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  1. I would actually argue against this. This quality, although ascribed to leaders, is not the same principle of leadership that we see exhibited in the Windrunners. This quality you bring up is what we would give to a general, a military commander, someone whose job it is to manage and win the war. Kaladin is not one of these leaders. In its most basic form, a leader is someone who takes care of their followers. If we were to look to our earliest ancestors we would see that the leaders often end up being the strongest individuals in the group. Why? Because when a predator comes and threatens your people they are the ones who rush out first to deal with the threat. Kaladin is a leader because he has made himself into a great warrior and he uses his skills to act as a shield for his men. To make sure that he bears the brunt of all attacks against his people because he is strong enough to overcome them. This is just the base form of leadership and it works very well when you deal with a small, isolated group (like Bridge Four). But as soon as your scope of the world increases things start to get messier. Kaladin's Second Ideal now begs him to protect not only the Bridgemen but Dalinar, a lighteyed man. His Third Ideal begs him to protect a man whom he hates. Then with the events of Oathbringer, Kaladin almost gets destroyed because his scope has grown faster than his understanding of the ideals. He is currently unable to protect men and women from both sides of the conflict, something that almost drives him over the edge. How Kaladin decides to overcome this predicament, to learn how to be a true leader and to speak the final two Ideals is something I am very interested to see.
  2. I don't remember when exactly this happens but I seem to remember the Stormfather saying that the land of Shinovar was given to the humans when they arrived. Perhaps humans came seeking Asylum from Odium and they got into skirmishes with the Dawnsingers but then Honor and Cultivation stepped in to create Shinovar. Then perhaps with Odium's arrival enough humans decided to attack the Dawnsingers and were so named Voidbringers. I think their attack on the Dawnsingers caused the creation of the first spren of Odium, the spren who occupy the Fused, the souls of vengeful ones long since killed. These vengeful spirits would then have been twisted and used to occupy the Dawnsingers, due to their susceptibility in that they have a gemheart that can could be occupied by an Odiumspren. With a weakness in the Dawnsingers' anatomy and their spiritwebs broken down by war and the desire for Vengeance, I believe Honor and Cultivation likely had to turn to the ancient kings of men: the Heralds, and thus begin the Oathpact. This Betrayal of the Shards would then have finally pushed the Dawnsingers too far and would have turned them into the new Voidbringers. Although humans would have still been used by Odium, I think Odium would have seen the Dawnsingers as a much more useful vessel for his power. There's likely some important factors that Brandon just hasn't decided to give to us yet to complete the picture but this makes the most sense to me.
  3. I will forgive myself for those I could not protect... Perhaps?
  4. Disclaimer: I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this so I apologize in advance if someone has beaten me to it. So I was very interested while reading Oathbringer when we actually learned that the names of characters has meanings. So then I was going through the artwork for Oathbringer and found this: On this print, Nazh has written out how the phonemes for glyphs work (which is awesome) and also the glyphs for the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant (which is even more awesome!). But I noticed that when he writes Everstorm it gets split into two words: "eternal" "storm" or "kalad" "zeras" = kalazeras (this is epic because now we know how to say Everstorm in Alethi!) But looking at it now I can see that "kalad", the glyph for "eternal", must be the basis for Kaladin's name and then added with the suffix -in it becomes something like "born unto eternity". I find this fascinating and I was wondering if there were any linguists among us who might be able to figure out the meanings of other names for the Alethi. Or maybe if we can figure out how naming works for the darkeyes? Thoughts anyone?
  5. Or that the Stormfather is true and the visions have been corrupted. Wasn't there a vision Dalinar had where he saw something that the Stormfather did not see? This could be due to the influence of the Unmade or some other voidish beings.
  6. Could it have something to do with the damage the Radiants did by breaking their oaths? Like maybe Urithiru has a really bad presence in the Cognitive Realm which is attracting dangerous types of spren (like the Unmade). This would make sense because so far what we know is that both murders were crimes of passion; it was something about the emotion of the killings that caused them to be targeted by the copycat. What I can't figure out is why copy the murder? Is it some mindless spren interacting with the Physical Realm who is attracted to crimes of passion? Or is it, more likely, that there is something deliberately trying to recreate the murders? Which again leads to the question of why commit the murders. What is there to gain? Is it to try and reveal the original killer (like with Ned) or is there something more serious going on. I wouldn't be surprised if it were some kind of spren that thinks it is hiding the murders by framing the other murderers but it doesn't quite understand how strange it is to have a murder repeated exactly.
  7. *Facepalm* Well that's embarrassing.
  8. I feel like that fits in with Roshar as well. Seeing as : Though the East Wind could easily mean that Syl is a spren that doesn't just go with the flow.
  9. We have a WoB somewhere that says the force of gravity on Roshar is about .7 g, which allows for greatshells to reach such massive sizes.
  10. One little piece of text in favor of Adolin being a Releaser: I know it might be a little obvious that Sadeas calls him a "firebrand" (and I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything) but it could be a nice bit of foreshadowing.
  11. I thought I remembered hearing someone say that it has to do with Cymatics so the level of his Stormlight Efficiency causes a change in frequency that allows this. But honestly, I don't know
  12. Yeah but Taln's order, The Stonewards have Brown as their color so Taln's eyes probably are the basis for their color scheme.
  13. I was reading an article a friend had sent me on Facebook about the artistic importance of the Star Wars Prequels. You can read it above if you like but it will take you a storming long time so I'll condense it here: The article proposes that Star Wars has what is called a Chiastic Pattern or a Ring Composition, meaning that it is somewhat palindromic. In a rhyme scheme it would look something like ABCC'B'A'. Now I'm sure many of you will probably see how this fits with the Stormlight Archive. For those of you who don't, here's what stood out to me: 1) Both Star Wars and the Stormlight Archive are broken into two halves and there is a time gap between the first and second series and 2) The nature of the titles for each Part in the books of the Stormlight Archive are palindromic poems (Above Silence, Illuminating Storms, Dying Storms, Illuminate, The Silence Above). This has led me to the conclusion that the end of the 5th book in the Stormlight Archive could be very, very depressing. Not that some beloved (or unbeloved, as it may be) character will turn evil but there could be the chance that the world will "perish" and it'll be up to the next generation of characters to fix it. Star Wars is focused on balance in life and about opposition of light and dark. In the essay linked above, the author compares the arc of the story to the symbol Yin Yang, stating that the first half reflects the dark side and the other half the light. This appeals to me because a lot in the Stormlight Archive is about "Journey before Destination" and that makes me think of a circle, like the ring composition. Of course, I have no real evidence in the Stormlight Archive to support this theory (especially with only two books out) but hopefully someone out there can help me out and if you want to read this article above perhaps you all might think of something that has slipped my mind. Happy hunting!
  14. http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/62196917.jpg
  15. This begs the question, what is the Spiritual Realm? And how is it that you can store things there like a Shardblade or a person's soul?