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  1. Ah, but I’m pointing with spikes held in the hands of the thousands of arms that I’m using to point with.
  2. I always thought that all non DA structures were actually just wigwams.
  3. I’d like to out point you all with my thousands of arms.
  4. I'm the... I'm... Who knows at this point. Maybe Grandpa's crazy friend who sticks his head out of the basement now and then?
  5. Join Ookla season!

  6. “Yes, a true Worldspike. In addition to rewriting the souls of every single living organism on the planet, I had to rewrite the entire planet’s soul. But it’s beyond even that. That would require a world stamp, not a worldspike. But I’ve done more than just rewrite a world, I’ve taken pieces of other worlds. “I traveled to parallel versions of Roshar, Sel, Scadrial, and more. Then I spiked minute pieces of the planets’ spiritwebs with thousands of spikes made of soulstone. Then I merged all the spikes into a single module, adding external investiture to create the base Worldspike. I’ve added metal reserves, shardpools, spren, chickens, any kind of investiture you could think of. I even programmed in a Dor where the base Aon required is a cookie! Once I was sure I had all of the pieces needed for the foundation, I began the forgery portion. I began writing a planet’s history, carving it into the very identity of the spike itself. I created a geological tableau, weather patterns, a slight adjustment to the axial tilt, et cetera. Then I edited life itself. I had selected a preexisting planet, complete with technologically advanced humanoids. I could have created a planet from scratch with less effort, but it was about the challenge. I wanted to rewrite not only a planet, but a planet’s entire population. Extrapolating from the basis that the inhabitants of a system serve as components of its spiritual and cognitive identities, I managed to change the histories of nations by changing the planet itself. I’ve had to account for endless, infinitesimal minutia to ensure the changes take. But I believe it’s possible with the combination of Hemalurgy and Forgery I’ve used. It’s taken me eons upon eons, and I’ve had to compress time here to ludicrous levels. But at last we’re ready.” Voidus examined it with a look of awe, marveling at the concept., “This is an undertaking only the truly mad would even consider.” He looked up from the globe, “No wonder you did it.” The Stranger smiled, “Well, of the two of us, I am The Stranger one.” They laughed maniacally together, the sound of it echoing through the chamber. The Alley hadn’t accomplished something this elaborate for a long, long time. It felt good to talk shop and alter the known universe. But further reminiscence could wait.There was Science to do. They donned their gloves and goggles, then turned towards the globe. Voidus checked compression levels and made some slight adjustments to the axial tilt. “Gravitational levels stable, Spiritual fields consistent. Prepare for transformation.” The Stranger nodded, then pulled two cookies from his coat. They toasted, then consumed them with relish, instead of the usual milk. The Stranger aligned the Worldspike above the predetermined area. “Spiking in 3… 2… 1… Initiate transformation” And he rammed the spike through the globe.
  7. Yes, we DEFINITELY don't have any other hidden divisions. And nothing to do with morgues, public transportation, or tour guides. If only we did.
  8. You would do well here, the Alleys welcome open-minded free-thinkers such as yourself. Were you looking for a specific "flavor" of cookie? I'm sure we can provide whatever you might desire. INcluding a posistion within the most illustrious guild on the Shard.
  9. The Stranger waited for Voidus to appear on the entry platform. This entire dimension was quarantined, and under the highest layers of security. There were only two conscious entities allowed in this Alley. Well, three if you included Leonard, but he didn’t really count. The platform began to hum faintly and a figure began to materialize. It took longer than normal to materialize here, which was one of the countless safety protocols in place. It meant that in the 0.00000000000000001% chance that an unauthorized entity had managed to find this dimension, there would be time to neutralize them before they were even able to fully materialize. Two minutes went by as slowly Voidus materialized. All of the biometric and spiritual identifiers had confirmed it was him, so by the time he had fully formed the doors had opened and the Krakenquisitors had been put back in their cages. The Stranger strode forward, “Voidus, it’s been too long. Welcome, to the Alley that doesn’t exist. Welcome, to Alley 7.”
  10. The Stranger summoned Leonard to the Lab. He was a tall, lanky fellow who wore a white lab coat and a featureless mask with a single spike driven through it. "You summoned me sir?" His voice was equal parts fear and apathy, though how he managed that the Stranger never quite could figure out. "I have need of Voidus, go inform him that we have an Omega level breakthrough." Leonard somehow managed to look sheepish, despite having his face completely obscured by a mask. "Uhhhh, yeah, there's a bit of an issue with that, sir. He's actually trapped at the worldspike, under total lock down" The Stranger frowned. That was an issue, it sounded like horrible things were involved, like politics. He shuddered. Very well, this could be worked around. "Use my Helixcycle and contact Voidus three years ago. That should allow him to still deal with whatever entanglements he's currently engaged in, while still allowing him to participate in this historical moment." Leonard groaned, "But sir, you know that thing makes me nauseous. And the spark plugs are all fouled up, so changing years tends to make it stall." The Stranger shook his head. Only Leonard could make riding a time travelling motorcycle sound like a pain. "Hurry and inform him, or I'll have you clean the enclosures for the Lemurquisitors." That got Leonard to go. If there was one thing he hated more than the Helixcycle, it was those lemurs. He scurried off as the Stranger returned to his calibrations.
  11. The Stranger sat in his lab and contemplated the cookie in his hand. It was chocolate chip, slightly chewy and perfectly balanced between chips and cookie. Something simple to enjoy amidst the complexities of Science. He took a bite, then turned towards his current experiment. Distortion fields hummed and hypercompressors whirred, while a glowing sphere slowly revolved in the air, suspended between two gravitron fields. It was roughly the size of a melon, and if one looked closely they could see tiny clouds floating above minuscule continents and seas. The Stranger grinned, it had been no small feat to compress a planet to this size, without annihilating all life on it. It had taken years of work and was one of his prouder achievements. He’d even kept the gravity to scale, and maintained the water cycle perfectly. But all of that was nothing compared to what he was about to do next. He reached into his grey lab coat and pulled out a pair of gloves, as he walked over to a separate lab bench. As he walked he left afterimages in his wake, but they weren’t of him. They were a myriad of people and creatures from across the multiverses: A wailing Parshman in Stormform, a woman in a mistcloak, a strange figure with tentacles for a mouth, a duck. He noticed the duck and realized he had been distracted, so he concentrated and the afterimages vanished. It required incredible self discipline to hold that many pieces of other’s souls, and often less prepared Hemalurgists lost themselves. But the Stranger was no Acolyte, he was the Head of Research and Development, as well as Marketing. He didn’t have time to be distracted by such petty concerns. There was Science to do. He opened a lead box on the counter, and carefully lifted out a silvery vial, made entirely of aluminum. He uncorked it and removed the contents with a gloved hand: a single glowing spike, made of Soulstone as well as some other unidentifiable materials. If one looked closely at the surface they would see that the entire thing was covered completely in microscopic etchings. The Stranger’s perpetual Cheshire-esque grin grew even wider, his eye glowing as brightly as the spike in his left eye socket. He had made an essence spike before, but this was something different entirely. He felt euphoria welling up inside him, but he remained calm and kept himself from dancing across the lab in wild glee. Science was about prioritizing and process, and dancing wasn’t until step 7,542,230, though he had allowed himself a small dance break a few days prior. Now was the time to focus, the experiment was almost complete. The Stranger looked once more at the Spike in his hand. This was too great of a Scientific Achievement to complete alone in a lab. This had to be witnessed, if only to ensure that someone could destroy everything if it all went horribly wrong. The Stranger almost summoned Leonard, his chief acolyte, who’d been his lab assistant for years. But then he realized that there was another who deserved to be a part of this moment, the Original Lurker, The Baker Supreme, the Master of the Alleyverse: Voidus
  12. No, I think the broadcast will be significantly intriguing enough to draw their attention.
  13. @MacThorstenson excellent, connect to the citywide system and ensure video capabilities are fully operational. Also, I want to commend you on your efficiency. It’s Daring Denizens such as yourself that keep the Alleys running a little more smoothly!