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  1. That’s a large motivation for the upcoming arc and the scaling back of the guilds, to allow greater interaction between individuals of different guilds.
  2. It will take definite effort on the part of the players with DA characters to make sure there is an engageable level of interactivity outside of the Alleys.
  3. main plot

    The Stranger watched as a storm raged inside of Lita, even as the Alleystorm raged without. He saw her hunger, her brokenness, the war between what she was and what she wanted to be. She wanted power, to transform into something new. She was willing to sacrifice who she was to become something more. She was reaching her limits and was not satisfied. It was a hunger the Stranger had seen many, many times. In Research and Development many came to test limits. The limits of the mind, the body, the universe. They molded and reshaped their bodies, minds, and souls. Often once they got a taste, it consumed them. Few were recognizable in as little as a year. If they survived that long. It was what the Stranger himself did, test the limits of reality to understand the world that was rich with glorious knowledge. And with that knowledge came power. But there was an important distinction: The Stranger was after the knowledge, Lita was after the power. He could tell, even before she answered what she would choose. The hunger in her eyes was too great, and it filled her like a tempest. A small voice whispered that this could consume her. It almost gave him pause. He had never waivered in his offers to Denizens, it was they who made the choice. But out of the corner of his eye he saw Laurelai,and the earlier conversation with Voidus flashed through his head. Voidus, the greatest scientific mind the world had known, had regrets. Would Lita one day become something she couldn't reverse? Would she regret her choices from a place in which there was no returning? Did she truly understand the weight of Sacrifice? "I seek to build." Lightning flashed, reflecting off of the Coin as it spun in place. Then it froze, floating at eye level, both faces showing a skull with a spike through the left eye socket. The Stranger stared into Lita's eyes and whispered in a voice of blood and iron. "So be it." And he stepped forward and drove the spike in his left hand into Lita's torso. @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  4. main plot

    “Yes.” She looked into his face, and he saw it. She was breaking. She probably didn’t even realize it herself, but there were cracks forming. Could she continue? They would find out. “Then I offer you a Choice. Would you have Power, or Subtlety?” The Coin shot from her hand, cutting through the air and thudding into the Stranger’s waiting palm. He caught it and it began to dance across his fingers. Then he flicked it, sending it spinning straight upwards. It reached the peak of it’s ascent and held there, still spinning as it floated. “Would you steal the secrets of the world with cunning and guile? Would you wear a thousand faces and have none of your own? Or would you tear secrets out with your bare hands from those who would keep them from you? Would you rip the truth from the hearts of your enemies?” The Coin spun faster and faster, becoming a blur. The Stranger reached within his coat and pulled out two long metal spikes, dripping with a crimson liquid. The Shadows began emerging from him, the figures sorrowful, raging, writhing in their spectral forms. Alleystorm seemed to scream with wordless fury. “This choice I offer you, but know that you will never be who you once were. Are you seeking to build upon a weakness, or are you someone seeking to hide the fact that you are weak?” His eye spike glowed, his right eye deepened, and his voice was as cold and sharp as a scalpel. @ZincAboutIt
  5. main plot

    The Stranger had watched the unfolding events with an amused expression. The Phoenix sure made for a dynamic encounter, that was for sure. The appearance of an imitation was intriguing. The timing of the Alleystorm was even more intriguing. But what held his attention at the moment were Laurelai and Lita. Laurelai was afraid. The Stranger could sense her fear and trepidation, her frustration at her inability to match the Denizens around her in terms of power. The Stranger knew she was safe, Voidus would raze the city before he let anything happen to her, yet she seemed so nervous. Lita was another story.Throughout the recent events he had been registering her emotions. The awe, the fear, the excitement. But mostly, the Hunger. She took in the goings on around her and hungered for more. More knowledge, more secrets, more power. She was glaring tin at a reckless pace, he could sense it coursing through her. She held the Coin in her hand, it’s surface glowing with a ghostly light. He turned to face her. “Tell me, Little Lita, does your Hunger still drive you?” His voice was the faintest of whispers, “Do you crave yet more?” @ZincAboutIt
  6. Almost anything is possible. Characters could remain mostly unchanged, or they could have completely new lives. I’d say to keep the changes focused mostly on CD, as everyone trying to get new characters approved would be exhausting for the Mods, so maybe don’t add powers or abilities, but rather swap them with powers of the same level or remove powers. The idea for this arc is that most of the character changes would be up to the individual rather than plot requirements. Indeed. The idea is that the guilds would have their power greatly reduced in terms of resources and manpower. They might still have some muscle, but no one is gonna have an army.
  7. Well, looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me! I think something everyone can work on is to start thinking about how you would want your characters to change and how you want them to stay the same. If you have questions or please feel free to ask Voidus or myself here in the chat thread, or in a pm if you’d prefer to keep it a surprise. And having another plot take the foreground for era 4 sounds great.
  8. Most likely not, they would regain their resources and knowledge. But that’s not to say it would change in some other ways. There could be considerable conflict among the higher ups that could reshape the guild as we know it.
  9. To clarify, this is in no way a ploy to undermine the other guilds while making the DA more powerful, my idea is for the DA to experience the exact same scaling back. The majority of the Stranger's power would be devoted to maintaining the new world, severely handicapping him. One of my main hopes for this is to allow character interactions that the current power levels of both guilds and individuals wouldn't really allow. Both halves of the plot are currently very loose, and I'm happy to work out further specifics if we decide to go through with it. What I see as the main pro of this plot would be a huge level of community collaboration. Younger guilds means more opportunities for establishing alliances and enemies. Maybe a member of the ghostbloods wakes up as a member of TUBA, or something. Another big thing this plot would do is allow a huge scaling back of the DA. They would be on nearly equal footing as the other guilds, rather than drastically OP. While I do enjoy RPing an OP character, I'd like to RP as a denizen without having to find a convoluted explanation as to why they're not using the full power available to them. I have ideas for depowered denizens, even the Stranger. It would make the guilds a lot more interactive then they currently are. Right now it's all massive armies and insane powerlevels, and it's almost impossible for there to be a meeting between the guilds without the threat of leveling most of the city. Lowering the powerlevels of the guilds will require more creative solutions and RP for interguild conflict. More subterfuge and less all out war. There are a lot of themes to explore as well, but the main one is Sacrifice. This is something I've been exploring a little with the Stranger and Lita, but it would be expanded upon immensely in the build up and aftermath. Every character would have to make some kind of sacrifice, whether they wanted to reverse the shift or keep it. I'm totally fine if this is set for an era further down the road, or if we make the first part run in the background of the next era as previously mentioned. It could start out as a sideplot and then take center stage. And the set up can take as long as we like, there's no rush. Especially if people want to have character scenes that would make the Shift all the more impactful.
  10. I had an idea for the following eras and have work-shopped it somewhat with other members of the DA. This plot would last for at least 2 eras, the first being a set up of sorts. The main premise goes as follows: I know it’s a long shot, but I have sooo many ideas for this. We could make this hugely collaborative and let the community decide what they want changed for their characters or guilds. We could discuss how we want each character to change or stay the same. This could allow some players to have their characters age and others remain the same. Players kids could develop into new characters. Relationships could grow or regress. If the community agrees we could even have characters come back that were killed. We could talk about power level adjustment in the post spike world as well. There could be cross guild alliances or relationships, different levels of memory retention. I would want to keep this very open and collaborative so no one feels powerless or out of the loop. Both arcs are still easily changed, and we could cement those details if we as a community decide to move forward on this. It doesn't even have to be the next main plot, it could come later. This is just a loose outline. Anyway, that’s my pitch. I think it’d be a great shift for the subforum and would open up a lot of plot options and character development. This could really happen whenever, so it doesn’t have to be this next era. It can be tweaked or changed however everyone sees fit, but I think it’s doable. I'm happy to hear y'alls thoughts and input!
  11. Whaaaat, nooo... but if I did play it, the Sisters of Battle In Godhome would be my favorite boss.
  12. I just now saw this but I can 100% guarantee that if you make a webcomic I will flip out. It would be so dope, and I need it.
  13. main plot

    The Stranger grinned. He snapped his fingers and small tablet appeared on the table. Lines of text scrolled rapidly across the screen, making it difficult to read. The Stranger made a sweeping gesture and grinned. "Here are the terms. You are welcome to bring up negotiations and concerns, but are lawyers are quite thorough and the more time you waste the more innocent people die." He nodded towards the representatives of the other guilds with something akin to mock formality. "At each escape route I can have Steelrunners for administration, Smoker guides for increased stealth, and some general security to deal with outside interference. We can do this with unparalleled speed and efficiency, and perhaps we can even have med teams rescuing the salvageable parties. Mac is the best connected and informed person in this city, and could organize and coordinate an extremely intricate mass evacuation in his sleep. He'll probably run it and come with us to investigate the vortex, he's that good. R&D can handle the vortex, under our supervision. And I won't even bring any abominations, just little old me." His gaze bored into the occupants of the room. "Time is short, for them at least." He gesturd towards the city beyond the walls of the room. "Let's get this underway, shall we?"