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  1. One more thing I totally forgot: Jasnah plans to abolish slavery. This would be of utmost importance - first to get Roshar into the modern ages economically, second to make peace with the Singers - the former Parshmen - possible at all.
  2. And a roadmap to book 5. First get a hold in the Makabaki region. Shinovar might be dealt with in book 5 - Szeth's book. My kind of humor...
  3. Oh, we're an hour early, due to winter time in Europe... I wonder if this are war spoils from Kholinar - the aluminum Hoid gave Azure to shield the soulcasters. Rhythm of War...sponsored by Google Maps
  4. Yeah - you are a Fish after all ;-)
  5. The cloudwalk would be a nice starting point. Scenic view during the fall included...
  6. Sinking the perfect gem with Nergaoul in the ocean - facepalm... What could possibly go wrong with that? The tower reacting to an approaching highstorm...If that isn't a sign the Sibling is only sleeping as opposed to "essentially a deadeye". And for me a sign of the tower being the physical aspect of the Sibling. I'm going out on a limb here, but my guess is that Gavilar's sphere - a perfectly(?) cut diamond - contains a Fused.
  7. This is exactly what I meant. And I always had trouble with that distinction since it didn't really fit in my understanding.
  8. I know - I went looking for the WoBs I was refering to. The second one I posted (in the edit), makes me think that the awareness of regular Lifeless in the armies - even if less than Clod's awareness - puts them in the same spectrum as Returned. I think the separation from Returned (Self-aware bodies) and Lifeless (non-sentient) was an error from the beginning. Now Zahel knows more - and refers to himself as a walking dead. And yes, the categorization has been extended to other magic systems as well. Now Cognitive Shadows, Returned (who are a kind of CS) and Lifeless fall into the same category (Type 2), while Spren and other self-aware Splinters of Investiture are to be found in Type 1.
  9. This I would disagree upon. Clod gives signs that there is more left of him - the rest is WoBs though. There is more to Lifeless than we might think. I think there is an imprint of the original soul left.
  10. Well, Vasher/Zahel seems to be annoyed by the fact that he has to categorize himself now as Type 2 - getting on a level with the "lowly" Lifeless. Spren just having taken rank 1 wouldn't invoke that annoyance. But with Vasher/Zahel, who knows what makes his mood more sour - probably everything.
  11. I would interpret it more like: Former Type I and Type II Entities (Returned and Lifeless) are basically the same, they get grouped together into Type II. This makes sense, since Returned are basically Lifeless animated by one Divine Breath. The differences would be the Returned needing Investiture to keep alive while Lifeless just work until the body is too damaged - and the level of awareness. I would call them Type IIa and Type IIb. Cognitive Shadows stapled on a body - not necessary via Awakening, Hemalurgy should work perfectly fine - would fall into either subcategory, depending on whether they need Investiture to keep alive or not. Type I are now entities of pure Investiture, spontaneously having gained sentience.
  12. Perhaps the correct term I should have used is "smuggled". Nalthis does have it's customs service - so they are probably concerned of Breaths being transportet off-planet.
  13. Yeah. And he is also considered a criminal. What if he stole a HUGE amount of breaths from Nalthis when he left. Perhaps took back his "gift" to the God Kings?
  14. No wonder if every worldhopper took a rock away from it...
  15. Or he mumbles it silently. But honestly, with all that Stormlight around, who knows what is necessary for the 10th hightening on a planet brimming with free Investiture.
  16. Definitely. Also Navani hearing a tone when Dalinar opened the perpendicularity in an earlier chapter. Stormlight growing needs the Rhythms of Roshar. Wonder if they can be mimicked by Logicspren Fabrials. Also good that Rlain refused to bond to a blackmailed honorspren. There is true honor in that opinion that should be much more helpful in the long run. Fabrial computers with logicspren seem to be the logic consequence. Kaladin joining the Ardentia? Syl would have been pleased for him to get rid of his hair! Oh and the Awakening fight followed by realmatic talk from Zahel. It blew my mind. The creation of cognitive shadows seem like a collection of earlier WoBs on the topic with inworld imagery ;-)
  17. The Nine - soulcast to stone and living on voidlight. Why does that bring to my mind ten statues of Heralds - one destroyed? I wonder why nobody had this idea before. Might be a bit less destructive than cutting the Fused with Nightblood... Leshwi really should have a talk with Kaladin. I see great potential there. And on a final note: I hope Vyre/Moash will accompany the raid to Urithiru to finally be get rid of. I have a scene with Jasnah and three would-be murderers in mind...
  18. Without having checked all glyphs, the glyphs in Oathbringer seem to be Honorblade glyphs. The glyph for parts 2 and 4 depicts Jezrien's honorblade, e.g. The glyph for part three in Oathbringer is the same one as the glyph in part two in Way of Kings. Common main viewpoint characters in these parts are Kaladin, Dalinar and Adolin - since the glyphs corresponding to Kaladin and Dalinar are accounted for (Jezrien Honorblade and Ishar Honorblade), the glyph decorating those parts would represent the honorblade of Adolin's order of Knights Radiant. Wait. He doesn't have one, does he?
  19. Sja-anat seems to offer the possibility to manipulate Connection - who knows what her "corrupted" spren are able to do. On Nalthis it could feed the Returned, for example. For a price, of course. Stormlight in perfect gemstones would be a very handy transportable source of Investiture.
  20. Hmmm, fabrial science looks more and more like the butchering of spren. Time for Spren Rights Activists ;-)
  21. Adolin is the best! Roshar needs psychiatrists more than ever... Rock leaving won't be the end of him, I bet ;-)
  22. Finally we got a Venli chapter. And we see her working toward the Willshaper oaths - like "I will seek freedom" Freeing singers from Odium's influence and the domination of humans looks like a difficult task, though...
  23. This chapter forced a (for me) new idea of the fourth ideal into my mind: "I will protect myself - so I can continue to protect others" And now...back to work.
  24. Perhaps she killed her twin (or two of a triplet). Otherwise plenty forms of suffered abuse come to mind, but I hope Brandon doesn't go to that. About Moash, Kaladin and Renarin: Everything I would like to say has already been said before in this thread. To say it with Wit: "What is it we value?...timeliness. I fear you (I) may be too late..."
  25. Nale's Nuts! Zinc to riot, brass to soothe. Now let's speculate what the other allomantic metals can be used for. That voidlight fabrial that leeches away abilities might use chromium or aluminum. Is bendalloy known on Roshar? Time bubble fabrials would be so handy. And Shallan/Veil/Radiant have a proper name now: The Three