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  1. What about an iron ferring in a wingsuit? Make yourself lighter can glide indefinitely, make yourself heavier and dive bomb to pick up speed. Could have some awesome applications.
  2. I have a crazy theory about how Nalan got his power. We know that Larkins take stormlight from people, maybe they can also give the stormlight they took to someone else. Another theory i have, which i am sure lots of people have suggested already is that Taln is Jezrian. In one chapter he is telling Dalinar which Herald's specialize in certain skills and he tells him to bring him his leaders. If he was Taln he would of said to bring their warriors to him not their leaders. Sorry i couldnt find quotes/chapters im on my phone at moment.
  3. I have read through many of the theories of Kaladin falling in love with Shallan, Jasnah, Laral. Which all have their good points. But both times I read ch.25 "Monsters" I get this vibe between Kaladin and the lighteye stablemaster Jenet. First she had a tauntness to her face he didnt expect. Which could mean she had a hard life. Second she is very skilled in a profession that is thought of as being "masculine". Which could mean she has a strong personality. Third she is kind of rude and arrogant like Kaladin. "She lacked a polished refinement that Kaladin had come to expect in lighteyed women, and he found it refreshing. Better a woman who was overtly condescending than the alternative." I hope I am not the only one to think and hope that Kaladin and Jenet become a couple later.
  4. I always assumed that it was Renarin who made Relis "See" the truth about his shardblade.
  5. In the prologue in WOK it says, "Szeth didn't own a set of Shardplate himself, and didn't care to. His Lashings interfered with the gemstones that powered Shardplate, and he had to choose from one or the other". Is this because he gets his surgebinding from a "Honourblade"? This what I think because neither Kalak or Jezrien are wearing any in the prelude, and the Radiants in Dalinar's visions are using their surgebinding while wearing plate.