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  1. The Stranger turned to Voidus and Mac with a satisfied expression. “She shows promise, that one,” gesturing towards Lita, “hungry without being foolhardy. And she’s surrounded herself with capable individuals. Perhaps they’ll become lab partners, ey boyos?” They all smiled, remembering with fondness days past spent in the labs. Mac was the first to break the silence. “Well, Stranger, what do you plan to do first? You’ve been away for quite some time, and I imagine you’d like to check up on some things. Is there anything I can assist you with?” Mac’s voice was calm and professional, but the Stranger could hear his heart rate increasing with excitement. He smiled, Mac remained a perfect professional, always thinking a step ahead. It was no wonder he had risen through the ranks so quickly. With his combination of talent and learning ability, there seemed little he couldn’t surmount. “I’ll want to check on it on a few Alleys, see how they’ve fared in my absence. Let me know what your intelligence turns up, I’m eager to hear your assessment of the situation.” His countenance took on a serious expression and he looked at his two friends. “In the interest of self control, I shall delay my full intervention for a maximum of one day, or until one of you give me the go ahead. I will spend this time studying the phenomenon, but after time is up I shall act with extreme prejudice. I shall make an example of the pretenders and leave a lasting impression that shall not fade for a long, long time. Consider evacuation of the city, for I will throw open the gates of my domain and release the terrors that dwell within. And then,” His grin stretched across his face once more. “it will be my turn.”
  2. As if hearing her thoughts the Stranger said, “Also, as an up and coming Denizen with newly acquired power, you’re gonna want to watch out for both the messiah and mad genius complexes. At least until you really do go mad, at which point you’ve earned it.” He grinned a little wider and looked her dead in the eyes “I see potential in you, Little Lita. There is hunger and there is pain. There is curiosity, and there is fear. Such a balance is rare. You could accomplish great things, but you could so easily fail. The Dark Alley can build on weakness, but it will devour the weak.” “It has become increasingly apparent that Voidus and I are no longer enough to keep everything running smoothly. Mac does an incredible job, but even he has his limits. We need Denizens we can trust to handle things if Voidus or I disappear for an extended period of time. Times change, and the DA or even the world we built is no longer the same. They have grown and changed and with that comes new challenges and opportunities. I can no longer galavant around, conducting experiments and offering cookies to passers by. Now is the time to look to the future afar, not the one within easy reach.” He held up a hand and the air above his palm seemed to swirl and condense, and a duplicate of the coin Lita held appeared. It spun slowly in the air, the globe on one side and the scales on the other. “Let that coin be a reminder to you. Of potential, both for failure and success. Of consequence and capacity. And most importantly,” the coin spun faster and faster till it became a blur then shot into the air. Without shifting his gaze the Stranger casually flicked his wrist and a spike flew through the air and went straight through the coin. They fell to the floor and the coin’s faces showed a single image: a skull with a spike through the left eye. The Stranger’s grin was wide and terrible and the void of his eye grew deeper than the abyss. “...of Sacrifice.”
  3. No time wasted, she’ll do well. “That, was a kind of feruchemical medallion, containing both Chromium, duralumin, and a few other things. In laymen’s terms, a literal lucky charm. I’ve fine tuned it to act as a kind of warning system and indicator of crucial moments. And if you’ll let me see it,” He reached out with a controlled Iron pull and the coin zipped out of her fingers into his hand. Then the area around him seemed to blur and his figure became hazy. A moment later it stopped and he was holding out the coin. “I’ve added some upgrades. In addition to it’s previous functionalities, it will now serve as a Feruchemical gold medallion. If things get bad, you can use it to transport directly back to the Alleys, though which one may be variable, depending on your focus. You can also use it to communicate with me directly, though when I’m in the Alleys the connection may fluctuate. Don’t use it if you’re standing in an information kiosk, or if there is a binturong within ten meters of you. It could melt a hole in your spirit web.” He grinned. “I’m just messing with you. It wouldn’t melt a hole in your spirit web.” He chuckled. “It would just melt you.”
  4. Voidus, Mac and the Stranger spoke in hushed tones, outlining various strategies. “Yes, the Chrono Unit should be ready, but I’d rather use the Dreadbeasts. The collateral damage would be exponentially higher, but this would be a perfect excuse to run field tests.” Voidus gave him a pointed look. The Stranger sighed. “Maybe not in the first wave then. At least let me send out the autonomous fabrials I’ve been working on.” Voidus nodded, “All execpt the mark 004, you know they had a tendency to rampage. We need to remain focused on our priorities here, if we’re to maintain maximum efficiency.” The Stranger had to agree. Voidus has always been better at prioritizing and organizing than he. He inclined his head in deference, then noticed the new Denizen looking at him with a mixture of determination and terror. Good, that showed she was brave without being stupid. An admirable combination. “Excuse me, gents, I’ll be right back.” He strode towards her and tried to keep his grin from growing too wide, as that seemed to unnerve people. “Lita, was it? Coin bearer, Sercret Snatcher, and Denizen debutant? From what my Shadow has told me, you’ve had an eventful time as of late. I’m sure you have questions, but we’re rather short on time, so let’s avoid any ‘Who are you?’ ‘What happened to your eye?’ or ‘Did you really kill a great shell by eating it’s brain?’. Let’s stick to questions relevant to current and or recent events.” @ZincAboutIt
  5. At that moment the eye reappeared, this time fully visible to everyone. It had no iris, and the pupil was rectangular, like a horrific goat. The eye appeared to be looking through a tear in reality, but nothing more of the entity could be seen. It's baleful gaze seemed focused on the glowing shardblade. It shifted it's attention to the blade's wielder, and the reddish light emanating from it intensified, bathing Hellbent in it's reddish light. Hellbent felt something caressing his mind, an internal warmth that seemed to build within him. He was hungry. So very hungry. And there was food right here in front of him. The girl he had just killed, meat freshly butchered. He felt his body lurch forward, as if it had a mind of it's own, reaching for the burning corpse.
  6. The Stranger mentally chastised himself. That had not been professional, he really had been in the lab a long time. He had only served to exacerbate the situation, and that was not what the DA needed right now. What was needed was cold, clear rationalism. The spirits around him vanished and he regained his composure. “This isn’t a matter of discarding an experiment, we’d simply be disposing of a dissatisfactory end product. We’d be able to start a new trial, with perhaps better results and more efficient methods. But perhaps I was being a bit excitable, please forgive my lapse of control. When creating worlds, one tends to forget how trying it is to interact with those who lack the big picture. I suppose I must try to look at things from another point of view. Many Denizens have voiced their concern for the city, and so for the sake of the DA I shall restrain myself. I will limit abomination usage, and try not to level too many city blocks. But you had best stay out of my way. I won’t seek out your people, but don’t expect me to give them special treatment. After all, the greatest abomination in the Alleys,” His grin stretched to horrible proportions, his eyespike glowing with a faint luminescence. A single image floated next to him: a man weeping with despair in his eyes. The Stranger turned towards the silent figure and inhaled deeply through his nose. The figure slowly dissolved into a stream of light that was sucked in with a ghostly wail. The Stranger turned back to Sudiov and spoke softly, “is me.”
  7. The Stranger took in the assembled group with a glance, but his eyes lingered on Sudiov. So this was the Fragment, the Rebellious Reflection that had been plaguing Voidus for these recent years. The similarities were striking, but that was to be expected. What was more interesting were the differences. Cognitive aspects divorced from their progenitors tended to warp, take on lives of their own. After a while it was hard to tell they had once been a near perfect Reflection of their originator. This held true for Sudiov, the Stranger noted. The follicle alterations, slight differences in posture and syntax, and last but not least, the lack of total dispassionate curiosity. The look that meant anything and anyones could be used as materials for an experiment. Sudiov was, weak. He lacked the resolve to seize the world and carve it open to gain the secrets it hid. And it infuriated the Stranger. Voidus possessed an incredible Scientific mind. He was willing to go to any length to ensure that their understanding was increased and Science was furthered. He had been an inspiration to the Stranger, a role model, a partner, even a friend. And this Shadow, this warped Reflection had forsaken that very thing. He was a mockery of a great man, a waste of potential! An affront to Science!!! The Stranger felt his grin become increasingly predatory, and the Cognitive Cloak began to unfurl. The images of people and creatures stretched out from his back and whispering filled both rooms, traversing the cognitive link. "Is this the thing that has defied the Alleys, Voidus? It comes seeking our aid, after standing in direct opposition to us? It has allied with TUBA, for blood's sake! They are a mockery of baking, a degenerate group of spineless dimwits who couldn't tell the difference between quantitative and qualitative data!" His voice was like a slow moving wave, rolling and terrible in its inevitability. "First some wet behind the ears group of morons with money decide to start messing with the Void, then the one guild directly opposed to us asks to join with our efforts to exert some measure of control while we restore order to the city? We made the PLANET. Who gives a rusting rivet what happens to portions of a city?" The shadows behind him were writhing with increasing violence, causing the Stormlight projections to flicker and fuzz. @Voidus
  8. The Stranger grinned as Voidus spoke. "Just wanted to get my point across." Weaving through the flames and the tar, The Stranger raced across the newly formed pit, lashing himself a hundred times over. " That pitch never made it over the plate."He emerged from the raging inferno, firing a blast of Division at Voidus. Or rather, where he had been. The Stranger leapt to the side as a boulder the size of a house slammed into the tar. He skimmed across it's surface, then launched toward where Voidus was launching another boulder. Rather than dodge this one, The Stranger flew headfirst into it. It shattered into rubble, and the Stranger flew even faster. Voidus changed tactics, soulcasting blocks of metal from the air in the flight path to intercept. Rather than focus on controlling the individual blocks, he made them in ever increasing numbers. The air became a deadly maze of wind and steel.At the speed the Stranger was going, one wrong turn would end it instantly. Adjust pitch 5 degrees. Rotate quarter turn left. Increase lift by 2 points. Increase velocity. Faster and faster, he twirled through the air like a kite pulled behind a rocket. The only thing faster than his flight were his calculations. Combat with Voidus was one of the most technically exacting experiences you could ever hope to partake in. The gap between them continued to close, when suddenly the stranger was blasted by shrapnel. Voidus was using Division to shatter some of the metal blocks, creating a vortex of claymores. The Stranger felt the flesh on his face get shredded like a sailors back across barnacles, the metal shards tearing through flesh and bone. He grinned, time to kick it up a notch. As the gap grew smaller and smaller, The Stranger burned an huge amount of iron. Countless shards and blocks of metal surrounded his torso, spreading along his limbs. The metal grew, growing larger and larger till he was encased in a gigantic metallic form in the shape of a man. The feet were dug into the ground and the right hand closed into a massive fist, which slammed into Voidus. And shattered. Voidus stood there, unaffected by the Strangers's last attack. He had tapped and insane amount of physical attributes to withstand a blow of that caliber. But even more concerning was that Voidus was holding his fist with a single hand. "Sorry old chum, but this is going to hurt. A lot." And he spun in a tight circle, then flung the Stranger into the raging flames.