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  1. Hello everyone I realize it's been 4 months since my last post on here, and I apologize for the lengthy unexplained absence. It's been a rough 4 months, but I can see the light at the endof the tunnel now, and I'm in a healthier mental place than I've been in since last year. If people are agreeable, I'd like to continue with the plot for this era. It won't have to be very long, but I do have the majority of it planned out. That said, if people want to go with another plot or continue with someone else running the current plot, I completely understand.
  2. Resh stammered for a response, trying to form coherent sentences. "I, um, so, just, er, well." He stopped, and took a breath. Vic was a cool girlfriend, but even so she probably wouldn't be a fan of him taking off without a word. Especially with someone dressed so, um, confidently. Not that there was anything wrong with a confident woman, he loved Vic's confidence! Besides, it's not like she was flirting with him. Was she flirting with him? Or was that presumptuous on his part. He realized he still hadn't said anything and rushed to fill the silence, "Thank you for your proposition, but I should probably check on my friends. Not that I think you're propositioning me! I mean, not in the other sense. Not that I wouldn't be flattered, of course, oh rust and blood what am I saying?" He was blushing furiously , and was positive the heat of his cheeks could power a small stream engine. He gave one last effort to save his strangled pride by smiling and saying, "Anyways it was lovely to meet you I hope you have a lovely evening good night." The words came out in a single breath and he turned around and walked into the hat shop, stuffing one of the remaining bao into his face as if to dam the flow of idiocy that poured from it. Thank the lonely god that Vic and Lucas weren't around to see that... @ZincAboutIt
  3. So far, it's sort of split between the hospital and the festival. I haven't been pushing the main plot very much for two reasons. The first one is that one of the big points of this era is to allow players to explore the alternate realities of their characters and have their own side plots within it.The main plot of this era will be to discover the true nature of this reality and revert it if possible. Unlike other eras, when this era ends all of the sideplots end, due to the world reverting (at least for the most part). The second answer is that life this past month has been nuts. As a colored person in the US whose wife is a nurse, it's a hectic time on a number of fronts, and my creative energy has definitely suffered. I'm not trying to make excuses or garner sympathy, I'm just being honest about my general output or lack thereof. I will try to get things moving, apologies if things have seemed directionless or lackluster. If you'd like a breakdown of the plot points I have planned, feel free to DM me! While few things are set in stone at this point, I'm happy to share my general goals. Thanks for your patience
  4. It was strange, so very strange, in the land where the gods dwelt. A fell wind mournfully wove it's way through the air, as dark clouds painted forlorn landscapes against the horizon. The wind had a subtle chill to it that would slowly work it's way through everything, unnoticed till it gnawed at your bones. It was a lonely wind for a lonely land, and they suited each other well. But the wind was not the strangest part. The air was wrong here. It was thick, like water as you wade through it. It felt as if it offered resistance to those who passed through it, slowing steps and pushing against progress. At times it seemed to stretch and warp, like a tower in a hurricane. At times you could see glimpses of another world, flashing in the air like light off a falling glass. There would be a moment of perfect clarity, of total comprehension. And then like a glass, it would reach the floor and shatter. The reflections in those shards were of memories, lives, histories that perhaps never were.But the air was not the strangest part. For among the wind and the air and the reflections of ghosts, were two figures. One a survivor of the temporal genocide, the other it's perpetrator. There, before his great work, was the One-eyed god. The Stranger was transfigured, transformed by the power and the will he had channeled to rewrite the world, and warped by a thousand ideas of what he had been. He had grown, body stretching and expanding to huge proportions, taller than any man. His limbs were too long, his fingers had too many joints. His grey lab coat had become a ragged robe, with wide, drooping sleeves and many folds that all seemed to trail off into smoke. The spikes in his body had elongated, with their tips emerging like metallic spines from all over. Along his spine they formed a grisly ridge, and they emerged from his head in a mockery of a crown. His face was gaunt, cheekbones like blades sheathed within the skin, and his grin would give a crocodile nightmares. Across his exposed skin tiny spikes formed symbols and images, eerie tattoos of metal. His thick afro had become a wild mane, the black interspersed with silver, making him look ragged as his robe. And his eyes. His left eyespike had become a lance through his skull, runes and glyphs carved all along it's surface where it jutted out of his skull a good 20 centimetres on each side of his head. And his right eye had become a well of the Void. The dark ocular swirled and oozed, dripping inky black tears that ran down the side of his face and evaporated into smoke. They had called him a dark god, the true abomination of the Alleys. And so he had become that which they proclaimed him to be. He stared into the swirling air and beheld it all, grinning as he passed a hand through an after image, causing it to dissipate into light. He watched the lights for a moment, then turned his gaze outward. His expression seemed distant, like one who looked on something far away, and he spoke. "He suspects nothing. It all fits, it all makes sense." His voice was the stillness of a forest that had been ravaged by fire, it was the deepness of the sea where light can not reach. "Time continues to pass, and he only grows more comfortable. He knows not what he has been given, but he cannot but treasure the joy of restoration. Not only that," He turned to his sole companion and his grin was almost friendly, "but the city is at peace. There is no guild war, there are no abominations roaming the streets, the DA keep their work quiet and everyone is content. We have made the peace your guild sought for so long. But what do I know of peace, I'm only a scientist blinded by ambition. Isn't that right, Sudiov?" @Voidus
  5. Ey, I thought I recognized your username! The profile picture threw me off. It's cool to have another sharder from the old guild days!
  6. Resh jerked a thumb over his shoulder to the store, "Oh no, I just got left on food storage while my friends went inside. I exacting a heavy price though." and he popped another bao into his mouth. Belatedly, he realized this wasn't a great idea when you were having a conversation with someone. he tried to swallow it half chewed, choked, and was bent over with coughing. He swallowed hard and managed to get it all down, then straightened, his face flush with embarrassment. "Sorry, I seem to be doing that a lot tonight. I guess I have an eating problem, rather than a drinking problem." He smiled wanly and wished deeply for a sinkhole to open below him. "Any way, um, how has, ahem, what did, uh..." He covered his face with a hand and let out a sigh, "I swear this isn't how my social interactions normally go. Allow me to try for a third time. Hi Lita, I'm Resh, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. No, I'm not alone, my friends are perusing hats at the moment." He smiled in what he hoped was a friendly manner and not a desperate or awkward one. How had he managed to be so awkward? He wasn't sure he could've done worse if he tried. "It seems that in trying to put some bao in my mouth I've managed to put my foot there instead. I apologize for my manners, or lack thereof." He realized he should change the topic before he started spiraling. "So, how's your evening been? Any plans for the festival?" He dearly hoped he could get through the rest of the conversation without choking. Again. ============================================================================= Silent as a shadow, a figure watched in the darkness. It studied the woman in gold, and as it did a shook it's head slightly, the motion somehow rueful. All that work, and yet things slip though the cracks. You underestimate the impact a single gesture can have, oh foolish god. You went too fast, rushed a work that should have taken centuries. What else did you miss, oh Smith of Lies? Do you even know that he's here? Do you know what you've done? But of course you don't. For all your grand vision, you lack perspective. And that will be your undoing. The shadow looked at the young man, illuminated by the festival lights. He was so young, so earnest, so naive. Again. @ZincAboutIt
  7. It's kind of a tricky thing. I don't want to tell you you can't have a character be the way you imagined them, but it's a slippery slope. The more people that remember the old world immediately, the more it undermines the Stranger's work and the shorter the plot will likely be. Especially since several players already have characters that are unaffected in some way or other, the chances of their characters meeting up and forcing this plot towards its premature conclusion are high. If the characters mother is from the alley verse and he came recently, then maybe not much changed with her and he came after the shift. Any memories he had of the presented world with be faint and conflicting with what he encounters now, but she wouldn't remember any of it. Or perhaps he can develop a sense of displacement gradually, or has strong flashbacks or something of that nature. One of the central themes of this Era is the concept of perception and reality, the world slowly unraveling around people. It will feel so much more fulfilling and coherent as a plot if this is allowed to develop naturally over time. The more people who know what happened, the more unsustainable it becomes. Does that make sense?
  8. I second the new thread proposal
  9. Resh choked on his food, surprised by the sudden appearance of a glamorous woman accosting him on the street. He coughed, then swallowed painfully as he choked the rest of his mouthful down. "Well, cough cough, the night's still young, I'll have plenty of time to make the most of it." He stood and hoped his blush wasn't too noticeable. The woman herself was striking. Her golden costume was well tailored, fitting her like a glove. Her headress was elaborate, and he wasn't sure, but it looked like real gold. Rust, but she was rich. And her eyes were striking, a vibrant green that reminded him of Vic's. He realized that he hadn't said anything and extended a hand. "Sorry, I was just, um, admiring your costume. It looks very fine, definitely well made. I, uh," he ran a hand through his dark, kinky hair, trying to gather his thoughts. He was acting like an idiot. If Lucas and Vic were here they'd never let him hear the end of it. Pull yourself together, Resh. He extended a hand and tried to smile in a non-creepy fashion. "I'm Reshilor, but most folks just call me Resh. And you are?" @ZincAboutIt
  10. "It's right over here, next to the tailors." Lucas led the trio down the street. After Vic had found a restroom they had resumed their quest for bao, moving amongst the crowds of celebrants. The many costumes created a beautiful and strange tableau, with countless variations of the classic costumes. There were dozens of Lonely Gods, in blacks, whites and greys. The masks ranged in detail and emotion; from minimalistic to bizarrely stylistic, and from emotionless to sorrowful. Resh himself wore a costume of the Lonely God, his mask a plain white leaning towards featureless rather than lifelike, and a simple black robe over his regular clothes. He had always identified with the Lonely God, with his desire to create and protect. Resh tried to emulate that drive to learn and use his knowledge to build and grow. But that wasn't the only costume. The most popular and least consistent was the Mother of Monsters, the costumes ranging from animals to strange creatures straight from the stories. There were a few Chronomasters, their clock symbology displaced uniquely in each costume. There were some dressed as the Coin, including Lucas, some dressed as the Hero, with monocle and bowler. And some dressed as the One-eyed God, with their grinning masks and grey cloaks, the one eye and smile portrayed in many designs and styles on various masks. All together, it was like the entire city was staging a play, and everyone had a part. Lucas interupted Resh's thoughts with a joyful exclamation,"We're here! The best steamed buns in the city. When I'm not taking a bath, that is." Victoria made gagging sounds and Reshdid his best to look pained. "Oh come one, that was good." Lucas protested loudly. They ignored him and Victoria leaned over as if to puke while Resh rubbed her back. Lucas rolled his eyes, "Hilarious guys, top notch comedy." he moved into the shop as Resh and Vic followed after giggling to one another. As they neared the counter Resh asked, "Who's buying this time?" Vic pointed her nose in the air and simply said, "Forty five minutes." Lucas raised his hands in a helpless gesture and said, "I wasn't the one who made us late." Resh looked at them in disbelief, but neither met his eye. "Fine." he grumbled, "This is nonsense." He stepped up to the counter and ordered bao for the three of them. Once they had their brown paper bags with food they went back out to the street where they moved the piping hot food around in their mouthes to avoid burning their tongues. Resh began to eye the glassier's shop that was next to the bao place, when Vic let out an exclamation of delight and pointed to the habberdashery on the other side of the building. "Let's go try on hats!" Resh gestured to the unfinished food in their hands as he pointed out that food generally wasn't allowed in shops. Lucas smiled broadly as he said, "Easy fix!" then dropped his left over buns into Resh's bag and walked into the shop. "Hey!" Resh complained, seeing too late where this was going. Vic followed suit shortly thereafter, though she gave him a peck on the cheek as she did so, "Sorry Resh, but you gotta be faster than that." She slid inside the shop, giving him an impish smile over her shoulder. Resh grumbled, but stayed on the curb and continued to eat. The idea was that the last person had to either stay outside or deal with the hassle of trying to smuggle hot food in on your person. He opted to stay and eat, not wanting his clothes to smell like bao for the rest of the evening. He ate some of Lucas's and Vic's food, as a toll for his longsuffering. He smiled as he watched them disappear into the rows of headgear, and simply enjoyed the sights and sounds of the street before him as he ate.
  11. "Resh come on, we're going to miss the whole celebration!" Resh didn't look up from the notes he was writing. "Lucas, I'm already dressed, I just have to finish this paragraph of translation. 20 minutes, tops." He turned the metal plate he was studying over in one gloved hand, making notes in his lab journal about the markings. It was an unknown metal that was warped and twisted by some force long ago. On its surface he could make out a partial engraving. It was some kind of diagram with notes in a language that, as far as he knew, no one spoke. The diagram seemed to be anatomical in nature, but due to the incomplete nature of the sample he couldn't be positive what it was for. He was still cracking the code, gleaning answers piece by piece from various samples of text that he had either found or purchased from oddities shops. He noticed a marking he'd missed on the partial diagram and made a note. "You know, it'd go faster if you'd help me with the translation." Lucas sighed, scratching at the wiry beard which framed his face, contrasting with his shaved head. He was dressed in a costume for the festivities, the Coin, which included a circular mask with symbols on it's face, painted to look like gold. It currently sat pushed up on his head to show his face, and he frowned at his friend. "You're trying to distract me, but I won't be taken in. If I'm not hounding you to hurry up and leave we'll be here all night. Plus," he grimaced at a sudden thought, "I don't want to be responsible for keeping Victoria waiting. When did you say we'd meet her?" Reshilore looked up with a start, almost dropping the artifact. He glanced at the clock on the wall and swore, depositing the metal piece in a sealed container and grabbing his mask off the workbench. "I told her we'd be at the fountain at 7." Lucas raised his eyebrows, "Resh, that was thirty minutes ago." "Which is why we should hurry." Resh shot back as he pulled on his costume, the dark robe and somber mask of the Lonely God. They ran out the door. A few minutes later they arrived at the predetermined place, huffing and out of breath. "Do you see her?" Lucas huffed, breathing hard, "Dark and deep, but this is why I went into the academia. I'm not cut out for running." Resh looked around, panting for breath, "No, I think we're good." He leaned on the fountain, and looked up into a dark raven mask. The woman wearing it was of average height, with dark curly hair and a lean build. She wore one of the many variations of the Mother of Monsters masks, but even though it obscured her face, then sense of irritation was palpable. "Out for some exercise are we?" Resh and Lucas gulped, glancing at each other with worry. Lucas plastered a sickly smile on his face and tried to answer between breaths, "Oh you know, just getting warmed up the the festival. You know that a little running can get the body ready for prolonged activity when..." "Shut up, Luke." The woman said flatly. Lucas did exactly that and backed up a little bit. Resh tried to put on his most innocent smile, "H-hey, Vic. Sorry we're a bit late..." "A bit late?!" She cut him off, "Resh, a bit late is ten minutes, I've been here for forty-five! I've needed a restroom for the last twenty!" Resh looked away awkwardly. "Sorry, I was just finishing, uh, some chores. You know, folding some laundry, washing my dishes, that sort of thing." Vic gave him a flat look that could be felt through the mask, "Laundry?" Resh tried to mumble a response, but there was nothing he could say that would make his previous statement plausible. He hated doing his laundry. "I was doing some work." he sighed, "I found a section I missed in my initial sweep of the new piece and lost track of time. I'm really sorry, Victoria." Victoria pushed her mask up, revealing her tan complexion and startling green eyes. She skewered Resh with her glare for a moment longer, but the corner of her mouth quicker up. "Fine, I'll let you both survive for now, but you owe me offerings of repentance." Lucas breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head, "For the record, I tried to get us here on time." Resh gave him a playful shove, "Oh you shut up." He turned back to Vic and grinned. "So you aren't going to kill me?" Vic rolled her eyes and stepped forward, "That depends on your offerings." He smiled and he kissed her lightly on the cheek. She returned his smile, "That's a start, but I was thinking something a bit more edible." Lucas bowed low, in mock chivalry, "Your wish is our command, oh high Lady Victoria. I belive I know where we can find a vendor that makes the juiciest bao in the whole city." Victoria cocked an eyebrow at him in mock skepticism, "I'll believe it when I taste it. And that's Mother of Monsters to you. Also, I wasn't joking about needing to relieve myself, so your first offering will be finding me a restroom post haste." They laughed and walked off, towards the sounds and the smells of the festival. But unseen by them, a figure hidden in shadow watched in silence. It followed their path with its head, then stepped back into the darkness of the alley behind it.
  12. Bang, BANG, BANG! Days passed, and the forge in the heart of the Alleys was alight with fell flame. The Stranger worked in silence, contemplating all he had learned. Burdened with knowledge and dread purpose, driven by Hunger and devotion and pride. Time had no meaning, he didn't eat, didn't sleep, he had long ago stopped needing such trivialities. He had only the work, the Hunger that no sustenance could satisfy. He worked at impossible speed, draining zincminds at ludicrous speed even as he chronocompressed the lab. The temporal distortion was dangerous if you weren't careful, but the Stranger was the best. It wasn't a gamble for him, just another procedure. Sparks flew, and the chisel seemed to dance across the metal, leaving intricate patterns in it's wake. And as he engraved the new future, he worked the essences into it: Aylitha, Sudiov, and himself. He channeled the power into it, enmeshing it into the very structure of the work itself. The Stranger grinned, feeling the power coursing through him in a constant onslaught. Like funneling a river through a dam, it surged dangerously. But he held it firm, not letting it's wild strength carry him away. His will was indomitable, his resolve the lever with which he moved the world. He hadn't worked on anything like this in far too long, back when Voidus... But that was in the past, and he couldn't afford to dwell on that, couldn't let himself get sidetracked. He had already tasted too much of nostalgia's wine, and it had slowed his mind and dragged at his heart. It was not a luxury that he could afford. But even as he pushed that thought from his mind, he heard faint voices in his mind, as if from a remembered dream. "It finally all makes sense! I've figured it out, I can save him!" "You play with forces you don't understand, boy!" "It hurts, oh ruinous skies it hurts so much. I'm tearing, my heart is tearing! Please, make it stop, make it st-..." "What... what have you done? Oh gods, what have you done?" "Is this really what you want?" The Shade spoke, interrupting the odd dream. The Stranger did not look at him, choosing to ignore the words and redouble his efforts. His Shade sighed, and tried again, "You will lose your only friend, betray your colleagues, and set in motion events not even you can foresee. Even those helping you with this don't truly understand what you're doing. You have wrapped yourself in lies and deception to trick everyone, most of all the one person alive who still trusts you." The Stranger glanced out of the corner of his eye and snorted derisively, "You are focusing on the minutia, letting the grand design elude you. I am performing a great service for the world, for our organization, and most of all for my friend. I shall give him the greatest gift he as ever received, a gift so precious that he can't even know of it, lest it shatter. And I am following the Light, the beacon of Science. I am pushing the possible to new heights! And all you can think about is the cost. All greatness requires Sacrifice." The Shade swept his gaze across the Spike. "Perhaps," he admitted, "But have you really thought about what you're sacrificing? You will be alone, oh Stranger to the world. You will be a stranger in truth, for none shall know you. You will trade the admiration, the fear, the friendship, for the grey void of anonymity. You will be truly alone, for even your memory and legacy will be forgotten. You will effectively die, oh immortal god of iron, and there will be none left to cower before you or praise your name." The Stranger stopped, as if frozen. Then he laughed, soft and low, like a tremor of the earth. His laughter built in volume until the bombastic roars filled the lab. "Forgotten? Dead? Oh no, no no no my friend, I shall ascend! I shall become what they name me, a dark god roaming the Void. I shall be their fear in the dark, driving them to seek the Light of Science. Voidus shall be remembered as the Father of Light and Reason, the Revolutionary, the Founder. I shall be the Bloody Doctor, The Merchant of Choice, the One Eyed God. And though I am forgotten I shall live on in greater glory, for they shall worship me!" His laughter shook the Alley and beyond, spilling through the dimensions. He seized his instruments and carved new symbols into the metal, his grin stretching wider than humanly possible. "My word reshapes the world, my art rewrites history, my will changes the lives of everyone on the planet! No more shall my Hunger be chained!" All was power and madness. The Shade looked at his maker in silence, then picked up a hammer and chisel of his own. He worked lines into the pattern, as as he did he remembered a pair of green eyes. They worked for an indiscernible amount of time, when Suddenly the Stranger struck a blow so mighty that the sound of it nearly shook him off his feet. His eye was wide as he whispered, "It is finished." He gazed at his masterpiece: a colossal gleaming shard of metal, with it's entire surface covered in engravings. Figures, patterns, runes, it was a work of art in it's complexity and beauty. A new Worldspike. It was a masterclass in integrating different forms of investiture, and the carvings were enough to make scholars swoon. It was beautiful, and magical, and so very dangerous. The Stranger lifted his hands and the whole spike rose into the air. Then he opened an alleyway to the far side of the planet and pulled the worldspike through, it's giant mass floating weightlessly in the air. He took in his surroundings, breathing in the fresh air. It was a beautiful day to remake the world. ... The Stranger's shade held a silvery vial in one hand and dropped a copper spike into it. Then he sealed it and opened an alley in a separate dimension, and sent the tube through. It would have to be enough. Then he wrote a note on a ragged scrap of parchment. It was a single line that read, "Find your friend." Then the portal closed, and the Shade wondered if he had done the right thing. Only time will tell. ... The Stranger raised his hands over his head, marveling at the silence of the world around him. "I'm sorry, my old friend, that you could not be here to witness to my triumph. Farewell, Voidus, and may you find for yourself a better morrow." And he drove the Worldspike into the ground with a massive, flaring push. The point pierced the earth, sinking deeper into the soil. The magic was a hum that built to a roar, shaking the earth. The Stranger threw himself into it, heaving and straining to move the spike into place, carefully adjusting so that he would hit the proper planetary bindpoint. The ground shook, and the planet seemed to groan and shriek. The Stranger felt his investiture reserves flowing away as he wrestled with the work he forged. He whispered quietly, "For you, my friend." Then all went black, and the Stranger knew no more. And the World Changed...
  13. I concur, I think a PC free government would be good.
  14. The Stranger and his Shade noted the arrivals of their respective targets with cool satisfaction. Both Sudiov and Aylitha could provide valuable assets for his enterprise, but both could be dangerous to him and more importantly, his work. The Stranger and his Shade smiled, dimensions apart, and said, "I am changing the world." ... "An opportunity to push the borders of Science. I am going to reshape the Alleyplanet, to put a stop to the endless wars and chaos that have plagued us for so long." The Stranger's Shade spoke leveling and quickly, not adding any flair or drama to his words. Aylitha was first and foremost a scientist, and as such he could reason with her. He wished he could converse with everyone this way, it was so much more efficient. "Simply put, our current place in the world we created is under constant siege by those who either don't understand us, or fear us because they understand. We have faced wars, sabotage, and countless other strains from within and without. And it has taken a toll on Voidus." He gestured upwards, though spacial references were meaningless here. "The past years have shown us that the more aware of us the world is, the greater their efforts to destroy and subvert us. We've faced set backs, interruptions, and unacceptable delays to our work and our growth. And so I am undertaking a restructuring of the world, so that we may work uninhibited and limit distractions. I would like to integrate your nigh omnipresent capabilities into the redesign of the world, expanding your capabilities and ensuring we have a new level of subversive control surface-side. As such I would require a portion of your essence to work into the formula, to ensure a lasting transition without any potentially damaging side effects. It would allow a previously unheard of level of cognitive subdivision and immersion, a hivemind integrated into the spiritual aspect world itself. We'll be able to monitor everyone with instantaneous connectivity and hyper spatial and biological awareness. It's dangerous, but if anyone can get the formulae right, I can." It wasn't bragging when he said it, and Aylitha would know it. But he wasn't done yet. He looked at her with a candid expression and said, " The reason I have kept this quiet, and why even now we meet in such absurd circumstances, is that I am also going to be making some changes to a certain department focused on interior affairs. I have not filled out the requisite paperwork, because soon their purview will be drastically altered and I don't have time for their stalling. And so the fewer people who know about it the better. My initial plan was to integrate a team, but you're so much better than that. No conflicting personalities, no discordant thought patterns, you are the single more unified conglomerate I can reliably work with in perhaps the entirety of the Alleys. And so I request your assistance in this experiment, Aylitha. From one department head to another, join me in changing the world." @kenod ... The Stranger motioned for Sudiov to sit with a wave. "I have a proposition for you, oh shade of my closest friend. I am engaged in an endeavor the likes of which the world has never seen. And as such, I am here to offer you an opportunity. I am going to remove Voidus as the head of power, pull back the DA from the public eye, and bring a new era of peace and prosperity. And all I need from you is some information." He grinned warmly, "Provide me with the information I seek and you will be saving the lives of many, many innocents. All I want is for you to tell me everything you know about Voidus, before the Alleys. Before we met, before we began our path, before we found those darkened pathways. You are a part of him, a Shade of his power. You share his abilities, so it stands to reason you would share his memories, if in a disjointed fashion." The Stranger's gaze was distant, his dark eye sifting through the deep waters of recollection. "I know Voidus better than perhaps any other living being. And yet his origin is a mystery to me. We never spoke of where we came from, of who we were, because none of it mattered. What mattered was what we could achieve, what we were trying to build. Branded as outcasts for our art, drawn together by our resolve and our Hunger to learn, to know. Drawn by The Alleys. We sought their depths, hungry for knowledge and paid the price time and time again for our ambition. Do you remember it?" His gaze focused on Sudiov, angry and cold. Yet there was uncertainty behind it, and questions, so many questions. "How much of my friend are you, godshadow? Do you remember the triumphs and the defeats, the celebrations and the lamentations? Do you remember the Sacrifices?" His words were hot and cold, exuberant and sorrowful. The Stranger felt the blade of nostalgia pierce his heart, sharp and sweet as a last sunset. "We tore the fabric of reality and repaired it at our leisure. We altered the flow of time and rerouted it waters with the canals of our designs. Led by the Light of Science, we pushed back the darkness of ignorance. We sacrificed the ambrosia of ignorance for the bitter cup of knowledge, and the deeper we drank the heavier the price." He stood, his hand seeming to move of it's own accord. Like a drowning man reaching for a lifeline, knowing there is none to be found. The room darkened, and gravity seemed to fluctuate. "And in that darkness we found our goal, our great work. We would use our power to create a place where the cruelty of foolish could not reach. Where those who gorged themselves on ignorance couldn't abuse, prevent, or destroy the work of the Hungry. Where the light of Science would no longer be relegated to a candle flickering under a blanket of secrecy, but a beacon to those who sought it's flame. We left the worlds that had rejected and persecuted us, we usurped no one to build this world. We Sacrificed EVERYTHING!" His voice was ragged and filled with such emotion that the Stranger hadn't know he had left. His blood ran hot as his spikes burned cold. Pride and despair warred within hi words like serpents straining for dominance, and despair was the victor. "And it was all for naught." He turned, and gestured to the city beyond. "Our paradise of science was short lived. It drew the curious yes, but also those who let their biases dictate the truth. And soon the ignorant followed, and we were persecuted in our own home. And our Eden became our perdition. We stayed in power, but it was a battle for existence. Factions rose like locusts from the desert, seeking to devour us and all that came seeking the light. Some sought to take control of the world we had made, to gain more power and authority. Others arose purely out of the desire to oppose us, to silence us forever. We defeated or outlasted almost all of them, though at times our numbers dwindled to few, oh so few. We sacrificed and endured. We brought balance and stability to the world, and we were damned for it. Voidus still seeks to bring order, to tend to his greatest creation. He should be revered as a benevolent god, a titan of endless patience and power. And yet he is cursed by those he spares, by those he saves. I drew back into the Alleys, seeking the work to bring me solace, not caring if the Denizens destroyed the invaders and interlopers. I had hoped Voidus would join me, that we could return to our Hunger and scour the Alleys for the meat of it's secrets. But he stayed." The Stranger looked towards where he knew the Worldspike to be. "And they nearly destroyed him for it. He paid the price, and you were no small part of it. But the greater sacrifice, was his Hunger. He has locked it away so that it wouldn't consume him as he managed the world. I can not say when last the greatest Denizen turned his mind to pursuing Science's Light. He has chained himself to the unrelenting wheel of duty, where once he flew free. And in doing so he has sacrificed that from which he once drew his light and inspiration, his joy and fear. Our deeds sink into meaninglessness, and I lose my only..." he stopped, his words catching in his throat. "friend." He was quiet for a long time, his leaden words forming unseen chains around his neck. In his mind he heard a boy coughing, a girls whispered words of fear, angry shouting, and the sound of a bloody spike falling to the floor. All mist, curling ethereally in the darkened corners of his mind. Then he spoke in a whisper, his words the smoke of a dying funeral pyre. "And so I devised an experiment, the likes of which the world has not seen since it's inception. I will reshape the world, the city, the guilds, and my only friend. I shall take the yoke of duty from his shoulders and give him a life unburdened, that he may live in peace and joy, free to follow his own Hunger. I shall return the DA to the shadows, for it seems in the open the Light of Science draws flies to tarnish it's brilliance. I will give the world an era of peace, such as it has never had in all it's days. And I shall Sacrifice myself to do it. But here's the catch, usurper of the Light, so must you." His gaze locked on Sudiov as a falcon's locks onto a swallow. His eyespike gleamed with the cold brilliance of an iceberg, with depth to match. His voice became lighter, though it was light reflected on an ocean, and the depth of his gaze belied the almost casual tone, "You will tell me all you know of Voidus's past, and then you will join me in the design I have crafted. You shall ascend, and be shade no longer. A god in stature, but removed from the world as I shall be. You shall be a guiding light to those that seek you, a counter to mine own. And what's more you shall help me hold the very fabric of reality together." The Stranger gestured broadly with a sweeping arm. "That is your choice, Sudiov. You can help me remake the world. Or," And the light that played across his eye vanished revealing the abyss beneath. "I will Cleanse it." @Voidus
  15. Past events involving Voidus, the Stranger, or the DA are either forgotten or changed to remembered as monsters from the void. Dark creature that are drawn to large sources of power. This is to try to prevent the guilds from growing to large and the DA from leaving the Alleys unnecessarily. As far as how much of Era 4 is remembered I think most all of it, except that the atrium was stolen by the DA, rather than agreed upon, since their existence is a secret.