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  1. Haha. It wasn't that bad (only occasional, small bits), but my mom did have a hard time getting me to lose that habit.
  2. As a kid, I used to love eating chalk and pencil lead.
  3. I think we need to consider the following. On one hand we see Arem, a man who claims to have powers given to him by the Statues themselves. He's the self-proclaimed savior of the city, and apparently has a mixture of Wizard and Justiciar powers. On the other hand we have some character (tbd) who reads the letter from the Fallen Wizards, and is now initiated into the Order of Wizards to spearhead the Anarchy movement. He has powers of both the Wizards and the Liberals/Anarchists. Both are fanatics in their own ways, one convinced of the holiness and righteousness of his powers, and one convinced of the responsibility and righteousness (albeit twisted) of his assigned task. We have to remember that the origin of both their powers are uncertain. Arem could just be delusional regarding his holy responsibility, and the letter could have been a fabrication, a way to brainwash an easily influenceable, powerful youth. So who will win between these two? The self proclaimed savior or the radicalized rebel? In these times of turmoil, the City would be (or soon be) in the midst of a civil war, and Arem could well be the kind of figure people would want to believe in. He could also, as @Alfa said, represent a return to the "Golden Age" of the City. In direct contrast, the reader of the letter would be effectively creating conflict in the City, making him the antagonist in the citizens' eyes. He also seems to be working for a New Age sort of revolution in the City, making this kind of an ideological conflict (which @Stormgate seemed to want). What we need to figure out: 1. Final name of the letter reader (Raetyn, perhaps?) 2. Are all the Wizards and Justiciars lost since the splintering of the Divisions? Even the non-Cloudsmiths? 3. Are relationships between different Divisions allowed? Because that can lead to people having multiple powers from different Statues. (We could make such people incredibly rare, like mistborn) 4. The mystery of the Angel's Labyrinth and why the Wizards were so secretive about it. 5. What happens when you fall off a cloud? 6. How bad is the civil war right now? Because we see a bunch of people scavenging for metals (possibly for hoarding during the war) 7. Do all the Liberal Cloudsmiths now have Anarchist powers? 7. The name of the City!! 8. And lastly, how big should the scope of story be?
  4. Vasher. Because Nightblood doesn't seem like a character character to me, though I admit it's very interesting.
  5. Thank you @Darkness Ascendant and @Alfa ! I do have a couple of ideas for the story. It'd be good if this thread becomes active again; we could all collaborate. I really want to figure out how to incorporate Arem's POV with my bit of story, because they present an interesting conflict. Also, we'll need to decide how society is in the City before and after the ascent of Anarchy- specifically, the prevalence of magic and scope for an antagonist.
  6. Granted, but every time you you try to shout, you kill a chicken. I wish to have an endless supply of pizza.
  7. Haha! Thank you I'm actually not that confident about my writing, which is why I've only recently decided to participate more in forums.
  8. Granted, but your bane is that you'll never get credit for any of it. Plus, you'll find all forms of chocolate extremely bitter from now on. I wish to have all the knowledge in the universe(s).
  9. This is just a little something I wrote, because I found the premise of this world quite fascinating. Lemme know what you all think. If you are reading this, it means that our gamble has worked. The City has fallen, and the Divisions have splintered. If this is true, then I offer you my respects. You have seen much pain and destruction, and have almost certainly gone through pain which no one should ever have to go through. I can only guess at your grief, if only because I have gone through it myself. The decision our Order took was not an easy one, but it had to be done. When your world starts stagnating, do you let yourself be a mere spectator, content to watch the grandeur of your ancestors decay? Or do you do what needs to be done, regardless of what it does to your own ideals? I had to make this choice as the head Cloudpriest of my Order, and regardless of what Hope may hold, I will stand by what I did, and will take the burden of responsibility willingly. To you who is reading this, let it be known that it was I, Chief Mage of the Wizards and Prime Cloudpriest of the City, who turned Liberty into Anarchy. I do not say that what I did was right, only that it was needed. Our society was stagnating, and this was something that all Wizards agreed upon. The Seers and Romancers were no longer concerned with their Ideals, and spent their days in languid pursuits of greed. The Justiciars and the Braves, on the other hand, were concerning themselves far too much with the mysteries of the Angel’s Labyrinth, dabbling in matters best left to Wizards. They were demanding justice where it was not due, and if left unchecked, their actions could have destroyed the very fabric of our City, causing greater damage than you could ever imagine. For my plan to succeed, it was thus, inevitable, that Justice had to fall. Liberty had run amok, giving people the excuse to ignore the true nature of their Ideals and making them indifferent to the responsibilities their powers come with. It was my burden to see my City stagnate, and to deliberately tear it asunder. For there can be no creation without destruction, and no progress without shocking the people into change. This was the decision I made. Sorrowfully, yes, but willingly too. If all has gone well, then the City will have fallen into chaos by now. My hope is that the Freeflyers will have remained true to Honor, and will help in the eventual reconstruction of the City and our society. You have to remember that the Anarchists who join the Order now are little more than agents of destruction, desirous of nothing except the ruination of all semblance of order and organization. It is distasteful to use such heartless agents of annihilation, but it must be done. You, however, are different. Indeed, the mere fact that you are reading this proves that you have been deemed worthy of having the blessing of Wisdom. Your inculcation into this Order of Wizards, therefore, now dictates your Ideal. Lead the Anarchists and destroy with acuity and responsibility. You carry the burden of both Wisdom and Freedom, for the latter is only chaos without the former. Carry this burden well, and know that your responsibility lies in destroying so that others may create. Your actions, wretched though they may be, will eventually lead our City to greater splendor than it ever had before. May the Angels guide you on your quest, comrade. To Wisdom evermore, forever and beyond.
  10. Holy storms you're right! Mikasa and Vin really are kinda similar... and I love both of them At the moment my head is filled with WoR so I really can't think of other characters or series, but I'm sure I'll think of some character- hopefully from anime Oooh wait! Alethkar really reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist!
  11. I don't know if any of these have been done before. Apologies in advance! Also, spoilered for size. Teft in TWoK be like Mistborn Era 1 Because I always read names in my native accent And I really really want this to happen! And lastly, me when I read Warbreaker after WoR (WoR spoiler!)
  12. Thanks for the help! Although I'll probably just return to the Foundation
  13. When every time you see a beautiful sunset, you imagine that you're on the Shattered Plains, desperately thinking "I've got glowing that needs to be done".
  14. So after finishing yet another reread of TWoK and WoR, I realized why I had been avoiding all Cosmere related stuff for so long. The books are just too good. Too storming good. I go mad fangirling over everything, pointedly ignoring the voice in my head screaming EXAMS ARE COMING! I got so engrossed in reading them that yet again, I destroyed any semblance of a social life. Plus, reading these two put me in the mood for a full Cosmere reread, and I just don't have the time for that The worst part is that I have no friends who read Sanderson. Despite incessant insistence, veiled threats, and outright cursing, my friends refuse to get convinced. So I don't have anybody to discuss all this with either On top of that, I just can't wait for the sequels, and knowing that the SA will take 20+ years to finish, I wonder how I'll be able to survive. I've got so addicted to the awesomeness of these books that I can't find another author who's good enough. I can't fully enjoy another fantasy novel now Why are they so good?! WHY WHY WHY That's all. Just wanted to rant. k thnx bye