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  1. Game recognizes game. Brandon just looks in the mirror and nods to himself, the only worthy equal.
  2. It started way before the Cosmere but Full Metal Alchemist, FEELS like a Cosmere series in hindsight. Alchemy and the way it works and how it's shaped it's world, all of it. The villain is basically a version of the Lord Ruler. It seriously feels like it would be pointless to have a Cosmere animated series because that's basically what FMA is. If Brandon just said it was part of the Cosmere it would fit right in, hell I already know what the Shard's name would be. "Equivalency"
  3. Man,that fruit was so low hanging you have to dig into the earth to get at it...... Well done.
  4. Warbreaker got really deep at times, especially the talks between Lightsong and Blushweaver.
  5. Kelsier after SoS
  6. I've been bamboozled!! *Shakes Fist*
  7. Good work, and you can post it right in this thread, that's what people usually do.
  8. It would be funny though if that wasn't really Hoid, like he paid someone to use his name just for lulz and to troll. "Look, just say your name is Hoid alright? It's an inside joke." "An inside joke your the only one with the context to get?" "Oh, I'm not the only one." (Hoid winks as he gleefully thinks about the 17th Shard following around a random couchman for six months, again.)
  9. Ha, poor Nazh is looking more and more like the Cosmere errand boy buttmonkey. I bet Khriss sends him out to do get really stupid stuff for her all the time. Nazh: Croissants!? Khriss: Yup, from Roshar. Nazh: But Scandrial is the one with croissants, Roshar hasn't gotten that far yet Khriss: Well, just go there and wait till there tech gets to that level. Nazh: But.. Khriss: No buts! This is important. It's for the security of the Cosmere, Odium rising, the God Beyond and all that jazz. Now go! (Throws a screaming Nazh into Shadesmar)
  10. I want an entire novella that's just Hoid being sarcastic at Jasnah. Hoid:
  11. speculation

    If it is him it's funny to imagine Harmony getting really tired of Kelsier's crap by now. Harmony: What the hell man? You started killing Nobles again? When I specifically asked you not to? Kelsier: I'm sorry my hand just slipped.....forty twenty seconds... Harmony: Your a ghost!! You don't have hands!!
  12. Imagining Elhokar as the Kholin Family buttmonkey is the best thing ever. Gavilar at some point, probably:
  13. I always imagine the one scene from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Elhokar just walks in on his mom and Dalinar and it's like. MOMMA NOOO!!:
  14. Dalinar stop, your to based for your own good.
  15. Sadeas at the end of WoR be like: