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  1. Finally we got a Venli chapter. And we see her working toward the Willshaper oaths - like "I will seek freedom" Freeing singers from Odium's influence and the domination of humans looks like a difficult task, though...
  2. This chapter forced a (for me) new idea of the fourth ideal into my mind: "I will protect myself - so I can continue to protect others" And now...back to work.
  3. Perhaps she killed her twin (or two of a triplet). Otherwise plenty forms of suffered abuse come to mind, but I hope Brandon doesn't go to that. About Moash, Kaladin and Renarin: Everything I would like to say has already been said before in this thread. To say it with Wit: "What is it we value?...timeliness. I fear you (I) may be too late..."
  4. Nale's Nuts! Zinc to riot, brass to soothe. Now let's speculate what the other allomantic metals can be used for. That voidlight fabrial that leeches away abilities might use chromium or aluminum. Is bendalloy known on Roshar? Time bubble fabrials would be so handy. And Shallan/Veil/Radiant have a proper name now: The Three
  5. And we proudly present the assassin couple Veil-Adolin. I'm excited to see how the Ialai arc turns out. Shallan's project of the last year seems to be coming to its closure. Kaleshwi is definitely on. Heavenly Ones and Windrunners seem to be getting along better than Heavenly Ones and that teleporting Fused. Navani sees and hears a lot when Dalinar opens perpendicularities - she looks for the Spiritual Realm. So where's her spren hiding?
  6. Poor spren. That's like spiders being vacuumized.
  7. I think it's just from spheres filled with Voidlight. That Fused is not able to teleport stuff with them, not even clothes or weapons - hence the hair as clothing and outgrows of carapace as weapons.
  8. Perhaps Stormlight is the wrong light? What about the green mist around Cultivation in OB - perhaps the Sibling needs a combination of both. "Cultivationlight" would also fit the theme of enabling plants to grow in Urithiru.
  9. With flying and teleporting Fused, I fear a long and difficult journey to Herdaz and then Urithiru. What could possibly go wrong there...A barge filled with refugees high up in the air crawling along the landscape, lifted up by paired gemstones that can be disconnected by aluminum. Well, we'll see if and how the defense mechanisms work - hopefully next week!
  10. The Scouring of Aimia...? The natural presence of larkin in Aimia explains the prevalence of soulcasters there - and probably other kinds of fabrials.
  11. I think you are right about the test of superstitions. Do painspren cause pain or are they only attracted by it? Are diseases caused by plaguespren or do they just attract plaguespren? Is fire caused by flamespren or are they just attracted by fire? For the last question we have some information: Flamespren are attracted by fire and can then be trapped in a gemstone. Artifabrians can construct heat fabrials with those trapped sprens. We know that heat fabrials use flamespren. If you can produce enough heat, you can light a fire using the heat fabrial and therefore indirectly the flame spren creates flames. Going from there, one could speculate on the kind of spren used in painrials (the one Navani uses). My guess would be - among others (I will have to search for a translation of Navani's notebook in WoK) - painspren. Navani uses that painrial both to reduce and to cause pain, switching the fabrial from Diminisher to Augmenter. So, indirectly, a painspren might be used to induce pain. If we now consider fabrials a biomimetic technology - basing and expanding on the natural symbiosis of spren and "physical" life on Roshar, a Singer could also be able to transform the attribute that attracts a specific spren to an active effect. So, a Singer with a bonded plaguespren might be able to spread diseases. Another explanation why the Singers are afraid of plaguespren is this: The area around the purelake is affected by a disease, assumedly carried in by three looking-for-Wit persons from another world. I have in mind the disease being "just" the flue or a minor cold. For Rosharans without the proper immunities this could be really dangerous though, Human and Singer alike. No matter if spren or germs distribute that disease, the danger is there and precautions should be taken. The Singers doing that shows some - for me unexpected - prudence and insight with them.
  12. He recommended near Ravizadth where Spren fishing is forbidden, because you are not disturbed by those fishers there, also Candlemore with the nice tower and the possibility to mandra-ride. Not recommended is the region around Caretaker of Laughter and Salumon the Third Tower (which is also stated on the map itself, so nothing new there). Isaac was really nice and even thanked me for asking so many questions (which I nearly stumbled on answering with "You're welcome" but managed to turn around into thanking him for his extensive answers - to my excuse, it was kinda late already xD)...
  13. So, I am back from the Bonn Event after a good night of sleep. The German reading was really nice, though I had some problems with the translated names. Luckily the read passages were from Oathbringer and from Shallan, so I could piece together who "Schleier" and "Muster" were...(for non-German speakers: Veil and...Pattern). The real goodie was Brandon's reading from the first chapter of Book Four of the Stormlight Archive! I won't give any spoilers here now, since there are still some events in Germany where he might read the same passage. Suffice it to say I nearly sat there with my mouth open and drooling. Instead of asking cosmere relevant questions, I let Brandon do the signing, talked shortly about Nightblood (no real new stuff there) and went over to Isaac to chat about his maps - like about nice locations for vacations in Shadesmar. And the pattern underlying the Shattered Plains - in the follow up to a podium question on the creation of the Roshar map.
  14. I was at the bookstore in Bonn this evening getting my preordered ticket. I guess I will make it to Bonn on 15th May around 19:00 (perhaps earlier, if i can manage to shuffle other appointments), that would leave half an hour to meet and drink a coffee. There are a lot of possibilities around the bookstore, which is directly at the market place. If I heard the assistant at the bookstore correctly, there will be 150 people maximum. Entry will be at 19:30.
  15. He's coming to Bonn, half an hour away from me! Just saw it on Brandon's website and entered it into my calendar. The tickets will mean I have to make a little shopping tour this weekend. I hope tickets aren't sold out yet. Then it's time to think about some questions. Would be a waste to go unprepared. Update: My ticket for Bonn is ordered, waiting for a reply from the bookstore whether I've got to pick it up as soon as possible or whether right before the event suffices.