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  1. guild

    Outside of the compound, figures began appearing in groups of five to seven. Some had mechanical prosthetics, some had bizarre masks, and one in particular was definitely a gorilla. But they all wore lab coats. The gorilla turned and addressed the assembly. “Listen up Denizens. This is an ‘aid’ assignment, we’re not here to wipe out entire armies, as much as we might want to. You’re allowed to do some impromptu baking of course, but your main purpose is as medics. I want each group to have at least one cadmium user, one Progression user, and one Gold specialist. Defense Denizens will be using a combination of Steel Bubbles, Lurcher plates, and energy neutralization aons to ensure limited interruptions. If someone does decided to pursue further impediment of our work, you may collect some materials from them, but again, we are not YET authorized to begin full collection. Dead subjects are of course free game, but I would ask you to prioritize the mission at hand.” He turned to face the ongoing battle and chuckled. “You’ve all put people back together, though generally after dissecting them in the first place. This will be a good exercise to see if you can repair someone else’s botched dissection.” He raised a massive fist in the air and let out a bellow that shook the ground, “FOR SCIENCE!!!” the Denizens cheered and moved forward to save lives. Mostly.
  2. The R&D Denizens conversed quietly with one another. Then turned into the nearest shadow and disappeared. There were materials to be harvested. The one with four arms remained and he addressed the assembly. “I am no delegate, but I can offer a solution if the involved guilds should desire. It would be effective, though some of you may think it drastic. But it would nullify the threat, that is for certain.” He smiled, “There would be a small fee, nothing unreasonable. All you have to do is ask.”
  3. The Denizen nodded and the other members of R&D scuttled into the surrounding area. He then turned to the fellow who had swiped the spike. "You may want to return that, I'd hate for the Reclaimations Department to get ahold of a perfectly good test subject like you. It may beunvested, but they can be picky about these sorts of things." One of the four arms that appeared to be covered in some sort of chitinous material reached into the lab coat and pulled out some a clipboard with some paperwork on it. "But if you're interested, we're always accepting applications. "
  4. Five more Denizens emerged from the darker corners of the room. Their lab coats were varying degrees of ragged, and some were sporting featureless masks with a single spike through the center. They held a variety of spikes in their hands, or in one case, claws. They were unmistakably from the R&D Department. "We were passing through the local shadows and sensed that some spiking might be happening." One raised its head and sniffed the air. "With our department head missing for the last few years, we've been a little, unorganized. " The lead Denizen continued. He had 4 arms, and they appeared to be mostly made out of flesh. "So, is it just the one subject or are there more," he licked his lips "volunteers?"
  5. Another DA member proposed that lip and cheek structure could have a significant effect on resonance and tonality, irregardless of lung capacity.
  6. An older DA acolyte shushed him, giving a stern glance. Then he proceeded to blow a much louder and longer raspberry, thanks to the walrus lung capacity spike he had. It was also for Science.
  7. horror

    Wooden, mechanical, or otherwise?
  8. The Stranger watched Voidus go into a fighting stance with growing excitement. When it came to hand to hand, Voidus was nearly unparalleled. He rammed the now bent spike into the ground as he decided which style to use. Eel form?Not on someone this fast. Butcher style? Not with his healing capabilities. I could try... oh yes. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he settled into Cataclysm Style. As he finished exhaling, his eyes snapped open and he launched himself towards Voidus. just as they were about to collide, the Stranger used the 3rd form of Cataclysm Style, Seismic Step. He tapped hie Ferchemical Iron metal mind, pulling centuries of weight from it as he slammed his foot into the ground. The impact created a small crater and a localized tremor that shook Voidus off balance for an instant, his footing unstable. He shifted to regain his footing, but the Stranger had already closed the gap. He launched into Lighting Strikes, precision blows with the tips of the first two fingers on each hand that targeted Hemalurgic bind points. The first one connected, removing the spike that gave Voidus his ability to shape-shift into mollusks. This opening was short lived, as Voidus regained his balance enough to launch a kick at the Stranger's torso. He dodged out of the way, knowing Voidus hit like an extinction-level meteor. Voidus spun with the momentum and launched a hay-maker at the his head. The Stranger saw the opening it created and leaned back just far enough to avoid the hit. But just as the blow flew in front of his face, Voidus hit himself in the shoulder. There was an audible pop as the shoulder was dislocated, lengthening the arm just enough to strike the Stranger full in the face. The force of the blow sent him flying, crashing into the ground shortly after. The right side of his head had been nearly obliterated, but it was already healing. He flipped to his feet, just as Voidus landed the second blow. It knocked the air, and a good deal of blood, out of him. The third blow was aimed at the throat, so the Stranger threw up a block and increased his weight. But even as he did that Voidus hit himself in the center of his bicep, snapping the bone and changing the trajectory of the strike and catching the Stranger in the side of the head. He staggered back, then ducked under the 4th blow Voidus had sent screaming at his head. He heard the pop of a joint snapping back into place, then launched into Hurricane Cuts as his hands became blades of force. Voidus blocked and dodged with relative ease. The Stranger threw a final blow then leapt backwards, giving himself some room to breathe. Voidus circled for a moment, then moved to close the gap. The Stranger was forced into moving defensively, reacting to his opponents attacks rather than striking with his own. But the angles were always different and the rhythm unpredictable, making a counter attack seem impossible. If things kept going this way, it wasn't going to end well. Time for something, drastic. The Stranger ducked under a crooked jab and flared pewter as he slammed a fist into the ground. a shower of dirt and gravel erupted from the ground in a cloud, then turned to brilliant points of light as he Soulcast them into fire. Voidus closed his eyes to avoid being blinded, even as he brought up an arm to block the attack he sensed coming. The Stranger had swung his arm in a downward strike with horrific force. An opponent of Voidus's skill could sense the pewter being flared and the iron being tapped by the Stranger, so he responded in kind. Their limbs crashed together with the force of titans, And the Stranger's right arm snapped with a sickening SNAP! The force of the blow had broken the bone clean through. The break was just below the wrist, and the bone stuck straight out of his arm. Blood spattered across the ground. Voidus seemed surprised, as if he hadn't expected the block to do that kind of damage. The Stranger didn't even look at his arm, but rather reached up and ripped off the ragged sleeve and threw it at Voidus. Even as it left his hand, it was Soulcast into glass and became thousands of razor sharp shards. Each one reflected the light, creating a dazzling display. Voidus transmuted them into smoke before they could connect, and saw the Stranger grab his broken arm, most likely to snap it back in place. Then suddenly the Stranger had moved in, closing the distance in a heartbeat. He threw a wicked left uppercut as he slammed his foot into the ground, creating another small tremor. Voidus turned to block the blow, just as the Stranger reared back and stabbed him through the chest with the broken bone. Except, it was no longer made of bone. It was made of Iron. The Stranger grunted as he snapped it off, still lodged in Voidus's torso, the end still made of bone. Without breaking his stride, he hit it with a two fingered strike and sent it out of Voidus's body. He finally allowed himself to tap Gold and his arm re-knit itself rapidly. Holding off on healing could be difficult, especially after a bad wound like the one he had just received. His face hurt, both from smiling and the intense beating it had received. And it wasn't over yet.
  9. Stumped shrugged and pulled out a pair of scissors with his left hand and a lighter with his right. "These seem to do the trick. If one doesn't work, the other should. Let me show you..." He leaned forward, lighter outstretched.
  10. Stumped brightened at her words, "Yeah, they have a tendency to draw things out most unpleasantly." He noticed the new person was looking how most people looked after spending more than 1 minute in R&D. He pulled a medallion from his pocket and tied it around her wrist. Then he took a small copper spike and injected it into her arm. "That should provide you with some mental fortitude. You haven't been here too long, so it should work just fine. After a while though, there's only so much copper can do for a member of R&D. Try not to think about too much of what's happening. Focus on the immediate details, unless those details are shadows that seem to be moving too quickly, in which case run for your life." He patted her on the arm, then realized that probably hurt so settled for shaking her hand awkwardly. "But you've not been selected for R&D, your eyes ate not nearly haunted or manic enough. What can we do you for? Are you looking for equipment, modifications, or a power so terrible that the only thing greater than your might will be to your regret?" He shrugged, "We normally just call it option 3." He turned towards his blue companion. "Are we still allowed to offer option 3? I can't remember if that was covered in the HR meeting..." @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  11. There was a crash as one of the boxes fell over and a short fellow with a bone peg-leg rolled out. He scrambled to his foot, looking around wildly. "Did we get mornings back?!? Are we experiencing Bendalloy Blowout?!?!? HAS ANYONE SEEN MY TEETH?!?!?!?!?" He wheezed, running out of breath, and finally seemed to take in the other occupants of the room. His eyes showed a spark of recognition as he looked at Laurelai. He quickly reached down and removed a metal disk that was set into his peg-leg. He relaxed visibly once it was removed, and addressed the visitors in a much quieter voice, "Oh, greetings and salutations, I am Stumped of R&D. R&D: We're not monsters we're Scientists. Or was it 'It's not an abomination if it's on purpose'?No, that one got scrapped. Anyways, please forgive my earlier urgency, we've been working on personality stamps at the same time as our chronological medallions, and let me tell you it is not a good combo. I was adjusting a cadmium meda... " His mouth continued to move but suddenly there was no sound. After a moment he seemed to notice and stopped. A few seconds later, words appear to come from thin air. "...oncluded that it was actually my future paranoia based on the experiences I was going to have involving buzzards." He bent down and adjusted another disk set into his peg-leg, then twisted a spike that went through it. "Blasted desyncs, making everything more confusing." He straightened up and looked to his blue hued compatriot. "What was it they wanted again? Did they want cookies?" He pulled a cookie out of his ragged white lab coat. It appeared to shimmer, as if not entirely solid, but he didn't seem to pay it any attention. @Voidus @ZincAboutIt