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  1. Oh, if I'd found this before this morning... Then I would have saved 2 hours transcribing the video myself... Well, @Pagerunner- your transcription finally could help me understand the sentence about aviar farming "intended to feed" that didn't want to click in my head no matter how hard I tried listening. I guess "infancy mortality" has plummeted though, not "infinite mortality", though the correct medical term for it seems to be infant mortality...
  2. My (outlandish) guess for the ammo pack is it contains Shades from Threnody. Just to get the shade gun into play. Sprengun shoots shades at enemy. Yay! RoW:
  3. I couldn't agree more! I wish I hadn't read the epilogue at all right until the release of Book 5. But of course I had to read the epilogue - they were some of my favourite parts in the first three books. This one was different.
  4. You were really quick! I just wanted to start translations (first I had to read RoW, couldn't put it aside for translation work) - you already having done that will save me a lot of time ;-))
  5. In WoW Moash established a Connection between Odium and myself. In the sense that I HATE Moash even more.
  6. OMG OMG OMG!!! After a 26-hour reading session I already considered myself becoming a Sleepless. Finally sleep overwhelmed me at the end of chapter 111. Then waking up and CH113 ... ... ... More elaborate thoughts - later - after a lot more sleep.
  7. Only one week left! I'm soo excited. Dawnshard didn't sooth my anticipation in any way ;-) Navani really should secure herself a Windrunner (or Szeth) to lash the dropped weights up the shafts again. This way she could truly convert energy from Stormlight to potential energy. Also possibility of multiple lashings.
  8. After reading Dawnshard and seeing Nikli refer to Navani as "Mother of Machines", my theory on the origin of the threat towards Navani in chapter 9 is that one of the Sleepless has had enough of Navani making progress with fabrials and now tries to stop her. It would have been easy for a hordeling to enter the Fourth Bridge and deposit the spanreed ruby there without anyone noticing, especially since there are hordelings that are able to fly Whether it would be a rogue Sleepless like Arclomedarian or one aligned with Yelamaiszin, the First, remains unclear to me. Edit: Well, this theory of mine can be flushed down. Issue is answered in RoW.
  9. Ha, that answers my musings I had on my drive home from work where I was wondering what Brandon would answer to the question whether Hoid once was/had a Dawnshard and if that's what causes his strange non-hurting behaviour. Aside from that, what a bombshell in such a tiny book. I have to grasp some air and then go for a thorough reread. A nightly reading session followed by work was perhaps not the best reading strategy - but waiting was out of the question ;-)
  10. Concerning that metal that is a conductor for stormlight: For me, Moash's dagger with which he killed Jezrien came to mind. That was yellowish or golden IIRC. What if it's Odium's godmetal (Rayseium?) - analogue to shardblades and honorblades essentially being Honor's godmetal? Full RoW spoiler:
  11. He can lash/stick his tools whereever handy.
  12. Hesina knows of minerals. That might or might not become interesting in interpreting the strata of Urithiru. Kaladin going back to be his father's surgeon apprentice I am not really fond of. Feels like regression, but who knows. Might be the step backwards he needs to get ready for another leap. Syl seems to be more than fine with it and even urges him towards the decision. This seems to be in line with voidlight sucking in or warping normal light around the spheres containing it. Now we can guess what sucked Jezrien.
  13. This is soooo amazing! I'll probably lose a lot of time browsing the map until either Rhythm of War or Dawnshard releases.
  14. One more thing I totally forgot: Jasnah plans to abolish slavery. This would be of utmost importance - first to get Roshar into the modern ages economically, second to make peace with the Singers - the former Parshmen - possible at all.
  15. And a roadmap to book 5. First get a hold in the Makabaki region. Shinovar might be dealt with in book 5 - Szeth's book. My kind of humor...
  16. Oh, we're an hour early, due to winter time in Europe... I wonder if this are war spoils from Kholinar - the aluminum Hoid gave Azure to shield the soulcasters. Rhythm of War...sponsored by Google Maps
  17. Yeah - you are a Fish after all ;-)
  18. The cloudwalk would be a nice starting point. Scenic view during the fall included...
  19. Sinking the perfect gem with Nergaoul in the ocean - facepalm... What could possibly go wrong with that? The tower reacting to an approaching highstorm...If that isn't a sign the Sibling is only sleeping as opposed to "essentially a deadeye". And for me a sign of the tower being the physical aspect of the Sibling. I'm going out on a limb here, but my guess is that Gavilar's sphere - a perfectly(?) cut diamond - contains a Fused.
  20. This is exactly what I meant. And I always had trouble with that distinction since it didn't really fit in my understanding.
  21. I know - I went looking for the WoBs I was refering to. The second one I posted (in the edit), makes me think that the awareness of regular Lifeless in the armies - even if less than Clod's awareness - puts them in the same spectrum as Returned. I think the separation from Returned (Self-aware bodies) and Lifeless (non-sentient) was an error from the beginning. Now Zahel knows more - and refers to himself as a walking dead. And yes, the categorization has been extended to other magic systems as well. Now Cognitive Shadows, Returned (who are a kind of CS) and Lifeless fall into the same category (Type 2), while Spren and other self-aware Splinters of Investiture are to be found in Type 1.
  22. This I would disagree upon. Clod gives signs that there is more left of him - the rest is WoBs though. There is more to Lifeless than we might think. I think there is an imprint of the original soul left.
  23. Well, Vasher/Zahel seems to be annoyed by the fact that he has to categorize himself now as Type 2 - getting on a level with the "lowly" Lifeless. Spren just having taken rank 1 wouldn't invoke that annoyance. But with Vasher/Zahel, who knows what makes his mood more sour - probably everything.
  24. I would interpret it more like: Former Type I and Type II Entities (Returned and Lifeless) are basically the same, they get grouped together into Type II. This makes sense, since Returned are basically Lifeless animated by one Divine Breath. The differences would be the Returned needing Investiture to keep alive while Lifeless just work until the body is too damaged - and the level of awareness. I would call them Type IIa and Type IIb. Cognitive Shadows stapled on a body - not necessary via Awakening, Hemalurgy should work perfectly fine - would fall into either subcategory, depending on whether they need Investiture to keep alive or not. Type I are now entities of pure Investiture, spontaneously having gained sentience.
  25. Perhaps the correct term I should have used is "smuggled". Nalthis does have it's customs service - so they are probably concerned of Breaths being transportet off-planet.