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  1. He recommended near Ravizadth where Spren fishing is forbidden, because you are not disturbed by those fishers there, also Candlemore with the nice tower and the possibility to mandra-ride. Not recommended is the region around Caretaker of Laughter and Salumon the Third Tower (which is also stated on the map itself, so nothing new there). Isaac was really nice and even thanked me for asking so many questions (which I nearly stumbled on answering with "You're welcome" but managed to turn around into thanking him for his extensive answers - to my excuse, it was kinda late already xD)...
  2. So, I am back from the Bonn Event after a good night of sleep. The German reading was really nice, though I had some problems with the translated names. Luckily the read passages were from Oathbringer and from Shallan, so I could piece together who "Schleier" and "Muster" were...(for non-German speakers: Veil and...Pattern). The real goodie was Brandon's reading from the first chapter of Book Four of the Stormlight Archive! I won't give any spoilers here now, since there are still some events in Germany where he might read the same passage. Suffice it to say I nearly sat there with my mouth open and drooling. Instead of asking cosmere relevant questions, I let Brandon do the signing, talked shortly about Nightblood (no real new stuff there) and went over to Isaac to chat about his maps - like about nice locations for vacations in Shadesmar. And the pattern underlying the Shattered Plains - in the follow up to a podium question on the creation of the Roshar map.
  3. I was at the bookstore in Bonn this evening getting my preordered ticket. I guess I will make it to Bonn on 15th May around 19:00 (perhaps earlier, if i can manage to shuffle other appointments), that would leave half an hour to meet and drink a coffee. There are a lot of possibilities around the bookstore, which is directly at the market place. If I heard the assistant at the bookstore correctly, there will be 150 people maximum. Entry will be at 19:30.
  4. He's coming to Bonn, half an hour away from me! Just saw it on Brandon's website and entered it into my calendar. The tickets will mean I have to make a little shopping tour this weekend. I hope tickets aren't sold out yet. Then it's time to think about some questions. Would be a waste to go unprepared. Update: My ticket for Bonn is ordered, waiting for a reply from the bookstore whether I've got to pick it up as soon as possible or whether right before the event suffices.
  5. The link worked for me - after some meddling with language settings in my firefox browser. Problem at first was, that preferences switched to German page version for me - where the story obviously is not linked. After switching language preferences to en-us first, en second and de third, the link worked. This problem might also accur with other browsers and languages, so inspecting your language settings might help to fix problems with the link.
  6. Grace called for a physicist, so here a short explanation: You can't apply quantum mechanical principles like changing a state by observing it (projecting the system to an eigenstate by measuring) to macroscopic events due to decoherence. Many particles interacting with each other will lead to classical behaviour if not brought into a very special environment (like with Bose Einstein condensates). So Frost observing the cosmere does not change events in the cosmere. An experiment showing this effect of decoherence is when you repeat the Young double slit experiment (which orinally shows interference patterns with electrons) in a heated environment. There you get a classical result with two maxima. The reason is that the electrons interact with heat radiation (photons) an therefore their coherence is disturbed - leading to a classical intensity distribution.
  7. Those chapters are...short. I hope, Skyward does not turn out to be too short, since I really like the setting and Spensa - though she might be a bit bloodlusty (I am still not certain whether she is serious or just messing around with her comments). The technology seems to fit into the Firstborn universe, together with the ship names. Wheather control and shield-tech fit together, as well as names like "Stormwind", "Perpetual", "Windless", "Defiant" and "Voidhawk". I am waiting for chapter 17 and the klage dynamics to appear. Just a hunch... @sin165: Great slug! Just as I imagined it. It doesn't look eatable, does it? I think Spensa is right not to eat it.... Edit: hunch was wrong, obviously Defending Elysium is the "prequel" - nearly a spoilery one as that goes, since some mysteries are not really mysteries when you read DE not so long ago ;-)
  8. (might be you'll say it later, I am still listening - but immediate thought): Aluminum: What if it's Adonalsium's God Metal? Aluminum= Adonalsiumium. Edit: On second thought I like the theory of the Anti-Adonalsium weapon better.
  9. I still don't see a reason why there should be a different interpretation. Taravangians words are pretty straight forward, I don't see a hint for "metaphorical" speech. "at another time would have blessed a Radiant" can only mean Radiant spren or cousin spren. Whether it's true or not is a different question.
  10. A Shard is being held by a person (human or non-human) - its Vessel. The intent of the Shard is filtered through the Vessel's personality, their subconscious and their agenda. After picking up a Shard, the Vessel is able to do things against the Shards intent with difficulty. The longer the Shard is held, the more it warps the Vessel to its intent, the Vessel gets less and less wiggle room. There is a recent WoB confirming that a Shard can change more or less over time depending on how it considers itself and/or is thought of by the population on the shardworld: What we have seen with Honor and Preservation changing is when the Vessel has been or was slowly being killed. Honor in his last days seems to have become a primal version of the concept of being bound by rules - without the more emphatic touch Tanavast might have given the shard before (compare Highspren vs. Honorspren). Leras was hardly able to act in the end, because changing anything would go against the intent of Preservation. At the same time he was being attacked and slowly killed by Ruin. Here also the Shard became more like the (fictional) primal force of keeping all in a stasis. I'd say the enormous Investiture of a Shard empowers the Shards intent to dominate the intent and personality of the Vessel in the long term. The more the intents align the better for the Vessel. Rayse would be happy with Odium - possibly not changed very much, while Ati was corroded by Ruin. To summarize, I would say it is much more likely for the Shard to warp it's Vessel than the other way around.
  11. I guess now we know what has progressed to 75%... Brandon not being able to talk about his secret project for contractual reasons - this might be it.
  12. @Jess: I totally agree with your post. Have an upvote!
  13. All I have read until now were things about firepower of technolocical advanced Scadrians and the disadvantage of Shardblades and Plate. What we still don't know the extent of is the ability of the Division surge, for example. Skybreakers and Dustbringers could wreak havoc on a battlefield on Roshar. Elsecallers with Jasnah's soulcasting-without-contact ability also have to be reckoned with (I think Lightweavers can't soulcast the same way). Lightweavers could fool the Scadrian army to engage in the wrong direction. Thunderclasts would not mind bullets very much - ok, I am not sure if we may count them as Rosharans - but you see where I am going. Roshar is more than just Shardplate and -blade and armies of spearmen - at least after the events in OB. I would say that neither party had a chance on the other planet. On Scadrial, Scadrians would win the battle, essentially because Rosharans would be there with medieval or stoneage-like weapons, and without spren (assuming they don't find a way to get them off-planet), therefore without Surges, Shardblades and Shardplate. On Roshar the Rosharans would win, because an army of surgebinders with access to stormlight would simply overpower an army of Mistings and Ferrings. A battle in the cognitive realm would be decided by the less sapient spren like painspren, fearspren or angerspren.They would get a feast on both armies likewise ;-)
  14. I feel the Kaza Interlude implies something monumental hidden in Akinah. One or two captured Unmade don't sound dramatical enough. Note that - until now- Odium has just splintered Shards. He did not destroy any world - though he had some impact on the local magics. For example, Sel is a big populated planet with multiple flourishing societies, although most of the Investiture of Devotion and Dominion was stuffed into the Cognitive Realm. Threnody might suffer from the Evil - possibly a result of Odium's fight against Ambition. Anyway, also this planet is not destroyed. It is possible that Odium has to destroy the planets in the Greater Rosharan system to get out of his trap as a last resort and the hidden stuff in Aimia would help him with that. Destroying every planet would be a bad strategy for the Shard that wants to be called Passion, though. Not much of that would be left when all is vaporated. Another thought: It is not necessarily only Odium or Sja-Anat as a proxy of Odium who could be able to pull secrets from souls on their way to the Beyond. We have seen one of the IRE in Shadesmar, there might be other cosmere-aware agents waiting and fishing for information. A Dawnshard in Mraizes cosmere collection would be a rather prominent piece.
  15. Concerning Immortality @ 1:13:30: Comment is made by Arclo in Edgedancer, who quotes Axies: