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  1. It would be really cool if they uploaded the audio of these as a podcast the next day.
  2. I'll take 9 years for $500. In some timeline (perhaps one with cloning) I'm sure Brandon will have finished Stormlight and Mistborn by then.
  3. For Wheel of time fans, they also have Tar Valon marks on their website!
  4. Cultivation+Autonomy=Maturity (One often arrives at maturity through personal growth and learning to be self sustaining) Ambition+Devotion = Zeal?
  5. Hey guys, I just finished the White Sand prose version, and I really enjoyed it! It was actually pretty cool reading a book that hadn't been officially published, particularly since the book was really good. However, I did notice a bunch of typos. I marked the ones I noticed as I read, and have gone back to correct them in the word document that Brandon sends out. I decided to compile them, so that y'all have an opportunity to correct them yourselves for your own readings. It took all of 30 minutes to fix them, including the time it spent to type out this post. I imagine it would take only 5-10 minutes or so using Word's search function. I'm sure there are other typos I missed, these are just the ones that I caught. --------------------------- Page 77: “The cliffs in the distance were to far away” "to" should be "too" Page 142: “In his hand, unnoticed buy the Darksiders—he” "Buy" should be "by" Page 323: “They actually seemed to enjoy spiting the other Professions” The word "on" is omitted Page 399: “Maybe next time,” Khriss mumbled/ There is a slash instead of a period Page 406 and 407: Baon arrived at the top of the latter a moment later. “The girl says to tell you that you’re crazy, and there is no way she’s climbing that latter.” “Ladder” is misspelled “latter” five times Page 521: “Yes,” Heelis said. “Rite mentioned it too me. "too" should be "to" Page 610: Diem with a lone in exchange for a percentage of the profits "Loan" is misspelled as "lone" Page 614: “I there’s a clause in the Law that says the mastrells are supposed to eventually pay for what they take,” There is a random “I” here Page 638: “You think he won’t to it again?” Eric warned with a spiteful whisper. "To" should be "do" Page 733: “So, how exactly are you going to pursued the Lord Merchant to see you?” Eric asked. Pursued should be persuade Page 738: “Well what?” she asked, trying to cover he blush with a nonchalant air. "He" should be "her" Page 741: The room’s four Tower guards eyes Kenton appreciatively. "Eyes" should be "eyed" Page 793: Khriss stiffed slightly. "Stiffed" should be "stiffened" Page 886: All three Kershtians fell at once One taken in the Missing a period after "once" Page 924: He hadn’t ever really known Eric--he had know the fake Eric, "Know" should be "known" Page 924: He had seen the coldness in the this Eric’s eyes Unneeded “the” Page 947: Apparently, because of Kenton hadn’t responded to the requests for seats "of" isn’t needed Pages 298, 376, 731, 790, 918, 927: On these pages Shaerezan is used as the criminal’s name rather than Sharezan, which is used far more frequently. ------------------------------- There were also a couple of discrepancies I noticed, the second of which is spoilery. Page 184: “Khriss had never seen a man shot before.” This one is not really a typo, just a discrepancy. This is actually the second time Khriss has seen a man get shot, as the guide was shot and killed just a while back. SPOILERS‼!
  6. He talked about a potential Threnody novel in the most recent State of Sanderson (2016), if I remember correctly. I don't think he has said anything about Vax or another First of the Sun story yet.
  7. theory

    I'm intrigued by the points @Pagerunner @elezraita made, but I think that you guys may be digging into it a bit too far. Brandon was originally a chemistry major, but I doubt he had too much experience with the quantum portion of Physical Chemistry. He may have come up with some investiture versions of electrons, assuming this theory is mostly correct, but I doubt that it will hold up when scrutinized from the more fundamental perspective that you guys are considering. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the discrepancy with the Pauli Exclusion Principle will likely be solved by mere handwaving. That said, it is still fun to theorize!
  8. theory

    When a Group I metal (cesium, sodium, etc) reacts with water you definitely get a hydroxide salt and hydrogen gas. This creates a basic (alkaline) environment. Hence the name alkali metal. Well, they could mean "burned up" as in the explosive reaction resulting in harmonium hydroxide. To someone who isn't familiar with chemistry, they might not be able to distinguish this from water. Depending on the abundance of harmonium, it probably wouldn't be energy intensive to try and return ettmetal back to its elemental state. I've never heard of anyone regenerating cesium from CsOH. If I remember correctly, you can react NaOH with molten magnesium to yield sodium metal, but it definitely is not worth the effort in terms of cost. It is a lot easier to return some metal hydroxides to elemental forms though, like copper hydroxide to elemental copper. Very simple process, but still not energy intensive unless metal is very rare.
  9. theory

    This is really cool! I hope the chemistry of the cosmere gets a larger focus in the sci-fi Mistborn series. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out already, but there is some evidence that supports the theory that atium is analogous to nickel. Malatium, according to the Coppermind, is an alloy of atium and gold and is described as silvery white. In real life, an alloy of 90% gold and 10% nickel yields white gold. These seem pretty similar. It's a shame, if Kelsier had spectroscopic techniques at hand, he never would have thought malatium was a new metal. I also looked up nickel-cobalt alloys and found Kovar (also includes iron and trace elements), and it apparently has similar properties to borosilicate glass (low thermal expansion). If this is enhanced in god metal alloys, I'd imagine that atium-lerasium alloy similar to this could be used in something where you need extreme heat resistance. EDIT: Another topic of interest would be distinguishing particles made of various shards. How would I tell the difference between an electron made of Preservation versus one of Ruin? The four quantum numbers would no longer completely describe the identity of the electron.
  10. That would make the main character perhaps, since it mentions that it is a she.
  11. Brandon did mention that he may release a Stormlight Novella next summer to tie us over until Christmas 2016. Aside from that, we will eventually get Michael Whelan's next cover art. So far those have been astoundingly well done.
  12. Not that I know of. I am just assuming it has at least one, since Dragonsteel is suppose to be a pretty significant Cosmere series.
  13. If Calamity were a shard, he probably would have pointed that out here. Source: We already know about nine shard (eight named) along with at least one most likely being on the Dragonsteel world. Also there is one "that just wants to survive." So potentially there are already around eleven shards accounted for. There are only sixteen in total.
  14. Well, he potentially has eight more books to achieve that character growth. As to these descriptions limiting the number of characters who are important, they can always add more. Eshonai wasn't included in the first book's description, but was added in the second. Characters like Renarin, Jasnah, Lift, Adolin, or even Lopin could be added as we get more books. I don't think these are true prophesies. The only insight into the future provided is "One of them may redeem us, And one of them will destroy us." I don't think this is foretelling, just an opinion based on known knowledge. If this is a spren talking, we have already seen that they speak as if other outcomes are not possible. Both the Stormfather and Pattern spoke in absolutes. "You will kill her", etc. The other insight into the future is "the everstorm looms." This too could just be speculation based on current events. Whoever is speaking seems to be well informed and would know that the Parshendi were close to discovering the Storm spren. However, we have seen some future-knowing with Renarin's scratches on the wall. Another tie to Glys potentially being the speaker.
  15. ^ My guess is that the name was simply forgotten. Didn't Amaram automatically give his Shardblade a new name? I'd imagine it is hard to keep a blade's ancient name from being lost. It looks like Eshonai may be the prologue POV.