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  1. It's also worth keeping in mind in all of this that just because they translated the dawnchant and that says something (i.e. that they destroyed the world they were from with surges) that doesn't mean it's completely (or even partially) correct.
  2. It seemed pretty clear to me that when the humans came to Roshar they worshiped (or were led by, or whatever) Odium... the Heralds were created by Honor (the honor blades were created by him, if I remember) and they were surprised when spren created the knights radiant to mimic them. At some point after this (and presumably after WoK was written) the bondsmith herald (the one whose powers bondsmiths imitate) seems to have "codified" those ideals (I can't find a reference to this, so maybe I'm misremembering?. Some This implies a pretty definite timeline. What is weird though is that surgebinding as it exists on Roshar at "present" cannot possibly work the same way it did on the previous world which was accidentally destroyed, since it depends too much on spren which seem to be specifically of this world and the surgebinding is specifically tied to the way the herald's powers work, and I don't think they could have predated men coming to roshar. My interpretation is: * Men and parshmen existed, men were on another world (likely Ashyn) and had a different type of surgebinding -- likely a form of voidbinding, if we accept that they followed Odium when they came to Roshar (bringing a void). I'm having trouble finding this reference as well, so maybe I'm misremembering here. * Men came to Roshar and brough Odium with them * Somewhere along the line many men turned to honor and likewise many of the parsh people and related turned to Odium * Somewhere along the line the Fused were created -- using void binding they expanded their souls sufficiently that they were able to avoid moving on after death, and using the unique way that creatures on Roshar are able to bond with spren in their gemhearts they were able to take over such creatures, killing the being that was previously there. * Honor created the Honor blades and empowered the heralds in order to help fight Odium's creatures. Somehow Odium created the unmade, likely in a similar timeframe? * The heralds created the Oathpact with Honor's help which somehow allowed them to trap the fused, etc on Braize when they died, rather than returning. * The spren, likely wanting to help, began to form bonds with humans to give them surgebinding in order to help the heralds * The more I look at things the more I think Urithiru probably came into being along with this somewhere, before the nahel bond. I really think that Urithiru is essentially the body of a spren but the spren is missing for some reason. * The heralds -- specifically the bondsmith one -- imposed order on the knights radiant -- likely in some way tied to the Way of Kings? not sure -- by codifying the way the bonds work and requiring growth and standards before humans could gain full mastery of their surges. * Along the line, Odium has been gradually corrupting the history that men remember so that they will misunderstand who the real enemy is, etc. That was longer than I anticipated, but it's an interesting starting point. I'm sure I'm wrong on some of that, but... yeah.
  3. Hah, you're correct. That's what I get for writing theories late at night, I totally read the wrong thing :-P My bad, and apologies! Okay, I see what you're saying now.. you're right, that could be read in that way. Interesting. That does still put Cusicesh a level below SF/NW, and I still don't think he's the third bondsmith spren... but yeah.
  4. Based on what we've seen in other books, it seems likely that splintered shards don't need to be "reforged", just gathered together. If you gather together enough of the splinters they forge themselves back together -- Harmony is the best example of this. The gathering itself could be very tricky, of course -- Hamony just picked up the powers of the two shards when they were laying around and hadn't been splintered. Still, I don't think the reforging is the hard part, it's the gathering together of power.
  5. I don't know that we actually know that Gavilar *founded* the sons of honor; in fact, Mraize sorta implies otherwise in OB chapter 40: This indicates that he was "a driving force in their expansion" but not that he actually founded them. What I am starting to think is that "supersmart T" actually put something in motion that he knew his less smart self would not understand, setting himself up to pursue the course you currently see while actually setting himself up to subtly fail at that course and ultimately double-cross odium. Cultivation is pretty clearly known to be working against Odium ( Another thing to remember is that Cultivation is better at seeing the future than Honor is:
  6. Forgive me if someone else has suggested this, but I didn't see a post that looked likely. I'm not sure I 100% believe this theory, but the sequence in OB where Taravangian met Odium got me wondering... what if Taravangian is basically keeping secrets from himself? What if the "super smart" version of himself realized that he could never keep secrets from Odium, so he set things up so that he himself would think he was working towards one thing but was actually working towards something different. Perhaps cultivation gave him more than he currently thinks (Fortune? etc) -- but it's gone now and he has no idea. Perhaps Taravangian has actually been working towards exactly what is happening and doesn't even know it himself because the Diagram was set up so cleverly that it mislead him. Evidence: When Odium looked at the diagram, there were things that he apparently somehow could not see -- things that were hidden from him: The diagram seems to almost "change" as it goes -- this could be contingency planning, but it could also be that the goals they think they work towards are not actually the real goals. This feels far-fetched, but at the same time it looks like *something* strange is going on. Perhaps Taravangian has unwittingly set himself up as a double agent.
  7. ..... he *specifically* ended the comment with "Cusicesh is one of the sapient spren.". How do you get "Cusicesh is a level above the sapient spren" from that? I would assume that if anything spren like Syl and Pattern (who can form a nahel bond) are that intermediate step, being a level above other sapient spren.
  8. I can see how the sentence might be a bit tricky to parse -- English is an annoying language sometimes =] Let me rephrase what he said: Thus, there are spren which are a level below Stormfather and Nightwatcher and those spren are "a much bigger deal" than Cusicesh is.
  9. This seems very unlikely given this WoB: I initially had the same thought
  10. Initially I wondered this as well, but this WoB seems to disprove the theory: Cusicesh is at least two significant "levels" down from Stormfather and Nightwatcher, and I would have to assume that the third would need to be the same level or at least very very close. The more I think about it the more I agree with this theory; if true, it is a bit odd since generally the spren who power a fabrial are "trapped" there, but Brandon has also indicated that it is possible to trap a nahel-bonded spren in a gemstone (see so it seems very plausible. I also considered the possibility of the third bondsmith spren being Odium-related (spren of any type can have free will, so being a voidspren won't automatically make them Evil, and being honorspren doesn't automatically mean Good), but consider this WoB quote ( That seems to imply that at least in general (and at least in the past) all of the "knight radiant" spren were of Honor and Cultivation, which would indicate that the third spren can't be a voidspren... which again seems to indicate it's most likely a fusion of the two, part Honor and part Cultivation. So... yeah, just more evidence to support your theory.
  11. Ascension does not in the cosmere have to mean completely taking up a shard. Remember that Rashek Ascended (if only for a short time) when he used the power at the Well of Ascension. Ascending seems to indicate that you take up enough of a shard to hit a certain point (arbitrary? specific? relative? no idea). It may well be that Dallinar has reached that point or it could have been something that happened only briefly... it's even possible that he can now Ascend now and again when he opens the perpendicularity (which btw is awesome, since we knew that Honor's moves but now we understand a bit more).
  12. That can't be totally true, because when Spook got spiked and gained Pewter the person stabbing him was certainly not intending to do that. Now, *Ruin* may have been providing the intent in that case, and that could be why it worked in that case... but there are other things to consider: Odium could be providing the intent in this case Moash could know more than is implied -- he might know what he's doing Moash could also have known exactly where to stab him. We don't know if he just happened to stab him in the stomach or if it was by Intent So I still think it's plausible.
  13. Axehounds also have violet blood.
  14. At least some greatshells apparently have violet ichor for blood, and we already saw hints in WoR that voidspren can at least influence them.
  15. Having occasionally read books in the "wrong order", I don't think this would be as big of a deal as you think. We've run into a *lot* of characters in these books that have veiled backstories that we don't know a lot about, and some we learn more and some are just there to move the story along. Azure has some definitely weird things about her, but there are much more important things to focus on for the characters. I find Hoid amusing and interesting; I guess I can kinda see your perspective, but don't really share it. You don't need to know anything about him to appreciate the story; as for Warbreaker, reading Edgedancer is *way* more important than reading Warbreaker. The only reason you need to read warbreaker first is if you want background on nightblood, which -- let's face it -- doesn't *really* tell you that much anyway. We get hints in Warbreaker about nightblood but not a lot of concrete information. You won't understand as well why he is so weird if you didn't read it but you won't miss anything important in the story, because it's pretty apparent right off when he gets used how powerful he is -- in fact, we didn't see him used half as much in Warbreaker anyway. You can't please everyone, and I think he erred on the side of making fans who have read all his books happier with the cameos turned up a bit... and it's hard to blame him for giving people who spend more of their money on his books what they want. I might blame him if he'd made it so you couldn't enjoy it otherwise, but I really don't think he did. Just my $0.02.