here told anyone. He had to keep this secret, had to keep it safe. He filled his voice with Will and Weight and spoke to the girl in the water, "Laurelai, come out now." @Voidus @ZincAboutIt
  5. The Stranger heard Lita's words creep through the cavern, saw her gaze transfixed upon the falling water, felt her footstep crunch upon the gravel. This was an old place, one that he had no memory of. And it's power was great. Even as he stood there, he could feel his hunger pulling him towards it, even as Lita moved to immerse herself. The Hunger resounded in this place, cool and implacable. It was no wonder the two denizens had partaken. But the Stranger had mastered his Hunger long ago. Or so he told himself. In this place, even he had to wonder. "Lita, Halt." His voice was harder than an anvil, and his gaze was as cool as a hangman's, never leaving Laurelai. "Get behind me." The Stranger did not beg or order, his words seemed to be describing truths yet unrealized. He knew the danger they were in. He was aware of Laurelai's unique ability, and he had no idea how it was going to interact with this Chapel of Rain. Lita had been able to surprise him, and she lacked the chaotic innate investiture. The Stranger continued to speak in a calm, hard voice, "Tether your Hunger by your will, or you shall be shackled to its whims." He knew a thing of two about that... @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  6. It was silent as the Stranger stood in the lab that lay beyond. He waited, Coin in hand, gazing at nothing and many things. Then a voice, small and afraid spoke to him Something happened to me Then impressions, feelings, sound. Like the torrent before, but a mere fraction of it. There was confusion, fear, worry, but beneath it all was the Hunger. The kind of Hunger that had tasted and known that for which it yearned. The most dangerous kind of Hunger. The Stranger considered this as he sifted through the impressions and emotions Lita had projected. Subterranean, dark, water, and something Lita herself didn't understand. It was all so jumbled, as if she was pulling fragments of consciousness out of the recesses of her mind. None of it made any sense, it was like the words of a babbling child who had seen something they didn't understand. But Lita had a razor sharp mind, and her articulation in the face of danger was remarkable. She had spoken to The Stranger face to face and not wavered, even as he drove a hemalurgic spike into her. And yet whatever had just happened had shattered her composure so completely. Not only that, but it had somehow enabled her to slip past his mental defenses with a surge of raw emotion. The Stranger was silent for a long moment, looking at the unfinished work before him. There was so much work to do, a world of details to see to. But this was something unknown, something that had not only eluded him, but caught him entirely off guard. He needed to see to this. ... The shadows in the carven did not warp and twist, the air did not whisper with silent voices. The Stranger was just suddenly there, without fanfare or spectacle. He stood a little ways off, taking in the scene before him. There was Lita, standing before falling water, speaking to someone in a strangely guarded voice. The Stranger was surprised to see that her companion was Laurelai, though after a moment of reflection he concluded that he had seen them together more often than not. However, this only created more questions: Was she involved in the strange events of late? Did Voidus know she was here? Did he know about any of this? But his questions fell to the back of his mind as he gazed upon the water falling before him. He felt the pull of it immediately, and his own Hunger responded. And that worried him. He stepped forward towards the others and spoke softly, "What is this place?" Yet before he could finish the sentence, Laurelai had turned and stepped into the pool. And the Stranger watched, unable or unwilling to stop her, he wasn't sure which... @Voidus @ZincAboutIt
  7. "The key is similarities. The less you have to change, the more sustainable it will be." The Stranger spoke to himself as he etched small grooves into the metal surface in front of him. They were part of a larger pattern of intricate symbols that spread across the gleaming spike. "And don't forget the background plausibility factor, it needs to be seemless." He connected a hexagonal grid to the larger section, merging them into a cohesive whole. The end of his chisel glowed white hot, hissing and crackling with power as he worked the tip of it in calculated movements. His engraving was as precise as a machine and as beautiful as an artist's. And as he worked he channeled his massive stores of investiture into it, weaving cryptic arts and dark Sciences in the loom of his design. The Stranger did not laugh or joke, but spoke softly as if to warn himself of danger. His face was focused and dark, and there was only a shallow grin about him. His work weighed heavy on him, yet he was the only one who could bear this burden. He stopped for a moment and looked at the spike before him, contemplating it's weight and it's Weight. Then he picked up his hammer, raising it over head for a mighty swing. It never fell. Something surged into the Stranger's mind, a torrent of power washing over his defences. He reeled, dropping the hammer to clutch at his head. This was agony. Nothing had been able to do this to him for a millennia. He staggered to regain control, but the force was so foreign and unexpected he was having trouble regaining his footing. It took him a moment to realize that it wasn't an eldritch abomination or some twisted deity. It was a person. Someone channeling raw emotion and intellect into his mind, his soul. Amd what was worse, they could See him. Really SEE him. It was as if he had been laid bare before a microscope, dissected and displayed. Understood. It was terrifying. He tried to push back against it, but as he forced his mind back in return, he recognized who had done this to him. It was Lita. The girl of the terrible hunger, the hunger so like his own. The woman who had seen the cost of power and found the resolve to pay it. The Eater of Secrets, Little Lita. The mental onslaught from her was such a raw burst of mental force, that the Stranger couldn't understand what she was trying to communicate, and he was fairly certain she couldn't either. Then just as abruptly it stopped, the connection ceasing to exist like the song of a hanged man. The Stranger was left lying on the floor, staring at the nothing as he tried to wrap his mind around what had just happened. He found that he had no idea, and that terrified him. He eventually stood and reached into the pocket of his lab coat and pulled out a heavy gold coin. He extended his mind through the coin, searching for the signature pulse of the coin Lita held. And subconsciously, a whispered question: Why? @ZincAboutIt
  8. @ZincAboutIt Once more you continue to astound me in the most enjoyable way.
  9. ...what.
  10. Hmm, I think this doesn't belong in this thread, as it's all too plausible to NOT have happened. Also, I'm very curious as to what vould have inspired this beautiful piece of literature.
  11. BOOM BOOM BOOM The Stranger hammered the metal before him with blow after blow of his black iron hammer. He worked and shaped it, filling the air with showers of sparks. BOOM BOOM BOOM He focused his will on the shape, Pulling and Pushing on the metal with precision even as he struck it. There would be no room for error, not even a fraction. This spike would be his greatest endeavor yet, and if he succeeded no one would ever know. BOOM BOOM BOOM As he worked he heard the voice of his friend echoing in his mind. Tired, oh so tired. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the city below him, regarding him with terror even as he slew the one who sought to destroy everything. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the bowler held in his hands as he stood in the Hall of Legends. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the eyes of Laurelai gazing upon the one who loved her most with a boundless fear. BOOM BOOM BOOM BANG!!! The last blow hit the metal harder than the othersstopped and closed his eyes, focusing on the cool metal of the hammer in his hand. Now was not the time to lose focus, not with so much at stake. The work must continue if the world was to be corrected. And so the Stranger refocused his will and steadied his mind. Then he set once more to work, the echoes fading in to the cold darkness. BOOM BOOM BOOM
  12. I haven't drawn anything in a good while, but I couldn't let the 1st Alleyverse Inktober go by without contributing anything. I know it's quite late but here's my piece for : Sacrifice
  13. While this is quite good, this portrayal of the DA is slanderous. We've a number of different spikes for situations of emotional distress, any of qhich would solve the problem. Can't feel sad if you've lost the ability to think!
  14. I’m afraid that’s all for now, can’t go revealing things to quickly.