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  1. I am not sure this thought was posted elsewhere, hope I'm not repeating it. Some of this could be a stretch but theories nonetheless Is it possible that Szeth-son-son-Vallano's spren is bound or imprisoned in his oathstone? And is that why Shin consider stone sacred because spren are imprisoned in it. The fact that there is no stone in Shinovar could be the reason why there are no spren and this could imply that they have no access to Shadesmar, and hence no storms (besides the fact that they have a mountain range protecting them). Is this why they had to exile Szeth as they couldn't risk him exposing Shinovar to Shadesmar... Moreover, Szeth is the Truthless, is his truth bound in stone? is his spren TruthSpren? Does Szeth become free when he finds his words or his 'oath' as a Radiant?