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  1. There were some issues with the release due to the ground team getting swamped, but they blew over. Less controversial than their tectonics program, which had a rocky development period. It doesn't just give out awards... As the ancient carol goes: You better not shout, you better not cry, you better watch out lest you want to die, The Dark Yuleman is coming to town.
  2. main plot

    It brought the Stranger no small amount of pleasure to see the despair on his opponent's face. It was like a fine whiskey: sharp, sweet, and meant to be savored. He detected notes of dismay, with strong undertones of terror. Ordinarily he would draw this out, use time dilation to make an instant last a lifetime, but out of courtesy to his peers he would make it brief. He was about to add a few more touches when his allomantic bronze detected a resonance he was unfamiliar with. He put up a speed bubble around himself and tapped steel, to allow time for analysis. Ajax seemed to freeze, the look of terror on his face becoming a macabre mask. The Stranger focused on the pulse of investiture and discovered it was similar to that of someone burning chromium, but with a stronger resonance to it. Likely to be an externalized form, and judging on the spiritual displacement it would affect a wide area. He burned some atium and saw the pulse sweep out from Ajax in a translucent wave. It extended approximately thirty feet from him before it dissipated. The Stranger frowned and burned electrum, so as to see the effect it would've had on him. It appeared that it destroyed investiture, which would have been irritating, though unlikely fatal. Still, there was no reason to allow such a thing. The Stranger snapped his fingers and soulcast the air around Ajax into an aluminum sarcophagus, effectively mitigating the bast and holding Ajax in place. He then let the cage fall, not bothering to catch it. As it plummeted towards the earth, the Stranger spoke again in the voice that could be heard in every corner of the city, "Look up you people, and see how the 'mighty' have fallen." With that the coffin hit the ground with a BOOM! and another, albeit smaller crater was formed. The Stranger opened an alley and disappeared into it, reappearing next to the coffin, which had twisted and cracked. Ajax, was pulling himself from the rubble, healing as best he could from the significant damage he had sustained. As soon as his head emerged the Stranger renewed his mental assault, rioting despair and soothing all else. Ajax gave one more desperate attempt to use division to burn him, but the Stranger swatted his hand away with a careless gesture. He reached out and cupped the face of the insurrectionist in his hand and smiled. "I tried to warn you, child. But it seems that wisdom is wasted on the foolish." The shades began to pour from him, washing over Ajax anew. With that he flicked his wrist and three spikes seemed to appear in his hand. He punched them through Ajax's torso with quick succession, using so much force that they went straight through the armor. The placement was precise and in an instant he had freshly charged spikes for soulcasting, aonic ability, and division. He stood and turned to walk away. "He's all yours, old friend." @Voidus @RayOfSunshine
  3. main plot

    "Fast enough for you?" As the blades sank in, the black fire they produced began to cover the Stranger. They outlined his entire body, creating a grisly tableau. The Stranger's grin widened. "Oh my sweet boy, you've no idea how foolish that was," The cowl of souls erupted from him like some kind of hellish geyser. The shades of countless people and creatures screaming, seeming to tear themselves from the wounds. They enveloped Ajax like rushing water, engulfing him. Screams filled his mind, raw hatred and ragged terror suffusing his consciousness, making it extremely difficult to formulate thought. Burning copper seemed to lessen it, but it couldn't drown them out. Their faces filled his vision, a parade of the lost. Young and old, male and female, familiar and unnatural. Their grasp could be felt, innumerable ghostly hands pulling and grasping at him. And they were getting louder. Ajax snarled, "You think this can stop me? It will take more than a few ghosts." He moved to slash his swords sideways, trying to bisect the Stranger. But they wouldn't move. He looked down, through the fog of the fallen and saw the Stranger's hands wrapped around the blades. The Denizen bent backwards at an unnatural angle, til he was face to face with Ajax. His eyespike shon like a fell beacon, contrasted by the swirling darkness of his right eye. "Oh, it gets worse. Much worse." Then the Stranger tapped ludicrous amounts of steel and moved with a speed that made compounders look sluggish. His whole body twisted like a shark in the water, jackknifing horribly, and he lunged towards his prey. As he shot forward, he soulcast a bronze spike in the air and caught it in his teeth. His eye gleamed and he rammed it through Ajax's bicep with such force that it went clean though and out the other side, where an Alley opened up and swallowed it. The Stranger looked Ajax in the face and whispered, "I'm going to tear your very Soul apart. Your Allomantic copper is the first price I require. Now, why don't you allow my friends to introduce themselves properly." And the cowl of shades renewed their assault, unhindered by any copper clouds. The Stranger began rioting fear and soothing confidence, creating a living nightmare for his opponent. Now was time to make him suffer.
  4. main plot

    The Stranger grinned as the meteors disappeared. Having competent coworkers was truly a wonderful thing. But he was using valuable time Voidus had gracefully allowed him. He figured it was time to runs some tests. He flew through the air towards his foe, lashing himself at speed. Ajax created several more meteorites, but the Stranger soulcast them into smoke obscuring his passage. He closed the distance between them and like last time he teleported. But instead of appearing below him, this time the Stranger just reappeared in front of him. He grabbed both of his opponents arms and twisted, keeping his allomantic bronze active to monitor any changes in investiture. He pulled Ajax’s arms to the side, then tapping Allomantic pewter he ripped off both of his arms. Then, flipping the detached limbs around, he backhanded Ajax with his own arm. It wasn’t the most practical move, but boy was it entertaining. “I’m sorry, that was childish.” He called out. “I should actually get on with it. But playing with one’s food is such an old habit.” He wagged one of the disembodied arms at Ajax, “I told you to get serious. Large area attacks are useless, you’re either going to have to be much faster or get creative if you want to make any sort of impression. Because so far the only impressive thing is how uninteresting this fight has been.” @RayOfSunshine
  5. main plot

    The Stranger sighed. Here he was, hoping things would be interesting, and the upstart wanted to give him the first blow? The lack of respect was horrendous. How had someone this oblivious made it thus far? Very well, time to give him a wake up call. The Stranger's grin was filled with condescension as he replied "Oh you young people, gain a few shiny new powers and think yourself a god. Well trust me laddie, you wouldn't make it through the first piece of paperwork." He gestured to the destruction Ajax and his goons had caused. "Do you think this impresses us? Child, you really have no idea just whom you are dealing with. You deign to give me the first blow? Time's Teeth but you're a foolish one. Oh well, guess there's nothing for it then. I have but one question for you..." He reached into his coat and the smell of freshly baked goods wafted through the air, diffusing throughout the city. He pulled out what looked like the perfect chocolate chip cookie, warm and soft and fragrant. It was a thing of Beauty. Then it seemed to disappear. The Stranger had moved so fast he broke the sound barrier, creating an explosive sonic boom. He rocketed straight towards Ajax, but the instant before impact he drew the aon Tia and vanished, reappearing underneath him. "Would you like a cookie?" As he flew upward he grabbed Ajax by the back of the neck and dragged him higher into the sky, then flung him like a ragdoll, snapping his neck with a flick of the wrist. It was a spiteful move, as he doubted it would actually kill him. If it did they had really overestimated him. "I don't have time to waste on your juvenile displays," he chided, "please try to amuse me, or Voidus will hit me with that 'I told you we were wasting time' look and I hate it when he does that." @RayOfSunshine @Voidus
  6. main plot

    The Stranger held Voidus's gaze, feeling the weight of his wrath. Aflood held back by a dam of glass. And the glass was cracking. But then there he took a breath, and the avalanche became a glacier. Frozen, motionless, but no ness in magnitude. The Stranger watched Voidus's eyes clear. A small, but crucial victory. But the weariness that had precededthe rage seemed to have grown, a shadow that the sun could not banish. I heard a saying once." Voidus said softly. "On one of the other worlds. 'Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.'" The Stranger looked the the Behemoth, a literal mountain of destruction they had created. The irony was not lost on him. "What does that say for those of us who can't die? When does that duty let up?" The Stranger opened his mouth to reply, but for the first time in a long, long time he didn't know what to say. Voidus turned and walked away, and all he could do was look after him. 'When does that duty let up?' Why would it ever let up, when there's always more research? We achieved eternity, so that any idea could be tested, any study undertaken. We've pioneered more Scientific breakthroughs than anyone else in the history of time! Eternity was an achievement, a privilege! So why did Voidus view it as a curse? The Stranger pulled a narrow spike in a bloodvial from his coat and looked at it. He vaugely registed Aylitha walking away with Voidus, but he stayed looking at the spike. It was copper, and he hadn't had it in for centuries. It held memories, but they were the memories of someone else. Someone he had been once long ago, someone who had beem limited by the laws of physics and his own mortality. Someone all too familiar with loss. With Sacrifice. Now is not the time for melancholic nostalgia. I'm going to let off some steam by teaching an upstart the meaning of pain, then maybe I'll indulge in some introspection. But only after a thorough dissection. The Stranger was no longer grinning. He put the vial back in his coat and followed Voidus, his steps and heart heavy. He walked slowly eye distant. But then an explosion rocked through the air, undoubtedly Ajax on his infantile rampage. The Stranger stopped, and felt the hint of a smirk take hold. He begam striding forward, and with each step the grin grew. The pavement began to crack beneath his feet, and his Shroud of Souls began to emanate from him, the wails faint, yet decidedly audible. His feet left the pavement, and he was walking through the air, moving faster and faster with no discernible effort. He passed Voidus and without looking spoke to him. "The final blow is yours." Then he rose into the sky and spoke in a voice that wove through the air, reaching every corner of the city. It was cold and hungry and ageless. "Where is this insolent child who would learn the meaning of Fear? Come forth, child of folly, that all may see how paltry a god you are. Come forth and do your utmost to die with your dignity, what little remains. COME."
  7. main plot

    The Stranger nodded, “I could use some peace and quiet.” Behind them the Behemoth continued to decimate the remains of the enemies forces. The Stranger looked at his old friend and saw the look on his face. Voidus was out of patience. Whatever relief he had felt the moment before had vanished like a raindrop in a hurricane, swept away by the cold rage of the most powerful man in the universe. The Stranger new that in this state it was very likely Voidus could destroy the entire city. While the Stranger wouldn’t be terribly against it, he knew Voidus would regret it later. He was a good man, despite what the world believed, perhaps even what Voidus himself believed. I’ve got to find a way to manage this situation. This Ajax fellow will almost certainly be a arrogant little cremling, and if he even further provokes Voidus things could get messy. He glanced at his friend and saw the air beginning to warp around him, the Void bubbling in small pools. Very messy. “Let me make an example of him. We could just destroy him, or we could use this opportunity to remind the world that we do not suffer such fools as these. This man slights is, and I would not give him an easy death. I would have him know despair, then perish. Would you grant me that, old friend? Then we could sit down and indulge in some catching up and perhaps even some reminisce.”
  8. Well, at work I’m Mr Breaker, but you are welcome to call me Fate.
  9. I’m not saying the DA is be all end all, I’m saying they are the originators of the setting and much more integral overall than the 40k material. While I’m not saying we do this, you could theoretically remove all 40k content and the majority of the world would be the same, or even re-skin it to fit without the core concepts being changed. Conversely, removing or re-skinning the DA would be much more difficult as they have been the cornerstone upon which the setting is built and their motif and MO have been crucial in developing the RP. I’m not trying to be combative and I want everyone to enjoy themselves, but I think that it is fair to point out the incongruity of the 40k content in a Sanderson based rp. This is not a comment on any players, but more so to the fact that all of the intricate lore and background inherent in something as large as 40k is hard to rationalize in this universe. I know it would be a lot of work, but my personal opinion is that if we re-skin it to make it actually shardplate (for example) and not an analogue then it would mesh much better with the rest of the setting. On a separate note, my ideas for the Stranger plot in era 4 is that it will be mostly asides, similar to the interludes in the Stormlight Archive. Logically, it would be hard for other characters to interact with him in the Alleys, excluding other Denizens. I do want a few purposed character interactions, which I would DM people about ahead of time. Whenever the main plot is decided, I would appreciate it if the player(s) running it would give me a general layout of the plot so I can pace my viewpoints accordingly.
  10. The issue is thematic, not comprehension. Everyone understands the concept of power armor, @RayOfSunshine, this is not an innovation we're unfamiliar with. As previously stated, most of the content of this rp is centered around Brandon's work. The way it differs from the DA is that this whole universe is based off of the People You Wouldn't Want to Meet in a Dark Alley thread. It's the Alleyverse. It was established at the beginning that Voidus and the Stranger made the planet this takes place on. @Grey Knight I appreciate your willingness to collaborate, it speaks volumes. Hypothetically, is the 40k stuff crucial in it's current form, or could you reskin them as a sect of Epics or Knights Radiant? That would make power comparisons easier and make everything somewhat more congruent.