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  1. When Gavilar tells Szeth to tell Dalinar to find the most important words a man can say, I think he was talking about the oaths of the Knights Radiant. Evidence: Gavilar was trying to return the Voidbringers and according to Nalan the arrival of the Radiants brings the return of the Voidbringers. The Oaths are the most important words a man can say: they make you to a Radiant It worked: Dalinar studied The Way of Kings and tried to return the Knights Radiant.
  2. My question is: could Scadrial have moved Scadrial out of the solar system or are there limitations?
  3. I would think Harmony got some information on Realmatic Theory, because he was able to change Snapping and the mist.
  4. I hereby ask to join the Observers and will observe with my one-eyed curse if you accept me into your sacred group.
  5. I'm Austrian (not Australian), but I also have American citizenship.
  6. Can I say the entire book?
  7. I'd say a few medium sized ones would be good. It will be a tough fight, but the Koloss will win. They're just much stronger.
  8. That picture is just crrepy .
  9. I like the story as a prologue/ prelude type of thing, but to understand it completely you either have to write an entire story where you explain everything or change this story, because it's a bit confusing, e.g: the magic system...
  10. For my birthday I got a coupon for a free book from a friend and so I Bought WoA, not knowing that it was the second book in the series and since then I'm hooked.
  11. Since there's a poll about who Shallan will end up with, I did the same for Kaladin
  12. The Letter and the Response (the second letter?) from Way of Kings and WoR are also pretty important.
  13. While Kaladin was flying too the shattered plains, Moash, who was secretly an assassin for Sadaeas, elsecalled with Sadaeas to bridge four, where the other members killed Saedaeas. Moash took the shardblade and went to Urithuru to kill Dalinar for Graves, because Szeth didn't do it. He heard the screaming of the blade and threw it into the flower pot and committed suicide, thinking he was crazy
  14. If you spend half an hour reading this thread even though Iron Man is coming on TV. What, you needed four days??