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  1. hey, your writing is solid and I'm a sucker for anything Adolin related.
  2. I don't really count that as a bad thing, it's honestly kind of refreshing to see books for teenagers dealing with teenage hormones. My main issues with everything of hers I've read but Protector of the Small are more that Provost's Dog's third book sucked, Trickster was unreadable for me because Kyprioth was a scum bucket (the books were fine, just that one character annoyed the hell out of me), I didn't actually like Wild Mage except for book 2 (the one where she turns into a wolf, HUH I WONDER WHY I LIKE EVERYTHING THAT INVOLVES SHAPESHIFTERS, SURELY IT'S NOT A GENDER THING), and Song of the Lioness is dated and clunky at times. Protector of the Small is still a regular reread for me when I'm able to read, though.
  3. Anyway yeah thanks for reassuring me, guys, you're all so sweet.
  4. Odium would wait a generation then use angry humans on the bottom rung to find a nascent Kelsier expy, warp them to his side, and use them as a dark messiah to overthrow the Singer hierarchy while strategically weakening "his" own side, then turn it all into a genocide of singers, then flip back to the singers again a generation or two down the line, etc. Warping justified anger at oppression into mindless hate seems to me to have been a thing Rayse did a lot.
  5. You know what's wild? I would legitimately read the Terry Pratchett version. That sounds pretty freaking cool.
  6. Also, Dalinar isn't greedy, Dalinar's an addict and a workaholic who has trouble giving up control. (hmm, now that gives me a fanfic idea. Thanks, Inner Navani.) Adolin and Renarin grew up in the land of toxic masculinity being neglected by an addict. They're two kids who grew up in a crack house surrounded by macho bullies. Adolin grew up too fast by necessity and has a lot of baggage from that; Renarin is clearly really really smart and has enough inward-facing smarts to recognize how he and his brother are and train himself to function as an adult human being, something Adolin does not have. Dalinar only started being a judgemental cremling to Adolin recently, because he's an insecure addict who's terrified of his kids going the same way. (I don't want to completely derail this thread, but the fundamental point is that Adolin and Renarin are screwed up in ways very different from how Kaladin is, because their father's mistreatment of them was just neglect rather than browbeating and hyper-judgementalism until quite recently). Lirin otoh spent Kaladin's entire childhood and adolescence telling him what to be, judging him harshly if he didn't conform to Lirin's narrow standards of appropriate behavior and interests, and got into a social conflict he had zero hope of winning against a man with far more power (legal and otherwise) than Lirin could ever hope to have, so that he could live vicariously through Kaladin. Kaladin is still deeply messed up by this, and Lirin's stupid ego got Tien killed, which honestly hurt Kal even MORE.
  7. Lirin would be the best dad in the series if he shaped up a lot. Dalinar was just neglectful as far as his impact on Adolin and Renarin goes, and he has acknowledged that he neglected Renarin (though now he's more actively emotionally suppressive to Adolin, which he needs to shape up on). They supported each other and came out mostly functional, in fact I would say that Renarin is basically emotionally healthy on a fundamental level and has good means of coping with a nightmarish situation, while Adolin's baggage manifests mostly as self-deprecation and reflexive kindness. Lirin is a domineering uncompromising ass who got one of his kids killed and emotionally abused the other (who's STILL messed up) in his pursuit of his dream of having a surgeon son.
  8. Yeah. Context was "he's a friendly badass swordsman with a neglectful father like Adolin", basically.
  9. I compared a character from The Dragon Prince to Adolin. Then again the last season's climax was straight up Oathbringer's climax thematically and structurally, only with *Sadeas still around to rally his forces to do the dickhead thing for *Odium.
  10. I'll put ten bucks on Adolin being beaten up and on the verge of death when he swears an Edgedancer 2nd Ideal by promising to never let Maya be forgotten, right as Shallan or Navani fixes the issue that's making spren go deadeye. He starts metabolizing stormlight and gets up to kick ass, then goes straight to third and Maya goes hog-wild with shapeshifting blade weirdness and they take on half an army together. As for characters who're doomed--my money's still on Kalak/Restares and Ishar. I think Nale will survive.
  11. IMO Lirin is somewhere between Dalinar and Gavilar. More actively abusive than Dalinar but without Gavilar's maliciousness and megalomania. He's definitely not as bad as Moash or Sadeas. I 100% believe that Kaladin's 5th ideal will have to come after Lirin realizes what a cremling he's been and apologizes for being a self-righteous toolbag. Kaladin needs his dad to tell him that it's OK to take care of himself, too. I disagree about Shallan sucking. She's a mess, but who wouldn't be after that childhood?
  12. Dude, I lie to my therapist and family all the time. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes because my brain selectively edits my easily-accessible memories so that I don't talk about the really difficult stuff in therapy. Getting past that is something I've been desperately trying to work on for years with mixed results. So I totally understand Shallan there.
  13. OCD, ADHD, depression, probably some form of ASD, and Tourette's here. Shallan and Kaladin constantly stumbling and needing help getting back up is how depression and anxiety issues work. And BTW, the majority of the main characters are from Vorin kingdoms--AKA Toxic Masculinity-Land. Dalinar is an addict and a war criminal who was blatantly manipulated by his brother, who both believed in and used Alethi toxic masculinity to storm Dalinar up so he would stay Gavilar's weapon. Adolin was neglected as a child which left him with rather blatant contempt for his society and a willingness to do immensely politically inadvisable things when he knows society is being BS. Ehlokar was effectively broken by his emotionally abusive father and is locked into a cycle of desperately trying to embody Alethi toxically masculine values while knowing both that he sucks at embodying them and that they're kinda crem dung, but he can never admit that to himself because that would mean that the abusive father he didn't really like but was told to worship was wrong. I'm at least 80% sure Jasnah was sexually assaulted by Amaram and Gavilar covered it up by having her sent to a padded cell. Navani was in an abusive relationship and it took her years to decide "screw it, I'm going to do what I want and damn society". And she's otherwise a normal functional adult. Kaladin has depression and had the rust beat out of him so many times I'm genuinely surprised he didn't kill himself before the story even started, and not emotionally collapsing is a daily struggle for him. Shallan was emotionally and physically abused as a child and tries desperately to forget it--everything wrong with Ehlokar? She has it a thousand times worse. There's elements of myself I see in Shallan and Kaladin and Adolin. Adolin's reflexive "do flamboyant thing for other person" is something that I do a lot, and I get the feeling that like me, Adolin feels internally that it's an expression of guilt for being privileged. Kaladin's daily struggle is like my daily struggle to move my ass and help myself, only he has a good reason. Shallan's bad jokes remind me of my own desperate attempts to be socially accepted/liked, generally through comedy or mimicry of popular things within my general social environment. Not sure if she will grab hold of and desperately cling like a bulldog to a position contrary to the norm when she feels the norm is crem dung as much out of a desire to burn everything down so the social anxiety can be smugly right as out of a sense of conviction in her beliefs. Honestly, the whole "suck it up and move on" thing doesn't work for trauma and mental health issues in general. I remember--about 3-4 years ago I was writing a Star Trek fanfic, the protagonist, Rachel, is a prime representative of my usual main character (a badass queer woman with anxiety issues and some kind of body- or identity-related self-hatred, it's almost like I'm not entirely cis and am projecting), who is abducted by bad guys who have a cyborg war criminal (Shaw) torture and r*** her for weeks as part of an evil plot. The back third of the first of three parts is literally just her struggling to come to terms with what happened, then the second part is her struggling to help herself in therapy and on leave with her family and tele-empathic girlfriend trying to support her, then the third part is like half therapy and half Rachel fighting Shaw again and burning her face off, then verbally demolishing Shaw and leaving her to rot in a cell. The climax of part 2 is Rachel going to fight Shaw before she's really taken care of herself. I could not have Rachel win there. It just, from a narrative standpoint, from a character standpoint, was impossible. You cannot just bury trauma, bury your instinctive fear response to someone who's caused you trauma, and go fight your abuser for the sake of somebody else, for the sake of the world or the mission or whatever other important thing. I struggle to understand how someone as deeply traumatized as Shallan could even be expected to try to do that. I'm genuinely surprised that Adolin, given his complete lack of training, is even able to keep Shallan halfway functional. FFS he's more her therapist and big brother than her husband and she's still, justifiably considering the literal apocalypse, constantly backsliding. I mean, for crying out loud, it took me THREE YEARS after the last time I encountered him to transition from fearing the guy who bullied me in college, to hating him. And that's not even physical abuse, that was just an asshole with social capital (or, at least, perceived social capital) and an ego the size of Jupiter spending about four months desperately trying to ostracize me from the sci-fi club because he decided he didn't like me, and then taking the next two years to be a hostile jerk. You gotta understand that all the protagonists basically need their own clone of Adolin Kholin to be their therapist, then all of those Adolin clones will need their own therapists to deal with that responsibility. Except Dalinar, who needs Navani to grab him by the cojones and explain to him in a quiet, firm, level voice exactly how he's a terrible father. (@cosmere_play actually put this best in an author's note in their fanfic--Dalinar acts like Adolin is his dangerous and disappointing mini-me, forgets that Renarin exists most of the time, and views Kaladin as the son he never had) So, while I get that Shallan--and Kaladin for that matter--can be hard to read (god knows I literally checked out of Oathbringer for the better part of a year because Kaladin's inability to come to his 4th ideal realization hurt me down to my core), I think that they're really well-written characters, and more than that, exactly the kind of characters (stormed-up messes who, despite Sanderson's best attempts to give them beards and not write them as queer out of a fear of getting it wrong, come off as SUPER queer coded, and who're generally doing the right thing and want to do the right thing) that I like, even if their journeys necessarily include difficult bits.
  14. The Well of Ascension was a good idea conceptually that had to be written for the sake of the trilogy, but it was hard for me to get through. Ruin should've ranted about how much the Final Empire pissed it off in the convo with Vin in HOA. In general I think a bit more of the duality of Preservation and Ruin as Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Neutral respectively would've been good to have.