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  1. Kaladin's boots were my favorite inanimate object right after Sticky (yes, I named stick).
  2. Jasnah and The Lopen. 'Nough said.
  3. Yeah, he writes common phrases from the books when you don't request something particular. I got "these words are accepted" in my WoR, "rust + ruin" in my Alloy of Law, and "thanks for reading" in The Gathering Storm. He wrote "bridge 4" in my brother's copy of WoR and he hasn't read a single book from Sanderson yet.
  4. Lopen for president 2016!
  5. I'm going to start an Oathpact theory based on this stuff. I'm still trying to work out the details in my mind though.
  6. I'm going off of very little sleep, so feel free to point out when my ramblings descend into madness because I won't be likely to notice lol.
  7. I've done my work. I deeply fear for my sanity should I continue on this path. I'm going back to theorizing which is only mildly crazy inducing compared to this lol.
  8. Well, 4,500 years of straight torture could do a lot to someone's mind, so maybe there IS a multiple personality thing going on.
  9. He does snap out of his psycho mode pretty fast when threatened. I am loving this "switched out the person" theory.
  10. I'm actually toying with the idea of Taln = Odium (meaning that Odium is pretending to be Taln). I'm not quite sure about this, and it would be a looooooong shot at best, but I like long shots. Very few people would know if Taln is actually Taln. Hoid is the only person who could tell who he is, and Hoid isn't always talkative.
  11. Hats off to Dark1 for that stellar transcript! I did the easy part, staring into his eyes, letting his words roll over me. (I'm a straight man, but it's Sanderson, so no judging lol).
  12. Sorry that the answers weren't really enlightening and were slightly frustrating at the same time
  13. I KNOW! He kept answering and explaining is tons more detail than I was expecting lol. I thought for sure half of that was gonna get RAFOed. My brother did get RAFOed, but that was on purpose. He asked, "how does the entire series end?" as a joke since he really wanted to get a RAFO card lol. Brandon actually answered it at first, saying, "it ends AWESOME!"
  14. We didn't get the whole thing sadly There were several complications in the recording department, so all we got was a recording of the love triangle bits, and our second round of questions (the ones of mine that didn't get recorded are the map, the Honorblade, and the Oathpact parties). There is quite a good bit of stuff on the recording though. The recording is on Darkanime1's ipod, so if you want to ask her I'm sure she'd love to.
  15. We (meaning me, Darkanimereal1, and my brother), got a recording of this particular section, and another person's question about love triangles, but I'll let Dark1 post the love triangle, since that's kinda her thing lol. These aren't the perfect answers, just what I wrote down or remember. After Dark1 transcribes it, we'll have the exact wordings. Q: 2b. You mentioned that human can’t bond Honorblades, but Nalan tells Szeth that his bond with his Honorblade has been broken. Can you clear this up? A: Humans CAN bond Honorblades. There's a crucial difference between Honorblades and Shardblades. When you drop an Honorblade, it does not disappear, even if it has been bonded. A Shardblade will disappear when dropped. Q: 3. What caused a desolation to end? Was it just the defeat of Odium's forces? A: The Heralds will cause another Desolation to start if they don't leave Roshar to be tortured within a time limit. Q: 5. Which map contains the easter egg? A: (I put these in that thread). Q: 11. How much Stormlight would equal 1 Breath? A: He has it written down, but doesn't know off the top of his head. Doesn't know if he'd say, even if he did remember. Q: 12. Are all the heralds aware that Taln is back? A: If that person actually IS Taln. I'm not saying he's not, but he may not be who you would think he is. Q: 13. How many parties were there to the original Oathpact? A: 11. The Heralds and Honor. They thought that by walking away from their oaths, that it would break the Oathpact. They're going to find out that it's not quite as broken as they had previously thought (meaning the Heralds). There are more tidbits, but that will have to wait for the transcription, which is way better than my shoddy memory.